Awww, what a precious little face. This little guy is Jake and he is owned by Bob, Ginny, Dan and Beth Porter of LaGrangeville, New York. Isn't he cute? :o) Here Jake is pictured with Sassy, the Porter's shepherd. Jake and Sassy also share their home with Logan a 10 week old white male boxer with a fawn patch on his hind leg. (We look forward to pictures of Logan....:o).

Looks like Jake has sleeping down to a fine art! :o).

Ginny tells us that Jake's favorite toy is anything he can throw in the air, including, but not limited to rawhide bones, his food bowl, and Beth's Barbie Dolls. He is the official catcher of the neighborhood backyard ball games. Wow...sounds like a real baseball player to us....wonder if he's ready for the pros? :o)


Oh my, hasn't Jake grown into a most handsome young man? :o).

Ginny says that even at 90 pounds Jake still thinks that he's a lap dog and prefers to sleep between her and Bob. Sound familiar anyone? I think we have quite a few that love just that very thing!

Ginny tells us that they got Jake from a local breeder. They wanted a boxer and had heard all the horror stories about the treatment of whites, so even though they went to look at a brindle, Jake stole their hearts.

Ginny says that he likes nothing better than to snuggle on the couch with the kids, and he has nursed them both through a variety of kid ailments. They also take Jake when they go horseback riding and she tells us that he has decided that horses were really just put on this earth for his entertainment! :o)

Well, what a beauty Jake is! Thank you Bob, Ginny, Dan and Beth for sharing him with all of us. :o) We're so very proud to welcome Jake and his family to the White Pages!




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