This precious little guy is Dante, and he is owned by Scott Quinn of Peoria, Illinois. Isn't he adorable? He is all of 3 months old. :o) We can tell that he's going to be a big handsome boy when he is all grown up. But as we all know, one of the most wonderful things about boxers is that they never lose their puppiness, even after they're all grown up. :o)


Dante shares his home with Charmin, a Shar-pei, and a cat named Felicia. Here Dante and Charmin seem to be enjoying each other's company as they both snooze away, enjoying a nap as only dogs can. :o) It won't be long and Dante will be just as big, if not bigger than Charmin, but we're sure she won't mind. That's another great thing about our canine friends.....they don't care about size and appearance......if they're buddies, they just love each other period!! :o)


Awww, here's Dante and Scott. Looks like they make perfect companions, and we can see how much Scott loves his little shines in his eyes.....:o)

Scott says that he saw an ad in the newspaper for boxers and went to have a look. He says that Dante was the most original and friendly and playful pup of all, yet was quiet and calm in his arms. He knew then that Dante was the one for him.....:o)


Scott says that Dante loves to climb on top of him while he is laying on the couch and sleep on his chest. How adorable! Like all of us, I'm sure this gives Scott a warm and snuggly feeling.....the boxer snugglies as I like to say. What a wonderful feeling to have such a gorgeous and magnificent creature have such trust and faith in us, a mere two-legged critter! :o)


Aww, here's another sweet picture of Dante......all snuggled up to a stuffed boxer toy. Hmmm......wonder if he thinks that's mom? :o))

Scot says that Dante's favorite mischief is to eat the foam from the couch! LOL! Gosh, I wonder how many of us have had that same experience, or at least one similar? They are ornery little sillies when they're that young aren't they?


Scott says that Dante is so friendly and absolutely full of puppy energy. He gets along with great with Charmin and Felicia the cat, but Scott thinks that Felicia probably gets a bit tired of him the most! Ah, she'll get used to him Scott, and first thing you know, they'll be curled up together snoozing at naptime just like Dante and Charmin do now........:o)

Dante's favorite toys are his plush basketball, his rope toys and a rubber newspaper.

Well Scott, we all think that Dante is just adorable, and we're so very happy to welcome him to the White Pages as our newest member. Welcome Dante!! :o)


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