What a wonderful boxer smile! This good looking young man is Jake, and he is owned by Katie Rodriguez of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Jake shares his household with Frankie, a husky/chow mix, and Boo Boo Kitty who he loves to chase whenever Boo Boo is brave enough to venture down to floor level...:o).

Katie says that she grew up with many generations of Jake's family starting with his grandfather. When Jake's mother Lucy had her first litter of seven, she couldn't resist Jake, so 8 weeks later he went home with her.


Jake also loves to go to the barn and visit Katie's horse Bubba whenever he can. That is where Jake was born and everyone there loves to see what a handsome boy he has grown into. He also gets to visit with his half brother Dallas (in the Santa picture) and his half sister Lydia. He and Dallas run and play until Jake has Dallas so exhausted that he hides from Jake just to take a nap! :o) Hmmm, that sounds familiar.....seems that all of our boxer babies love to run and play, and they don't always know when to quit. We bet that Dallas loves all the attention though, even though it tuckers him out....:o).


Jake has many toys to choose from, but his most favorite is a racquet ball that bounces all over the place. He also loves to play tug-of-war with anything he can find. Katie tells us that whenever anyone comes through the door, Jake is the first to greet them with a toy in his mouth.

Jake just loves everyone he meets. He assumes that everyone that comes to the house has come "only" to play with him....:o).

He is also a ham and loves to pose for the camera. Katie says he is very proud of himself!


Wow, is this the life! Jake couldn't get much more comfortable than this.....:o). Katie says he loves to sleep on the furniture, chase lizards, ride in the car and go for walks on the beach.

He also enjoys going to outdoor restaurants, and lying by the table, he watches everyone and everything that goes by. We 're sure Jake enjoys all the good food too......at least all the good smells.....:o).


Now this is just about one of the most adorable boxer pictures we've ever seen! What a face! Katie says that every year on Jake's birthday he gets a cookie with a candle in it and he always blows out the candle all by himself! This is just too precious....Katie, what a great job with the camera! You could win a few contests with this one, of that we're sure....:o) Katie says that one of Jake's most unique features is his oversized tongue. It's just a little too big to fit in his mouth, therefore it is always hanging out.....even when he sleeps! He gets his tongue from his great-grandmother.......her tongue was even longer!


And last, but not least, a picture of Jake as a puppy. Awww, isn't he just the cutest little thing? He was doing a good job of posing for the camera, even at this young age.

Katie says that Jake is as sweet and spoiled as he can be. He definitely runs the household ......and we believe it! He wouldn't be a boxer if he didn't.......:o)

Katie, what a special boy he is! Thank you so much for sharing your Jake with all of us. We think he's just adorable, and are so proud to welcome him as our newest member of the White Pages!

New Addition!

Awww, isn't this cute? It's Jake's 4th Birthday!





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