Awww, what a precious little face. This is Jodie and she is owned by John and Karen Rudland of Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Who in the world couldn't fall in love with such a sweet little thing....:o)

Jodie shares her home with a fawn boxer named Mildred. Jodie was born approximately on August 1, 1995. The Rudland's adopted her in April of this year when they were told she was about to be put in an animal shelter.



The Rudland's had had Mildred (same age as Jodie) since a pup and they were a bit worried about putting her nose out of joint with a new dog on her territory, but John says they needn't have worried as the two of them have become best friends. We can sure see that John, what a precious picture this is of the both of them :o)

It is indeed wonderful to watch two boxers really love each other as best buddies. :o)


Says John, "You know what it's like to have a shadow when you have owned a boxer. Well now I have two shadows and I love every minute of it."

John says that Jodie's favorite toy at the moment is a plastic foot, closely followed by the tug of war toy which she and Mildred spend hours amusing themselves with. While tugging, they both moan and growl and John says that it's hilarious to watch them. I think many of us can attest to that if we own multiple boxers. It's a real joy to watch them play together.


Jodie loves to play in water. Sure looks like she's cooling off here! :o)

John says that if Mildred gets the toy he throws first, Jodie will chase her all around the park.

Sounds like these girls get plenty of exercise and playtime which makes for a very happy boxer indeed. Lots of love, good food, and someone to adore them.....what more could a girl ask for ? :o)



John says Jodie's most amusing habit is after a long run. She will come home and lie down to drink her water. :o) Her naughtiest habit is she has perfected the art of creeping up on their bed in the night without disturbing John and Karen. Every morning it's guaranteed there will be a pair of soft, butter wouldn't melt, Who Me! eyes looking at John and Karen as they wake. Kudos Jodie!

All that said, John says they wouldn't change her for the world. "There are dogs, and then there are boxers. I know we are probably biased, but brindle, white or red, they're the best breed that have ever been bred!"

We couldn't agree more John and Karen!

We thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Jodie with all of us, and we are very pleased to welcome her to the White Pages as the newest member! 7/11/99.



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