How sweet! Puppies, and everyone loves puppies. The little white baby with the spot on her eye is Coco, and she is owned by Dan Neemam of Vernon, New Jersey. What a sweetie she is.



And here is Coco all grown up with her owner Dan. Oh my, but Coco is a stunning boxer! Very beautiful indeed, and she has a beautiful smile to boot. ;o)



This is Coco and her friend Snowy. We find this a particularly stunning photo. Aren't they beautiful? ;o)

Dan says that their loving and treasured Coco almost didn't make it into this world. she was the last to be delivered in her litter and the only pup needing a cesarean birth. Coco-Bianca Pretty Woman was born on October 5, 1994 at their local veterinary office. She is a descendent of Metropolitan Man. Her mother is Vivian (Birch Acres Pretty Woman and her father is King (Jacquette's King's Ransom). She was conceived in Dan's back yard. Coco is one of five in her litter.

When Coco was 10 weeks old she was taken to her new home in Miami, Florida. This is where her ears were cropped. Dan says that after a few weeks they couldn't believe the impact this small, darling puppy had on them. Their hearts were broken. But they knew she made her way to a caring and loving family and they remained happy for her.

After a year and a half, they received a call from her owners in Florida. They were suffering from Lupus and asked if they would take her back! They were delighted to have her bake in their home!




Here Coco is pictured with Dan's best friend John. Dan says that John has been helping him since Coco's mother Vivian was brought into the house and he has spent a lot of time when Dan is out traveling on business or going to Israel to visit his mother taking care of the dogs and training them. And of course, there is that wonderful Coco smile again!

Since 1996 Coco has grown up to be a most independent lady. She is fully conscious of her environment. She runs their home. ;o) Coco sleeps on a bed or her own personal couch and wakes either of them with kisses and licks bright and carefully, her way of indicating it's time to go out.

This girl not only desires their love but demands it!! If she feels unattended to or alone she reminds them of her presence with interrupting them with cries and kisses ;o) Coco is their most personal dog (aside from her mother Vivian who passed away in 1999). she loves walks, a ride in any vehicle, and laying on her back in the sun. She owns the house, all couches are hers and when guests are over she likes to share the bed with them! ;o)


Dan tells us that Coco's best friend was Macho, a beautiful and strong fawn male. Macho and Coco were inseparable. He was an incredibly loyal and faithful pet. They were often into normal mischief like chasing the squirrels and birds in the yard. Macho passed in January of 2001 and naturally Coco just wasn't herself for awhile. She silently mourned the loss of her dear friend for weeks.

Dan says that they are happy to announce the arrival of Coco's new companion Beethoven. He is a loving male fawn approximately 4 years old. Dan adopted Beethoven from Boxer Angels Rescue, an organization in New York, September, 2002. All is going well and the two of them are getting along wonderfully. Dan says their home is once again filled with laughter, joy and companionship. ;o)


Dan says that they are so blessed with Coco's longevity; she is now in her 9th year. Wow, that's great Dan! She sure doesn't look it ;o) Dan says Coco is just as playful as ever, and loves plastic noisy toys and playing with wood branches in the yard. He splits wood for the house and Coco picks up small pieces and plays on the grass. She loves playing catch with any object thrown to her.


Well Dan, may we say that we think that Coco is just STUNNING!! And Beethoven is quite beautiful as well. And how we love Coco's smile, it is quite unique ;o)

Thank you so much for sharing Coco with all of us, we feel privileged to have met her and you. ;o) We're so proud to welcome Coco to the Whitepages as the newest member. 12/28/2002.





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