This precious young lass is Gretchen and she is owned by SherAnne and Peter Hayward of Jamaica, Vermont. Isn't she a lovely girl? :o)

This picture was taken at a studio in December of 1995. They used it on their Christmas cards that year.

SherAnne tells us that in May of 1995 Gretchen was on her way to the pound. Her son Allen found Gretchen and took her home, and soon after, moved in with SherAnne. That made three people, three dogs and three cats in the same house. Allen also owned a Rotweiler and Peter had a 7 month old puppy, along with SherAnne's three cats.

SherAnne said the plan was to find a home for Gretchen. When Allen was unsuccessful, he turned her over to CTBoxers (Michele McArdle.) She was given her 1 year shots and spayed by Michele's vet. While she was at the vet, SherAnne called everyday to see how she was doing. She missed Gretchen very much. They had bonded right from the start. They went back to the vet to pick her up, and she has been with them ever since. SherAnne says that Gretchen has brought joy and happiness into her life ever since.

Gretchen loves bones. She likes all kinds from the store and her treats, but she really gets excited over the ones her "da" brings home from work (he's a chef at a Stratton Mtn resort/hotel.)

She doesn't really have any favorite toys, but she loves to play catch. They use a tennis ball. She just doesn't always bring it back to SherAnne and drop it. :o) "Oh well," says SherAnne, "I need the exercise." :o)

Gretchen's other favorite thing is ice cream. She gets mostly soft serve. SherAnne says they sell it at the store where she works. They walk there at least once a day for "scream." :o) (We can tell we're not the only ones that have those special words for our babies, lol!)

She also gets a doggie birthday cake every year. SherAnne says that they usually go to Praline's in CT., usually with her grandsons, to celebrate Gretchen's life. She loves it, as do they all.

She also loves going fishing with Peter in the early mornings. SherAnne says she even caught a fish one time. Wow...good going Gretchen!

SherAnne tells us that they live at the bottom of Stratton Mountain. Peter thought he saw a deer one time and decided to check it out. He took Gretchen with him. He said it was so funny.....if he thought the deer was near, he'd tiptoe quietly on the path. Gretchen would tip toe too (and she's deaf) and if he clomped noisily along, so did she. :o)

This picture is of SherAnne, Gretchen and Spooky (they lost Spooky in April of 1998.)

SherAnne says that Gretchen is kind, mellow and generally a wonderful dog. However one time, she got too curious and ended up with a black eye! Peter had been to the grocery store. He put a few of the bags on the counter in the kitchen while he went back for more. Well, miss nosey decided on her own to see if she got any presents which is usually the case. Her claw or foot got caught in the handle of the plastic bag as she tried to get her paws back down off the counter, the bag came too and a can hit her in the eye. Awww, poor Gretchen. SherAnne says though, that she was fine, although she rushed her off to the vet to be sure.

Here Gretchen is looking out the front door, keeping watch for invaders, real or imaginary. :o)

SherAnne says that Gretchen likes to be included in all their activities and always is. She loves to go ANYWHERE if they are taking the car. She rides with SherAnne back and forth to Connecticut, 2 1/2 hours one way sometimes. She wears a harness which the car seatbelt goes through.

SherAnne says she gets funny looks and lots of comments. :o) SherAnne says she used to ride in the front seat until they saw a program that showed how pets and children even in seatbelts, can have their neck broken by the airbag. Now she rides in the backseat like all children should. :o)

Gretchen also loves SherAnne's two grandsons in Connecticut. When they first got her, Jake, the youngest grandchild was on eye level with Gretchen, so he got the most boxer slurps! :o) Both boys, Allen and Jake, just love her. They always volunteer to take her on walks. They both sort of grew up with other pets and took to her instantly.

Awww, looks like Gretchen is taking a nap. SherAnne says that Gretchen has a doggie bed, but she never uses it. What boxer does, lol!? She just loves to snuggle between them summer or winter.

SherAnne says that Gretchen has been the sunshine in her life for four years now. She loves and cherishes her more than anyone can imagine. She worries about her health problems (genetic hypothyroidism) and her special diet just like a real child. Her life and even her work schedule revolve around Gretchen. :o) SherAnne says that Gretchen has taught her how to give, and shown her how to love. "My heart overflows with love for her" says SherAnne, "more than I could have ever imagined. We are family forever!"


These two cuties are Gretchen's housemates. Pumpkin on the left and Scutchy. Aren't they beautiful?


Well SherAnne and Peter, we think Gretchen is so beautiful, and can just picture all her shenanigans! Thanks so much for sharing her with all of us. We are so pleased to welcome Gretchen as the newest member of the White Pages. 8/3/1999.




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