Now, who could this sweet, sleeping little lad be? He is Felcore, and he is owned by Sharon and Jerry Behrendt and their son Jason of Wales, Michigan. Isn't this a precious picture?

Felcore was born on November 5, 1995. He came to the Behrendt's house as a present on Christmas day. He was for Jordan who had lost his much loved dashound at 11 years old.

It looks like Felcore made himself right at home as he snuggled down in a blanket. It sure doesn't take them long to know they're home! :o)


Awww, here's Felcore playing with him mother, Emma, but called "Mama". :o) She's a beauty too isn't she? Sharon says to this day that whenever they mention going to see "Mama", Felcore knows exactly who they mean.

Felcore is named after the friendly White Flying Dragon in the movie "The Neverending Story". :o) Sharon says that they think their Felcore lives up to the "friendly" very well. We believe it too! Aren't boxers just something? They are so in touch with the world around them, and especially with those that they love. Felcore is no exception!


Here's Felcore all grown up, pictured with his beloved Jordan. This is such a cute picture....:o) Two cuties!

Sharon tells us that they got Felcore from a dear friend who had a litter of puppies. There were two whites in the litter.

Felcore hates to be scolded, and Sharon says you can always tell when he has done something that he knows he shouldn't have because he looks soooooooo guilty. Another typical boxer trait I think....:o)


This is such a precious picture. It's Felcore with his litter mates. The other white in the litter had already gone to his new home when this was taken. Aren't they cute? Who could resist?

Felcore loves playing tug-of-war and running off with something that belongs to Jordan so Jordan will chase him, lol! Sharon says that one time he got himself into Jordan's swing, and couldn't get out!

Sharon, Jerry and Jordan.......we think Felcore is such a cutie! Thank you so much for sharing him with all of us. We are so very pleased to welcome him to the White Pages as it's newest member! 4/19/1999.



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