Well now, this young man, surely is royalty! This is Hoss and he is owned by Jody Robertson of Nipomo, California. Isn't he just grand?!

Hoss was born April 29, 1992, so he is 8 years old now.

Jody tells us that when Hoss was 2 months old he was purchased by her boyfriend at the time. She says that she got to be very attached to Hoss.

His owner was very mean to him. He would leave Hoss cooped up in the house all day while he was at work. When he got home, if Hoss had chewed up anything or had an accident in the house, he would beat him severely. Oh, poor Hoss!

Jody says she even saw him throw Hoss against the wall and punch him. ;o( Jody says she was only 17 at the time and was too afraid to say anything to this guy herself.


When Hoss was 3 1/2 years old, his owner asked Jody if she could watch him for a day while he built a fence at his new house. She said they were no longer dating and she told him that she couldn't watch him because she had to be at work all day. This guy kept on her and finally she went to pick him up. Jody says her parents weren't very happy but she explained that it would only be for the day. Well, thank God, that day turned into over 4 years. His owner never came back for him. At the time it seemed wrong that he would just forget about his pet, but looking back, Jody thinks it was the best thing that could have happened for Hoss. A blessing in disguise!


For the past 4 years, Hoss has enjoyed a wonderful pain free life. Jody says that for a long time, he would be afraid if you put your hand up. She thinks he though it might come down on him. He has grown to be extremely loveable. He also has grown into a biggggg boy. A bit overweight, he weighs 97 lbs.

He loves to wrestle and play with his "girlfriend" a rottweiler mix named Vanessa. He likes to go to the beach, though he doesn't like the water. (He was thrown over the side of a boat when he was a puppy and forced to swim so Jody thinks thetas why he doesn't like the water.) He also likes to play tug of war. He's pretty strong so he usually wins. His favorite mischief to get into is digging holes in the backyard. Having a white face, Jody doesn't think he realizes that he can't hide the dirt! ;o)

He gets along pretty well with other dogs, though he isn't too fond of small ones. Jody isn't sure if he realizes that they are actually dogs in the first place. LOL! He doesn't like cats. Jody says when he sees one he goes crazy.


Awww, here's Hoss and his girlfriend Vanessa playing tug of war with a rope. How cute!

Jody says he loves kids. The first time a small child came over she was very nervous. He is so big and she didn't know how he would react. The kid pulled on his ears and petted him pretty roughly, but big ol' Hoss didn't seem to mind a bit.

Jody says that Hoss has seen her through some pretty tough times and she doesn't know what she would have done without him. He makes a good shoulder to cry on. Ah yes Jody, I think we've all done that with out beloved boxer babies.


Jody says that they call Hoss the family lap dog. He doesn't seem to know that he is so heavy and he'll climb right up in your lap and curl up. He also will climb on the bed and take up over half of it. You better have all the blankets you want before he gets on the bed because he is nearly impossible to move. He also snores like crazy!

One of the funniest moments with Hoss, says Jody, was not too long ago. they went to the beach with his girlfriend Vanessa and her owner. Vanessa loves the water so her owner was going to take her in. She asked Jody if she was going to take Hoss and she told her "no, he doesn't like the water." Vanessa's owner wanted to give it a try so she took Hoss' leash in one hand and Vanessa's in the other. She took off running right into the water. Hoss went right along wither her like it was not big deal. He didn't seem to notice he was in water. All he cared about was being with Vanessa.

Jody says she thinks love must be blind! Hoss has been such a great dog says Jody. He's more than just a pet, he's a member of the family. We hear that one Jody! Aren't they all?!! Jody says that she hopes that he is with her many, many more years, and that she also hopes that we all enjoyed getting to know him.

Well Jody, we certainly did enjoy getting top know Hoss. He is so beautiful, and one grand and royal fellow! Thank you so much for sharing him with us. We are so happy to welcome Hoss to the White Pages as the newest member. Welcome Hoss!!!! September 20, 2000.




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