This lovely little lady is Frost and she is owned by Amber and Bill Warfield of Libson, Maryland. Frost share's her household with Balboa, a fawn male. Frost will be one year old this August. Balboa will be three years old, also in August. They were born two years and two days apart...:o).

Amber tells us that when they started looking for a playmate for Balboa, they almost gave up. They even talked about getting another breed of dog.


Amber went to Petco one day, and found a puppy magazine in which there were lists of good breeders in the back. There was only one breeder listed for Maryland. Amber says that night she walked into the room and found Bill on the phone with this breeder. She heard Bill say "You have a litter right now?" "You have a female?" ...."and you have a white female?" What luck! Amber says that she could have gotten a brindle or a white male, but Frost stole her heart.


Amber says that you would think that Balboa would be jealous somewhat since he was there first, but it's Frost that exhibits the jealousy. :o) Everytime they give Balboa attention, little Frost is right there to get her attention as well. And she loves Balboa to death....they are fast friends! Amber says that just the other night, Balboa was on the couch sleeping and Frost got up with him and put her head on his back and curled right up next to him. Awww.....what a little sweetheart she must be!


Frost's favorite toys are usually a *sudden* interest in anything Balboa is chewing on at the time. She also has a squeaky ball with paw prints all over it....she really loves to roll it around. She also loves Amber's shoes.....not to tear up but just to drag around. She tends to be a little trouble maker and whenever she is doing something that Balboa knows is wrong you will find him either in the hallway or in his crate as if to say "I'm not getting the blame for this one!" :o)


Frost also likes bones and rawhides, but Amber says that her favorite is to watch Frost chase the red dot from the laser pointer.

She is one of those puppies that you really have to keep an eye on. She's not really destructive but will get into the trash occasionally or drag out a shoe.

She loves to box! If you paw at her, she immediately starts to paw back at you. Amber says she thinks Frost loves to torment her big brother the most, but they really do have a good time together. They are always playing tug of war as a favorite game.

Frost is such a cuddly dog. She loves to fall asleep near you or in your lap. Yep, that sounds familiar.......and she'll be a lap dog when she's grown too......:o). Aren't they all!

Amber and Bill, thank you so very much for sharing Frost with us. She is indeed an adorable little sweetheart and we're so happy to welcome her as the newest member of the White Pages!



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