This handsome young man is Gordon and he is owned by Sandy and Ted Topeka of Logan County, West Virginia. Here he is pictured with his best friend, Lil Buff, a pekeapoo. Aren't the just adorable? :o)

Sandy tells us that they rescued Gordon from a shelter in Ohio. Lisa Torres helped Ted and Sandy in adopting Gordon. Gordon is deaf, 8 months old, weighs 90 lbs. and has one blue eye and one brown eye. He shares his home with two pekeapoos and a poodle and two teenagers. Sounds like a full house to us! :o)


Sandy says that Gordon is the most amazing dog. Even though he is deaf, he knows when she's coming home from work and is there waiting with lots and lots of wet, sloppy kisses and a doggy hug! :o) What a welcome that is, and at night, he's there to cuddle. Aren't boxer kisses, hugs and cuddles just the greatest thing? They can make a bad day into a good day in just a few minutes flat! :o)


Sandy says that one morning as they woke, Ted thanked her for a good morning kiss, and in turn it was Gordon licking him! She laughed and laughed. What a way to begin the morning! :o)

Gordon loves to go walking, and of course getting all the attention he can. Sandy says that one day a salesman came to the door and as Sandy was talking to him, Gordon got loose and the salesman ran back to his car. But Gordon beat him there and was sitting in the front seat to greet!


Sandy says that Gordon is an angel, and we agree....:o). He knows hand signals and he's simply the BEST! She says that they named Gordon after the 3 Time Nascar Championship Driver, Jeff Gordon......they love to watch him race. Gosh, does Gordon watch too? <grin>

Thank you so much Sandy and Ted, for sharing your precious Gordon with us. We think he's just beautiful, and we're so proud to welcome him as the newest member of the White Pages.


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