This sweet little guy is Duncan and he is owned by Denise and Carlos Bruno of Bellingham, Massachusetts. Isn't he the cutest little thing? :o)

Duncan was born on May 19, 1998. He arrived at the Bruno's house at 9 weeks, weighing just 15 pounds. Denise says that he was such a little peanut and loved to crawl into boxes, especially Budweiser boxes. He sure looks comfortable......wonder if Duncan still likes to crawl into boxes.....:o)


Duncan shares his home with two Persian cats and three parrots. Wow, what a household!

Duncan hasn't learned yet that the cats don't want to play, but that's okay with him as long as he can steal their food once in a while.

Duncan is now 8 months old and weighs 65 pounds. Sounds like he's going to be a really big fellow for sure!


Duncan was a real character on his first Christmas. Everyone just adores him and of course he was spoiled with Christmas presents.

His favorite place to go is the soccer field. Even though he hasn't scored yet, he certainly can steal that ball away from the Brunos. Frisbees, tennis balls, and boomerangs are his favorite fetching toys, but nothing in the world is his most favorite but his little pink mouse.


Denise tells us that Duncan is doing a really great job of training them to share their couch, pillows, slippers and anything else he desires. :o)

As Denise says, "What can we say with a face like his? He is a real enjoyment to us and we are extremely happy to have Duncan in our lives".

Denise and Carlos, we think Duncan is just beautiful, and we're so proud to welcome him into the White Pages family! Thank you so much for sharing your precious porcelain with us....:o)




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