This little lovely is Ivy, and she is owned by Duane, Rose, and Lindsey McPherson of Canton, Ohio.

Ivy shares her home with another boxer, her brother Nate. Ivy is short for Ivory. Ivy and Nate are 10 months old, and were born on September 1, 1998. The McPherson family also have two cats, Tommy and Missy.

The McPhersons tell us that the boxers and cats get along quite well. They think a lot of that is because they raised their boxers with the cats.


Oh what a sweet picture of Ivy and Nate having a snooze together! :o)Rose says that she just loves this picture.....Nate and Ivy are sleeping on a doggie bed. She thinks the pose is so cute, and it sure is!!

Rose tells us that they bought Nate and Ivy from a breeder and brought them home at the tender age of 7 weeks.

They had had a boxer for 10 1/2 years named Heidi. She became ill and they lost her. The McPhersons went about 8 months with a boxer. They think they are the best breed of dog and it just didn't seem right around the house without one. So, they went to a breeder, just to look at puppies, thinking that they were just in the "checking out stage." As they walked close enough to see the pups, there was the cutest little face with a brown spot over one eye, peeking over the edge of the whelping box. The puppy was white!


They had never seen a white boxer before, and they fell in love. Of course, Duane had taken to a fawn male, Nate, that resembled Heidi.

They each got to hold them and they were so cute and little. Rose says that after awhile, she asked Duane which one the were going to take. And to her surprise he said we could get them both. So that is how the McPhersons came to have two boxers. The two are really close to each other. When one doesn't know where the other is, they have to go looking until they know that the other is okay, and they can go relax.


Ivy is full of excess energy. She gets so hyper at times. She gets very excited when she sees Duane come home from work. She kind of turns in a half circle, otherwise know as the famous "boxer kidney bean" with her tail wagging a mile a minute and sort of waving with her left leg. It is so funny to watch. She'll stop once he shows that he is happy to see her too. And he always gives both a biscuit. Rose says that Nate is happy too, he just doesn't show it the same way Ivy does.

Ivy's favorite toy is a tennis ball. She and Nate play with it a lot. They jam the ball under the recliner and they see which one can get it first. When Ivy gets it, she prances around Nate as if to say, "Nah, Nah, I got it! (Oh boy, do we ever see that with our boxers too.) Then she jams it back under the recliner to continue their game.

Mischief should have been Ivy's middle name. If it gets too quiet, they go investigate because Ivy is the brain and Nate will follow along with whatever Ivy gets into. Her favorite thing to get into is the cat litter, no matter how Rose tried to barricade the area, Ivy would find a way in. But Rose thinks she has found the solution. They had bought an exercise pen with they were little, and she has surrounded the litter boxes with it, the door section is propped open just big enough for the cats to get through. One time she got her head stuck in that section and was desperately trying to get it out when Rose made it downstairs. Rose thinks Ivy has learned her lesson, because it hasn't happened again.

Ever so often they will hear the cage rattling and they know that Ivy is up to no good, and someone goes down to make sure that she hasn't made it in to the litter. Seems that she just won't give up trying.

Nate is bigger being the male, and Rose wonders if this is why Ivy is so feisty. In wrestling with her brother she will try her best not to let Nate get the best of her, and sometimes she does come out on top.

Well Duane, Rose and Lindsey, we have enjoyed your story and the pictures of Nate and Ivy so much. They are both little sweeties. :o) Thank you so much for sharing both of them with all of us. We are so proud to welcome Ivy to the White Pages as the newest member! 10/7/99





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