Would you just look at this handsome face! It belongs to Kai, and he is owned by Julie Ashton and family of Bridlington, an East Yorkshire coastal town in England.

Kai shares his household with Julie and her husband Stewart, their children Gemma, Daniel and Jamie, Kaysie their new brindle and white girl, all of 4 months old, Snuffle Up and Mim, their two cats, and numerous birds and fish. Wow, what a household! Bet it keeps Julie busy, busy, busy! :o)


Awww, here's Kai with Kaysie and one of his kitty pals. Aren't they cute together?

Kai is now almost 4 years old.

Julie tells us that it wasn't her intention to have a boxer since she already had her brindle baby Mercie at the time (Mercie died this past January at only 2 1/2 years old from a congenital kidney problem), but for some reason she felt compelled to go along and look at this litter. (Kai is in fact, Mercie's half-brother). The puppies were three days old when Julie saw them and she had firmly resolved not to have one, but she had not prepared herself for Kai. "There, amongst the other puppies" says Julie, "was this rather huge white patched boy who looked for all the world like a guinea pig. "Julie loved him right then and there and knew it would be a long 8 weeks until he could come home, but come home he would!


Here Julie is pictured with Kai when he was just a wee little fella. He's so cute!

Julie says that she doubts any puppy was ever wanted so much as wanted her little boy and the days seemed to crawl by. Then it was time to bring him home, the most natural thing in the world.

From day one, Kai was Julie's boy, sticking to her like a limpet, never leaving her side, not even for a wee or a bath. She tells us that while in the bath he is not above licking the soap from her back or just jumping in and totally squashing her, not to mention soaking the carpet........:o)


Here Julie is pictured with her beloved Mercie. Kai,being a true side kick and friend, Mercie absolutely loved him and seemed to forgive him anything, even the stealing of her food, or favorite squeaky toy.

Kai is a lap dog and though he weighs in at almost 90 pounds and is 26 inches at the withers, he perceives himself to be the smallest of dogs....:o)

He is wonderful with children, quietly protective and yet playful. He tolerates the cats sharpening their claws on his muzzle and parrots pecking his head.


He will not sleep on the floor, far too dignified for that, and his head appears to be rather too heavy for him as he is always resting it firmly on their laps. Julie says that she wakes up every morning and the first thing she sees is Kai's head resting upon the mattress and a firm gaze fixed upon her. She sometimes wonders if he spends all night that way, just so he will be there in the morning. :o)

Julie and her family live in sight of the beach and each day we just love to go and say hello to the sea and dig big holes in the sand. Kai is a real gentlemen when it comes to greeting his canine pals, even the little ones are pleased to say hello.


About a year and a half ago, Julie was diagnosed as having grand mal epilepsy (the result of a serious riding accident). This is when Kai truly came into his own. They soon discovered that he had an amazing talent.......he could predict Julie's seizures with incredible accuracy. Sometimes from fast asleep he would wake suddenly, move to me and place his paw firmly on my hand or lap and then go to Stewart my husband or one of my children before returning to me, where he would stay firmly pressing against me until my seizure was over. As Julie began to understand his warnings it enabled her to move to a safe place so that she wouldn't be hurt as the seizure took hold. Julie says she feels Kai has saved her from much physical pain during those months.

Fortunately, Julie now has her epilepsy controlled with medication and rarely has a seizure at all, but if she should, she feels much safer knowing that Kai is there. "Interestingly" says Julie, "this is not a talent her other dogs shared. Mercie her boxer girl and Jason their Golden Retriever would rarely stir from a sleep, even if she was in a full seizure.

Julie also tells us that when Mercie died earlier this year she was absolutely devasated. Kai was her comfort always there to lick away her tears, share a slobber and lay beside her on the bed. Although she felt bereft, he never allowed her to feel totally alone. Julie says he is truly a woman's best friend and a testament to the value of white boxers world wide. Some may call him a reject, but to Julie Kai will always be her hero!


Recently, the Ashton's welcomed Kaysie, their little brindle and white girl into their household. She was a gift from Julie's brother and his wife. They are coming to love her very much and Kai has been wonderful in helping her to understand the workings of their home. Julie says it is so nice to see Kai once again enjoying a playful boxer bounce with his new sister.

Kai loves food, especially raw hide chews, but they are very careful about what he eats as he has a gluten allergy and can become quite ill if he consumes too much. His most disgusting habit is drinking from the toilet, which he does all the time and he can even life the lid, lol!

The most embarrassing thing he ever did was when they were on the beach one day, he ran over to a nearby child who was building a sandcastle and promptly cocked his leg and peed on her fort! :o) Julie just didn't know where to put herself....lol! Kai is also inclined to eat the odd fish head while on the beach and it is amazing just how quickly he can swallow them before Julie can reach him. He does not do paddling! He always comes back when called but does not play fetch. Julie thinks he is much too dignified for that, however, he will happily chase seagulls much to their annoyance.

Julie and family, we have just loved Kai's story so much, and we think he is so special! He is our second service dog on the White Pages and the first dog that can warn of seizures. Thank you so much for sharing him with us! We are so very, very proud to welcome Kai to the White Pages as it's newest member. 3/7/99.


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