This gorgeous smiling face belongs to Cruiser, and he is owned by Chris Bozman of Houston, Texas.

Cruiser is 20 months old and weighs 60 pounds.

He shares his household with his best friend Shadow, a black lab, aged 2 years.

Chris says that boxers were the first dogs she ever loved. When her sweet lab mix died a few years ago, she remembered the playfulness and undying affection of the boxer and decided it was time to find a boxer for her household.


Here, Cruiser is pictured with his buddy Shadow. They make a fine looking pair don't they? :o)

Chris said that she found a breeder with 12 puppies, and one was white. "It was really no contest" says Chris, "I immediately fell in love with Cruiser's spunk and sweet face, especially that adorable fawn patch over his eye." Chris brought Cruiser home at the age of two and a half months.

We can certainly see why Chris picked Cruiser.....he is such a lovely dog, and has such a happy, bright, smiling face. :o)


At first, Cruiser wasn't too happy to find Shadow in his new home. She had been Queen of the house for about four months after being rescued from a local animal shelter. After a brief adjustment period, Cruiser and Shadow became best buddies. They are now inseparable, "butt-tucking" through the house and yard, playing tug of war with their rope toys, and basically having a heck of a good time. That must be alot of fun to watch! :o)


Cruiser can't stand to be separated from Shadow. He'll run all through the house looking for her and then do his kidney bean dance and cry with joy when he finds her. Aww, we think that's so sweet!

Shadow in turn, is very protective of her little brother. If Chris has to scold Cruiser, she barks her protest loudly, even if the "bad act" he committed was against her! :o)

The name Cruiser really fits him.....he never seems to get ruffled by anything. He's so easy-going. His full name is Cruiser Boozer Bozman....:o) Boozer was Chris' father's nickname when he was in college. When Chris tells Cruiser that his "namesake-grandfather" is coming to visit, he and Shadow will stand with their paws up on the front windowsill waiting.


Of course Chris says, "Cruiser thinks the couch was made for him. He will "trick" Shadow by teasing her with her favorite toys by throwing them up in the air, and then pouncing on them.........all this just to get her off the couch." LOL! Then he'll promptly jump up and settle down in her spot!

Just now, as he's almost grown, he's beginning to realize his true heritage...........guard dog!! He will spend hours in the backyard, barking at whatever noise he can hear throughout the neighborhood.

Chris says that Cruiser has been an absolute joy. He's a real clown. He loves to stalk and pounce on his toys, snuggle up close when he's sleeping, and he gets Chris' attention by gently (sometimes!) patting her legs, arms, head and whatever else he can find with his paws........over and over! In Chris' words............"He's truly a precious porcelaian pet!"

Chris, we think Cruiser is truly precious too! Thank you so much for sharing him with all of us. We're so proud to welcome Cruiser as the newest member of the White Pages!



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