This gorgeous young man is Gunner and he is owned by Julie and Rick Martin of Garden City, Michigan. We're impressed, he's so beautiful, and quite regal, don't you think? :o) He's 14 months old and a big 75 pound lap dog!

Gunner shares his life with Morgan, a brindle boxer, his room mate and partner in crime. :o)

Gunner's favorite toy besides his chewies and rawhides is this goofy toy that resembles a Tickle-Me-Elmo (which does the same thing but it's bigger and vibrates more.) Boy, sounds like a fun toy! We can only imagine the fun Gunner has with such a wiggly toy.........:o)


Here's Gunner and Morgan.....don't they make a beautiful pair!

Julie says that Gunner plays so hard with his toy that he's borderline out of control!

Julie tells us that they actually didn't plan on getting two boxer puppies (she didn't even know whites existed.) They went to look at the brindle female, and the breeder showed them pictures of another litter she had on the ground. Julie says that when they saw the white, they knew they would have a major argument on their hands.....they knew it was going to be hard to resist such a precious little porcelain as this little guy.


When they were on their way home, Rick said "Let's get both!" Boy, was Julie shocked....:o).

She says it's the best decision they ever made. They can't imagine life without Gunner.

Gunner believes his mission in life is to stalk and traumatize squirrels....cats too.....:o). Hmmm, that sounds a bit familiar to a few of us I bet. Nothing like chasing a critter or two!

Julie tells us that Gunner will be competing in obedience trials next year. He's very smart, almost too smart....:o).....and everyone he comes in contact with is always entertained by his "kidney bean" dance. Julie says this could be a problem when the judge approaches. :o)

Julie and Rick, we think Gunner is quite beautiful, and we're all laughing at your description of his antics! We are so proud to welcome Gunner as the newest member of the White Pages. Thank you so much for sharing him with all of us!



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