This precious little ray of sunshine is Cassie, and she is owned by Shirley and Conrad Birkness of Marshalltown, Iowa. What a beauty she is! Cassie was born June 16, 1997. Shirley and Conrad tell us that Cassie comes from a litter of 7 pups, all white.

Cassie shares her home with an 11 year old Cocker Spaniel named Brandie, Smokie, a 5 year old Siamese and Mistie, a 7 year old Himalayan.

Even though Cassie weighs about 53 pounds now, Brandie is still the boss.


At dog obedience class, Cassie finished 4th out of 4, only because she decided that was the time to untie Shirley's shoes. :o). Shirley says that she is getting better at minding, but she has selective hearing and will only listen and mind when she wants to.

Cassie can jump straight up in the air about 6 feet. Wow! Shirley says they've never seen a dog do that before. Sounds like she'd be really good at Frisbee. :o)

She is a big coward, afraid of all loud noises, like thunder, fireworks and someone pounding with a hammer. If Brandie barks, Cassie will run to the door wanting in.


Shirley says that their dog groomer never liked boxers before she knew Cassie. But Cassie has won her over. Well, we're not a bit surprised at that! Boxers do seem to have that special charm don't they? :o)

Cassie is quite the charmer and Shirley says that on their walks together, she loves to meet people and wants to go in the car every time she hears the jangling of the keys.


Cassie and Brandie love to play ball, tug-of-war and she always wins! They both love chewbones....and Cassie has a rubber duck she is very fond of.

Shirley tells us that Cassie tried to steal her husband's blue chair, so they got their extra blue chair in the living room and put it in the family room for her....:o).

Shirley and Conrad, we think that Cassie is just beautiful and we're so happy to welcome her as the newest member of the White Pages.

Thank you so much for sharing Cassie with the all of us! :o)




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