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Pet Stores & Puppy Mills

l. Shop flea markets, garage sales or discount stores. Rescues always need the following:

Towels, blankets, no-skid bathroom rugs, dog crates, dog houses, dog beds, dog bowls, leashes, collars, harnesses, grooming supplies (nail clippers, brushes, dog combs, dog shampoo, flea and tick prevention products), first aid supplies (triple antibiotic ointment, gauze, isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, baby wipes), paper towels and bleach, newspapers and soda cans (for recycling), mops, brooms, scrub brushes, wash tubs, buckets, pooper scoopers, plastic grocery bags, spray bottles, kiddie pools, large galvanized tubs for water, dog biscuits, dog food canned and dry, dog dryers (forced air, not human hair dryers).

2. Call your local shelter and tell them about the national or local rescue, name, breeds, phone numbers, email, homepages, etc. They often don't know we are there.

3. Donate $5.00, $15.00, $25.00, a month or whatever you can, when you can.

4. Distribute flyers about breed rescue to your local shelters, pet stores, and vet offices.

5. Do a 30 minute rescue. Tell your local shelter you will come by and groom (bathe, brush, etc), any dog that comes in. You can do this and walk away knowing you have improved the dog's chances of adoption immensely.

6. Do a home check for a rescuer trying to place a dog in your area. The rescuer at this point will usually only need a gut-check and the answers to a few specific questions about fencing.

7. Foster a dog overnight or over a weekend during transport, or foster the dog long-term, just one a year will save one more life.

8. Donate time to your local rescue, cleaning, building, grooming, fundraising, or just walking a dog on leash, sitting under a tree and giving/receiving lots and lots of hugs......:o)

9. Talk your local pet stores into donating items or food to your rescue organization.

10. Spay/neuter your pets so their unplanned pregnancies do not end up in rescue eventually.

11. Go to a shelter and get a dog, just once, and work with your local rescue to find a home and use their advice, experience, forms etc.

12. Volunteer to do a CUR (Canine Underground Run).

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