This is Jake. What a cutie he is! He is now 18 months old and is owned by Sean and Julie Strope of Honolulu, Hawaii. Jake is now 26 inches at the withers and weighs about 75 lbs. Sean and Julie tell us that he still has lots of growing to do. Goodness, he's going to be a big boy!

Sean tells us that there were 8 pups in Jake's litter, three white, and 7 brindle. That's quite a litter to be sure! Since Jake is deaf, he is rarely off lead. He loves to sit in front of the house and people watch. His best friend is a burly 90 pound pitbull named Buster who lives across the street. Wow, sounds like Jake's friend is a big boy too! What a pair they must make, and I bet they can have some kind of wrestling match too.......<g>.

Jake loves his stuffed animals and his cow hooves. His favorite game is to attack Sean and Julie's feet and then take off and hide. Sean says that he's afraid of his own shadow, but is the sweetest dog you could meet. If people come in the house......beware! He will do a mean kidney bean and jump all over newly arrived guests. He likes to swim in the ocean and chase puffer fish. If they come across a puddle, Jake will surely flop down in it and roll around! The big silly! His favorite mischief is to grab Julie's scrunchies and get them good and soggy for her. <g>. Jake sounds like a natural born clown! Thank you so much for sharing him with us Sean and Julie.



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