This adorable little girl is Fraulein, AKA Cutie, and she is owned by Judy Richards of Sacramento, California. Isn't she just precious? What an irresistible face! :o) She is all of 9 weeks old at this writing.

Fraulein shares her household with an 11 year old Miniature Schnauzer, Hilda, AKA Bubby, and an orange Kitty, Jessica.

Boy, sounds like little Fraulein has plenty of company to keep her entertained....:o)


Judy says that she was raised as a child with a wonderful fawn and white boxer named Fraulein, hence little Fraulein's name. We think the name is just perfect for her!

Little Fraulein loves all of her stuffed animals, chew toys and squeaky toys. Her favorite mischief is!

Judy says that she adopted Fraulein from a divorcing couple, and she's so glad she did! She wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth says Judy, but she finds that one fits quite nicely....:o) We believe it too!

She plans on having Fraulein spayed just as soon as she's old enough.


And here's Bubby.......isn't she cute. What terrific companions Bubby and Fraulein must make.

Judy says that Fraulein loves to chase her animal buddies all over the house........lots of fun for all!

We can only imagine the fun it would be to watch all three of them playing together, what a sight that must be.........:o)

Judy says that Fraulein is so funny when she chases her buddies and falls down....:o) She also says that little Fraulein interacts with other family members and other animals quite well.

Well Judy, we think Fraulein is just as cute as they come, and we thank you for sharing her with all of us. We're so happy to welcome her to the White Pages as it's newest member! 3/6/99.



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