Well now, isn't this the handsome fellow. This is Gismo, and he is owned by Mirjam Lotspeich of Southern Germany. Mirjam tells us that is about 100 miles from Munich.

Gismo will be three years old in February of 1999. Mirjam tells us that they live in a small house with a nice garden. Boy, bet Gismo loves the garden. It's been our experience that boxers love things that smell good, and of course that would include flowers. :o).

Other members of Gismo's family are Alex who seems to always fight with Gismo.....must be some wrestling match :o) and Gismo's little sister Svenja to whom he loves to give lots of Boxer kisses. My, what a fortunate little sister to receive such affection from Gismo. :o)

Aww, gee whiz mom, we were just havin' some fun....:o). My, my, but it looks as though Gismo loves to run and play in the slick. Here they are at the North Sea. Well, it does look like lots of fun, so we say, go for it Gismo!

Mirjam tells us that at the end of the summer, Gismo passed his Sch H II examination. Congratulations to you both! Mirjam works Gismo 3 times a week at their boxer court. They like to do this very much, and Mirjam says that Gismo is very powerful. They also often go with a bike or inlineskates. Boy, it sounds like you two are really athletic. What fun that must be for all of you.


Opps.........here's Gismo giving Svenja those sweet and famous boxer kisses. They both look very pleased don't they? :o)

Mirjam says that they were looking for a boxer in 96, phoned several breeders and heard of Gismo. They were very surprised to learn that there are white boxers too. They visited Gismo, and immediately fell in love with him, and as Gismo would say, "that's how I came to my family and my sofa!" :o)

It seems that Gismo's grandpa lives in Cape Coral, Florida, but Mirjam is not sure it would be good to fly Gismo all that way to spend their holidays. They don't know of good places there for walking and playing with Gismo. Well, heads up Floridians..........if any of you know of good places around Cape Coral where Gismo and his family can walk, run and play, email Mirjam and let them know.......:o).

Mirjam, we think Gismo is quite the fellow, and quite beautiful too.....:o). We do hope you will be able to visit your grandpa in Florida. Thank you so much for sharing Gismo with all of us. We are proud to add him to the White Pages.

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