Wow! What a cool dude! This is Domino and he is owned by who else but the Domino family, California Sierra National Forest. He is one year and nine months old. LOL...this is an absolutely adorable photo! The Domino's tell us that when they got Domino, they already had two inside dogs, one outside dog and two cats, so Domino had a real blast getting acquainted with their petting zoo.

Domino came to live with his family when he was only 4 months old, and a real cutie. His first owners had another boxer who didn't get along with him, so that's how he came to be with the Dominos. They had lost their first boxer Mollie a year before, and so it seems that Domino came along at the right time, and fit in just perfectly. :o).





Now that Domino is older his favorite mischief is, if the kids are sleeping too late (according to Domino of course :o), he will jump up on their beds until he wakes each of them up and then he is HAPPY! Hmmm, sounds kind of familiar to me....:o).

His favorite games are fetch and "Don't give it back to mom!" And he loves to have his dad chase him around the kitchen table as fast as they can go, (they drive mom crazy), but she admits they are funny to watch. The toy that Domino likes to play with the most is a plastic Gatorade or soda bottle.

Domino is really smart......he knows who his mom and dad are. If you ask him "where is momma?" he will run and take his toys to mamma, and he does the same for dad. Domino's mom says that he is indeed very special to all of them, but he is still Momma's Boy! She loves being owned by a White Boxer named Domino!




Well, we think that Domino is an absolute doll, not to mention a "very cool dude!" We wish to thank the Dominos for sharing their Domino with all of us, and we are proud to welcome you to the White Pages family!


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