Well now, would you have a look at this precious young lady? Isn't she adorable? This is Calleigh and she is owned by Jamie Jones (soon to be Jamie Rager), and Jamie's finance's name is Mike Rager. Her son is Mile Chapman and he turned 11 in September. Jamie, Mike and Jamie's son Mike, live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Calleigh's full name is Calleigh Pearl Jones. Jamie says her nickname is "Poopa Girl", but says "Don't ask, I have no idea how that came about." Well, I think all of us have cute little nicknames for our beloved boxers...all three of ours certainly do.



Calleigh! What a wonderful boxer smile you have! Hmmm, that sounds familiar. Are you off to Grandmother's house? <grin>

Jamie tells us that Calleigh's birthday is September 4, 1996, so Calleigh is a very young 3 year old.

Jamie says that she was a single mother and her son Mike wanted a dog desperately. So they looked through the paper for a week or so and found an ad for boxer pups. Jamie has always wanted a boxer, (especially after she learned that some breeders put them down at birth) so she told her son that they would go look at the pups. Not unexpectedly, Jamie and Mike fell in love with Calleigh immediately.



Oh, this is a beautiful picture of Calleigh. She looks like she's smelling a flower. Aa ha, she must be an nature lover!

Jamie said they wanted to name her something to match her white color. Jamie has always loved the white calla lily, so Calleigh became Miss Calleigh Pearl Jones on her way to her new home. And what a beautiful name it is! We just love it!



Awwww, Calleigh looks all tuckered out here, and ready for a nap. :o)

Jamie says that she loves to play with her cousin (Jamie's mom's dog) Sassy (she's a basset hound). Jamie says she believes this is probably Calleigh's most favorite thing to do....go over to play with Sassy! Jamie says that her yard and her mother's yard connect. Her mom's yard is fenced in so Calleigh and Sassy run and play over there all day long. Calleigh goes to stay with her mom while Jamie is at work. Wow, a babysitter right next door! :o)



LOL, looks like Calleigh is a baseball lover. How's your New York team doing Calleigh? :o)

Jamie says that Calleigh's favorite game is fetch, She loves to run, especially after squirrels. Oh boy, do we know that routine. Our boxer trio always run after the squirrels!

Her favorite toys are her snowman and her monkey.



Jamie says that Calleigh's favorite mischief is getting in the trash can and getting all of her son's stuffed animals and dragging them out to the living room. Ah....true boxer for sure!

Calleigh also loves to terrorize Jamie's cat Kaluah. That's always a good game Calleigh...but watch out for the claws! We know a few boxers who have learned that lesson very well. :o)



Jamie says that her mother has a pool in her back yard. Calleigh loves to play. So one day her son Mike said "Let's see if Calleigh will get in the pool."

She does get in, but only the first two steps. No further. She hates to get baths and especially to get her face and ears wet.

So Michael stuck a piece of raw hide on the second step of the pool and Calleigh tried to figure out a way to get her treat. Finally after trying to did the water away (LOL) she stuck her whole face in the water, eyes wide open and got that piece of raw hide. Now she does it all the time. :o)



Oh my goodness, would you look at this? Looks like Calleigh was having the time of her life. And she hates baths? Well, we bet she got a good bath after this picture was taken, lol!

Well, Jamie, Michael and Mike, we think Calleigh is just adorable, and boxer through and through. Thank you so very much for sharing her with all of us, we have enjoyed her so much, and know many others will too.

We are so pleased to welcome Calleigh to the White Pages as the newest member. 10/11/99.





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