This lovely young lady is Hannah and she is owned by Marta Nettelfield of Grimshaw, Alberta,Canada. What a beauty she is Marta, she looks just like fine porcelain! She is a precious ray of sunshine isn't she? :o)

Marta says that Hannah is very loving and is a mamma's girl :o). She is always on guard, warning them in an instant if there are *any* sounds outside, ready to defend Marta and her family from whatever evil is lurking out in the world.

Awww, look, here's Hannah as a puppy. Isn't she the cutest little thing? I'd love to go give her a big hug!

Marta says that her favorite toys are her musical bunny which she squeezes to hear it play "In My Easter Bonnet", also her soccer ball and their 6 month old kitten Jasmine. And of course if miscellaneous stuff happens to be laying on the floor. Particularly any of Brianne's (Marta's daughter) stuffies. :o)

Isn't this a beautiful picture? This is Hannah and her companion Sootie. They both pose so well for the camera.....:o) Marta says that Sootie is a mom forever. She still cleans Hannah's face.

Hannah and Sootie love playing soccer ball together, but Hannah being the younger one, usually gets the ball.

If Hannah and Sootie get out together (loose), they become fearsome hunters. Recently this happened, and both Hannah and Sootie learned the hard way that porcupines are not the animal to hunt!


Marta, we think that Hannah is so beautiful, and so is Sootie! Thank you so much for sharing them with us, we are so proud that Hannah is a member of the White Pages!


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