Awww, this precious little sweetheart is Casper and he is owned by Jeff and Paula Proffitt of Hamilton, Ohio. Isn't he cute? :o) His parents are Pinky Lynn Asher and Petey Pete's Perfection.....cute names huh? :o) Casper is a Christmas baby, born December 24, 1997.....he is almost a year old now.

Paula tells us that Casper is very good with her two children and is sweet and loving towards everyone. We're not surprised at all......all our white boxers seem to have such precious dispositions.


Here's Casper all grown up. He's a handsome young man isn't he? What a beauty!

Paula tells us that Casper has a sock ball that he just loves. He also loves to go for rides in the car and walks to the park. He loves to take showers and enjoys being blow dried. We must admit, we know a few boxers that like showers, but never one that likes the blow dryer....:o)

Paula says that when they go to the park he loves to roll in the sand. He runs and does the "boxer dive," all fours spread, landing flat on his belly. What a sight that must be!


Awww, what a sweet picture. Here is Casper with Paula and her son Dustin. Paula says that both of her sons love Casper and Sage dearly.

Casper has two puppies to play with....Sage, his new little sister, and Moka, Sage's sister owned by Paula's brother and his wife.

Paula tells us that her whole family love boxers and she thinks they are all very precious. We couldn't agree more Paula....they are all very precious and those of us who love them are very fortunate to be "owned" by such wonderful dogs. :o)


Here's Casper and Sage, his new little sister, just adopted. She did belong to Paula's sister-in-law. They are best friends and they love to play with one another. Sounds like a match made in heaven.....:o). They make an adorable pair, and as boxers do, they'll grow very close to one another as the years roll by.

Jeff and Paula, thank you so much for sharing your babies with us.....they are indeed beautiful. We're very happy to welcome Casper as the newest member of the White Pages.......:o)



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