This beautiful porcelain is Cherokee, and she is owned by Crystal Bollinger and her husband John Bollinger of Southern Indiana. Her full name is Austi's Cherokee Thunder. She shares her home with four other boxers. Sounds like a busy household to us! :o)

Cherokee loves to play with Chance, Crystal's fawn male. Their favorite game is tug of war. Chance just stands there while Cherokee pulls her little heart out....and she hardly ever budges Chance....:o) She plays well with all dogs. Her favorite toy is outside.....a rope hanging from a tree. Crystal says that she can play for hours on it. She runs for the rope the minute Crystal lets her out. Crystal swings on it too, and Cherokee always grabs the rope and tries to stop it....or she'll just hang on and swing with Crystal!


Cherokee also loves to play with her ball. Crystal says that she is quite hyper and has more energy than a child. :o)

Cherokee is very good with people, and she loves attention. Crystal's little 1 1/2 year old cousin Kylie loves to play with Cherokee, and she is always so patient with Kylie.

When Crystal disciplines Cherokee, she always runs and jumps up in John's lap....:o) She always thinks that daddy is going to protect her......and sometimes he does....:o).


John's parents raise boxers and Cherokee is from one of their litters. John surprised Crystal by giving Cherokee to her as a late birthday present.

Crystal and Cherokee have been together since day one and she says it has been wonderful. Crystal says that she can be a pain sometimes, but it's worth it all. Cherokee has this certain way of looking at Crystal that just melts her heart.

We believe it Crystal.........all our babies do exactly the same thing. :o). Thank you so much for sharing Cherokee with all of us, she's just beautiful. We are very happy to welcome her as the newest member of the White Pages. :o)




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