This gorgeous young lady is Kali, and she is pictured here with her owner, Leslie Judkins of San Jose, California. She is a February baby and turned 3 years old on February 25th. Kali is deaf.

Kali had a rough start in life and is so fortunate to have found Leslie, her husband and family. She initially was purchased as a puppy by Leslie's brother's next door neighbor. They also purchased Kali's white sister (who can hear). The owners didn't know anything about boxers and didn't even realize that Kali was deaf. They thought she was stupid. They hit her alot and on one occasion dislocated her hip. Once they realized she was deaf, they no longer wanted her. This is when Leslie and her family stepped in and gave Kali the loving home she has now. :o). These same people didn't want Kali's sister Angie either, so Leslie's brother adopted her, so thankfully, she is also in a safe and loving home.

When Leslie and her family got Kali, she was underweight and really jumpy. Leslie says that they had to do alot of work to get her to the point where she allowed them to touch her without getting overly excited. The first 6 months were rough, but Leslie says that she was really determined.

Here, Kali is pictured with Leslie's daughter Marissa and their deaf pointer Conner. All dressed up for Halloween! How precious!

Today, Kali is a happy, healthy boxer girl. She's been through 2 obedience courses and passed her CGC test. She knows around 28 hand signals and Leslie says that they add new hand signals all the time. Kali and Conner go with Leslie to pet fairs and other educational events, where they do their best to educate people about the true nature of deaf dogs. On many occasions Kali has literally been surrounded by children who are signing, patting and loving her.

As with all boxers, Kali is a goof ball! :o) She likes to lay on her back in the middle of the living room, feet up in the air, flews flopping back. Leslie says it's so funny! Sound familiar anyone? :o) She also does summersaults and if they aren't paying enough attention to her she'll sit right in front of the TV set. And she loves to chew on bones!! She loves to kidney-bean and talk to Leslie's husband when he comes home from work. Leslie says she really looks funny if she has a chew bone sticking out of her mouth. And she plays with her pal Conner until they are both ready to drop!

Awww, would you look at this precious little darling. This is Angie, Kali's sister. :o)

Leslie says that she is totally in love with Kali and with white boxers in general. She is hoping that her next dog will be a deaf, white boxer puppy. Leslie wants the deaf ones because so many people don't want them. "I know it's easier to find a home for a hearing puppy, so I'm committed to helping the deaf ones" says Leslie. Bravo Leslie! We applaud you!

Leslie has written a story about Kali and their difficult few months together. It's a must read can be found at Please do stop by and read it. :o) Leslie is also writing a series of articles on deaf dogs, and including deaf dog success stories. We look forward to reading your articles Leslie!

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely Kali with all of us Leslie. She is just beautiful, and we are so happy to welcome you and your baby as the newest members of The White Pages!




Leslie chose LaBamba because Kali and her daughter Marissa dance to it all the time....."a real dance routine" says Leslie!


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