January 23, 1997 - August 24, 1998

This precious little angel was Dottie, owned by Robert, Laurel, Lauren and Lane Lozano of Fairview, Texas. She is no longer with us, and left for the Bridge at such a very young age, we felt she deserved a very special place on the White Pages.

Laurel tells us that Dottie shared her life with several other pets including Mercedes a retriever mix, Tapanga the cat, and 5 miniature horses, DT, Heart, Lucky, Summer, and Tooter.

Isn't this a precious picture, and boy does it ever look familiar.

Laurel says that Dottie's favorite mischief was to get in the trash. LOL! Yep, we know lots of boxers that love to do that very same thing. She also loved to wrestle with the kids and chase her squeaky toys, not to mention chasing her "daddy" from one end of the house to the other and slide across the brick floor. :o) Dottie would always sit on the couch looking out the window waiting for them to come home, and when she saw her family returning home she would shake and quiver all over. When "daddy" went to work, Dottie would run and jump in bed with "mommy".

Dottie loved to play with the miniature horses and loved the horse shows. She would chase them and they would chase her. If the Lozano's asked Dottie if she wanted to chase the horses, she would tear out the back door and across the yard. She even loved eating grass with them. Laurel tells us that the horses all miss Dottie....they stand at the fence and stare at her grave.

Dottie had a lump appear on her side and it grew slowly at first, then very rapidly. Two days after surgery she had two seizures and began bleeding internally. A day later, the Lozano's had to make the hardest decision they've ever had to make. They weren't ready for her to go, but her suffering was not an option for them. She laid down on their bed and laid her head on Laurel's leg. Laurel says she thinks it was Dottie's way of saying that she was ready to go. Laurel took her to the vet and held her sweet little face stained with Laurel's tears till the very end.

The kids miss her so much....they go out to her grave everyday and talk to Dottie. They each picked out a pretty plant with pink flowers to put by her grave. Even Tapanga the cat lays by her grave sometimes. The were big buddies!

Laurel says that Dottie was such a special part of their family. Life is so different and seems so sad and empty without her. They are anxiously awaiting their joyous reunion at Rainbow Bridge.

Laurel and Robert, we are so sorry for your loss, and know how very painful it is to lose such a precious baby. Our hearts go out to you and the children, and we will always keep you in our prayers. Thank you so much for sharing your precious Dottie with us. We hope someday soon, you will find another porcelain baby to share your life with. God bless you all.



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