This cute little guy is Chazz, and he is owned by Ike Onochie of Orleans, Ontario, Canada. Isn't he cute? :o) Chazz is neutered and 14 months old.

Ike tells us that Chazz was born in a litter that produced 7 pups, 4 brindle and 3 white. Chazz loves to play with his brother Isiah who is owned by a friend of Ike's. The two brothers are inseparable when they are together.

Chazz also loves to play with the neighbor's kids, aged 5 and 8. He loves to watch people walk by the house and say hello. :o)




Ike says that Chazz has lots and lots of favorite mischief! He always likes to run and jump and steal anyone's winter gloves when they come in the door. :o)

When playing with his numerous toys, he has an affection for destroying them. Ike says that he gets all kinds of cloth toys and plastic toys, but he has gone through them all. As Ike says, "He mangles them to the point of no return." He doesn't forget the mangled toys though....he will go back and play with them some more.

Chazz hates the broom. When Ike is sweeping, Chazz constantly tries to bite the broom! Gosh, we wonder what he does with the vacuum sweeper....:o)


Chazz is also an avid puncher. Ike says that he can understand why the breed is called boxer....they really box! I'm sure many of us have scars from those boxer punches!

He loves logs and tree branches. Anytime he has the chance, Chazz tries to bring wood into the house to munch on and play with.

His favorite toys are his rawhide bones, his hard plastic tug-o-war toy and his Fozzy Bear doll which is now missing all of the lining and stuffing. :o)



One of the more interesting things that Chazz does is his daily lap around Ike's backyard. In the warmer months, Chazz will immediately ask to go out and then will take his lap around the backyard, oblivious to all around him. He will do this for about 5 minutes straight and then wants to come in the house to eat his meal. It sounds like Chazz is patrolling his yard to be sure all is in order. Bet he'll make a great watch dog for Ike as he matures....:o)



Awww, what a cutie. This is my favorite boxer pose, and my heart never ceases to melt when I see a boxer lounging on his back!

Ike says that he got Chazz from a reputable breeder in his area. He had always wanted another dog, but was kind of leery because his mom wasn't real keen on getting a dog. It took about two seconds for his mom to change her mind when she saw Chazz. Now Ike's mom can't wait to visit Ike and Chazz when she's in town!

Well, we can see why Ike. Chazz is just adorable.........thanks so much for sharing him with all of us. We're so happy to welcome him home to the White Pages!



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