This beautiful young lady is Cleo, and she is owned by Jane Proctor and her 5 year old daughter Kaylen, of Orange, California. Her full name is Cleopatra Queen of Da Nile. Cleo also shares her household with two other dogs, Caesar, a fawn boxer and also her littermate and brother, Trudy a seven pound blue spitz rat terrier and also their cat named Kitty.

Jane tells us that she only planned on getting Caesar, but when her little girl saw Cleo she fell in love with her, so they came home with both pups. Trudy and Kitty were not too pleased with the new additions, but over the months Trudy became Cleo and Caesar's dog. Kitty still sulks when they others are getting loved.....:o).

Awww, here's a tiny little Cleo with her brother Caesar..:o)Jane says that she brought both pups home at the age of 4 weeks, and Cleo had to be supplemented on the bottle for about 3 weeks. She is in excellent health, and the only problem she's ever had is when she ate a lava rock from the bottom of the barbecue. She spent the night in the emergency room, but was fine. Caesar was inconsolable while his little sister was gone. :o).

What an adorable picture! :o). This is Cleo and her brother Caesar posing for the camera. Cleo can hear, but not well. She is also slightly vision impaired. Her big brother Caesar is very protective of her. Caesar has to be put in his crate whenever Jane wants to bathe Cleo, or give her medication. Cleo and Caesar are each other's favorite toys....:o). They play constantly. Their favorite game is to box and they sound so vicious that neighbors have yelled over the fence because they thought the dogs were really fighting. Even though Cleo is is 15 pounds lighter and 4 inches shorter, she seems to win their matches. (Jane thinks Caesar lets her win.....:o)

What an adorable threesome! This is Jane's daughter Kaylen posing with Cleo and Caesar. :o). Jane says that they enjoy all the typical boxer quirks like chewing in the garden, jumping up with big slurpy boxer kisses and the famous boxer butt wiggle. She says that they love Cleo and Caesar dearly! Jane also tells us that after adding Cleo to their family, white boxers became a cause for her. She is listed with boxer rescue as a foster home and she is always happy to share white boxer info with those that are interested. Jane is against breeding white boxers (as we all are,) and believes that all white boxers are a blessing from God. We couldn't agree more! :o)

Jane, thank you so much for sharing both of your boxer babies with us....we think they are just adorable, and are happy to welcome you aboard as the newest member on the White Pages!


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