May 1, 1993 - November 3, 2001

We miss you sweet, sweet boy. We will see you again.

I imagine some of you recognize this photo of Cooper and I. It was the first picture of Cooper and I together, just a few days after he arrived from California. We flew him all the way from Los Angeles to Baltimore.......:o). He was 3 1/2 years old when he came to us in Maryland, he is now 5, and will turn 6 years old this May, his first birthday spent in his new country home in Virginia. His favorite toys are his rope, kong toy, and a pink stuffed pig. He loves tug of war and a good wrestling match! He also loves to ride in the car, and dearly loves our boxer get-togethers in Virginia. He is also known as Super Cooper, Coop, The Coopster, Supey Coopie, Coopie and The Coopmeister!






He is owned by yours truly, Kathy and Fredric Isler. There aren't words to say just how special Cooper is. Besides being our best friend, loyal pet, and beloved companion, he is also my hearing dog. Thanks to our wonderful Boxer Mailing List friends, we are a family. Isn't Cooper a beauty? We're so proud of him, we're just bursting our buttons! :o). And as you can imagine, he's as spoiled as he can be! No complaints from Cooper of course! :o)








Cooper fit right in the very moment he arrived at the airport in Baltimore. Our bond was solidified before the day was through. And since then, we have been constant companions. We have shared many wonderful and exciting adventures together,including our trip to the American Boxer National's in Frederick, Maryland in May. We have gone two years in a row now. We weren't sure how we would be accepted because of Cooper's color, but our worries were unfounded. We just marched right into the lobby of the hotel, and Cooper was an instant success!! We've always enjoyed our trips there, and have met many wonderful people, as well as lots and lots of beautiful boxers!








We've also had the opportunity to meet several of our Boxer Mailing List friends there as well. We joined the Horne's lovely party in the parking lot, and this Kansan was able to experience her first *Crab Feast*! Thanks Craig and Donna!

We also have get-togethers every so often in Arlington, Virginia. Several boxer owners from the Maryland, D.C., and Virginia area meet behind a community building. There is a huge fenced yard, so the babies can really run and play. What a blast! There's nothing more beautiful than a pack of boxers running together having the time of their lives. It is always such a joy to watch them all playing together.......romping, running full out, wrestling, getting to know one another...well, life is good isn't it?

Now that we have moved into our new country home, we have 5 fenced acres, and hope to have a boxer bash right here in the spring. We have oodles of room for campers and rvs, so we hope many in our area will come and join the festivities!

Cooper sort of stands out in a crowd huh? I don't think the rest of the gang notices the difference a bit, they're just interested in having fun! Since this picture was taken, we have had several white boxers come to our Arlington bashes....but Cooper can lay claim to being the first white boxer ever to attend.....:o) What a blessing they all are!

Of course the two-legged critters have quite a good time as well. We all arrive with the proper gear, ie: water bottles,chairs, lunches, toys, towels, you name it, whatever our babies might need.

In the picture to the left, we see our beloved Katherine Nevius, alias Boxer Kate, right in the middle of a boxer huddle at Arlington! Naturally, our Cooper is right in the middle of all the boxer action......:o)









Here's another terrific picture of Katherine getting a very proper, but sloppy boxer slurp from a pup! Cooper is, of course, waiting his turn to give Katherine a big sloppy kiss too! It can get pretty exciting with all the boxer babies running around, there's never a dull moment. And of course, when it's time to go home, I don't think any of the babies complain because they are just plain wore out from all the running and playing. Cooper never fails to sleep all the way home, and then more sleep when we arrive. :o).









As you can see above, Cooper is indulged and just plain spoiled! He is the absolute love of our lives! He is the first boxer that Fredric has ever owned, and my first white boxer. We adore all boxers, but can say with certainty that we'll always have a white boxer in our lives. They are precious!



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