This beauty is Chloe. She is owned by Pat and Debbie Koran of 
Hudson, New Hampshire. She is a rescue boxer and was adopted in 
October of 1995 as companion to Emmitt, Debbie's brindle boxer. 
We're told that Chloe is quite the pistol, and is definitely the 
dominant dog in the family. Debbie also told us that sometimes 
she thinks that Chloe
thinks she is 2nd in command behind her husband Pat. :-).

Chloe and her pal Emmitt This is a picture of Chloe and her
companion Emmitt. What a beautiful pair! Debbie goes on to tell
us that Chloe is a very affectionate dog. Chloe is also deaf.
When she is sleeping, she doesn't hear anyone come in, and all
they have to do is put a hand on her and her little wiggle butt
starts up before she is even awake.....:-) cute!! She
loves to give lots of those wonderful boxer kisses, and loves to
lick feet. She and Emmitt have great fun together playing boxer 
games, including what Debbie and Pat call biteface.></font></p>
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Chloe just turned 2 in June, and is 
full of boxer energy. She loves to tear around the house and
makes lots of noise if no one is paying attention to her. Debbie
says that she is incredibly gentle with their 13 onth old
daughter. Her favorite pastime is hiding her nylabone. Just the
other day, Debbie caught her trying to hide it in her daughter's
toy box. Thanks for sharing Chloe
with us Debbie and Pat.......:-).


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