Awww, would you look at this little sweetheart? Isn't she adorable? This is Daezee and she is owned by Valerie Evans and Shawn Mills (Valerie says they are proudly owned by Daezee ;o) of Ontario, Canada.

Valerie tells us that Daezee was born on April 21, 1999. Valerie says she never though she could fall in love with an animal so quickly. Daezee is their life and they could not imagine ever being without her.

We know that feeling well Valerie. Boxers are absolutely addicting, and especially the whites for a lot of us. Daezee indeed has taken my heart, and I know many other's as well. ;o)

Valerie says that in May of 1999 her boyfriend Shawn decided it was time to leave the nest and get a place of their own. Valerie has been raised with dogs all her life and has always had one, so when they moved out it wasn't long before she missed the companionship of a pet. She says that Shawn was determined NOT to get a dog, as he is not much of a pet person, unless they are independent (like their fish ;o)


Valerie says that she would NOT give in. Her mom breeds American Cocker Spaniels and she could have taken a pup from her but she has always been a large dog lover. She was determined that she wanted a boxer. She loves the way they look and they have such a great character. She made several phone calls but all the pups were way out of their price range. Her heart was broken as she had it all planned out. She wanted a flashy male brindle that she would name Winston, and didn't want to settle for anything less. "Well," says Valerie, "I got more than I ever thought I would!"

The last phone call she made asking about prices, she told the man that his price was way out of their price range. He told her, that he did have two whites that they were adopting out for much less. He described to Valerie one male and one female.


The male was pure white with a tiny brindle patch right in between his ears and the female had a brindle patch over her right eye. Valerie told him they would be there ASAP since there was someone looking at them. They flew out to this place and on the way Shawn had decided since there was no way Valerie would consider another breed, that he didn't want a male because they get too big.

The arrived at the breeders to see her. "Oh my gosh" said Valerie. She was to die for, as you can see in by her sweet little face. And she indeed is! What a cutie! They instantly fell in volve and put money down on her right then and there. She was only 6 weeks old and the one week wait was enough to kill them.


At 7 weeks of age, they drove out to pick up Daezee and had no clue what they were in for. Of course like all parents do, they showed her off so proudly! It would take 15 minutes longer to get anywhere because people would stop them. They had one city bus driver yell out, "nice dog"! Everything was great up until 'Daezee was 8 weeks old.

They were driving in the car with

Daezee on Valerie's lap sleeping when all of a sudden she went into a seizure. Valerie freaked! They swung the car around and headed to the closest vet. By the time they got there, she had another seizure. the vet took cost $200.00 and said they ran a complete blood panel and there was nothing wrong and sent them home. Oh my, now worried you must have been Valerie and Shawn!


While leaving the vet, Daezee went into another seizure. So it was off to their vet who was across the city. He looked at the results of the blood test they oth3er vet had done and informed them that it wasn't even close to a complete blood panel. And there were signs of trouble that Valerie guesses the other vet thought weren't important. Daezee was having liver problems which were causing the seizures. So due to the fact that they couldn't afford to send her for surgery, they did what they could. The put her on some medication and Valerie is happy to say that 7 months latter, recent blood works has shown that Daezee's liver is 100% normal and has now been off her m3eds for 2 months with no seizures! Wow, what a relief!!


Awwww, what a precious picture. Has anyone ever noticed how cute boxers are when they sleep? It never fails!! Daezee is no exception!

Valerie says though, that they weren't out of the woods yet. Daezee developed Demodectic Mange, which becomes active due to low immune systems. Their dog was almost completely bald! But still beautiful in their eyes. Now Daezee is on new medications to treat this. It has been a couple of months and she has almost all of her fur back and is now doing great.

Whew! I'd have gone white-headed over poor little Daezee health problems, and I'm not too far from being that way now! Our 13 year old gives us a scare every so often.


Even though what Daezee has encountered in her days with Valerie and Shawn, she has always been playful, and high spirited. Naturally! You go Daezee!!!! Her favorite toy is her squeaky ball that they had bought her before they had gotten her. She does have a variety of toys though like her Wiggly Giggly Ball that she insists on playing with when you are trying to hear something! LOL! Ain't it the truth! Daezee, your a boxer through and though. You go girl!

Daezee likes to do anything that she is not supposed to be doing. Running around with toilet paper, (lol) hanging from her mouth, (what a hoot! ;o) just daring you to try and catch her, chewing phones and has even figured out how to open her crate. Oh yes, definitely a boxer trait. We had to get a chain and padlock for one of ours Valerie! Her absolute favorite thing to do is to play with her best friend Delta, a 1 year old Doberman. If you even say Delta's name, And she freaks out! And she will not give up until they take her to see Delta. Hmmm, sounds just like her mom doesn't she? <grin> Her other favorite thing to do is go to Pet Smart. Everyone knows Daezee there and she always gets to pick out a new toy.

Valerie says she would have to say that the most memorable moment she has had with Daezee would be the day they came home to her greeting them at the door. Valerie thought that maybe she hadn't latched the crate properly, so she took the blame. Shawn and Valerie figure since Daezee had been out of her crate all day that they would go out for a while. After making sure the crate was latched, they left. When they came home, there was Daezee, lol, at the door greeting them, all proud of herself! They put her back in the crate and snuck around the corner to see what she was doing. Not even 20 seconds and she was out of it. She bit the door, pulled up and threw her body into the door. Out she goes! Wow! That's something! (We know one person Valerie and Shawn, that has to bungie their fridge door shut, so the dog can't open the door and help himself ;o)

Now, time to inspect for damage. Daezee chewed their cordless phone, pooped on the floor and until Valerie lied on it,she hadn't realized that Daezee peed on the bed!! Yikes, bet that was a surprise! But as Valerie says, "Through all that, how could we be mad? Just look at that face!" And we concur Valerie!

Valerie says that Daezee has been the best thing in their lives, even with all the problems she has been through. She is their rock as they are hers, and they can't imagine not having her. People have asked them if they would do it all over again. Sometimes they think no, but when she cuddles up to them, and looks at them like she is saying thanks mom, Valerie says, "yah, I wouldn't give it a second thought! I would do it 100 times over, just to feel the way I feel, and to know how deeply loved we are by Daezee!"

Oh what a little cutie Valerie and Shawn, and how very special your little girl is. We have just loved her story so much, and we thank you 100 times over for sharing her with all of us. We are so very please to welcome Daezee as the newest member of the White Pages. September 24, 2000.







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