This fine young man is Kane, owned by Nicole George of Indianapolis, Indiana. Kane's full name is Kaners Elvis Grayson George. He was born on September 19, 1995. Isn't he a beauty? :o)

Kane used to belong to Nicole's roommate, and Nicole had a fawn boxer named Jasmine. Later, Nicole's roommate called Nicole and wanted to know if she'd like to have Kane. So Nicole got Kane in June of 1996.6



Nicole says the one day she was having a bad day, and Kane always does something cute to make her smile. He was covered in dirt and she couldn't be mad he was so cute. He also loves to peek out the front door to see what's going on, and Nicole says that sometimes, Kane will scare others when he does that.



Kane loves to sit at Nicole's window seat and look out, and looks like he has a little pal with him here. :o)

Kane shares his home with Reba, a cat about 12 years old, Shadow the cockatiel, 8 years old, Hailey, a mix wolf shepherd/lab, 1 year old, Savannah, a beagle/basset/dashound mix, 3 1/2 years old, and many fish, turtles, and frogs in the pond.



Aww, here's Kane and Nicole, celebrating his birthday. What a great couple they make! :o)

Nicole says that Kane is such a good boy. He lets her clean his face and eyes every night. He used to love the bath, but now he fights it a little, but still does very well. Nicole says "Kane is always fun and cute, but then aren't they all?" We would agree!


Here's the birthday boy again! Nicole says that Kane loves refrigerator bones (anything from the fridge!) He likes hot dogs, vanilla ice cream, white rice, chicken, green beans, carrots, and loves pop corn.

He likes to sit at the dining room table to eat but his grandpa doesn't allow that! :o) He makes a mess when he eats. :o)



Aww, here's Kane on his third birthday. He looks all tuckered out from all the activity from such a big day! :o) But it's sure lots of fun to get all those presents!

Nicole tells us that Kane loves to sleep under the blankets with his head on a pillow, or with his whole body between her legs. Hmm.....that sure sounds familiar!


Nicole was sick this day, and Kane was taking good care of his mommy. :o)

Kane likes other dogs and loves puppies. He loves Nicole's aunt's dog Boo Boo, a mix, about 14 years old. Wow! Must be one of the little guys to have such a long life span. :o)



Nicole says that Kane's very favorite toy is his Frisbee. He also loves his little white fleece baby, cookie monster, his rope toy and his bones of course.

He also loves to dance! Now isn't that something? Don't think we've know many boxers that like to dance ! :o)



This is another picture from Kane's third birthday party. Looks like he's getting a big piece of birthday cake from mommy! :o)

Nicole also says that Kane likes to roll in the dirt, loves kids, will wink at you if you wink at him, gives the hi five and loves to go bye-bye with his mommy. Like all boxers, he does a mean kidney bean when he knows he's gonna' get to go too. :o)



Ohhhh.....Kane's all tuckered out from the party! And look at the bonanza of goodies! Is Kane spoiled? One would think so, but then don't we all spoil them.

Looks like Kane is one lucky boy to have been blessed with a mommy like Nicole!



Nicole, thank you so much for sharing Kane with the rest of us. He's just a precious boy, and what a wonderful home he has with you! We are so proud to welcome Kane to the White Pages as the FIRST BOXER FOR THE YEAR 2000!

Jan. 16, 2000





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