The White Pages Wants You To Know

 White Boxer Lovers wish to dispel the myths and rumors about the white boxer.
We are proud to introduce to you, the white boxer, the 'original' color of the boxer breed. Here yesterday, here today and here to stay. 
1.  White boxers are not born sickly.
2.  White boxers are not mutants and albinos.  They do have pigment. They  are not born blind.
                                  3. About 20% of boxer births are white and of that 20%, only about 12% are deaf.
4.  Deaf boxers are easily trained to read sign language.
5.  White boxers make excellent pet quality pets, generally loving other animals and children..
6.  Although they can't be shown in the conformation ring,they can be shown in agility and obedience.
7.  Well bred white boxers live a healthy and productive life to the age of  12-14 years, the same as their littermates of color.
8.   Many stud owners make the dam owners sign a contract that all whites will be put down at birth, before they will agree to breed.
9.  Many breeders just take it upon themselves to put down white pups at birth.
10.  Did you know that white boxers are 'NOT RARE'?  Yet unscrupulous breeders,
backyard breeders and puppymillers, and even some petstores bill them as such and add a hefty price tag!  
11.  White boxers suffer the same illnesses that fawns and brindles do, although they are more sensitive to the sun. 

In the theater of your mind, can you imagine putting down a new born boxer pup
just because it's white? I can't, and those of us that love white boxers can't, and
we think
it's time people realized that the white boxer is a loving, happy and healthy dog, that has been
unfairly tagged as something less than a boxer just because of it's color.

Thank you for visiting and learning more about this beautiful and playful Boxer.

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