This precious little sweetie is Hilda, and she is owned by Kathy Bauer of Auburn, Alabama. Her full name is Liesel's High Spot Hilda, CGC....:o) She was born on June 6, 1998. Hilda was born the day after Kathy's first white boxer Liesel CGC died. Kathy found Hilda through the internet under boxer rescue and contacted the breeder. At the time, Kathy was trying to adopt another boxer, Cheyenne, and there was some controversy for awhile about her ownership and she was talking to Hilda's breeder about this.


Kathy told the breeder about Liesel and what they had gone through months before her death, and unbeknownst to Kathy, the breeder had a litter that had two whites, but both were already promised. When one of the prospective homes fell through, she contacted Kathy and asked if she would be open to having another white. Kathy was afraid for awhile that having another white boxer would be too painful, but Liesel and Hilda are not that alike in spite of both being white, so it hasn't been painful at all. Kathy got Hilda at 9 1/2 weeks old. Kathy says that the breeder is a member of the ABC and she's thankful that the white pups weren't euthanized. "She is an extraordinary woman" says Kathy...:o)


Here's a picture of Kathy and Hilda, and Liesel's best friend, an American Pit Bull Terrier named Havoc. Kathy says that Havoc and Hilda are friends too, but not in the way that Havoc and Liesel were. Liesel raised Havoc from a puppy when Kathy's friend Samm got her.

This picture was taken at a 100 mile endurance ride on horseback. Kathy says that the endurance community is rather close knit, kind of like boxer owners, and many endurance people mourned with her when Liesel died. They were so used to seeing them together since Liesel was her traveling companion. Now Hilda is taking over that role.


Hilda went to her first ride when she was around 12 or 13 weeks old. She is already making a name for herself!!

Hilda also shares her home with two cats, Hugo and Azreal, and a Quaker parrot named Baby Galah. Baby says many things, among them, "Liesel go lie down"! :o) This is still said whenever Hilda walks past the cage. Kathy has been trying to teach her Hilda's name, but Baby hasn't learned it yet.


Hilda is also following in Liesel's footsteps in respect to the cats since she likes to lick their heads. :o)

Kathy's brother moved in with them recently along with Kitty (chow-mix-shelter-special) and his three cats. Hilda is sometimes too high energy for Kitty. She likes to grab that fluffy chow tail and use it as a pull toy! :o) Hilda's favorite toys other than her animal siblings are probably rope toys and stuffed animals. She loves to play chase and tug of war. She is not much on fetching yet, at least not with balls, but she can sometimes be persuaded if the toy is a rope tug and tug of war follows fetch! :o) She also loves brooms, and has to be crated if any real sweeping (clean house, not exercise boxer) is going to occur. She will hang from the broom with her teeth! LOL!


Isn't this a precious picture? :o) This is the rest of Kathy's family........:o). There is Jack Sprat (sitting on Santa's lap) who is 15 years old, a grumpy terrier cross. Kathy says that he was "Liesel's dog". Hilda can sometimes persuade him to join her in a game of chase. When Kathy first brought Hilda home, they were the same size! Simba is the black and tan german shepherd. She is 8 years old. They did search and rescue before her hips got too bad. She and Hilda get along very well together. When Hilda is cold she will curl up next to Simba's belly and use her for a heater. Simba is teaching her to bark at squirrels and other assorted critters. :o) "Of course", Kathy says, "they are both the burglar's friend and welcome every human visitor to the house with open paws!! And then there is Cheyenne, the boxer in Kathy's lap. Kathy has since rehomed her because she needs to be an only dog. (Kathy, Hilda and Cheyenne paid us a visit just after Christmas when she came to Virginia to visit with her family, and I can tell you that Cheyenne is the sweetest baby)! So far, she is getting along just wonderfully with her new owners.

Kathy, we think you have a marvelous family, and we commend you on being a "mom" to all these wonderful babies......they are very fortunate to have you.....:o). And we are so pleased to welcome Hilda to the White Pages! Thank you for sharing your family with us....:o)


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