This cute little guy is Chance and he is owned by Debbie and Danny Emerson and their children Taylor and Jordan of South Berwick, Maine. Chance is 1 1/2 years old and will be 2 on April 17th.

Chance came to the Emerson's household when he was 4 months old. He wasn't housebroken, not even paper-trained. He didn't know what a toy or a treat was. The idea of his own bed and crate were completely foreign to him. Debbie believes he lived in a barn before they got him. She says that Chance is very smart though, and he learned fast.


Here Chance is pictured with a toy duck that one of the neighbor kids gave him (temporarily of course) when he stayed all night with the Emerson's. Debbie says that the kids slept on the floor, but Chance was on the couch of course! :o)

Debbie says that everyone loves Chance! His personality comes through loud and clear, and it attracts people to him. When the Emerson's take him for a walk, often times, people will come right out of their homes just so they can pet him. When he goes to the Kennel to get his bath, nails and ears done, they love to see him coming.....they all love him, and look forward to seeing him once again......:o)


Here's "Super Chance" pictured with 10 year old Taylor and 6 year old Jordan. Don't they make a cute trio....:o) We love the Superman outfit! Debbie says that Chance loves the kids and is extremely tolerant of them. We can tell that he loves the kids very much.....:o) Aren't boxers just wonderful?

Some of Chance's nicknames are "Chance Of A Lifetime", "Chance In A Million", "Chancey Boy", and "The Chancinator"!


Awww, here's Chance setting on Grammy Gerry's lap. Debbie says he loves to sit or lay in anyone's lap.

Chance is ready for anything. He can be in a sound sleep, but if someone wants to play or he hears "excitement" going on without him, he is instantly there. He wants to share everything with his family!


Chance loves to look out the window....he doesn't want to miss anything! The Emerson's live in a housing development so there is always something for him to see and get excited over.

Chance loves to pounce on them if they've stayed in bed too long and he feels it's time to get up. Then the family gets a nice face bath! :o) He loves to have someone throw his rope toy in the air, and he will jump to catch it. There have been times that he almost touched the ceiling and other times that he has done 180's and 360's in mid-air. Wow!


Chance also loves to play fetch. Another favorite game is to play keep away with his purple 8 pound weighted ball outside. Once he grabs his ball he will do about 100 laps around the backyard as fast as he can. Debbie says it's great exercise! He also loves going for rides and walks, and loves to lie in the patch of sun that streams through the window in the morning. He will go out of his way to find that patch of sun!


Awww, what a cute picture! This is his graduation picture. Chance has completed both beginner and advanced beginner obedience classes. Debbie says he hated wearing this hat! :o) Well, he does look just a little disgusted with the whole thing doesn't he? LOL!

Debbie says that they were going to continue further, but he is still very young and has a difficult time keeping that little "butt wiggle" still when meeting and greeting people. He'll learn though! :o)

Debbie, Danny, Taylor and Jordan, we think Chance is just super! Thank you for sharing him with all of us.......we're very pleased to welcome Chance to the White Pages! :o)


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