Ahhh, would you have a look at this fine young and handsome fellow? This is Calvin, and he is owned by Tom David and his daughter Heather of Hayward, California. Isn't he just the most handsome boy? :o)

Calvin was rescued from a boxer breeder Tom worked with. Tom said that after he heard about the fate of so many white boxer puppies, he told the breeder to call him if his bitch had a white pup. She sure enough did, and thus begins the saga of Calvin! :o)


Calvin was originally Heather's boxer. She hand raised him. Tom says that probably explains why Calvin is a human in a strange body.......lol! We hear you Tom, they really are human aren't they? :o) To top that, Calvin has been dressed in any combination of clothing and hats. Tom says a while back, he took Calvin to the local PetSmart for a sweater. While fellow shoppers struggled and fought to get their dogs clothed, Tom slipped the sweater right on Calvin. Their comments....."Oh, he must have had sweaters before". Tom's comment........."nope, first time ever". :o) Well, looks like Calvin was showing them how a dog in the "know" does it right, lol!


Not to Heather's discredit, she has grown up and has gone off to college for four years, and with parental responsibilities, Calvin has become a permanent part of Tom's life, and a joyous one we can bet.

Tom says he is a truck driver, so he is fortunate that Calvin can accompany him to work. He has always liked to go for rides, so now he is in seventh heaven in the truck. :o)

He has left his mark from Washington to Texas...lol! Calvin has become a real road dog, sitting in the passenger seat all alert and attentive to the surroundings. One thing that Tom can't explain is Calvin's ability to recognize the roadside rest stops that he has been to in the past. It doesn't matter if he is sound asleep, but about a mile before the rest stop, he is up and alert and getting real excited. Tom says, "Mind you, the tractor that I use is different most every time, so it isn't the same road sounds".

Tom says that Calvin is partial to females......lol......and he doesn't think that's so bad........:o) He is like a magnet, :o)

His favorite toys are any small stuffed animals (there have been many) and their survival rate is short-term. Tom has finally settled on canvas stuffed toys because they are a much better challenge.

Well Tom, we think your Calvin is just pretty darn special. If your ever down Virginia way....stop and pay us a visit! :o) We are so very pleased to welcome you and Calvin to the White Pages as it's newest member. 5/08/99.



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