Kathy's Guestbook

I greatly enjoyed looking at the pictures of your white boxers, and would love to help give one a great home sometime.
Matthew Blake <Thumper6678@aol.com>
Indianapolis, IN USA - 08/15/03 18:07:54
Two weeks ago today we adopted a white "rescued" boxer. We have a fawn female and a brindle male, so were really not sure if we could take the commitment on. But we are really glad that we did! He is turning out to be a treasure, so smart and so full of love. He is a big boy with a heart as big as him! I am told that they may be prone to melanoma because of the white fur, does anyone know anything about this?
Jennifer Leslie <j-stuckey-leslie@uiowa.edu>
West Branch, IA USA - 08/14/03 17:27:00
I love this website. I always show my boxer sugar the pictures so she can see other dogs that look like her.
Courtney Gray <purplecrayon9_8@yahoo.com>
Cynthiana, KY USA - 08/14/03 13:09:11
My husband and I just made the decision to adopt a white boxer from a show winning boxer mom in the st. Louis area. We recently just lost a wonderful dog that my husband had had for 11 years. He left behind his little sister who desperetly needs a friend, our two cats are just not nice enough to play with her yet. So she's very excited to be getting a new little brother, even he will end up being 10 times bigger than her!! Your website is just great! I hope that some how we might be able to get our liitle guy on her when he comes home!
Megan Graham <GrhmCrkr03@aol.com>
Cape Girardeau, MO USA - 08/13/03 22:31:54
It is somekind of magic... I start reading your page because of white boxers... but Your favorite Quotes are great!!! The shake many things in my current status of life... I thank you for include them!!!
Carlos Armando <dark_wolf57@hotmail.com>
Mexico City, Mxico - 08/13/03 15:25:11
We had a white boxer born to our female this litter. He is the healthiest of the 5. My son purchased a white male this past week. We are thrilled with him. He is beautiful. Thank you for dispelling some of the myths about white boxers.
Lori Hager <hagerbunch@aol.com>
Claremore, OK USA - 08/12/03 23:16:33
I really like this site. I have lookd through all the boxers in the picture gallery. I have a White Boxer named Ralphie, he is 2. He is about 90% white with a little brindle on his face. Someday we will send pictures and info on Ralph so you can add him to your site. I hope you keep this website updated and keep up the good work!
Brian Joseph <spear110@yahoo.com>
Exeter, NH USA - 08/09/03 12:32:11
Thanks for your site, I found it very interesting and informative! I have been searching high & low to find a White Boxer Rescue Mission in Canada, and am not having any luck what-so-ever. If anyone knows where I can get information in Canada, I'd really appreciate it- pls email me at: sndrla@hotmail.com. Thanks!
Cindy <sndrla@hotmail.com>
Toronto, ON Canada - 08/05/03 10:41:06
Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for providing an informative website where people like me can learn about the horrors of Puppy Mills. I had no idea that there even WERE puppy mills, and know after reading your site, I'm aware and want to help. I'm passing the info on to everyone I can! Keep up the good work!
Kara Heryla
MN USA - 08/04/03 14:06:39
We own a white boxer named Sydney. She is 5 years old and a joy to have. We recently had our fawn boxer of 13 years pass and it is quite an adjustment for Syndey. The kids love to put colored sunscreen on Sydney when we go to the lake. Favorite color is Purple! What a site.
Joan <UStamp2@aol.com>
Tacoma, WA USA - 08/03/03 23:04:58
We also own a white boxer her name is Holley and she is 6 years old. We also have a fawn boxer named Lilly we rescued her when she was 15 months old. Come to our website to check out pictures of our girls. Our website is www.geocities.com/whiteboxer1996/
Melissa <whiteboxer1996@yahoo.com>
Dumfries, VA USA - 07/29/03 16:10:20
We have a white male boxer,Dayton. he is such a joy to have around. He is our 3rd boxer and i will never own another breed of dog! My mom emailed me your site and I am enjoying it so much I didn't realize white boxers we so popular! Keep up the great work!
bethany <redneckgirl92@comcast.net>
burton, mi USA - 07/25/03 19:07:52
We have a 4 month old white male (Boaz). He has definatley found a home here. He came down with Parvo 2 weeks ago but seems to have made a full recovery, with lots of love and care and is back to his active self. Praise God!!
Mike & Deb High <mikendeb1@aol.com>
Spring Lake, NC USA - 07/24/03 11:53:48
I currently have a wonderful white boxer male named Spencer Farlow, we call him Spencer. He is the most wonderful dog; everyone he meets loves him immediately. He is 5 1/2 years old and weighs a whopping 102 lbs. He is abnormally large for boxers but his vet says that his weight is good for his build. The only health problems we have incurred with Spencer is seasonal allergies. He also gets itchy, red, watery, eyes during seasonal changes. But I would never trade him for anything else, there's not enough money in the world. I would love to hear from other white boxer owners that live in NC.
Alexandra Matthews <creeksideyachtclub@earthlink.net>
Wilmington, NC USA - 07/22/03 16:56:03
My daughter kept asking me to get a white boxer every time I visited a shelter looking for a second dog. My reply was always "No way! I've only seen one in my life". Next shelter I went to "Harvey", a white boxer was just being put into a cage for adoption. I took him home the next day and he is the most wonderful dog we've ever had.
Patricia Kloiber <pjchk2002@yahoo.com>
IL USA - 07/21/03 23:40:01
We have a white boxer and loves everybody and everything he sees. I'm sure that he'll love being on your site! His name is Ralph, he is 3 yrs. old. He is also very protective to the family. He sortof looks and acts visous SOMETIMES! He is a best friend to all!
Jay <bvj556>
Exeter, NH USA - 07/20/03 13:11:47
I grew up with boxers, my sister owns two and I have one of my own. He is a brindle named Sarge, his buddy is our english bulldog Lilly. I have always felt an affection for the brindles and the whites, I just think they look better.
James <jasallen@txucom.net>
Katy, Tx USA - 07/17/03 13:03:53
I have a white boxer named hannibal. He is still a puppy but he's one of the best boxers I have ever owned. I'e had boxers in my family for as long as I can remember. I can't imagine putting a boxer down because of his color. I love my little white boxer as much as my fawn boxers!!!!
Darleen <nanadarleen@excite.com>
woodhaven, mi USA - 07/14/03 15:42:17
We just bacame proud owners of Rosie a one year white boxer abandoned at a friends house. She had no idea what to do, so I brought her home and fell in love. Rosie is patient with the children, friendly, and healthy. After a visit to the vet, a nail trim, booster shots, and a flea bath, she couldnt be more wanted here with us. I wasnt aware of the white boxer issue until well after Rosie was adopted and I am quite pleased she is here.
Phillip Blake <phillipblake@comcast.net>
Seattle, WA USA - 07/13/03 05:49:59
Thank you for leting me sing your book
Cleveland, OH USA - 07/09/03 11:19:26
I stumbled onto your web site at work when trying to find someones address in the white pages.therefore, I will not add my E mail address. We had a female fawn boxer in the 70's. She only lived to be 5 due to cancer.Penney was given to us when only a few months old. We had a white cat at that time. Penny washed that cat every day. Also the hampsters and the geribles. She tried to wash the goldfish, but soon gave that up. She would have made a wonderful Mom. My son had a female fawn that lived to be 13. She was their baby until the girls came along 7 years later. Mugs ran out of the house at 3 a.m. one morning and never came back. She was found on the golf course in back of their house. By the time they got her to the vet, she had to be put to sleep. Her stomach turned. My son said she was in terrible pain. They bought another boxer pup, but she had a mean streak in her, turned on the kids and was put down. My daughter's father has a male fawn, 9, also has cancer. They seem prone to cancer unfortunatley. But what loveable animals. I have never been in contact with a white boxer. they must be a beautiful site.
Julie Smith
New Oxford, PA USA - 07/08/03 18:00:44
Loved the page keep the good work up....
Darrell & Val <dassval@iinet.net.au>
Cobram, Vic AUSTRALIA... - 07/05/03 01:33:47
Loved the page keep the good work up....
Darrell & Val <dassval@iinet.net.au>
Cobram, Vic USA - 07/05/03 01:31:52
I was asked to adopt a white boxer puppy recently. I did with no hestiation. He's the sweetest little dog!
rachel hall <luckeelady865356@aol.com>
franklinville, nj USA - 07/03/03 18:16:56
My Family and I have an 8 month old white Boxer named Cali. She is a female and is totally white except for black spots on her skin. her fur is still white above these spots. We have a son who is almost 4 and he loves her to death. They will play all day long and Cali is very much his protector. Even when my Wife or I tickle our son and he screams Cali is by his side Barking at us! She is a great dog. I would recommend a Boxer for anyone. White Boxers are especially beautiful.
Avrum Raynor <ShaggyBenzMan@aol.com>
The Woodlands, TX USA - 06/28/03 13:07:46
Hi, I am a native Aussie and reside in Virginia. My folks bred boxers for years, and over there, when white boxers are born they are drowned at birth (no more than one third white allowed); the concept is that they are a "threat" to the breed in the show ring. It is the sole reason I never started breeding them myself. Much to my delight, once I came to this wonderful country, I discovered that Americans love white boxers! I commend you all! They are precious! We currently have a beautiful 18 mth old little girl, Gemma, who is my baby. She is white with brown spots and as soon as I get photos I'm going to forward them to you all. We rescued her from a family that just didn't appreciate her uniqueness! Our "four legged son", a male fawn, died last Thanksgiving and I don't know if I'll ever get over it. Nonetheless, life goes on and I thank you for this wonderful site; also blessings to all you fellow-boxer lovers!
Christine McKinley <freedom@kaballero.com>
Heathsville, Va USA - 06/17/03 21:06:48
I had a fawn male boxer puppy that I got for my 16th birthday in 1972. His name was Sunny. He passed away from heart failure when he was 6 years old. I was so devistated that I didn't get another dog for 25 years! In August of 2002, I rescued a deaf, mistreated, 18 month old brindle boy. I named him Jackie. In December of the same year I found out he was loaded with cancer. He was given 1 to 6 months to live. I took him home hoping for 6 months. My special baby passed away 7 weeks later, February 4, 2003. He was only 2 years old. I still miss my best friend so much that I am crying as I write this. Six days before Jackie passed away, I bought a 5 month old white boxer boy. His name is Geoy. He was imported from a totally German line without any history of heart or cancer problems. His father is 12 yers old and his grandfather is 17! Geoy and I are bonding and I feel so lucky to have made the decision I did 4 months ago. He is a very healthy baby.
Kellie Williams <Kellwill5@aol.com>
Spanaway, WA USA - 06/17/03 15:10:56
I really enjoyed your website and cannot wait until I get a Boxer. I would like any info. from anybody that would like to give it.
Ryan <ryanbrunk@hotmail.com>
Ardmore, Ok USA - 06/14/03 19:01:38
we just got our whitey two weeks ago and he is a wonderful specimen...I don't know that much about boxers I have always been fond of the rottie...I have however changed my tune...I wouln't trade my pup for anything...We named him Powder Ali (my kids thought of powder I added the Ali)...
Steve <swgaillard@hotmail.com>
Pleasant Grove, ut USA - 06/12/03 15:00:09
We had 2 Shar-pei's - male & female. Our female Piglet was cream dilute and she died at the age of 5 of a rare blood disease 3 mos. ago. I miss her & think of her everyday. Shar-pei's seem to have a lot of health problems. I think Boxers may have less problems and a white one may remind me of Piglet. They are hard to find locally & on the web, though. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.
Margie Taylor <jazz14@cox.net>
Tulsa, OK USA - 06/12/03 12:57:32
Enjoyed the White Boxers
Beth Oliver <beth60@email.uophx.edu>
Fort Defiance, Az USA - 06/07/03 22:02:13
Your website is very helpful, and appreciated by those of us who have great friends who are white boxers. Can you tell me where you got your facts re: what breeders do with them, and what % of boxers born are white?
Natalie Carpenter <natalie@fionasbeach.com>
Mill Valley, CA USA - 06/04/03 14:56:53
I have a 19 month old male flashy brindle and a flashy fawn 26 month old female. they had there first litter on march 5 o3 with only one fawn female total. no other pups
lisa gardner <psdaycare@attbi.com>
steubemville, oh USA - 06/03/03 15:58:02
I love what you are doing for our White Boxers. Everyone wants to put them down, in more ways than one. This is so wrong! They are exceptional Boxers. I have a white male named Reno. He is everything a Boxer should be; big, beautiful, loving, smart, healthy, and has very good hearing. Keep up your work, It is much appreciated by all of us true Boxer lovers! Sarah
Sarah Nolen <sarahnolenboxers@hotmail.com>
Ecru, MS USA - 06/01/03 17:00:38
I rescued a whiteboxer we have named Frosty 2yrs ago.He's been a challenge for my wife and I but we wouldn't trade him for the world.So much love from one dog. we love your site!
joe <joenorma@comcast.net>
royal oak, michigan USA - 05/28/03 00:25:45
My Father is a boxer breeder and just had a litter of puppies and we were lucky enough to get the only white one in the litter. We already have two other boxers one female fawn who is 9 years old and male brindal 4 years old and now our new white puppy girl who is 6 weeks and we love her. My father has been breeding boxers for 30 years and always gives the white ones great homes because they make wonderful pets. Thank you for having such a great website!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jamie Steele-Gorgis <sparklecosmetics@hotmail.com>
Toluca Lake, Ca USA - 05/27/03 02:27:56
We currently own two boxers - a fawn 3yr old male named Stanley and a 9mo old male whitey named Oliver. We plan on getting yet another male as soon as we have a home with enough space! We will probably plan on getting a brindle from a rescue/humane society. If there are any within the Metro-Detroit area who need a good home, we will welcome one more as soon as possible. If anyone has pics to swap of fellow boxer babies... feel free to email - we love to see all the different boxers out there!
Melissa and Kevin Najor <veggygurl@comcast.net>
Roseville, Mi USA - 05/25/03 09:37:55
WINSTON-SALEM, NC USA - 05/23/03 14:02:23
you have a great site. I love the dogs you have put in here. They are soooo cute.
Tammy Tatyana
Galviston, TX USA - 05/22/03 09:31:21
I have a white boxer her name is "Pearl Moon", we just call her Moon. She is only the second White Boxer I have ever seen, but she is the sixth White Boxer in ten years from her family tree. I really enjoy having a rare dog that many people had no idea existed. When she was little she was mistaken as a "pit" even by the vet on her first visit.
Michael <Dvldoghoss@aol.com>
Houston, TX USA - 05/19/03 17:01:52
Hi,I have a white boxer.her name is stormie and she is 12 years old. I don't think she will be with much longer.We had her since she was a pup.She is the best dog we ever had.She was so easy to train even though she is deaf.When she is gone we will be looking for another white boxer because i think they are the best.
chris bucks <michaelbucko@aol.com>
lebanon, pa. USA - 05/17/03 07:56:23
We have a 2 year old white female called MISSY, we have had her from 8 weeks old, she is absolutely brilliant, a real character!.We cannot understand why the breeders want to destroy such lovely dogs because of their colour or blindness or deafness .We assume its because they are not DOG LOVERS!!!!!!!!!!Good website ! keep up the good work .All the best from across the water.
pete&sheila burgess <pete8tripod@aol.com>
CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND - 05/16/03 11:22:33
I have two female boxers; a 3 year old flashy fawn, Lucy Belle; a 1 year old white, Lily Pearl. I admit that I was not educated on the issue of whites and had not really thought about adopting one. However, a breeder we met offered me one of her whites (she breeds them) and since the litter I was waiting on were killed when the mother rolled over on them, I was offered the white one. She is such a joy to us and we call her our "little comedian." I would encourage anyone who loves boxers to "go white," but preferably through rescue adoption or regular litters. These dogs are precious, but should not be exploited by breeders wanting to make and extra buck for their uniqueness.
Ruthie <Luv2boxergirls>
Charleston, wv USA - 05/08/03 11:50:29
i have a 2 year old male fawn boxer named Harley.i have had him since he was 8 wks.old. i was never a big dog lover,but Harley has changed my mind.i dont know what i or my kids would do without him.he brings joy to our lives each and every day.he is my best friend and truley is a big part of our family.just like having another child.
tammy davis <sugamom2003@yahoo.com>
zanesville, oh USA - 05/07/03 15:45:16
I have 2 boxers. Ronnie & Reggie, Ronnie is 5 1/2 brindele coloured and Reggie is nearly 2 and white. I could not imagine life without my boys as they are like my best friends. Boxers are the most fun and charactaristic dogs out of all breeds i feel. They show such companionship and reward you with total loyalty.
Mark Clemson <clemson_42@hotmail.com>
Birmingham, b United Kingdom - 05/06/03 11:36:29
It was only through your website that I discover that there are white boxers. My sister's boxer mated with a white mongrel and there were a set of white and brindled pups. We thought the whiteness came from the mother. The second generation pups as there was in breeding the fawn daughter(from the white mongrel) and brindled father(pure boxer)continued to give birth to white and brindled puppies. It is only when I feel in love with a white puppy and doing some research on boxers(I have a brindled one) that I came upon your white pages. My puppy looks so much Libbi in your white pages. But unfortunately he was a sickly dog, BUT HE WAS LOVING CRAZY FRIENDLY AND PLAYFUL His name was MAX. He died just 2 days ago. He was sickly not because he was white but they say that because of in breeding the defective genes are more prone to be dominant. I still cry when I think of MAX -5 months when he died. I am looking again for a white boxer so that MAX may live on. I am going to post a sticker on our car with the " THE WHITE BOXER LIVES ON!
nilda <ngsupena@msc.net.ph>
San Pablo City, PHILIPPINES - 05/06/03 01:05:46
I have a white boxer and she is called the white pearl(Prlan) in swedish. Why are all the boxerfriends so damned about the white boxers, they are so lovely, they are just the same as the other boxers,I know, because I had two for a long time ago
Rene Anstrin <anstrin77@hotmail.com>
tyres, Sweden - 05/03/03 12:07:23
I fell in love with boxers a year and a half ago. a friend had a female which i adored. i decided to get a puppy. she was my first dog to house train and then i realized how smart the breed really was because she learned what she was and was not suppose to do quickly. i unfortunaly have lost her to an unfortunate accident, i plan to look for another companion soon, she caused me to fall in love with the breed and if i have a dog it will be a boxer.
Emma <magnolia_ladybell @yahoo.com>
Nettleton, MS USA - 04/29/03 17:50:26
Hi,my name is Andrea and I have 6 year old white boxer his name is Vern. I just found out that he has cancer and needs Kemo. I was wondering if you could please keep Vern in your prayers for a recovery. will do the same just et me know. I don't know what else I can do. Thank You
Andrea <AANNIE72@aol.com>
Jacksonville, FL USA - 04/28/03 21:57:40
i was just directed to your site by boxer rescue. we adopted a white boxer (22 mos. old). we just love him to pieces. i have a question on sunscreen-what should i use on him? he is very active and loves to play with my son outside. i would appreciate any information on this or anything else that i should now on white boxers. also, i am looking for white boxer merchandise (like t-shirts) and i really am having a hard time finding any, can you direct me. thanks faye w
faye w <fwawiorka@hotmail.com>
green bay, wi USA - 04/25/03 16:51:00
i have a white boxer pup which is deaf but crate trained.she loves to get into the trash and chew on other things like shoes,slippers,plastic cups,exc....i also have another dog which is a mutt.avalanche(the boxer pup)loves to try to get at panda(the mutt).i would like some info. on how to train teach deaf boxer pups.so if you have info. on how to do that then please e-mail me at virginia.turner5@verion.net
lauren <virginia.turner5@verizon.net>
rockland, ma USA - 04/23/03 08:50:15
Hi Kathy, Your web-site is just fantastic. Everything I want to say has already been said!! I have/had 2 white boxers Casper who is still with me and is now 11years, and Sugar who has passed on at 12 years of age. I would be really interested if any other 'aussies' who visit your site would email me as I know no-one else here who own a white boxer. I am originally from NewZealand and have only been here for 2 years. I would dearly love another White but am yet to find out how to go about it. Thanks again for a wonderful site......Donna
Donna <laynes@ihug.com.au>
QLD Australia - 04/21/03 08:29:09
this is the first time i have been on your site and i think its great. I have a 1 year old white boxer called stella that i had bought for me as a present and she is absolutly adorable. I couldnt imagine being withiut her we are attached at the hip. Keep up the good work love bekki and stella
bekki <www.rmalley279@aol.com>
stoke-on-trent, england - 04/20/03 18:44:01
We absolutely love this site! We enjoy viewing all the photos of the white boxers, and cannot get over how much many of them resemble our white boxer, Rocko. He is 4 years old and by far the most loyal and precious dog we have ever had.
Kristy & Derek Otter <kristy_otter@juno.com>
Greensboro, NC USA - 04/18/03 14:21:19
Great page. My son Alec got Boo at 12 weeks. She is a LOVE!!! Easy to train, and a joy for us and our dog Dixie. They Love to play together.She is a white boxer, with her ears, and tail.Too cute.
Jenny <jenfromnyc@aol.com>
Houston, Tx USA - 04/14/03 11:30:37
I have a 7 month old white boxer whom my friend's 5 year old son gave to me as a friend to have after my dad died last October. His name is Peter and he has a black left eye. He is the coolest pal anyone could ask for.
Leo Gent <alg037@yahoo.com>
Monroe, OR USA - 04/14/03 01:36:32
The most loyal dog I have ever had was my white boxer, Bailey. She loved children and was my best friend. Now I have a brindal and I will never own another breed of dog.
krista taylor
USA - 04/13/03 22:12:52
The most loyal dog I have ever had was my white boxer, Bailey. She loved children and was my best friend. Now I have a brendel and I will never own another breed of dog.
krista taylor
USA - 04/13/03 22:12:02
We have a brindle boxer and a chesapeake bay retriever, and they are the best dogs. We have many friends that have boxers and the one thing that I can say to everyone-other than they can stink you out of the house with thier gas- is that they are the happiest dogs I've ever been in contact with. Daisy, our boxer, thinks she is a person and expects to be treated like one. I also want to add that white boxers are just as beautiful as the brindle and fawn. Daisy's sisters and mother are white and Chloe(sis) is beautiful. Very good friends of ours have her. Keep up the great work. There need to be more people in the world like all of you.
Angela Allison <daisy-chuckie@access995.com>
Slippery Rock, PA USA - 03/28/03 17:06:47
Matthew Hall <pablomills@hotmail.com>
Derby, UK - 03/28/03 04:24:40
We have recently welcomed "CHATO" a white male boxer puppy into our family. Our kids and us are totally in love with this beautiful handsome-smart puppy. Is there anything in particular that we should be aware or be monitoring as he grows up? Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Muchas Gracias, Adios!
Manny and Victoria <mrodrguez@nc.rr.com>
Fort Bragg, North Carolina USA - 03/26/03 21:22:38
Sarah White <white523@msn.com>
Leavenworth, KS USA - 03/26/03 17:52:35
I'm interested in adopting a Standard Poodle for my daughter's birthday. My son has asthma, and the research I've done leads to to this pet. Meghan, has a Wired haired fox terrier and thoroughbred horse named Moon; but desperatly wants another animal for her birthday. Meghan is howerver, opposed to purchasing a new puppy; because she know's there's a dog out there needing a good home, with a loving owner.
Kathy Coleman <lckc.mcmc@verizon.net>
Murrieta, Ca. USA - 03/23/03 21:27:59
Hi there, just man to say "hello". You bulit a great site - keep it up. kaufen verkaufen Many greetings
ferien 2003 <andrea@lastminute-reisen2000.de>
USA - 03/21/03 08:42:13
I am very interested in adopting jack russell terrier puppie, i live in Atlanta Ga, my phone number 770 507 7291. Thanks Claudia Ragsdale
Claudia Ragsdale <claudiaragsdale@hotmail.com>
Stockbridge, GA USA - 03/20/03 20:38:25
I recently had a white boxer wander into my life. Homeless with heartworms,skin problems and apparently not spayed, I fell completely in love with this dog. I was so excited that I found a dog that I would love to breed more of, only to find out through research that white boxers are considered throw aways. I couldn't believe it. In my opinion they are by far prettier than the "standard". What is wrong with these people and what can we do to change it - form our own club?
sandy ayers <camelotk@aol.com>
atlanta, ga USA - 03/18/03 21:15:22
My husband and I have an 11.5 yr old white boxer named Bianca.She is the love of our lives.She is WARM,GENTLE,FUN LOVING and one of the best dogs we have had so far. I am very grateful to my neighbors who are breeders and does not believe in distroying white boxers.It will be a very sad day when our Bianca passes on.
Marylou Florio <mcf1153@aol.com>
S.Easton, Ma USA - 03/18/03 17:44:58
my white female is currently pregnant to a red male and the people who i know friends and family alike who would love a pup when there ready is astounding anyway fantastic web site white boxers rule
shayne true <charles.pitts1@ntlworld.com>
grimsby, uk england - 03/18/03 10:03:20
we have had buster for five years now he is our best friend.
ray and kathy barbour <reb43man@aol.com>
USA - 03/16/03 15:34:46
Super wieviele weie Boxer bei euch sind! http://web.utanet.at/rosenbox komm doch einmal zu mir! Herzliche Gre Heinz a. Wien
Heinz Rosenberger <heinz.rosenberger>
Vienna, Austria - 03/16/03 12:36:08
We have a 11 year old white boxer! They are by far the greatest dogs. When we first got him, 11 years ago, the breeder was going to kill him because he was white and couldn't be shown. He had ended up eating RAT POISON at her "Kennel", She said she didn't know he had (sure yeah, right), so the first week that we had him he was in the hospital. Our $150 puppy ended up running up $1000 in blood transfusions and surgery. He is fine now and the sweetest dog. He has a small Lhasa Apso as a friend.
USA - 03/15/03 14:55:03
We have a white boxer that is 6 months old. No matter how hard I look for information or pictures of white boxers I can never find them. It is wonderful to see such a wonderful site devoted to white boxers. We love our Otis dearly and are glad to see that others love theirs just as much!
Heather Smith <dolfinlvr101@yahoo.com>
Emporia, KS USA - 03/12/03 11:40:29
I have two boxers of my own one named Dallas(m) and his daughter Dollar. They have been a true blessing in my life.And would not trade them for anything in the world. I make me proud, to see such a beautiful website esp. for these wonderful dogs.
Shauna Allen <dallasdollar1@yahoo.com.>
wilson, nc USA - 03/09/03 22:25:31
I have two boxers of my own one named Dallas(m) and his daughter Dollar. They have been a true blessing in my life.And would not trade them for anything in the world. I make me proud, to see such a beautiful website esp. for these wonderful dogs.
Shauna Allen <dallasdollar1>
wilson, nc USA - 03/09/03 22:24:43
Kali Monday will be my second white boxer and as the days goes by I fall in love more with them.
rose mendez <weare3rs@comcast.net>
woodbridge, va USA - 03/07/03 15:09:25
Today, 3/6/03, in spite of a snowstorm in our area, we are heading to Virginia to pick up a beautiful 8 week old, white Boxer girl. She is to be a companion for our handsome, natural eared, plain brindle, 15 month old Boxer boy, Indy. Both were bred and whelped by Minstrel Boxers in Virginia. We have named her Avalanche. She will be called Ava. Her black nose is the only thing that is not white on her exterior. Have enjoyed the site, and will upload some pics when there is room available. Tom
Tom Liggin <ligginm@aol.com>
Westport, MA USA - 03/06/03 13:34:43
We have a white boxer with blue eyes, his name is Kasper and we love him like one of our own kids. Kasper is the greatest dog!!! Hopefully we will have a friend for Kasper to play with soon.
Pam <matheny69@hotmail.com>
Mitchell, In USA - 03/03/03 20:42:24
MARPLE, ENGLAND - 03/03/03 09:08:06
MARPLE, ENGLAND - 03/03/03 09:08:05
My wife and I have had 5 white boxer and now have a fawn one the we rescued form boxer rescue in San Diego. I am hopping to get a white puppy soon. THEY ARE THE MOST WONDERFUL DOGS IN THE WORLD. DUMB/SMART AT THE SAME TIME.
Joel Homan <joelhoman@cox.net>
San Diego, CA USA - 03/01/03 17:42:40
I bought a white boxer, Bit, in 2001 and had so many people tell me that white boxers are "not good". Everyone meant something a little different than the last. I've noticed as time goes by that more and more people are loving white boxers as much as the other colors. Nice to see that a website like this exists.
Michelle Avery <michellekavery@yahoo.com>
Denham Springs,, LA USA - 02/24/03 13:25:14
We rescued our White Boxer in the fall of 2000, when he was only 6 weeks old. He is the BEST PUPPY EVER!!!!!!!!! He's made us loyal to the breed!!!!
Michele <beautiful_living@yahoo.com>
Milford, CT USA - 02/21/03 12:01:27
I have two Boxers,one is Fawn and the other is Brindle.They are the Best Friends I have ever had! You have a neat site! Thanks!....Elly
Elly Humes <chatta012000@yahoo.com>
Donnellson, Iowa USA - 02/18/03 09:08:25
I have a white 11 month old boxer.He is the joy in my life.
cheyenne <rat313@hotmail.com>
salem, ohio USA - 02/17/03 17:19:30
What a wonderful site. My husband and I just adopted a 11 month old albino Boxer from our local Animal Search and Rescue. He is pure white with one black ear and pink eyes. His name is Snoopy and he is the sweetest dog ever. He was caged by his original owners 90% of the day since they got him so he needs a lot of love and attention which is fine with us! He has an allergy to plastic and requires sunscreen if he is going to be out in the hot sun for a while, but other than that he is in perfect health and well behaved. The cutest thing is when he gets excited his tummy turns red!!
Amanda Gagliardo <alf1175@hotmail.com>
Caledonia, ON Canada - 02/17/03 09:37:06
I just wanted to tell you how extremely grateful i am for this site! it is the first and only i have found of this kind.we own a white boxer, our first, and she is the greatest dog. especially with our 2yr old boy and 9 month old girl. i am so proud to have her in the family! Thank you so much, again!!
Shannon <liszk24@aol.com>
WV USA - 02/16/03 17:56:58
hey, what a great site this is. it really gives the white boxer the justice their do. I have grown up with boxers (my first being a white female; "greta holly") Boxers have been in my families lives since my mother was a small child. They are truly exceptional dogs. When I moved into my own house, it was time for me to get my own boxer and I adopted "Zoe" a white boxer from florida boxer rescue. She is absolutely the best dog I have ever had. Boxers will always be in my life. There is nothing better than the lovin' from a boxer girl. Thanks.
tara <tdogyaya@yahoo.com>
alt spgs, fl USA - 02/14/03 14:40:43
What a great site. I didn't know there were so many white boxer lovers out there. I too own a white boxer named Siva. He's the best! He's got one blue and one brown eye with only a spot of brown on his right ear. Really adorable. Thanks, maybe I will put up a picture. Matt
Matt Strong <sdvfrogman@hotmail.com>
Honolulu, Hi USA - 02/14/03 01:45:45
This site moved my soul. Thank you Samantha Williams
Samantha Williams <willsamantha4@yahoo.com>
USA, none USA - 02/11/03 17:27:42
on Jan 31, 03 my husband bought me a white/fawn checked boxer which I named **DIESEL** (our first one ever) he is 9 weeks old today 2-10-03 and loving his new family which is full of kids (3 boys and 2 girls) and a 13 month old fawn male pug Lazer!! I would like to post pics of Diesel/Lazer if any one is interested....I think the white boxers are **Unique** they have that face you just cant refuse... :) lovely site btw :) :)
Wy <darkvanilla4u@hotmail.com>
altus afb, ok USA - 02/10/03 13:55:29
We like to add our photos of our fawn boxer and our white boxer. Please let us know how to do this.
tammy` <tammymm2@juno.com>
St Anthony, ID USA - 02/09/03 18:23:20
My partner and I bought a gorgeous white female Boxer yesterday. We already have a 5 month old Brindle boy, but have always wanted a white one. We saw the ad in the paper and just couldnt resist. She is only three weeks old, so we dont get to bring her home until she is older. I cant wait. I would like to congratulate you on this site and I plan on adding to it very soon. Please let me know how to do this.
Erin Fogarty <ez_fog@hotmail.com>
Canberra, ACT Australia - 02/08/03 19:16:38
i have the cutest looking boxer i have ever seen please send me details how to send a photo oh i love your site
Davie Paterson <daviepaterson@msn.com>
Hawick, Scotland - 02/08/03 14:56:56
Well what to say? Until June of 2002 I had no idea what Boxers were all about. In June my daughters fiance and his family gave my daughter a beautiful fawn male. He was their family dog "Gunner's" son. Well, "Slyder" came to live with us and he is the most precious of dogs, well behaved, loving and gentle. So....when "Gunner" was a daddy again in Jan of 2003 (I didn't want to be left without a Boxer when my daughter leaves and takes "Slyder" with her)I now have a beautiful White of my own. He is all white except for a beautiful fawn patch over his right eye, we call him "Phantom" as the patch matches that shape. He is such a joy and loves being with his big brother "Slyder". They are so much fun!!! Thank you for this site. Boxers rule!!
Jenni <jcadidas21@msn.com>
Marshall, MI USA - 02/05/03 10:45:19
We love our new "baby" Zoe. Zoe was born on Christmas Day 2002 (our 2nd anniversary) we have had her since she was 17 days old. She's already spoiled rotten!
Rodney & Sarah Miller <sarahandrodneymiller@alltel.net>
Fordyce, AR USA - 02/04/03 21:57:21
We have had two boxers. One grew up with my youngest daughter, Melanie. They were as close as they could be. He, Dutch, was a very strong male fawm with a black face, died of cancer at 11 years old. He was very protective but a gentle as could be with the family. What a character! My daughter wanted another boxer but I really didn't want another big dog, after a year gave in a got a female brindle, Princess, and it was love at first sight for Melanie and Princess. She was a wonderful loving, funny dog. She and my Grandson Brian grew up together, he loved her very much and she loved him. She was always so excited when the grandchildren would come. We weren't sure if it was because she loved playing with them or because she loved cleaning out their van of all crumbs. She passed at 11 years old of cancer. We missed her and my Chelsea, a schnauzer, who both died the same week in March of 2002. Now all my children are grown and moved out. No more dogs for us, my husband and I said. We now have a Jack Russel, Gussy, who is a bundle of energy and lots of fun, but then again he is not a boxer. This Friday we go pick up our boxer puppy named Lucy. Can live without a boxer. Can't wait to see my grandson face. She is a brindle with black face, kind of a Princess, Dutch mix. Once you have a boxer I guess you will always have a boxer. Question is there any work being done to prevent Boxer cancer???
Cate Snyder <c_snyder@lnwm.miu4.k12.pa.us>
New Castle, PA USA - 02/03/03 09:24:59
Iam the proud mom of tko she is 6 years young and my white baby girl.Her adoptive mom Boxie passed away on July 11,2002due to cancer she was 11 yrs old,we both miss her alot.But her spirit is around us always, We also have tko's Grandad he is 13yrs and tko keeps him going.She also has an uncle that is 9 yrs and a 150 mile hour boy.ALL BOXERS ARE THE BEST.
Yolonda Cowan <tkosmom@hotmail.com>
durango, co USA - 01/29/03 21:34:49
Iam the proud mom of tko she is 6 years young and my white baby girl.Her adoptive mom Boxie passed away on July 11,2002due to cancer she was 11 yrs old,we both miss her alot.But her spirit is around us always.
Yolonda Cowan <tkosmom@hotmail.com>
durango, co USA - 01/29/03 21:28:44
I had a white boxer that I lost to heart failure Christmas 2002. It seemed appropriate since I got him Christmas 11 years before. Tyson was our family pet who loved us. We could not go into a room without him following behind. I still look around thinking not to trip on him. I would wrap him in his blanket and pillow every night. We all miss him dearly. He was the unwanted dog of an AKC champion line and turned out to be the best ambassador of the Boxer breed. My family and friends would ask about him and always say how good a dog he was. A few people adopted boxers because of him. May he rest in peace.
Mark <mark.brady@attbi.com>
Pittsburgh, Pa USA - 01/27/03 23:35:12
I am the proud owner of a 6 month old female white boxer named Midori. She has the cutest flash of brown over her left eye with a brown spot under her cropped tail. She has muted spots on her back, and lots of freckles on her belly. Midori has the darkest most expressive eyes I have ever seen in a dog. Midori was the first born in her litter to Type 1 fawn parents, her 7 siblings are also type 1 fawn. We wanted a fawn boxer, but my husband fell for Midori, and we took her home. I think she is very pretty, and everyone comments on her "Petey", "RCA Dog" markings. She is not deaf, but as a pup she exhibits selective hearing :-). We adopted a 6 month old fawn male from Norcal Boxer Rescue (his name is Maui) and we could not be happier with our boxer puppies. I appreciate your site, and I am disgusted by the fact that the white boxer is not given the same status within the breed as a fawn or brendle. I hope sites like this will change the attitudes of the AKC and pet owners alike.
Aimee <wuillayplumbing@earthlink.net>
Roseville , CA USA - 01/27/03 18:04:14
I'm so happy to finally find fellow white boxer lovers!! I own a 1 1/2 year old white boxer named casper. He is completly white except for one brown ear and a few very light spots across his back. He's my baby. I've always been a dog lover, but I've never felt such affection in return as I do with Casper. I enjoyed viewing your pictures and am looking forward to hopefully sending you some of my own.
JESSIE <jezluv420@yahoo.com>
Greencastle, Pa USA - 01/21/03 14:43:01
we have a white boxer he is deaf, he is a wonderful loving dog that requires alot of human contact. our older boxer is 12 and is a fawn female. They love each other so much. our white boxer is a year old and has been a handful but was all worth it. we know our older boxer won't be around to much longer so are looking to get another one.
JACKSON, wy USA - 01/19/03 18:05:39
I just became the proud owner of a Solid white boxer with the exception of one eraser sized black spot in the center of his back. I am just curious as to if I can register him with the AKC, just to have papers on him and also if you have any more pictures of a White Boxer with cropped ears. Any photos you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Tommy Lopez <silverstang2@netzero.net or kwikgts@yahoo.com>
Montevallo , Al USA - 01/17/03 17:59:02
My family have our white boxer 1 year now. He is the most loving, caring, sensitive creature in the world. He's wild and cheeky when he wants to be(some say he was perfectly matched to me!). His sense of human emotion is unreal, and if i'm ever sad or angry he's the first to brighten me up & make me smile ! Finding your website made my day !!!! Thank you very much. Sue & Snoop xxx
Susan Hogan <susan_hogan@oceanfree.net>
Swords, Co.Dublin, Ireland - 01/16/03 10:51:47
Love all boxers and would love to adopt a white one can any one help me PLEASE SOMEONE.I just want a pet have lots of love to give but am finding it hard to find a pet without all the politics. Sincerely Shelley
Shelley Arola <hashcobr@telus.net>
Sparwood, BC Canada - 01/15/03 13:35:17
I have loved boxers forever and currently have three. I have yet to get my favorite a white boxer. Boxer are such a breathe of fresh air. They are never mad and always friendly.
Amy Boquist <amyboq@prodigy.net>
Gainesville, GA USA - 01/12/03 09:09:41
Great website. We have a 3 year old white male Boxer. He's great but suffer's from 'demodectic mange'. He apparently caught this skin condition from his mother. We haven't had alot of success with topical skin medications and would be interested in any little bits of advice that anyone has. This condition drives him crazy sometimes. Apart from the skin condition he has all the usual Boxer traits and is very lovable.He is a great dog! Sam and Shane. ssbj@optusnet.com.au
Shane and Sam <ssbj@optusnet.com.au>
Geelong, Vic Australia - 01/12/03 04:45:10
I was delighted to find a web page such as yours dedicated to white boxers. My fiance gave me a boxer for X-mas and to my surprise he was all white. I had a boxer some years ago and was not familiar with the white breed. I was actually a little concerned because although he is registered with AKC, that this may be some sort of inbreeding or not up to the boxer standard and may have some physical or mental "handicaps". But after a little research along with your web site it seems they are as normal as can be expected except for the white coat. Can't wait for a long lasting addition to our family. Thanks again.
Bryan Favaron <bfavaron@midsouth.rr.com>
Memphis, TN USA - 01/09/03 16:19:01
what a delight to find your sight..its wonderful..within 10 minutes i had my husband and 13 yr old daughter sitting next to me looking at all the wonderful pictures, and reading the families stories..we too adopted a white boxer ..hes 11 mos old now we got him when he was 5 weeks old. i just cant imagine our household without him in it. thank you for the sight..for the info. and most of all for the stories about other families who have adopted the wonderful dogs.
tammy <th3452@midohio.net>
west mansfield, ohio usa - 01/06/03 16:59:58
What a delight, finding your "White Page". We have owned a white boxer named "Boom-Boom" for about 13 years now. He was rescued running down the middle of a very busy highway with a rope around his neck. We couldn't have asked for a better pet, he has been wonderful. He was the best in dealing with my grand-daughter as an infant. Your page is wonderful, I had no idea that White boxers were so common.His hearing is almost completely gone now, but was fine for years. I asked his vet some years ago when he was going to quit acting like a puppy. He told me when his arthritis gets bad. He is about 14 now and still romps around the back yard and loves to play tug-of-war with his recently aquired companion. His vet did a blood test about a year ago and said he was going to live to be a ripe old age. lol Thanks for your wonderful site. Darlene
Darlene O'Ruairc <irishagain10@hotmail.com>
Clawson, MI USA - 01/06/03 10:26:34
I think your site is great. I have two white boxer pups, Sugar and Baby they are the greatest.
Michelle <musho36@aol.com>
Bayport , NY USA - 01/05/03 18:12:27
Hello Everyone,My wonderful white boy is no longer physically with me but he remains my heartbeat. His name was Reward's Watch my Smoke. In 1989, he was the #10 Boxer in Obedience, Delaney Systems. I could never have asked for a more loyal or devoted companion.
Pam Green <sardog@peoplepc.com>
Boise, ID USA - 01/04/03 14:28:38
Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. I think boxers are the best. I have two great white ones.
Greg Holder <g-holder@cox.net>
Oklahoma City, OK USA - 01/04/03 14:20:04
Hello Kathy, I have some major concerns with my boxer that I was hoping you could help me with. I hae tried to e-mail you on 2 occassions and my e-mails have been rejected. Do you have another address besides ldywind@clark.net i can be reached at PurpleGirl3d@aol.com
Shawna <PurpleGirl3d@aol.com>
USA - 01/03/03 04:38:38
Hello Kathy, I have some major concerns with my boxer that I was hoping you could help me with. I hae tried to e-mail you on 2 occassions and my e-mails have been rejected. Do you have another address besides ldywind@clark.net i can be reached at PurpleGirl3d@aol.com
Shawna <PurpleGirl3d@aol.com>
USA - 01/03/03 04:38:11
I have never seen such beautiful Boxers in my life. I have a brindle female. I love the white! Just slendid! Can these Boxers be registered? Can they be shown? I have never seen one before advertized. If they could be they would walk away with first place! I love them!
Grace Long <songwriter@tecinfo.com>
Greenwood, Ms USA - 12/31/02 03:48:12
i think your site is wounderful the dogs are all so cute and loverable. i am just about to get a white boxer and will be the first boxer i have ever had if u have any info to offer me i will be very greatful for your help
gareth williams <ROONEY_18@MSN.COM>
liverpool, england - 12/30/02 18:11:11
my daughter's white boxer, daisy, is the sweetest dog i've ever known! my friend got her from the humane society cause they were going to put her down. w're so glad we have her. don't know what we'd do if we lost her. if we have anything to say, she'll be with us forever!
beverly locke <pennegwen@hotmail.com>
winona, mn USA - 12/28/02 02:06:24
I have a Handsome 2 year old solid white boxer that is the love of my life. Phester weighed in yeaterday at the vet at 85lbs. I rescued him from a breeder who was going to kill him because of his color!!!! When I got him at 8wks old he had not had any of his shots and was so frail that I was scared to hold him. When I took him to the vet the next day I found out he had Parvo. We survived that!!!!!! Phester is full of life and energy. We do have a few minor skin problems and the tips of his ears bleed some (from allergies), but he hears wonderfully.I would not trade him in for the world...I have two other boxers both fawn(Whoopie T and Wee Willy Wanker)_and I have a 185lb Great Pryenees(Thor). That's 3 males and 1 female. They all get along grand. Boxers Rule....
jamie <bxrlvr2002@yahoo.com>
west monroe, LA USA - 12/27/02 15:05:03
This is one of my favorite websites and also my favorite thing is the world to talk about, my d(og)aughter Poppie who is a 1 1/2 year old white boxer, she is deaf. Thanks
Jenni Pritchett <jenni77@bellsouth.net>
Barnesville, GA USA - 12/21/02 12:08:31
tomorrow I'm getting my first white Boxer puppy,bit worried at first about health but now I cannot wait,I have a A1 breeder who I've got a beautiful bindle boy off & am now I'm entering the world of white boxers & I cannot wait!!!
Bethany Coppen <coppen@o2.co.uk>
durham, UK - 12/13/02 05:21:08
Hey! Im sittin here at my school looking at all the cute dogs on your page! Every one here agrees with me that there just adorable!~
Alisha <HippieLicious16@aol.com>
Roanoke, Va USA - 12/12/02 09:25:32
Hello all. It's nice to see a web site dedicated to the White Boxers. I myself have a lovely white boxer that we got in England. Her name is CJ (CrackerJack). She is completely white with black around her face and that is it. Thanks for the website!!
Heather Breitkreutz <bkfamily@sbcglobal.net>
Wichita, KS USA - 12/11/02 20:41:10
For the love of the boxer! I have 3 . We breed our Daisy (fawn) this summer and had 10 wonderful puppies! Three of which were White.(needless to say I kept one !)"Duke" is a 6 month baby . Daisy:Doby(his reverse brindle brother) and Duke are the most wonderful Babies! I am soo happy that you have this site to visit and learn from..
Sheryl Sauceman <dobyduke@aol.com>
chattanooga, tn USA - 12/11/02 13:07:47
Think your site is very cool.We have a white boxer her name is Wine not like the the drink!LOL she got the name because when she was a baby she was the first one in the litter to get up in the moning and would wine wine so loud she would wake the house.We allso have 3 males they are fawn Pugsley,Chazarand Matisin. We had wines mom but she past 2 year ago she was fanw aswell pugs is her dad.We've had 5 whites from our stock and all can hear even the one with the blue eye
Scott&Connie <stretch10142000@yahoo>
marion, nc USA - 12/07/02 08:07:05
I Have 1 white boxer.His name is Chance. I would like to know how to get pictures of him on this web site.
Taylor <taylorscott90@hotmail.com>
N/A, B.C Canada - 12/02/02 23:13:29
Luckily, we knew nothing about White Boxers when we addopted Joe. She was just 10 weeks old. She's now 1 year and the best dog we could have ever hoped for. The myths we hear about are all garbage. We want another one! White Only Please!
Amber and Robert <atlgarrison@msn.com>
Chantilly , VA USA - 12/02/02 14:13:35
I just adopted a beautiful white boxer and was suprised to find the controversy on the color. I love the site and the myths it corrects. I look forward to reading more!
Kathy <hoylefan@aol.com>
Tx USA - 11/26/02 00:04:38
My white boxer Elvis is the sweetest dog on earth. He has dark pigmentation under his white coat that becomes very prominent once wet. He looks like a dalmation when wet with all those spots. He is healthy like a bull and majestic like a lion. I love my Elvis!!
Raphael <raphaellive@yahoo.com>
toronto, ont canada - 11/24/02 17:42:05
betty is 18 months and very sociable so we have a problem with her following other dogs who dont feel the same way .she wont come back when called, any tips other than she'll grow out of it would be most welcome.
bernie hallis <paul.hallis1@ntlworld.com>
Reading, uk - 11/23/02 09:57:49
love the site our little angel is called betty at the moment shes half pink from eating a salmon flavoured pigs ear
bernie hallis <paul.hallis@ntlworld.com>
Reading, uk - 11/23/02 09:43:04
great page
alexandria, mn USA - 11/22/02 13:31:55
I love this website! Everytime my husband or I walk our white boxer, we are either told he is a pitbull, or he is blind or deaf. Of course there are those people who stop to say he is beautiful, because he really is. He looks just like bruno, only mac is smaller.(75 lbs) He is great with kids, he is super obedient. He lives with my husband and I and a toy pomeranian named bogey and they love each other. They can not be seperated. Every night before bed, little bogey clean Mac's face. Mac hugs everyone who comes over and he is just the love of my life. Thank you for this wonderful website
EAST ROCKAWAY, NY USA - 11/22/02 12:47:15
Last year i purchased a Boxer for my boyfriend, i really didn't know much about them, other than they are good with kids and very energetic dogs. I am really happy with the turn out of our first Boxer he is a Brindle and his name is Tyson he is a great Boxer. Well recently my boyfriend bought me an all white Boxer her name is Iysis. I love her to death she is just a really fun loving dog and i can't seem to be without her she is fun to be around and she is very smart. I can't believe how much of a fast learner she is. I know that some vet's say that all white Boxers come with complications, but thank god she has none so far she is very healthy and loves to play and be around people. My advice to people that have a doubt about Boxers even all white boxers i say they are very much worth it.
Lorraine Trana <reyes.sergio@sbcglobal.net>
Alhambra, CA USA - 11/19/02 19:33:19
My boyfriend and I were interested in getting a boxer for quite some time. About a year and a half ago we saw an add in the paper for boxer pups from a local breeder, so we gave them a call and they said they only had one puppy left. A white one. I had never seen a white boxer before, but as soon as we met him it was love at first sight. We brought him home with us that day and named him Chase. Chase weighs about 80 lbs now and is almost two years old, but he is such a baby. He is my constant companion, especially when I'm home alone. And he is great with my five year old daughter. I can't imagine how lonely our house would be without him.
Jennifer Bixler <jbixler@glatfelter.com>
Hanover, PA USA - 11/18/02 14:04:44
Hi; We have a beautiful white Boxer pup. Sugar is the sweetest pup ever.We bought her from Elain M. at Elytes Boxers in New Britain Ct. She has brought so much joy into our lives that it's almost a miracle! I feel truelly blessed. Carl Jordan, Hamden, Ct.
Carl & Sue Jordan <cjfinbar@aol.com>
Hamden, Ct USA - 11/11/02 16:09:10
, ( ) .
eyal <eyalimor@hotmail.co.il>
haifa, israel - 11/11/02 15:33:21
We own two boxers a 3 year old flashy fawn Named Daisy and a 6 month old white boxer named Bruno. They are both great we purchased Daisy from a breeder and we got Bruno from a boxer rescue in Oklahoma City. I have always owned boxers they are a great breed I would recommend this breed to anyone that has children and live an active life.
valeria barrett <valeirabarrett@hotmail.com>
Moore, OK USA - 11/01/02 14:39:06
I recently purchased a white boxer from a pet store without knowing what I was getting myself into and I payed dearly for it. When I bought Buster, my boxer, he was exactly 8 weeks old. What I didn't know was the problems he was having when I bought him. He was malnourished, under 5 and a half pounds, had pnemonia, and a horrible case of kennel cough. In my opinion it was more of a resue then anything. But after seeing the vet about once a week for his first 2 months that I had him, I am happy to say he is a healthy and happy puppy. I have lots of pictures if you would like to post on your site.
Mark <myocum2002@yahoo.com>
Baltimore, Md USA - 10/31/02 21:18:16
I have had boxers for the last 22 years the first, Ziggy, for a birthday present, then we kept her daughter, Cinders, to keep her company, when Ziggy died of cancer age 5 we got a boxer, Toby, from the local pet rescue. Cinders died age 10, and we got Taz our white boxer, with a long tail from rescue, she is the boss, and has very accute hearing, when Toby died age 10 we got in touch with boxer rescue again and took on two brothers, Thyme and Chuck. All three are now about 8 and 1/2 years old. Taz had a stroke about 3 months ago, but is recovering well, just a bit lop sided and her night vision is not to good, she is on a junior asprin a day. She is the gaurd dog in the family the other two are the softies she keeps them in their place. Her skin is covered in dark pigment and when she is wet she looks realy dark.
Carolyn Littlejohn <carolyn@vardre.fsnet.co.uk>
Wales U.K. - 10/31/02 15:27:18
I have a beautiful (almost) 2 year old boxer named Petey. He is a rescue from River City Boxer Rescue. He is the most beautiful boy in the world! He is sweet and gentle and just wants hugs and love. I couldn't imagine my life without both of my babies!
Noemi Divas <ndivas@satx.rr.com>
San Antonio, TX USA - 10/30/02 13:32:47
We have a white boxer, Heidi who is six and half she was diagnosed with mastcell tumors this past May and is currently not doing very well. Wanted to seek for anything on white boxers. Do not know when but thinking in the future of maybe getting another white boxer.
Donna <DMahaffey@Technip-Coflexip.com>
Pearland, TX USA - 10/28/02 10:52:30
We ahve a whit boxer, Heidi who is six and half she was diagnosed with mastcell tumors this past May and is currently not doing very well. Wanted to seek for anything on white boxers. Do not know when but thinking in the future of maybe getting another white boxer.
Donna <DMahaffey@Technip-Coflexip.com>
Pearland, TX USA - 10/28/02 10:51:32
i have enjoyed visiting the white pages. 2 weeks ago i adopted t2 twelve week old white boxer babies. i traveled all the way to lousiana to get them. they are both deaf and i am already learnoing signing to communicate with them. they are litter mates both boys. both dogs are so loving and sweet. i look forward to having them for a long time i have 3 other boxers but these white babies are so very special. i hope grady and smokey live long and happy lives. i was shocked to hear that most whites are culled at birth by breeders. i hope that more a given a chance to live happy lives. thanks allen leland.
allen leland <allenleland@hotmail.com>
Avon Park , Fl USA - 10/26/02 20:45:43
My boyfriend recently got me a puppy for my birthday. When we went to pick one out, I fell in love with a white (with a brindle eye patch) little girl. She is great. Her name is Jazz. I would definately get another. She is so good natured. Especially with our three daughters.
Kristi <froggirl@metrocast.net>
Rochester, NH USA - 10/26/02 14:16:47
i just got my little boxer a week ago and was doing a search to see if anyone else had a beauty like me:) his name is Stinky and he is a joy already:) i enjoyed looking around your white pages---meleia farris
meleia farris <meleiafarris@hotmail.com>
stoneville, NC USA - 10/23/02 14:38:05
My husband and ,I have two they are brown and white boy,girl we love both.My daughter her husband has a girl that is all white
Barbara <johnbarb23@hotmail.com>
West Liberty, KY USA - 10/18/02 22:52:46
I have 2 very special white girls and I can not say how much they mean to me. I had to give them up do to illness and found a home through here. I have just recently gotten them back,do to the vigelence of thier late owners mom. They have helped my through great times of depression and even though Abbigail is Deaf it does not change how much she means to me or how smart she is. I could not ever go through what I did when I had to give them up the first time and hope I never will again. I owe them my health and sanity.
Reva Monk <underwaterfriends@hotmail.com>
Seattle, WA USA - 10/17/02 19:23:48
I have always loved boxers. Last summer my husband and I had two boxers and a boxer mix (Duke, Hayley, and Daisy). Daisy (the Mix) Come from a white boxer female that me mother owned. Daisy was the greatest dog I have ever had. Due to unforseen circumstances we lost all of our dogs. Losing Daisy hit my husband the hardest, He said that he would never own another dog. Then about 5 weeks ago my mother called and told me that her Boxer had had a single puppy. A white boxer pup. Last week my sister came for a visit and brought the puppy with her. With the permission of my husband we got to keep the puppy. She is a wonderful little puppy I love her dearly. She is beautiful. My husband hasn't quite warmed up to her yet but I believe that he will. Yesterday I found him taking a nap on the couch with her under his arm. I know she will never replace our other dogs, but how can anyone resist those cute litte faces. I love my white boxer, she is great. The children and I finally picked out a name that seems to suit her well. We named her Chloe.
Angela Miller <blueyedbabe0802@aol.com>
Mesick , Mi USA - 10/17/02 09:37:23
Our 6 yr old just received our first family dog for her b-day from her Pop-Pops! He was the only white boxer of the adorable and beautiful litter and she chose him because he was different from the rest and she wanted him to feel special. I think that WE are the ones that feel special to have him in our lives and we are so truly blessed to have him join our family. We are already making plans to acquire another boxer to add to our family and we have only had Bentley for a DAY! Thank you for such an informative website and for the flag you're carrying for the white boxer. It's a shame that there is prejudice in color in even the dog world. Thank you for your dedication to make a difference for such a beautiful part of the breed.
Kristi <kbrown@werner.com>
Ft. Worth, TX USA - 10/14/02 16:36:49
My beautiful red and white boxer had a litter of 11 puppies 5 of which were white. One died at birth 4 others survived and were all healthy. we kept our favourite one called Dolly and found homes for the others. We are so glad we kept her as her mother died four months after with a spinal complaint that we were unable to do anything about. We were devastated at our loss as she was are second boxer and she was only 3 years old. Our first was a brindle that died of old age. dolly is my best friend and no differant in nature than my others im so glad we chose to keep her i wish i had kept in contact with the others as they were very similar in looks. keep up the good work.
Donna and Craig Windon <molly1@dodo.com.au>
goldcoast, qld Australia - 10/14/02 06:37:21
Thank you so much for making this site! We recently had a beautiful white boxer pup dropped off near our home (we live in the country, a favorite place for heartless people to drop their unwanted pets ~ we see at least a few dogs a year, sadly). We were not sure what to make of her, not realizing white boxer's existed. We were told she was a rare albino and would be very sickly. She's SO sweet tho! We hated to think of her in a shelter, but were worried about her supposed health concerns due to already having a large family, including two pets to care for. So thank you for dispelling the rumors and myths!! Now we just need to name her! :o)
Laura <photographxgrl@yahoo.com>
Champaign, IL USA - 10/12/02 19:14:10
Hi my name is Jennifer Godsey and I have a 3 month old white boxer named Patch. I got Patch when she was 6 weeks old and I haven't been a way from her for one day! Patch has had some unfortunate luck, and she got very sick, but she is doing really good now. She is my favorite thing in the whole world, and I love the white pages so that I can see that other people feel just as strongly about their dogs as I do!And I love looking at all the cute pictures!!!
Jennifer Godsey <jennim5@yahoo.com>
Lebanon, TN USA - 10/09/02 14:53:55
We just adopted a white boxer pup yesterday. He is very gentle and about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I am very interested in learning more about his type, and am glad you have established this site. Thanks!
Des Moines, IA USA - 10/08/02 13:56:48
We just adopted a white boxer pup yesterday. He is very gentle and about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I am ver interested in learnin more about his type, and am glad you have established this site. Thanks!
Des Moines, IA USA - 10/08/02 13:56:19
Hi, I love your sight but would love to hear your tips on improving my white boxer Storms behaviour. She is now 2 1/2 and does not stop digging up our backyard. I am extremely affraid that my mother and step father will make me get rid of her as they can not have a nice backyard because of her. They have tried everything, fencing up our gardens, putting her poo in the holes, burrying water balloons everything, but nothing seems to work. It's not like she's bored. We have a male boxer Tyson, 4, who does not and never has been like Storm, to keep her company, our yard is filled with toys, and shes often inside having contact with people. I really need your help and suggestion, otherwise I fear my best friend and baby girl will be taken away from me. Please HELP HELP HELP and email me on enzy@westnet.com.au with any suggestions or useful tips, even sum stories of your boxer dog/s having this behaviour problem. Thanx
Jessica Stensholm <enzy@westnet.com.au>
Perth, WA Australia - 10/08/02 10:13:08
Hi I would just like to say thankyou to the people who have took the time to develop this site. I was a bit worried about getting a white boxer because off all the things you hear about them,that was until I read this site.I've now gone to view a few white boxers and I am glad to say that i've found the right one to become my other boxer Snickers brother. I pick him up at the end of the month and I can't wait,I will update in a couple of months to let you know how he is doing and what i've decided to call him.
Alan Richards <paddyrichards@hotmail.com>
Cambridge, England - 10/07/02 11:34:29
Boxers are new to our family. Daisy Mae seems perfectly healthy and according to all I've read, rather normal. I appreciate your site and will continue to try and find out more information concerning white boxers.
Kathy <mompopkids2@aol.com>
NC USA - 09/27/02 09:56:06
We and the two kids Meesha and Morgan own the best white boxer in the world her name is Maggie thanks for white pages .
Tracy & Dave <Tracytaxi@msn.com>
Blackpool, England - 09/26/02 17:45:10
I love your site!!! It's great that you are educating the public and showing off people' pets so everyone can enjoy them. I've had Yorma since he was 8 weeks old and he is the love of my life just a neck behind my wife!!! He sleeps between us every night and for a city dog, actually spends some time every single day running through the woods or on the jogging track in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Boxers are without a doubt the best dispositioned dogs I have ever come in contact with and thanks again for offering this site!
Mitchell Wexler <yormadog@yahoo.com>
Brooklyn, NY USA - 09/24/02 13:12:45
I have just been given a gorgeous white boxer pup along with lots of advice about all the problems I can expect from her 'freakish' infliction!! I immediately went looking for info on the colour 'problem', and I am so glad I looked in on your wonderful site!! I think you must be the Guardian Angel of white boxers!! Thank you for boosting my pride in my beautiful Blossom.
Rita Paul <ahjaypee@hotmail.com>
Dubbo, NSW Australia - 09/20/02 23:51:48
We own 3 boxers, one of which is China. Yes, she is white. She happens to be the smartest dog I think I have ever owned, however, she hasn't a clue that she is a dog. I'm sure she thinks she is a little girl. She is beautiful, energetic, sensitive and very loyal. Her favorite past-time is swimming. She swims laps, and dives for toys 3 feet underwater. Now that is rare for a boxer. She also likes to sunbath, which isn't so good for her. She loves to play fetch. Whats really amazing about her is that I can take her to work with me, and I'm a nurse. She stays at my side all day. I would love to see her on your web site. Kathi
Kathi Kindelspire <k-lkindelspire@cox.net>
Mesa, AZ USA - 09/17/02 23:36:38
I lost my dog on Easter of 2002 and decided after seeing my friends boxers that I would like one. Well of course I met a white boxer and fell head over heels in love. I wanted to wait till I was ready as I did not want a dog just to fill the void I felt when my baby passed. After almost 6 months I feel it is time to once again share the love. I am not a white boxer parent yet. I recently met someone that breeds flash boxers and apparently has whites in almost every litter. I inquired about white boxers and after somewhat depressing information he informed me that sometimes he has a white. If he has a white in the next litter I will get it that should be around Feb of next year. I am excited and when I get my baby I will post pictures.
Zenta Jones <zentajones@hotmail.com>
Tacoma, WA USA - 09/17/02 12:50:28
Hello ppl my mom just bought me a beatiful 3 month old dalmation his name is prince or principe. At first i was skeptical and didnt really understand why she bought him but then i got to know him.He is a very loving and loyal dog i have just gotten to him and already he is very attached to me.In the afternoon i read him dog stories and stories with lots of pictures so ghe can see and i can explain.When i go somewhere i leave on the radio and put his doggy toy next to him so he doesnt fell lonely.He is very smart and a great companion. I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.Next to my lil sis he's the best friend I have.This is a beautiful website and I hope it grows on.dogs are thye greatest most loyal pets in ther world.
Betsy <prbebe187@Aol.com>
steelton, pa USA - 09/17/02 11:34:18
Gooday, I have a white boxer, Boxxy, he's 108lbs,he simply loves skunks, unfortunately, the first time he got sprayed, i used the tomato juice and of course he was stained pink, then he really turned heads, anyway, thanks for this site, it's great, I'll be sending pictures and a bio for the gallery BJ
BJ Burelle <bernard.burelle@ccra.gc.ca>
Rockland, on Canada - 09/13/02 15:17:33
I'm a boxer lover!! I have two fawn boxer babies myself- Angus and Lucy. Thanks for this site dedicated to White Boxers!
Jaci <twocuteboxers@freehomepage.com>
Oh USA - 09/12/02 16:06:13
I love this website i have a white boxer called Pood and he loves chew up things and making a mess. He has a best friend Bustar he is a greyhound and the love playing restling togethere
millie <millie_munk123@hotmail.com>
geelong, vic Australia - 09/11/02 01:43:49
I have a white boxer named Jake! I got him from the pound and I love him. He is crazy about peanut butter.
Francine <FMADOLL2@aol.com>
Tampa, FL USA - 09/10/02 16:08:17
I just recently bought a white boxer.I am so in love with him .My sister has a fawn one and I feel in love with her. So i decided to get my own and white ones are beautiful his name is Slick Willy
Debby <TimberWolves911@msn.com>
Dover, Ar USA - 09/10/02 13:41:21
This is a great site. I have 2 Boxer's, one is dark brindle and the other is a fawn brindle. My female just passed away yesterday (9-5-02). I'm very crushed about my loss but still have one Beautiful Boxer to love. I cant wait to get another Boxer. I really want to get a white one they are very beautiful. You cant just have one Boxer, the more the merry. Thank you again for such a great site.
Jeff Maze <jeffmaze1008@cs.com>
Surprise, AZ USA - 09/06/02 15:05:36
This single page has given us more info on white boxers than what tons of people have told us in the 2 yrs we've been wanting a white boxer. Just wanting to let you know it is greatly appreciated.
Ana Marie & Jesse C <candelah85@hotmail.com>
Austin, TX USA - 09/04/02 14:22:18
This is a great site. We are owned by 3 Boxers. THEY OWN US and we love it. 1 White and 2 fawns I have to admit it the white one is my special girl. I look at the pictures on the gallery and so many are copies of pictures we have here. Chrissy 3 y.o. (white) has truly stoled my heart. I love my other babies too, but they don't seem to give back what the white does. I think this dog really loves me. She wants to be with me every minute and do everything I do. I read some of these stories and the tears flow. So far she is very healthy 70lbs. All I know is there's nothing wrong with the white boxer to justify putting them down. Any gatherings or meetings you have we would like to come to and bring our family of Boxers.
Don & Paulette Gwilym <pado@desoto.net>
Arcadia, Fl. USA - 08/27/02 15:56:13
We are lucky to have 2 'Arctic Boxers'! T-Bone & Buzz Z are brothers, different litters. They are nutered & awesome pets. Wherever we go people flock to them & I educate them about 'artcic boxers'. Their love has no end.
Gail & Lois Zillmer <glzillmer@msn.com>
Kent, WA USA - 08/26/02 21:09:40
Just wanted to say that the site is great. My wife and I have a 4 yr old brindle male, 2 yr old fawn male and are getting a white 10 wk old female pup in a couple of weeks.
Chris <CKLANDS@aol.com>
Attleboro, MA USA - 08/19/02 15:33:59
Hi everyone. We have a white boxer named Lacy, and she is the light of our life. She's all white and has brown over each eye and back one ear. She loves to play ball and must have one in her mouth at all times. I have enjoyed looking at everyones pictures of your white boxers. They are the best thing that has truly touched our lives.
Kendra Wigfield <gcwkw@pennswoods.net>
Clearfield, PA USA - 08/18/02 21:25:41
I have a three year old named Duke. He is the best dog I have ever owned. Very loyal and friendly and watches the house like a hawk. I would love to get another one if anyone knows where I could get one let me know. I would prefer to rescue one of course....I live in Wisconsin.
Lisa <lisad@chizektransport.com>
Green Bay, WI USA - 08/02/02 15:00:16
I have really enjoy reading the site. I have a 2yr white boxer Tessa, who live with her Mum Molly and dark brindle, when Molly was having pup we decided we would not keep any, then my husband said we would only keep a white bitch. Much to my surprise and joy she was the very first pup I delivered, and we had six more to following (not white), Molly still looks after her and she like her Mum are very much spoiled.
Elizabeth <elizabeth@hawkins6575.freeserve.co.uk>
Banbury, England - 07/30/02 14:28:54
hi ther I have a one year old white boxer with one blue eye as well as a 4 yr old bridle.Having just lost my 3 year old mastiff to cancer and not yet over that pain,how true is it that white boxers have a short life span? She picked me and there was no saying no, my thinking was even if I loose her at a young age like I lost little Henry I know she will have the best home for whtever length of time.I guess I am hoping to hear that the health issuses are a myth. Or is there some recommendation for a vitamin that helps their immune system to give them a better chance?Either way Abigail Grace is a blessing as is her big sister Geraldine Teresa. Thanx for listening, Kathy
Kathy Hack <stillntexas@yahoo.com>
Rosenberg, tx USA - 07/27/02 17:26:16
how can i send you a pic of are hunk of a dog
sy kiernan <jasileme@tinyworld.co.uk>
bristol, england - 07/22/02 10:31:00
Your sight is truly an inspiration to me! When Spuds, my last White Boxer passed away, I was able to find support through your sight. Now with our new White Boxer, Tater, I am able to get helpful tips. The site is very informative and I have enjoyed it for years!
Ashley <FERRIS7555@aol.com>
Maryville, TN USA - 07/21/02 11:32:23
Your site is great. Tango(my white boxer w/brown patch on right eye) would fit right in. Being a Christian myself, I enjoyed the Bible verses on the homepage. GOD BLESS YOU.
Eric Baxter <EBinETN>
Sevierville, TN USA - 07/20/02 16:17:15
I have a female boxer(tan&white) and also a male pitbull (tan&white) boxer is Gracy pit is Tonka. we think she is pregnant. The Two most spoiled dogs in the world.
ty <bowty73@hotmail.com>
augusta, me USA - 07/20/02 14:11:43
I have a female boxer(tan&white) and also a male pitbull (tan&white) boxer is Gracy pit is Tonka. we think she is pregnant. The Two most spoiled dogs in the world.
ty <bowty73@hotmail.com>
augusta, me USA - 07/20/02 14:05:29
STEPHANIE WATSON <stephanie@brindlelionboxers2000.fsnet.co.uk>
CORNWALL, ENGLAND - 07/18/02 16:05:35
I adopted a white boxer yesterday. 2 year old little girl. We named her Molly. I knew NOTHING about white boxers. We picked here out, because she was so sweet and good natured. I have since been on line researching and found out what a big following they have. I don't really care about any of those health problems. Molly seems in great shape, and she's NOT deaf. I have had her only 24 hrs, but I'll never give that dog up for nothing.
Cherri <slycher2@yahoo.com>
Las Vegas, NV USA - 07/15/02 16:37:30
hello i would like to adopt a boxer puppy or adult. I like those and I promise that I whole take care of him.
Julian diaz <parserojd@hotmail.com>
orlando, fl USA - 07/14/02 17:04:01
Hei i love your website. I got my white boxer hmm about a week ago her name is Kara but she has a a beutiful brown spots around the eyes and a brindle male to called Dimon they are from the same litter so theyre like real brother and sister:) and theyre about 2 months old. Im so happy to own them i love them very much my little jewles. But here is a fact thats only 6 white boxers in iceland i really really hope that the white ones will be many many here in the future, they are so adoreble. Thanks again for this fabilous website. Greetings from iceland
Lsa Albertsdttir <skrugga@hotmail.com>
Reykjavik, Iceland - 07/13/02 19:56:54
I was happy to find your site and to see that so many people share my love of the boxer breed. I have had boxers all my life and just acquired my 8th one. He's a clown just like all the others have been. I like having them in pairs because they are great company for each other. I have often thought about adopting a white boxer but have not had the opportunity but am still looking. I'm trying to convince my husband that three's company so that we could add another to our household. Owning boxers has been one of the great joys of my life. I am truly enamored with the breed and feel blessed that I've been able to have them in my life. I love to see how many other people share this feeling. We travel a lot with our dogs and I'm amazed how many people stop to talk about how much they love boxers. I don't think any other breed gets the same kind of attention. I hope one day to bring a white boxer into our home. Thanks for your informative site.
Susan <DynoShanFarm@AOL.com>
Lenox, MI USA - 07/13/02 16:20:12
Hello from Europe, Romania ! White Boxer ? You have right ! The standard not included the white color , many people considering the white boxer , mistake of genetic, of nature, but it?s same dog !
Robert Bambach <KennelRobax@cs.com>
Brasov, RO Romania / Europe - 07/12/02 22:51:02
Hi from down under, I would like to know how I could get my white boxer, storm , onto your page. I would love to share her with you. I love your site and I hope to hear from you soon.
Jessica Stensholm <enzy@westnet.com.au>
Perth, WA Australia - 07/04/02 04:26:11
We just received "Mac" (short for MacArthur) who is an 8 week old white male boxer. He's our first white boxer but our second boxer. I LOVE boxers!!!! I hope Mac turns out to be as wonderful as my beloved Shelby was.
sherry viso <JulioViso@aol.com>
kearny, nj USA - 07/01/02 21:37:04
i love this sit i just recived my first boxer jessy.a lovely white boxer and best friend.i could not ask 4 more.
baton rouge, la. USA - 06/30/02 15:16:25
hi i have a white male boxer he is 7 year old, and is a great freind to my family, when he was 5 we bought a brindle bitch, who actually was bred from a white mum and a brindle dad, none of the following litter were white they all were colored floyd is very laid back, and would spend his days snoring in the sun, were tia likes to be running about and having fun boxers are the best breed i would never choose a different breed as these are kind loyal and very smart this website is really cool to0. i love looking at the pictures and reading the storys of other peoples boxers keep up the good work lynda
lynda <davyb@0800dial.com>
sunderland, uk - 06/30/02 07:23:57
Hi. I love to look on this website because i have a white boxer of my own and his name is Chance. We named him Chance because I thought he looked like Chance off homeward bound. He has one blue eye and one brown eye. We also have his mother. Chance is deaf but that doesn't matter. He acts just the same as any other boxer i know. Well i got to go bye.
Taylor <sweet_sup_i_rule@hotmail.com>
Maple Ridge, B.C Canada - 06/27/02 15:44:46
I love your site. I have got my own boxer dog called honey
Zoe <zbbeeches@cwcom.net>
northampton, uk - 06/27/02 04:29:49
Wow,a great sight.My boxers,are my kids.We own 4 ,we had a litter of 10.we were planning on keeping a fawn,black mask-which we did Bo.We had 2 whites in the litter,the boy we sold ,we kept the girl because she was deaf,we couldnt think of her leaving us ,people just couldnt understand that she needed to be in a fenced yard,or on a leash at all times.So we had no other choice,we had to keep her.Suzi is now 2,smart as any boxer,loving,goes by hand signals.She loves everybody,including her brother Bo,her mom Lacey 4,and her dad Jake 6.Thanks for letting people know how wonderful these animals are.They are part of our family.
Deb <Boxermomkids@cs.com>
Spring Hill, FL USA - 06/26/02 23:32:38
POINT MARION, PA USA - 06/21/02 17:36:02
Sandy Cass <casss@ev1.net>
Chandler, AZ USA - 06/21/02 12:43:11
I have 2 white rescues; 1 named Tyson (rescued on the 4th of July!)he is about 2,neuter,cropped/docked and was a mere 44 lbs when I got him.He was taken away by the Sherriff's dept. from people trying to make him fight. When he wouldn't or couldn't, they starved him.He has been with me a year now, weighs 63 lbs, is well socialized but still has some "issues". He's a big Mama's boy! Sleeps with me in the bed every night with his own pillow...I love him to pieces! I just rescued #2 white several days ago from a shelter who was going to destroy him. He is an intact white male, about 8 months old; sweet as can be, a little food aggressive(only weighs about 35 lbs) but otherwise great. He was a stray and had been in the shelter 17 days with 4 other male dogs in one kennel.I have named him "Sabastian". I just really found your site and now with 2 white's I really have alot to catch up on and people to talk to! My original Boxer is a 2 year old classic brindle,with a great white chest, 4 white paws and a heart of gold! Unfortunaltely, he has a grade 2 murmur so I keep a close eye on his rough housing... Thanks!!
Kathi Barrett <kbarrettafd@hotmail.com>
Alexandria, va USA - 06/21/02 09:50:09
I have white rescues named Tyson (rescued on the 4th of July!)he is about 2,neuter,cropped/docked and was a mere 44 lbs when I got him.He was taken away by the Sherriff's dept. from people trying to make him fight. When he wouldn't or couldn't, they starved him.He has been with me a year now, weighs 63 lbs, is well socialized but still has some "issues". He's a big Mama's boy! Sleeps with me in the bed every night with his own pillow...I love him to pieces! I just rescued #2 white several days ago from a shelter who was going to destroy him. He is an intact white male, about 8 months old; sweet as can be, a little food aggressive(only weighs about 35 lbs) but otherwise great. He was a stray and had been in the shelter 17 days with 4 other male dogs in one kennel.I have named him "Sabastian". I just really found your site and now with 2 white's I really have alot to catch up on and people to talk to! Thanks!!
Kathi Barrett <kbarrettafd@hotmail.com>
Alexandria, va USA - 06/21/02 09:47:27
Hello! You have a great website. I have 2 white boxers named Otis and Daisy. They are great pets. I have just made a website about white boxers, if you want to look at it, http://myweb.ecomplanet.com/TASH6754
Tasha Pusch <kewl_chick_tasha@hotmail.com>
maple ridge, b.c. Canada - 06/20/02 12:08:32
After talking to numerous people who own, or have owned Boxers, and listening to the glowing remarks and memories about them, I decided to adopt a White Boxer, that the breeder was willing to give me free. After only three weeks with Banjo, I now realize what all the hub-bub was about. What a wonderful animal. Smart as a whip, loyal and loving, and hilarious to be around. I sure don't think of myself as rescueing this dog, but as this dog rescueing me. He's made my life a lot more fun. And what a pleasure to get up in the morning, just to see what this little tyke will do next. He's Great!
Jim Hess <blugrass46@hotmail.com>
Nazareth, Pa USA - 06/18/02 21:12:23
I love your website!
courtney gray <barrel_empress16@yahoo.com>
cynthiana, ky USA - 06/18/02 13:26:54
What a great website! We have had our white boxer since he was 5 wks old. Winston is now 9 years old. He is missing his companion, a fawn/flashy female who past away last year. Although, I believe that he is loving all of the attention. I am glad that you are trying to educate people about the white boxer. I don't know how many times when taking him to obiendence shows that I would hear that he had no business being in the shows. Well guess what, he completed his CD by the time he was 18 months old. Now that's an accomplishment for a bouncy boxer. Keep up the good work !!
Cheryl Riley <win2pen@aol.com>
Orlando, FL USA - 06/13/02 20:17:09
I have 5 Boxers. Two are white. I'm so glad that you are helping to let people know that white Boxers make great pets. I have a fawn,2 brindles,and the two whites. All are awsome dogs!!! All have the same great Boxer character. If anyone thinks being white makes a Boxer any less a Boxer they dont deserve to own a Boxer at all. After all a white Boxer only thinks he's different if you treat him that way!
Kathy Covington <iloveboxers@adelphia.net>
W.P.B., Fl USA - 06/09/02 13:55:20
I just purchased 2 male white boxers. I owned a boxer pitbull that I loved. And was search for a new pup! I found a breeder that had just had a new litter. We wanted a male, but all she had left in the males were 2 white ones! I heard some rumors about the white ones and went to find out if it was true! I came across your site, witch made up my mind. So I went to purchase one, but fell in love with both! So now I own 2 white male boxers! They are GREAT! Love them too death. They are truly 100% Boxer!!!!!
sheboygan, WI USA - 06/08/02 19:05:39
I am 9 years old. I love boxers sooooooooo much!! I was really impressed with your site. I've been to a couple of other sites, but they weren't a miilionth as great as your's! I've been wanting a boxer for a long time. I did a ton of research on them. My mom loves them and so does my dad. The only problem is that the do giant poops! Your friend, Madeline
USA - 06/07/02 20:41:36
Great site! I am so happy to see people experiencing great joy from the white boxer. They are wonderful babies. I am still searching for another white boxer. Deafness not a problem.If anyone can help me please let me know. Thanks and God bless.
Angela Johnson <dreamc29@hotmail.com>
Longview , Tx USA - 06/04/02 11:23:48
This website is so great! My husband and I have two boxers, one of them is white,Casper and he is deaf. He is mommys boy! He is also very smart and lovable!Let's keep them safe and stop destroying them!!!!!
Paula Wilburn <Wilburnpaula@aol.com>
Winchester, Ky USA - 05/30/02 23:04:46
Like your site and like the dogs even more, always had dogs, I have owned a white boxer for the past 6 years he's called Henry, My mother has a bitch named Nazeama. Does everyone elses boxers lean on you or sit on you feet when you stroke them. All the best Dave
David Lockett <mrcustardcream@volcanomail.com>
Manchester, England - 05/26/02 14:35:11
Our boxer is called Jake. He is 5 months old and white with brown spots on his skin. Our daughter says he's turning into a dalmationpuppy! He and our daughter are inseperable, she is 4 years old and nobody can get near her when Jake is around.
kirsty <hezzysgirl@hotmail.com>
Newcastle, UK - 05/25/02 05:26:35
I own a boxer, she is female and i named her Summer cause i thought it was a sweet name. Summer is red/white she has a lot of white her head,legs,and chest is white so i have to use alot of suncream.
Nicole McNamara <smcn@bigpond.net.au>
wollongong, NSW Australia - 05/24/02 05:47:13
The boxers name is DIXIE.She is about 3 months old.She has Selective defness! Dixie and her pals May lee and Squirt (horses) live on a "farm" in the foot hills. So far Dixie has been a joy. She is our baby now.... We were empty nesters untill we found her on a trip to Texas. I didn't know that one dog would be the center of attention. People have just been so positive about her. I hope that others are experienceing as much joy as we are with our white boxer.:) The web site is great.... I hope that it will contenue to provide information and picts. that we all can enjoy.
David Gigante <mrg50@rjia.net>
Westfield, NC USA - 05/21/02 09:18:47
We have a beautiful white baby called Jenna she is 10 weeks old and we are completely besotted with her, although she is proving to be a devil in the disguise of an angel, we wouldn't have her any other way.
Jane and Dave Bancroft <BncJ@AOL.co.uk>
Liecester, ENGLAND - 05/19/02 03:34:40
We just adopted a deaf checkered male boxer from Florida Boxer Rescue. We are trying to learn as much as possible how to help him communicate better with us. We love him, and our fawn female is learning to help him, too! I always wanted a white boxer, and now here he is in our life!
Scott & Shannon Simpson <drlipizzan@aol.com>
Loxahatchee, FL USA - 05/18/02 21:48:44
I have a check boxer his name is Ozzy and he is 7 months old, we just love him, he is adorable. Boxers are the best!
Colleen <campbell@videotron.com>
Rockland, Ontario Canada - 05/18/02 21:40:02
I have a lovely boxer called Zara. She is white with a few brown spots and 2 brown eyes. She is 6 years old and we have had her for 4 years. I wouldn't swap her for anything, she is my little girl!
tracey <trcyheath@aol.com>
staffordshire, england - 05/17/02 16:17:52
My fiance and I own a handsome 7 1/2 year old male white boxer named Lord Timberland call him Woo for short, because he can Woo anyone with those big brown eyes he has. We love him so much. He has brought so much joy into our lives. He has aslo helped me through a difficult time when I lost my female boxer of 8 years (Tory) last August, due to heart failure. Timber really stayed with me through my heartbreak and tears, still to this day he knows when I am feeling blue about losing Tory and he will sit with me and give me look like "it's ok she is fine and at peace". My whole family loves boxers so much at one time there were a total of 20 boxers between all of us. My dad also has a white female boxer. I tell everyone that I come in contact with, that they must at one time in their life let a boxer bless them with the love and happiness that they possess. May love and happiness go along with the owners of boxers. Westraciehonie@aol.com
Ms. Raco West <Westraciehonie@aol.com>
Franklin, NC USA - 05/16/02 21:22:29
I have seen a good set of dogs.But I would love to see your dogs.
carnell london
marianna, ar USA - 05/15/02 12:26:47
Hi,thankyou for letting us add to your guestbook.We currently have a flashy brindle named Ginger. She is 2 yrs. old. Ginger's twin sister recently had a litter of 8 puppies and one of the cuties was a totally white boxer with just a brown left ear. When we saw her,we just had to brin her home. We'll get to do that the last week of May 2002.Sugar will be our first white boxer,we're really looking forward to having her in our home.
Floyd DeAngelis <foo500@aol.com>
howell, nj USA - 05/10/02 09:11:54
Beautiful site. I have a white boxer mix, 8 month old female named Powder. Recently she has developed some intestinal problems and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this....and what helped them? She had a bout of pancreatitis and recently had a reacurrance. Feel free to drop me an email. She is so beautiful, white with a milk chocolate spot on her rump.
Terri <pongee7@yahoo.com>
CA USA - 05/04/02 00:24:42
We are "VERY" lucky to share our life with Buster,a AKC registered solid white with one fawn spot on his lower back. He is extremely intelligent,affectionate and completely healthy in all respects.
DOUGLASVILLE, GA USA - 04/23/02 14:56:45
Hi Taylor Scott,I happen to be related to the people who you got Chance from and yes he is a very beautiful dog and I think that was the best dog that they had but I was just wondering how Chance is doing now?email me plz ok thankyou bye
no name <angel_on_fire2008@yahoo.com>
BC Canada - 04/09/02 19:01:27
We too have a white boxer with one brown eye and one blue, her name is Sasha-blu, and she is 2 years old, she is beautiful. We have had many boxers during our 23 years of marriage and all the family love the breed, she is our first white, and a very special girl.
Jan Millerchip <janet.millerchip@virgin.net>
Birmingham, England - 04/07/02 06:41:47
Hi! I have a white boxer and his name is Chance. He is deaf, but we communicate with him using sign language. He has on brown eye and one blue eye.He's six years old. He is the most beatiful white boxer that I've ever seen.He messes up the bed every night. We also have his mother. They play together every day.
Taylor <taylorscott90@hotmail.com>
Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada - 04/06/02 18:25:35
Hi! I have a white boxer and his name is Chance. He is deaf, but we communicate with him using sing language. He has on brown eye and one blue eye.He's six years old. He is the most beatiful white boxer that I've ever seen.He messes up the bed every night. We also have his mother. They play together every day.
Taylor <taylorscott90@hotmail.com>
Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada - 04/06/02 18:25:06
i really enjoy reading through all of these white boxer pages but i think yours beats the rest.I rescued a white boxer called roxy.we always wanted a dog but never really never bothered what kind we wanted until .My uncle rescued a brindle male he was so gorgous. My mum and dad travelled far awy to get roxy.When she came in the front door she was like a bag of bones she hadn't been eating at the kennel's .the first couple of days she was very quiet and then about a week later she was so active .she wanted to play all the time.When roxy and bruno met they luved each other they played chase and teased each other. justine
justine biddulph
scotland, - 04/04/02 03:02:31
Hello to all you boxer lovers! We have 2 that we rescued. Our male, Charlie, is a brindle and a joy! We love him so much we wanted another. We rescued Charlie's ANGEL with a call from Boxer Rescue that she was at the shelter. She was starved, sick, beaten and PREGNANT. We had no idea we were getting 6 for the price of one. She had 5 healthy half boxer pups that Oregon Boxer Rescue helped mus place in loving homes. They are like our children. Charlie is wonderful and has taught Angel to be a normal boxer..to run, play and of course "BOX". She is a healthy, happy girl now and of course spayed. Boxers and Boxer Lovers Are the BEST!
Ed & Trudy Colombi <etcolombi@aol.com>
Troutdale, OR USA - 04/02/02 21:20:01
Our Abigail had her 1st litter on March 13th which producted 1 white puppy and her name is Baylee. She will be the pup we will be keeping. Even with her being only 2wks old we have all fallen in love with her
Joanna Parsons
Austin, Tx USA - 03/28/02 15:30:17
My loves name is Kato.He is 2 1/2 years old.Healthy as can be. He Loves laying on his back, laying on his stomach with his legs flat out, playing soccer, playing with small dogs, kisses and cuddling, and of course boxing. He is sweetest dog I've ever known. Gentle as a lamb with children.
vanessa <essa444@verizon.net>
long beach, ca USA - 03/24/02 00:44:56
i have a white boxer female i lover her to death she is the best dog i have ever had i would not take anything in the world for her she is not deaf or have any other problems that i can tell
mike McGaha <biggmann11us@yahoo.com>
columbus, nc USA - 03/20/02 17:01:37
Love this site!We have {3} white boxers 7 months old and one is deaf.Love the Photo gallery it's great to know other people love White boxers as much as we do.
Wayne & Illona Kennedy <wikenned@bellsouth.net>
Lawndale, NC USA - 03/19/02 09:55:24
Greetings to all boxerlovers in the world from Ukraine! Site is great, You have done a lote of job! We also think that it is very important to let white boxers to live. You are always welcome in our site! http://amgonta.narod.ru
Alexey and Elena Mytnik-Gonta <karukha@yandex.ru>
Odessa, Ukraine - 03/16/02 03:38:54
Hi Kathy, I have a white female boxer, her name is cheyanne and she just turned three febuary the third.both her parents are fawn colored. out of seven puppys there were three white ones in the litter. we almost lost her to parvo when she was a baby but she pulled through. she has been a joy and a lot of laughs to my husband and I. she has a big brother named pooh and he is a toy poodle.love your site. Sharon Gray
Sharon Gray <grayfam@networktel.net>
west monroe, La USA - 03/15/02 21:47:17
I have been to this site several times to look at the white babies but I don't think I have signed the Guestbook yet so I thought it was time to correct that! Great Site Kathy & Lori!!!
Dawn <lady_dawn85@hotmail.com>
Sylmar, CA USA - 03/13/02 19:10:44
Maddie is about 14 wks and she's the best. We specifically wanted a white boxer just because of their uniqueness. We have had a lot of compliments on her. She is a joy to have around and we love her to death!!
Kathleen <ggingere@nycap.rr.com>
NY USA - 03/12/02 23:14:11
Thank you so much for this wonderful site. I have a white boxer (I believe she's considered checked actually). She is my world. I get many, many compliments on how beautiful she is, and I find this funny considering white boxers are not normally accepted (so to speak).
Kim <Kimmi1320@aol.com>
Virginia Beach, VA USA - 03/11/02 12:17:19
We recently saw a white boxer with lite tan markings on his side and immediatly fell in love with him. We are now on a mission to find a cute white boxer with tan markings to add to our family. We have five children, one shepard/mix (Tanner), two black cats (Zack & Jay-z and lop ear rabbit (Rocky). Please contact us with pic or information if you have a young 8-wk to 1 yr. old you think we would like.
Brian & Karen <tahoekaren02@yahoo.com>
Sacramento, CA USA - 03/09/02 17:18:25
I love this page! Its just goes to show that boxers and especially white boxers are #1! I have 3 boxers myself, a brindle one name Tazz, a white one named laila, and a fawn one named Amber which is the 10 times champion in our towns dog shows!I think that a white boxer is not a burden but a blessing to have! I may only be 12 but but i understand all about what some breeders do to boxers that are bown white! I think it is disgusting!
nicki <boxer_lover5>
Prince George, Canada - 03/09/02 00:44:09
My white boxer's name is Zonk and he is six years old. He has a brindle ear with a brindle circle around it. He is a wonderful dog and smart as can be. He was purchased by my youngest son six years ago and became the best Christmas present my son never gave me. He is my very best friend.
Jane Witherspoon <ZonkB@ Mindspring.com>
Raleigh, NC USA - 03/08/02 21:07:29
I had two boxers but sadly one died a year ago now and I miss him so much as he was my number one My other boxer follows me everywhere and makes life so much better I do love all boxers
Robert Muckett <RMuckett @ aol.com>
Portsmouth, fareham England - 03/04/02 20:45:49
We are adding our name to the Boxer Lovers list... We have 2 in the past, one passed away to Cancer the other went to a new home when we had to transfer to a place where we couldn't have pets. Well now we live where we can and now we want to get 2 more.We would like to get a white one and a fawn and white. They are the best. We have 3 daughters and they are Boxer Lovers also. Once you love a boxer you find it hard to love another.LOL...
Pam & David Cruz <pacruz@prodigy.net>
Ca. USA - 02/27/02 13:02:10
I would like to see your pitbull. Can i take a peke at it.
carnell london <not avalible>
moro, ar USA - 02/26/02 11:49:34
I love boxers,White ones especially. My friend Mark was the first person I ever meet with a white boxer.Ever since then I've been search for my own. So I adopted a fawn to start my collection boxers.I hope to find a brindle and albino soon I love this Breed of dogs,I've had chows,pitt bulls,labs,and shepards growing up.But now I'm only intrested boxers.I belive their the best breed of dogs around!!!!!!!!
Joe Galls <scooby200475040@yahoo.com>
Garland, TX USA - 02/25/02 22:13:16
Ihave two boxers.Clyde is a plain red and Natasha is a white. Both are affectionate and loyal, but Natasha is extremely attached to me. I find no difference in having a white or a colour. I don't understand why whites are culled.
Verna Wardale <wardale38@ozemail.com.au>
Bensville, NSW Australia - 02/22/02 21:11:39
I love your site! I have a boxer of my own that we rescued from a breeder. She was going to put her down for the sole fact that she was white! Naya, our white boxer, is the best dog that I have ever owned. My two year old son has a new best friend in Naya. We all like to see others that really care. Love and peace to all the boxer lovers out there.
John Ashby <jpashby@qwest.com>
Littleton, co USA - 02/21/02 16:18:51
Hi love youre site and all these precious white babes they are so wounderfull I have 5 boxers one of which is white and he is very special to me.He his deaf and daft but we love him just the same.
Zoe <www.geocites.com/zoe_boxer_mad>
Rotherham, England - 02/19/02 16:31:58
My old white boxer is elevan years old now and is every bit as human as the rest of the family. My husband swears the dog speaks late at night when no one else is around. He has been the best dog I've ever had the joy of being Owned by! jspain
Jeanne Spain <MaxwellsAgHammer@aol.com>
KY USA - 02/17/02 06:58:52
I had a white boxer. She was deaf as a doornail... though it was after 14 years. She was the best dog I ever had. One blue eye, one brown. Cute, smart, loving, let the bird (African grey parrot) ride on her back, let the cat walk all over her. She died in 1999 and I am just now ready to think about looking for another boxer. I heard it is not good to try to duplicate your prior pet, but I would really like a white. What do you think?
donna <zoieme@aol.com>
Kansas City, MO USA - 02/15/02 21:40:42
Dempsey, my five yr old white boxer, insisted that I drop you a note to say thank you for the great information that you have on your website. I have lived with dogs for most of my life, I have to say Dempsey is a very loving being. I found this to be true with most boxers. Oh well, for Dempsey and myself, Thank you very much
Sheldon <sbrudin@cox.net>
Tulsa, OK USA - 02/09/02 19:52:11
We just got our first family dog and it is a white boxer, we love him - the kids love him and even our cat loves him...he has already given us so much pleasure and I am sure the best is yet to come....
Kris <kcol003@aol.com>
PA USA - 02/08/02 11:53:30
Hi, I am looking for a White boxer to call my own and was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to find one. Any info you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, Dani
Dani Cook <dangirl33@yahoo.com>
Snellville, GA USA - 02/01/02 15:10:58
I must say that your sites have always been an inspiration for myself! We have three beautiful white Boxers One male and two Females and we adore them! have a look at their pics and story at their web site : http://www.pinkdogz.co.uk Thanks so much!
Esti MacArthur <info@pinkdogz.co.uk>
Scotland, Europe - 01/29/02 20:29:11
Thank you so very much for your wonderful site!
Shelia and David Sammons and "BONDO"
Woodleaaf, nc USA - 01/26/02 18:19:00
Boxers are so wonderful! I"ll never own another breed.
Desiree Coker
Anderson, IN USA - 01/26/02 00:09:22
I wanted to stop by and say thanks! When we researched boxers we found your website to be very helpful! We know have our own little white boxer, Sugar. She is wonderful. I wish she could have been part of your white pages,... but I decided to create a website just on Sugar. It is nearly completed. I just need to add more pictures to her photo gallery. Please stop by and meet Sugar Suarez! http://www.geocities.com/luna_eta/SugarHomePage Thansk again!
Priscilla <luna_eta@yahoo.com>
CA USA - 01/25/02 15:12:36
we found this site very intrestung and we found a lot of info THANK YOU
kizziah +ange+emma <lippyleo@hotmail.com>
uk - 01/23/02 09:31:35
Do you sell any of the dog's because I would like to buy one
Ciara Curry <Groovy5Chick20002001@yahoo.co.uk>
Dundrum, UK N.Ireland - 01/20/02 10:54:25
HI Kathy and Lori.I just found your site and love it keep it up.I raise boxers fawn n white. In this litter i have to white ones.I have heard so much bad things about the white ones i was sorry she had them.But not anymore after the things in this site has change my mine about them .I love all my dogs.THANK YOU
jessie broussard <jesbro337@aol.com>
new iberia, la USA - 01/19/02 11:53:28
Me again, my dog looks just like the one on the movie "HOMEWARD BOUND", that is alway in trouble. Is she a boxer!!??!! I have been told that she is an American Bulldog and then a boxer. Which is it? I can't find a picture on the internet that shows a picture like her. I found her and am not sure which she is. All I know is that I love her dearly.
Andrea Friedel <alfriedel>
H, NC USA - 01/18/02 23:07:05
I have a white boxer who is approx 10 mo old. I love her with all my heart, but my husband is ready to get rid of her due to the distruction!! She is so sweet though. I had originally been told that she was an American Bulldog, but a friend sent this page to me and I am thinking that she is a boxer. She is solid white with some black on her nose and bottom lip. Could you send me some picts to validate my thinking? Thank you, Andrea
Andrea Friedel <alfriedel>
Hubert, NC USA - 01/18/02 22:52:52
look this Argentinian White boxer www.whiteboxer.com.ar
Andres Aimaretti <a_aimaretti@yahoo.com>
Buenos Aires, Argentina - 01/18/02 10:16:33
We just lost our 4 year old white boxer and are grieving horably. Our whole family loved her so, so I'm looking up web sights to see what we can see. Her name was Dessie and she really was the sweetest. We lost her Wed. to a truck. Thanks (1/11/02)
TOM & CAROL FRANK <frank@twol.com>
Ft. Morgan, co USA - 01/11/02 16:11:16
We just lost our 4 year old white boxer and are grieving horably. Our whole family loved her so, so I'm looking up web sights to see what we can see. Thanks (1/11/02)
TOM & CAROL FRANK <frank@twol.com>
Ft. Morgan, co USA - 01/11/02 15:58:42
What a wonderful site your have. My husband and I have a 7 month old male boxer named Scooby-Doo. He is amazing and is our third "child." We love him very much! He is snoring beside me. Taking a break from a rough playtime with our 5 and 3 year old. Scooby is a blessing and the best dog I have ever owned!!!
Sharon Bloomfield <jbloomfi@frontiernet.net>
Pittsford, NY USA - 01/11/02 13:33:56
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you fellow white boxer owners and lovers. My baby boy is called Pongo, he is six past September the 24th. As i am writing this he is lying at the side of my bed snoring aww!!! I travelled to Durham in England six years ago to get him and it was the best thing i ever did. Th e breeder i got him from was going to have him and his sister put down but desided to keep them and try and make some money on them as they were from a litter of four, 2 white and 2 red.The owner would not allow us to have his papers and didn,t even bother to register him actually as he was white but he is from a very good pedigree. He has a grandfather that i believe won best of breed at crufts. and he would surely win it too if he had the chance he is such a handsom chap. My youngest daughter loves him to bits and is always runnong around with him (he has learned to hide now to get a few minutes peace) poor thing but he is also very protective of her and the rest of the gang. He absolutely loves babies and will stand gaurd of any pram or crib that is brought into the house. What would life be without him? i could not ever imagine. Take care of yourselves and your white angels till the next time cheerio karen and pongoxxxxx
karen garrity <garritykaren@hotmail.com>
prestonpans, scotland - 01/06/02 15:17:27
i'll be looking for a female brindle for a family pet around summer 2002. i'm not interested in a show dog and am having some trouble finding a good breeder in the northeast. if anyone could offer any help, i would greatly appreciate it...tks
Sean Taylor <lasher3235@hotmail.com>
USA - 01/03/02 10:51:17
Ihave owned and also had litters with white boxers in them they are just as wonderful as fawn or brindle my white boxer that i owned died trying to give birth we miss nikki very much.
Terry Sexton <Sweetassugaruno@AOL.COM>
Saraland, AL USA - 01/02/02 20:41:21
I have a 5 mo old white female boxer. Her name is Abby. She is a very beautiful and loving dog. She is my third Boxer but my first white one. She and my 7 year old daughter are best friends.
Lela <thegoddess4u2@hotmail.com>
Maryville, Tn USA - 01/01/02 18:29:14
Chelsea <ChelseaAm@aol.com>
New Britain, CT USA - 12/29/01 20:16:23
i have a white boxer and they are lovely mine is now 1y and 3 months and got loadds of xmas pressies
claire <boxermad1984@lycos>
bridlington, england - 12/29/01 10:17:34
Hi. My husband and I just adopted a white, female boxer, named Annie. We love her very much and were excited to learn that there was a page dedicated to white boxers. Keep up the good work!
Leslie Spencer <leslie_spencer@hotmail.com>
Portland, OR USA - 12/27/01 17:55:52
my douglas say hello again.
kent <krudo@start.no>
oslo, norway - 12/15/01 21:07:51
Hi! I just bought a check boxer last week, he is 8 weeks old. He has a spot on his head one on his ear and one over his eye. He has one blue eye and the one with the black patch over it is brown and blue. I love him so. My 4 year old Rottweiller treats him like his own. They are the best.
Colleen Campbell <contantc@yahoo.com>
Rockland, Canada - 12/10/01 13:08:14
Just adopted a white boxer, Rocky, from our local pound. He's partially deaf, we believe. He was abused in his home before - I can't understand how anyone can abuse any animal. Anyway, he was rather quiet the first few days but is settling in quite well. He does pout, have to admit that! :) Loves to go for walks and will play for a little while but loud noises do frighten him. Makes me wonder what his previous owners did? The entire family absolutely loves him!!!! I'm so glad that I kept going back to pound to check on him (wasn't going to bring him home because he seemed so quiet? then discovered his hearing problem) ... anyway, love this site. thank you for providing a place to see other white boxers. God bless.
Mac <mcomer@iland.net>
USA - 12/09/01 10:08:41
Hi! i just love the site...I've known about it for some time because I was doing research before buying my white boxer lili...and wouldn't you know it when i finally get her you guys stopped doing these things! I still love looking at the other babies though! htp://www.whiteboxerlili.mycricks.com
Cherith <glitterkitten_77@yahoo.com>
NC USA - 12/03/01 00:05:40
We loved looking at the pictures. We are the proud parents of a fawn male boxer gunther (9 months/80lbs)and a brand new white female boxer seven weeks (maggie). She is an angel and we love her so much. They adore each other and we couldnt be happier. She seems to have calmed him down a bit, you can already tell who will be alpha.
stephanie leoffler <stefleff@bellsouth.net>
boca raton, fl USA - 11/30/01 22:04:05
I wandered on to this site looking for information about white boxers that I could give my children's class when Rocky was coming to visit their class. Rocky belongs to my beau, Todd and the two have captured the hearts of my family and I. I had never seen a white boxer before Rocky and am not much of a dog lover. But Rocky has about the sweetest disposition and the guiltiest expression that I have ever seen.
Lisa Brink & Todd Edge <labrink64@aol.com>
Thornton, IL USA - 11/29/01 18:53:41
I am looking to adopt a white boxer female pup. I had one 4 years ago but she had passed away from Cancer. I'm finally ready to start looking. Thank you!
Samantha <fuji@a-znet.com>
Rome, NY USA - 11/25/01 15:04:16
I've been choosen by a white female boxer 4 years ago. I was in a pet shop in Paris, she was alone and couldn't see anything but her. NAS is a gift from innocence and love. Remember, for those who understand - No explaination needed, for the others - No explaination possible !!!!!!!
Larry <covertec@infonie>
YERRES, FRANCE - 11/23/01 16:15:45
hi,looking for a white, fawn or even any color boxer to adopt or rescue will have loving home and family!
BOBIE JO <bubbles3132001@yahoo.com>
equinunk, pa USA - 11/15/01 17:00:51
we are looking to adopt afemale boxer of fawn
bobie jo and dawn <dlh@ezaccess.net>
honesdale, pa USA - 11/15/01 16:50:24
i would lik to buy a puppy off, of you ,i hade one when i was 10, it was gave to me akc did'nt take them then,my son wont's one for christmas. call me (ask for buffy) please call(660-328-6631)cell phone (660-341-9805
lori graber <lgraber@nemr.net>
memphis, mo USA - 11/15/01 00:36:12
I just recently adopted a white boxer and he is one of the sweetest dogs you could ever meet.He is so good with putting up with the puppy abuse from my female he justs lets her play with him for hours and then they both go to sleep.I just get tired of people asking me if he is an albino!!
Andrea <divasgirl123@aol.com>
nyc, ny USA - 11/13/01 01:17:32
We are the proud parents of a 8 month old white male boxer. It is good to know there is others out there. I know we love our Boo to death and wouldn't want anything to happen to him.
Jen Edwards <Boo_T@hotmail.com>
Curtis, NE USA - 11/11/01 21:00:36
Well finally I find more people that appreciate the fun loving mad as a hatter but gental and loving of the White Boxer. My mother has bred boxers and I managed to own my first boxer (a white bitch called Roo) who I had to hand rear over the xmas period some 6 years ago. She is my best freind and we have had a great time together so far. Unfortunatly last year I found out that she has cancer and arthritis in her back leg. But inspite of that she hasn't changed a bit, she still has her mad half hour, which lasts all day sometimes. We got a friend for her early on this year, an Alsatian pup who is now only 8 months old but huge and they play great together. I will only ever have white boxers and my partner will only ever have Alsatians or Jack Russels. I look forward to a long life full of our beautiful white friends. Oh and great site.
Lyndsey Russell <lynzrussell@hotmail.com>
St Albans, England - 11/08/01 05:47:21
We were the proud owners of three beatiful boxers until a very unfortunate incindent involving the neighbors, a shotgun, the police. We now only have our male, a 80lb. fawn. We are definately planning to add new members to our lonesome family, hoping to fill the void. We are researching the possibility of a white boxer, and this sight has given us a new insight to this unique side of a wonderful breed. Thanks for your photos!!
Donnie and Shasta Cole
Asheville, NC USA - 11/05/01 19:03:45
I'm new at this computer stuff, but I've put down my 3 year old white boxer Callie and Im looking for a new love to fill my heart. Not much in my area, or I'm doing something wrong. Hopefully you can put me in the right direction. Broken hearted since August 2001.
Shirley Bires <SHIRLB@peoplepc.com>
MI USA - 10/31/01 23:46:55
I'm new at this computer stuff, but I've put down my 3 year old white boxer Callie and Im looking for a new love to fill my heart. Not much in my area, or I'm doing something wrong. Hopefully you can put me in the right direction.
Shirley Bires <SHIRLB@peoplepc.com>
MI USA - 10/31/01 23:36:00
Cathy, I have just read on UKboxerdogs that you are going to have to put Cooper to sleep on Saturday. My heart goes out to you and your family. I will be thinking of you all when Saturday comes.
Sharon Whitecross <sharonj.whitecross@virgin.net>
edinburgh, UK - 10/30/01 08:13:23
BRIDLINGTON, ENGLAND - 10/25/01 06:02:41
I love your site. You will have to check out my site. I have owned a fawn, a brindle, and a Black, always wanted a white. Maybe someday if I find the right one.... Check out my site and sign my guestbook, I love to hear about other people's Boxer babies. Http://AmysBoxers.8m.com Hope to see you soon, Amy Sidney Brooke - Fawn Female Gage Coal - BLACK Male
Amy <AmysBoxers@aol.com>
Altoona, Pa USA - 10/21/01 16:37:34
I loved your photos and stories thank you. We had a brindle boxer Charlie, for 12 happy years. And a white boxer Albert for 4 short but wonderfull years. We still miss them every day.
linda watson <linda19clem@aol.com>
sunderland, u.k. - 10/18/01 20:02:55
I really like your website because I have my own boxer dog. And plus I love dogs
Wendy Stewart
- 10/16/01 14:32:34
I have a white male, a fawn female, and a Llaso Apso. The play wonderfully and they are our children. We have had my male since birth and ie very spoiled. Our female, we rescued about 3 months ago and are retraining her it's hard.
melinda logsdon <wickett0@bellsouth.net>
louisville, ky USA - 10/11/01 19:38:04
i am looking to purchase a cockerspaniel for my girlfreinds bday .wealready own one .if you know where to get one in the springfield ill. area please email me
richard <GEFUNK@webtv.net>
sprngfeild, il USA - 10/10/01 15:56:04
Forgot to say my new boxer is a white puppy with a brown patch over his left eye.
John Wenzel <F5tiger2@excite.com>
USA - 10/04/01 23:47:08
I had 2 brindle boxers a while back and as the years went by I knew I had to have another one. I moved back home and found the best dog in the world "Jake". Finding you web site is a Godsend! Thanks
John Wenzel <F5tiger2@excite.com>
Lemoore, Ca USA - 10/04/01 23:44:20
great web site. Going to get a white boxer tomorrow!!!!!
melanie <killer_rabbit99@hotmail.com>
nanaimo, canada - 10/04/01 23:39:27
My wife and myself just aquired a beautiful white boxer from a breeder in Merced, California. This is our second boxer, but our first white boxer and we are hooked. I just can't believe that I haven't seen these "White" beautiful dogs before. Our puppy "Flash" is extremely fast, Smart and playful. We just can not say enough about these animals. By the way, I Love this Website dedicated only to the White boxers.
Keith Moehring <kmoehring@scfair.org>
Vallejo, Ca USA - 09/26/01 17:23:16
I just purchased a white boxer from a pet store. She has been absolutely the best puppy I have delt with. She has Such A personality. I can believe that people actually call the white boxer a reject. I recently lost my boxer ROCKY to cancer about 5 months ago. Boxer seem to be the best breed to have. My new love is Liberty Belle who was born 7-11-01... she has been absolutley wonderful -- email me for pictures.
Michael Paretti <Paretti@onebox.com >
Anaheim , Ca USA - 09/25/01 21:46:57
It was really interesting to see how much people really love their dogs. I am actually looking to buy a White Boxer Pup for a Christmas present. If anyone knows how I can do that please e-mail me. Thanks!
Erienne <sxyphate1218@aol.com>
Freehold, NJ USA - 09/20/01 11:13:33
Loved your pages and am glad to see the white boxer get favorable publicity. Reading through your guestbook, it seems that there is a real following out there for whites. Maybe it's time to end the prejudice toward them! Anyway, I have a beautiful, 11-month-old white boxer named Autobahn Winston the Iceman. He weighs 90 pounds, is perfectly health - not blind or deaf - and has gorgeous blue eyes. His temperament is wonderful! When I walk him in the park, it is like walking with a celebrity! Everyone wants to meet him, and he wants to meet everybody - dogs, cats, children, roller bladers, joggers, etc. Sometimes, when he sees an interesting person/dog approaching in the distance, he patiently sits down on the path and waits until the get close enough for him to greet. Despite his friendliness, he is an excellent watchdog and warns me of anything unusual in the neighborhood with a big booming bark that rattles the walls. He has sold me on white boxers.
Sandy Anderson <skatanders@aol.com>
Maryville, TN USA - 09/19/01 20:45:11
I recently got a puppy who was believed to be a boxer and beagle mixed due to his coloring (Mostly white with fawn colored spots). At 5 months in age there is no dening that Kane is a full blooded boxer. He is so adorable we fell in love with him immediatley. He was born in a litter of 4 pups where all but 1 was white. They were so cute. I had never heard of white boxers until I was researching boxers on the net and ran across this site. I then decided I wanted a white boxer. And within a week I saw the ad in the paper for the boxer/beagle pups. Decided to call and check them out and much to my surprise I got an adorable full blood WHITE boxer. Thank You for having a site dedicated to these wonderful dogs.
Angi <act.fore@verizon.net>
Lebanon, PA USA - 09/17/01 21:05:48
My husband, Denis, and I gave our white boxer, Konner, a home over 2 years ago. We got him from a rescue centre as he had been picked up several times by the pound and was due to be put to sleep soon. We fell in love with him as soon as we saw him and travelled 300 miles to pick him up. Now we couldn't be without him! He is full of mischief and and least there is never a dull moment (or free space on the bed!) in our house!
Frances McLean <frances.mclean@btinternet.com>
Thurso, Scotland UK - 09/15/01 13:55:46
siempre que he cruzado perros tapados o un tapado y un marcado no he tenido perros blancos en las lechigadas.En cruzas de dos perros marcados he llegado a tener de 7 cachorros 5 blancos. Y en el caso de un tapado y un marcado 10 cachorros sin ningn blanco
Gloria Beliera <spirudog@coop-tortu.com.ar>
Buenos Aires, Argentina - 09/09/01 22:24:25
Soy criadora de boxer desde el ao 1988.Y amo esta raza ,vivo con ella una gran felicidad.
Gloria Beliera <spirudog@coop-tortu.com.ar>
Buenos Aires, Argentina - 09/09/01 22:17:20
hi! again is their a white boxer club or organization? if so, pls. inform me co'z i want to join and have it organize here in our country. sorry to tell you but white boxers in our country are really discriminated.
andrew ching <turbo_lfp@hotmail.com>
philippines - 09/09/01 07:02:46
i have 2 white boxer their name is hulk and lucy. they are really clever and kind. just want ot ask if the 2 parents are white boxers, what will be the color of their puppies? reply asap. thanks for the info.
andrew ching <turbo_lfp@hotmail.com>
quezon city, philippines - 09/09/01 06:56:05
My boyfriend and I recently got our first white boxer puppy. His name is Bandit. He was a birthday present for my boyfriend, Mark. Mark had always had fawn colored boxers and 1 brindle. We lost our brindle puppy to parvo in April of this year. (He got it a week before he was supposed to get his shots) Bandit is quite a handful - so energetic and loving. I have to admit I had never seen a white boxer before. I also have a greyhound (yes - rescued!) By the size of Bandits paws - he'll be as big as my greyhound in no time!
Annette <bridges@ktc.com>
Kerrville, TX USA - 09/08/01 11:15:16
HOUSE SPRINGS, MO USA - 09/01/01 23:09:59
Loved your site,,, we have 3 boxers, Chance, Meka, and Dallas,(Dallas is from Dallas Texas)we love are boxers..we want to breed, and of course keep one pup....
monique gilliard <angamoe@peoplepc.com>
bethlem, pa USA - 09/01/01 19:29:08
Hi Kathy & Lori. I love your website-you have done a wonderful job. I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures of all the lovely white boxers & reading about them & their families. I have only owned one boxer, a beautiful flashy fawn, Max, who passed away 3 months ago at age 7 years. Max was my best friend & is sadly missed. I would like to own another boxer one day soon. I'm interested in rescue & would love to provide a loving home for a boxer in need. Boxers are the best!
Glenda <dusty@tbaytel.net>
USA - 09/01/01 04:18:40
I love this site I have a 5 year old white boxer named Pearl. She is just the funniest dog we've ever had she cracks us up. She is so loving and sweet - a lot of people think she's a pitbull -- and they also are afraid of her, but she is just a bundle of energy. I would definitely get another boxer and it would have to be white. I would love to send a picture of her but don't know how to do it???
Chris <Cmatli@aol.com>
Petaluma, CA USA - 08/30/01 14:43:51
Hello, Thank you for sharing this page so we can learn more about white Boxers. In Sweden we have a lively debate about not killing white boxer puppys. Some breeder still do so. I think it is so awfully to do so. I do not have a boxer of my own, but I do have 3 dogs. One Golden reteriver who is 14 years and 2 English Cockerspaniels. Take care and keep up the good work! ~Ingrid http://www.itbyn.net/~ingrid22/
Ingrid Eriksson <http://www.itbyn.net/~ingrid22/>
lsvbyn, Sweden - 08/27/01 05:47:23
I love your site! We have owned 4 boxers over several years. We now have 2, Zeus is the biggest baby of the family he is 5 years old and fawn, our newest member is Mika, she is a white boxer and is 10 month old, and very active. She loves to chew and eat anything and everything. But she is part of the family and we love them both.
Mindy Kunce <Kuncemt1@aol.com>
Ashley, Oh USA - 08/25/01 23:18:51
Your web site is great.I have a 2year old white boxer her name is chance.I got it from the movie homeword bound.Chance is a great dog she is very smart and she really does love kids and all people.I'm trying to locate another white boxer male.Chance is spayed.My husband loves her so much he has to have one.Please help me locate one .thank you very much Linda Walker 1-603-382-4775
Linda Walker <llwalker7@aol.com>
Newton, NH USA - 08/24/01 11:19:26
DAVISON, MI USA - 08/23/01 18:10:04
I once had a beautiful white boxer named Molly. Sadly we lost her in October of 99. She was a fantastic friend and an even better comedian. Molly never stopped putting a smile on my face. After she passed away, we adopted a little brindle boy named Rocky. (what a handful) But you have to love the spirit of this breed. I enjoyed the photos so much of the white boxers. They brought back some wonderful memories.
Canada - 08/23/01 13:45:24
SAN ANTONIO, TX USA - 08/22/01 16:19:17
Suzanne Fuller,Gordon Duncan & Family. <SUZANNEJFULLER@aol.com>
IRVINE, SCOTLAND - 08/17/01 09:57:09
My second boxer is all white with one brown ear. I got him from the same breeder who I got my rescue, Caesar, from in Connecticut. I knew Caesar would be going soon, so I planned to get another boxer from Rescue, but the breeder was planing on breeding her new boxer. When I found out she had had 4 out of 7 white boxers, I immediately wanted one of the whites. Hunter is all boxer, tall and 85 lbs at 15 months old. He is a joy. He's been to obedience and is really great.His ears are uncropped and he is just adorable. Everyone stops to gaze at him. He has the champion in him as both parents were champions.
Mary <NYBoxergrl@aol.com>
Cayuta, NY USA - 08/16/01 15:06:37
We have a 3 year old all white boxer named Mandy that is my second white boxer in 45 years. Mandy is totally off leash dog that has been trained by the best trainer in Grand Rapids....my daughter. Mandy know our 2 property lines and will not go off grounds unless one of use " askes " her to. We are looking for another boxer to addopt to play with Mandy.
Edd & Pat Carr <grnjns1@aol.com>
Grand Rapids, MI USA - 08/15/01 10:10:18
Hi, as a new owner of a white boxer girl (and one of the "other kind" too) I was happy to find this page. My fluffernutter is a little devil:) who keeps her big brindle brother on his toes!
Judy Ramirez <jsrmz@aol.com>
Columbia, sc USA - 08/12/01 17:50:04
Denise Terry <bnsavd@home.com>
Denton, TX USA - 08/11/01 20:25:26
Warning: This might have gone out twice. I lost a dog last week that got into Matabolife. We tend to believe herbal medicine isn't harmful. He died a horrible death and thank god my other dog, a young white boxer servived. My heart is broken and I just wanted to get the word out to please be careful and be more informed than I.
Deb Arsenault <deblawyer1@aol.com>
Atlantic beach, Fla USA - 08/06/01 21:26:25
I love the white pages!! I especially love the gallery. I get off on looking at cutie boxers! It makes me want them all> (utt oohhh). Well I hope to get My 1 1/2 Year old white, Squish, on here. We rock, just like the rest of ya. Enjoy your dogs everyone, #1 unconditional loved ones...The boxer dog!!!!
Cathy Weisbrod <cathorse21@hotmail.com>
Wellsboro, Pa USA - 08/06/01 15:09:29
we are bonkers for boxer, and this is a nice sight. I am upset, as so many dogs are put to sleep, and Iam looking for a brindle male dog or pup, and a white boxer dog or pup, and I can't get one. It's always an excuse. If dogs are put to sleep, it's rescue's own fault for not letting good pet owners get a pet. Thanks, Kathy Baird
Kathy Baird <inandout13@hotmail.com>
Traverse City, Mi USA - 08/05/01 14:56:57
I Just got awhite boxer. Aspen, is almost 11 weeks old, She is very sweet and smart , and catches onto things very fast. Im happy with her.I take her everywhere i go and Im sure she doesnt love that.. All that attention !! I thought i would pass this too you and was glad I found this we site to, surf on.. I saw alot of great things ont his page,Thanks again,,
Cheryl Hitsman <snappydevil@superaje.com>
Smiths Falls, on Canada - 08/04/01 21:58:39
Love your page! having owned several white boxers my self I am aware of their special story.And would like to say HATS OFF TO YOU for letting others know and am glad to see that others love them like I do thanx sincerly Robin Zeni
Robin Zeni <fairystix@oregonisonline.com>
lebanon, or USA - 08/03/01 14:48:18
TURENKI, SF FINLAND - 07/29/01 12:24:55
I have owned boxers for the last 7 years. Most recently I have a rescue white boxer named Rocky, who is 6.
Dawn Young <dawnpmdawn@aol.com>
Denham Springs, LA USA - 07/29/01 01:35:16
2 years ago I lost a 4 year old fawn boxer named Otis. He was the best pet a person could of had. He was like my child. I grieved for him for over a year. I felt no one understood my lost. I loved him so! Now I have a 15 month old male boxer named Rocky. He is the sun of my day! and my best friend. I love hin so!
nancy schmitt
festus, mo USA - 07/26/01 18:26:40
Congratulations on your glorious website. I volunteer with NorCal Boxer Rescue in Northern California. Because I have had boxers most of my life (from age 6) I frequent boxer websites. I was checking out boxer rescues in my area about 6 months ago and low and behold thats where I found my Duchess. She is a 1-1/2 year old white boxer and quite beautiful I might add. She is deaf, but dont let that fool you, she is also quite smart. She has learned most of her hand signals. Besides being a bit stubborn at times, as most boxers are, she minds very well. I also have a 3 year old fawn female and a female yellow lab that I rescued as well. They are known at the dog park as The Girls. Each of them are a blessing! I have a message to people looking to own a white boxer, PLEASE check out the rescues in your area first. I foster these special guys and they are fabulous dogs. Our rescue temper tests, microchip, heart worm, fecal, up-to-date shots, and always a thorough vet check. Any medical problems are also treated. I am sure that most boxer rescues do the same. We have 2 or 3 white boxers available for adoption. Check out our website at http://www.ncbr.org/. Sincerely, Rhonda Detherage
Rhonda Detherage <rhondaryl@aol.com>
Orangevale, CA USA - 07/26/01 01:46:01
Our white boxer is named Angel, She came to us after the loss of our Shepard unexpectedly. We feel that she came to us for a reason, and that was to protect this family. She is just like one of our children.
Scott & Sally Roberts <angel2000@dixie-net.com>
Holly Springs, Ms USA - 07/25/01 10:21:06
dana moore <explorer1@acsworld.net>
lewistown, pa USA - 07/23/01 19:08:33
I love your website!! I fell in love with the white boxer after I heard about culling, If you know of any way I could adopt a white boxer puppy would you please E-mail me and let me know how I could do this? Thank you so much and once again, I love your website.
Leeanna <Gibbs1131@webtv.net>
Salem, Mo USA - 07/21/01 18:22:51
I love your website!! I fell in love with the white boxer after I heard about culling, If you know of any way I could adopt a white boxer puppy would you please E-mail me and let me know how I could do this? Thank you so much and once again, I love your website.
Leeanna <Gibbs1131@webtv.net>
Salem, Mo USA - 07/21/01 18:13:31
my snowboxer douglas says hello to everyone
kent <krudo@start.no>
oslo, norway - 07/16/01 19:41:37
Thank you for putting so much time into creating such a great site.We have you site on our favorites.We have a brindle boxer boy,and will be getting a white boxer girl. We are very excieted to be geting her. We love our baby boy so much ,and cant wait to share our love with another.Iam looking for health tips for my white boxer ,if anyone can email us with some we would appreciated it.
Lisa & Kenny Metz <LLAMBO00@AOL.COM>
bARBERTON, Oh USA - 07/15/01 00:28:28
Great to see a webpage for the white boxer. I have three boxers, one white (Arnie), and two brindles (George and Tyler). I would like to show you them but not sure how. If any body can help I would appreciate it Thanks Ann.
Ann Burgess <boxerboys3@ntlworld.com>
UK - 07/13/01 16:07:22
I really enjoyed this website. I adopted our white boxer "Rocky" a couple of months ago and we couldn't love him anymore than we do. I am curious how we can get his pic on the site?
lisa <l_bragga@yahoo.com>
st. louis, mo USA - 07/06/01 16:16:46
Hello!! My husband and I have a wonderful 3yr old white boxer named Red (he was soooo pinky-red when he was a baby). He is a wonderful dog - the most loving, gentle, intelligent dog! I recently visited a pet store that had a "RARE" full white 10 wk old female for sale for $1099!! Complete with registration and all! I was horrified to see that, especially when some breeders are still killing their white puppies because they are unacceptable. I am very interested in any info about these wonderful creatures and would also like to find out how I could enter my big baby into the white pages gallery - please let me know!! Thanks for the wonderful site.
Carol Clark <asccsc@cs.com>
Ft. Myers, Fl USA - 07/04/01 09:31:24
I think I have made a comment on your site before but didnt realise it worked as I thought my e-mail wasnt working. I have a beautiful baby girl white boxer and she is the love of my life. It was her fourth birthday a couple of weeks ago. I would LOVE to share with you some pictures of Chelsea and tell some stories but Im pretty new to the whole internet thing and dont know how to go about it. I would be greatful if somebody could e-mail me and let me know. I love visiting your site and am really glad to see there has been so much recognition for white Boxers. Keep the good work up guys! Love Kim -xxx-
Kim <Kim@grant0.fsnet.co.uk>
Dornoch, UK - 06/27/01 10:00:21
20 Years ago I bought my first white boxer [female] Two years later I bought a sister of my first boxer. I had the first 11 years and the second white boxer 14 years. It took me 5 years to find some one who had white boxers for sale. This time I was allowed to have papers on her. She is now 3 years old, Love her , she is a little like both of my other white boxers. Enjoyed your page.
sandra sagud <sagud@upperspace.net>
Pryor , Ok USA - 06/26/01 18:27:16
Hi Kathy & Lori, I just had the sincere pleasure, of visiting the most fantastic, beautiful webpage I've seen in a long time, (your's). I love everything you have here, it really is great work. I plan on coming back alot more to visit. Please keep up the great work, like you've done here. I honestly and sincerely enjoyed my visit to you're page. I'm also an animal lover, so this page is very special to me. I have a Greyhound/Shepard mix. Thank you for allowing me the sincere pleasure of seeing these pages. Respectfully, Charlie
Charlie <cmoyer45@webtv.net>
Bethehe, Pa USA - 06/25/01 11:49:41
Hi Kathy & Lori, I just had the sincere pleasure, of visiting a truly fantastic, and eautiful webpage. (Your's) I honestly and sincerely love what you've done here, it really is a great page. Keep up the fantastic work my friends, I plan on coming back a whole lot of times. Respectfully, Charlie
Charlie <cmoyer45@webtv.net>
Bethlehem, Pa USA - 06/25/01 11:42:12
Hi, Kathy & Lori What a wonderful web site I have enjoyed every thing I have learnt about white Boxers. I lost my most handsome boy Bronson three months ago tomorrow. It has been the saddest time for us trying to cope with the loss. He was Brindle and beautiful. We still have a little red girl called Kobi such a cutie. Thank you once again. Sandra
Sandra Hutchinson <hutchinson_plumbing@hotmail.com>
Wollongong, NSW Australia - 06/25/01 06:23:42
Hi, kathy and lori
Heather <always_sweet_50@yahoo.com>
Antigo, wi USA - 06/22/01 19:29:45
We have a lovaly 11 years old boxer named FOX.He is a sweet and nice boxer. We hope to keep him for a lon time
leone giulio <leone_giulio@hotmail.com>
geneva, CH SWITZERLAND - 06/18/01 16:05:30
LANSING, MI USA - 06/17/01 21:06:40
CHESTER, , ENGLAND - 06/17/01 08:54:22
I thoroughly enjoyed this website,and seeing that there are so many loved white boxers out there, I to have rescued two white boxers,they are so lovable. Keep up the great work on these pages they are great love the photo gallery.
Yayleen Hubbard
Auckland, New Zealand - 06/17/01 05:13:20
Victor is 10 mths old and our third Boxer. A boisterous young man, full of character. He has full compliment of ears and tail (UK reg's) and a red patch over right eye. He also has a few spots which speak of the earlier Dalmation contribution to the breed. Victor rules the household (above another Boxer - Sophie 10yr old brindle bitch, cat - lunatic moggie and human species of varying age from teenage to decrepit). Victor is the mainstay of our family - does anyone else have this experience? Chris.
Chris Lenaughan <clenaughan@yahoo.co.uk>
Bolton, UK - 06/13/01 18:13:16
Bo is almost 9months old and just gorgeous! She has a brown patch w/a black line around it over her right eye and has tiny brown spots on her ears. I also have a brindled female Sasha. They absolutely love each other, and I love them. They are definetly my two best friends. Sincerely, Amanda
Amanda Gouge <amandatier@hotmail.com>
Kingsport, TN USA - 06/13/01 15:55:06
I have a pure white boxer two years old.I have hade no problems with her hearing or health.This is very cool web site for whiter boxers.My dog is very active and I am always intrested in information on white boxers. Thanks matt
Matt Arnold <ArnoldinMotion@aol.com>
Panama city, fl USA - 06/13/01 14:32:44
I am 13 years old and I have had my boxer (Zac)for 6 years. I couldn't imagine life without Zac.I know it sounds stupid but he is the best friend I have ever had! I strongly recommend getting a boxer as they are the best dog you could possibly have. However, I would only consider getting a Boxer if you have the time of day to spend with him or her! THEY NEED LOTS OF ATTENTON!!!!!!!!
cassie <Missy_Mischief666@hotmail.com>
UK - 06/11/01 13:25:19
I have a 5 year old white boxer called Casper Dillon. He is the best dog that anyone could ask for. He is brilliant with my baby daughter. What more could I ask for??
Vicky Maclean <vicky.maclean@ascoplc.com>
Aberdeen, United Kingdon - 06/11/01 10:14:37
Hello, I signed your guest book back in December 2000. I really love to read your guest book entries from around the world. People that stop here are the greatest Boxer people in the world. I have two Boxers, Bugsy is a white eight year old male with cropped ears. Oskar is a flashy fawn with natural floppy ears, he's two years old. Thank You for allowing me to sign tour guestbook again.
Greg O <ogrego2001@yahoo.com>
Milwaukee, WI USA - 06/10/01 17:31:06
We have a White boxer Casper that is almost two he is a hand full. I think that he needs a play mate.
Rhonda Woodell <pmsblues>
Wilmington, nc USA - 06/09/01 21:50:26
We just got our lovely little girl! She is a pure white female about 9 weeks old. She has absolutely no other marking on her. What a cutie. Thanks for the great site. Had no idea there were so many white boxers out there.
John & Mary Schmidt <johnmaryschmidt@aol.com>
Colorado Springs, CO USA - 06/08/01 14:44:03
Lori, If you are the Lori that lived in Centerville, Va please e-mail me back. I would love to speack to you.
Kevin Kobylinski <kkobylinski@corona.com>
leesburg, va USA - 06/07/01 17:27:26
On Friday June 1 my husband and I adopted HANK from Greater Ohio Boxer Rescue. He is a one and a half year old white Boxer with one brown eye and one blue eye, which, along with his loving personality, makes him super unique. If you hurry, his pics may still be on the GOBR website (www.goboxerrescue.com) under "AVALIBLE". I am totally hooked on how great Boxers are, especially white ones...OF COURSE!
Leslie <schwingla@aol.com>
West Carrollton, OH USA - 06/05/01 17:05:33
Our dog is called Angel she's just nine weeks old. She is so loveable and mischeivous.
Lorna Cumberbirch <lornacu@hotmail.com>
Wigan, lancs England - 06/04/01 13:06:39
Our white boxer is called Millie-moo. She is 18 months old and crazy!!! - but we love her to bits. She always stealing things - some I cannot even start to describe. We love the photos on the gallary and will send Millie's on when we are able.
Mandy Simpson <m.simpson17@ntlworld.com>
Leicester, UK - 06/03/01 11:38:31
It is great to find out more about white boxers. We have 3 Boxers, 1 red male the dad and 1 red Female 3 1/2 years old and her sister who is white. We love them all. They are the best dogs.
Lyn Thorne <lydi@one.net.au>
Australia - 06/02/01 22:29:53
I also have a white boxer (petey) I love him so much I'm so happy I found this site he is 1yrs old great dog. Sorry to hear they more health problems thanks
Dianthe Imparato <shortyd929@ol.com>
NJ USA - 05/28/01 18:01:04
Brilliant site. I bought a red and white boxer, DIXIE, 9 years ago. When he was 9 months old i bought him a play mate. His name is Lawton and he is pure white. I bought him off a young couple, their bitch had been mated with a well known breeders stud. There were 9 in the litter 5 of them were pure white. The breeder had advised her to get the 5 of them put to sleep, if she was not going to do this, she was told not to tell anyone that the pups came from her stud. I paid 75.00 for Lawton, he is 8 years old on the 5th of July and although i adore my red and white boxer, Lawton is just the man. he is 7 stone, and thinks he is gods gift. he is so loving and protective. I have never had any health problems and even if he had, so what he would of still been my lovely loyal dog. i am worried about the two of them passing away as they are getting on in years, i can not bear to think of my life without them. Just one thing before i go, I visited crufts a few days ago, i was listening to a breeder giving a young couple advise on buying a boxer. She then said do not what ever you do get a white boxer. I then joined in, and said to the couple why dont you get a white boxer, they are the best. The breeder then went onto say that if her bitches have white boxers, her vet gives the bitch a closing down injection, they then remove the white pups and destroy them. When the bitch comes too, she does not remember how many pups she had, so does not miss them. I will not tell you what I said to her, but this is supposed to be a caring breeder. That night i got home and cuddled and kissed my white boxer more than usual. And guess what i have made a decision, when my 2 go to play with the angels, i will be getting another 2 boxers, PURE WHITE ONES
sue <blue22222@cabilenet.co.uk>
liverpool, England - 05/28/01 10:09:07
Just an update on my lovely litter. Unfortunately Sugar lost her milk and I have been hand raising her pups. Great news is all six are bouncing, playful, chewy little 5 week olds. And even better news is all but one have been adopted by very loving and kind families. I did decide to keep one. I had to he stole my heart. We named him Kimo, and he has a small black patch over his right eye, a tiny fawn dot in the middle of his head and a fawn spot on his tail. He is unique to say the least. I commend you guys on all your hard work and efforts. You are truly one of the sweetest and kindest people. Keep up the good work.
Helena Russell <mrhappy2@earthlink.net>
Arlington, TX USA - 05/22/01 19:09:08
Just an update on my lovely litter. Unfortunately Sugar lost her milk and I have been hand raising her pups. Great news is all six are bouncing, playful, chewy little 5 week olds. And even better news is all but one have been adopted by very loving and kind families. I did decide to keep one. I had to he stole my heart. We named him Kimo, and he has a small black patch over his right eye, a tiny fawn dot in the middle of his head and a fawn spot on his tail. He is unique to say the least. I commend you gus on all your hard work and efforts. You are truly one of the sweetest and kindest people. Keep up the good work.
Helena Russell <mrhappy2@earthlink.net>
Arlington, TX USA - 05/22/01 19:08:09
I have very much enjoyed my visit. We have a Brindle called Rosie, although she's not a white they all have the same character and can get away with almost anything! Well ours seems to.
Terry <TerryHGaved@aol.com>
Kent, UK - 05/22/01 17:29:25
I have an 18month old white boxer.Her name is Cassie.She is very playful and mischievus.Like your site. Tommy Hansen
Tommy Hansen <2thumbs@fsmail.net>
Kildary, Scotland - 05/20/01 08:15:43
I have a fawn female named Idy Smoochy Sawyer. She is ll months old. She is so spoiled, cute with floppy ears.
cary sawyer <sawyerdc@msn.com>
grandville, mi USA - 05/15/01 11:40:02
I just found this website fortunately, as we are about to get a white boxer puppy in a few weeks. Thanks so much for the site!
Amanda Weller <welleral@aol.com>
rensselaer, ny USA - 05/13/01 14:49:06
I have 2 white boxer's, Tyson & TJ and i would like to send some pic's of them if thats ok ....
floyd <floydtyson420@aol.com>
denver, co USA - 05/10/01 11:47:58
Thank you so much for all the beauty, I'll continue to enjoy visiting this site. I live with a miracle recue dog whose name is Lillian Rosebud Precious Dot and she is as silly as her name.I hope I can connect with other white boxer admirers.
Judith Levy <judithl1@aol.com>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - 05/08/01 19:03:45
I have a 4 year old white boxer named Emily. She is the best dog I've ever had. I was so happy to find your website and see there are so many white boxer lovers.
Vickie <nursevickie52@hotmail.com>
Oh USA - 04/28/01 13:16:21
I bought my White Boxer, Hank, March 2000. My family fell totally in love with him! Tragically last weekend he got hit by a car and died. This week my family and I have been completely devastated and would likr to get another white one, would anyone know how I could find one? We really enjoyed looking at this website. It's nice to know that others love White Boxers as much as me and my family do!
Nate Forseth <mrbeetle@athenet.net>
Waupaca, WI USA - 04/27/01 12:53:06
I luv white boxers. i would like to have one. how do i got abou getting 1?
Jasmine <way2kool84@yahoo.com>
Phx, AZ USA - 04/25/01 20:06:58
I luv whit boxers. i would like to have one. how do i got abou getting 1?
Jasmine <way2kool84@yahoo.com>
Phx, AZ USA - 04/25/01 20:06:46
We have had Sugar our white female for 5 years and just four days ago she had her second litter of all white pups. Six in all, one solid white. We are so pleased. Never in all our years of having white boxers (we've had 2 so far) have we ever had any health problems. We have so enjoyed having Sugar, couldn't have asked for a better companion.
Helena and Chris Russell <mrhappy2@earthlink.net>
arlington, tx USA - 04/21/01 16:29:02
Very good site. Found a lot of info. here. My wife and I are getting started breeding Boxers and have had two litters so far with one white in each. One went to the East coast, USA and one to Iola, Kansas. Carol is going to write all she can contact and see how they are doing with thier pups white or otherwise. We have three females that are supposed to be in a family way! One mommy-to-be doesn't look "swollen" HA HA! Well, hope to hear from some of you here at the site. Have a good day and kiss your Boxer today!
Marshall Ottinger <shaboomx@powwwer.net>
ElDorado, , KS USA - 04/15/01 08:32:41
PHENIX CITY, AL USA - 04/13/01 21:23:19
I am the fifth owner of a 3 and 1/2 year old deaf white boxer. I have had her only for about a year and a half and she is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. One of her previous owners figured she could train Maggie Mae off the leash, which is the craziest thing I have ever heard of for a deaf dog. Her last owner decided that she could no longer afford to feed her and her sister Hannah, so she decided not to. When I went to pick up Maggie Mae from her foster mommy, she was an emaciated 33lbs. Now she is 50lbs, belongs to a loving family of humans, other dogs and cats and has the luxury of accompanying me to my work every day, which is a dog daycare where she receives added stimulation. Thanks so much for this website. It's nice to know that there is someone out there who is educating people about white boxers.
Joanna St. George <jkstgeorge@aol.com>
College Park, MD USA - 04/11/01 21:40:20
I have a white boxer called sydney. He is going to be seven on the 29th april 2001. Sydney is the first boxer I have had and I am so glad He is white because it makes him so lovable!
sam munro <littlelegssam@aol.com>
mitcham, surrey u.k. - 04/09/01 16:57:39
I have a 2 year old white boxer with blue eyes and a right brindle ear. She is a very smart dog. I just think it is pretty bad that when you ask a breeder referral just for boxers to find a stud, she writes back and says that in her club, it is against their "code of ethics and by-laws to breed a white boxer." I am so glad that at least someone cares about white boxers!!! Thanks so much.
Casey Byrd <nclbyrd@yahoo.com>
Tulsa, Ok USA - 04/07/01 12:36:41
I have a White female boxer that is my best friend in the world I also Have 3 fawn ,But TKO is the smartest of them all,Is all you have to do is show her once and she will do it.I love her to death.
yolonda <tkosmom2000@frontier.net>
durango, co USA - 04/04/01 23:48:38
Thank you for creating an awareness of white boxers. We have a white boxer that is 14 weeks and is deaf. We have the greatest time together and we wouldn't trade him for the world.
Michael & Spring Thompson <steplytely@home.com>
Ogden, UT USA - 04/04/01 14:30:52
We lost out boxer, Duke St. Francis, as he had cancer, and we sure would like one. perhaps you could help. Your dogs were nice.
Kathy Baird <inandout13@hotmail.com>
traverse city, mi USA - 04/01/01 16:35:48
Thank You for having this site I enjoyed it very much I got to see pictures of white boxers just like my little brother Riley Joe he is now 1 yr old
Eric <Marrtinson0030@home.com>
Pitt Meadows, B.C Canada - 03/27/01 19:15:22
Hi im Hannah Taylorand my family are desperate for a white westie puppy breeder that lives in west midlans England ( close to stourport ) if you know a westie breeder PLEASE!!!!!!!!! get in touch at the email address below thanks!
Hannah Taylor <taylor@27.lineone.net>
west midlands - 03/26/01 13:24:51
Hi im Hannah Taylor and my family are desperate for a West Highland Whit terrier breeder that lives in England West Midlands if anyone has any names addresses tel.no's of westie breeders please get in touch as soon as possible PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! AT TAYLOR@27.LINEONE.NET.
Hannah Taylor <taylor@27.lineone.net>
England - 03/26/01 13:18:02
Hello. I have a 3yr. old White Boxer named Medusa. She has blue eyes. She is my daughter and best friend. thanks.
Lori Young <Luluduce@aol.com>
Woodbine, Md. USA - 03/25/01 22:45:47
I have a white boxer named "Doobie"
Edgar Buth <ebuth@cnmnetwork.com>
Thousand Oaks, ca USA - 03/23/01 19:55:19
we lost our boxer, duke-st. francis om 12-30-2000, and we will miss him as we ahd him 10 years. we hipe to have a white boxer someday. your dogs were beautiful. your boxer friend, tom and kathy baird.
kathy baird <inandout13hotmail.com>
traverse city, mi USA - 03/17/01 17:18:17
I just ran across your site while doing a "search" for Albino Boxers born deaf...your site was first on the list...I have recently acquired a white boxer completely by chance and I already love him so much I can hardly stand to go to work and be away from him. I have just heard about white boxers being destroyed because of their color and possible health problems...what's next kids that have the wrong color hair and are sickly?...Thank you for your site, it helps to know that there are others that aren't idiots out there...
Janet Hemnes <j_hemnes@hotmail.com>
Weogufka, AL USA - 03/16/01 16:33:46
I would like to add my White boxer, Oscar to your pages
Melanie <melanieiacovino@home.com>
Toronto, ON canada - 03/11/01 19:54:49
What a great site. I have had white boxer's in my life for over 25 years. My mother saved 3 white pups many years ago and from then on I was determined to save as many as I could. I currently have Patches 4 years old (white w/ two patches) and Sadie 13 in May (fawn). What great dogs boxers are. I will only have white ones from now on!!!
laura <brewer1505@aol.com>
denton, tx USA - 03/07/01 22:32:03
I am new to having a boxer. I rescued a white boxer about 8 months ago. I don't know what I would do without him. I love him to death!!!! There just is no comparing a boxer to any other type of dog. They are definitely unique!!
Cheri Brunk <princesscab@yahoo.com>
Remington, IN USA - 03/05/01 22:17:59
After 10 years with a very special boxer named Rocky Who passed away in june of 2000. i found a beautiful white boxer puppy I named Tyson. He has all the mannerisms and looks that I dearly love about Boxers!!
julie miller <scajt@netzero.net>
plain city, oh USA - 03/01/01 12:30:11
Ive been trying to find a white boxer puppy for my husband and get a price on them can you tell us where we may find one
samantha jacks <sammiejoe@eatel.net>
livingston , la USA - 02/26/01 17:01:27
I have a very handsome white boy- Bruno- and we absolutely love this website! We're thinking about sending his info in- he would make a great addition to this already adorable site! Love it!
Michele <Shellermk@aol.com>
Peru, MA USA - 02/25/01 19:59:20
I have an adorable white girl named Nyah (pronounced naya) If you have a white boxer too and want pictures, MAIL ME this site is really perfect, I laugth a lot !! They all are lovely !!
nicolas taillard <nicolastaillard@aol.com>
Besancon, F FRANCE - 02/25/01 12:47:00
I have a 2 year old white boxer named Blue. He was born deaf and has learned ALOT of sign language and can read body language. He is the most intelligent dog I have ever been a parent to. With alot of patience and love he has blossomed - I can't imagine life without him!
Mary Ann Ashe <hometowncrafters@hotmail.com>
Mendon, MA USA - 02/22/01 15:15:22
I think it is great what you have done for white boxers.I just bought my own white boxer his name is "mischief". He gets in a lot of trouble, but he is very adorable. Well this is a great web page and will hopefully do a lot for the white boxer. Thank you.
Richard Brosnahan <Mustangrollin@aol.com>
Deerfield bch, fl USA - 02/13/01 18:21:12
i love it. i am away at uni and although i have photos of the families white boxer cassie this site also help me to remember what i am currently missing. keep up the good work.
Linda <gingerholmes@talk21.com>
bradford, UK - 02/13/01 12:23:10
I shall be coming back for another look once i have some more time. my wife and are at that stage where we can consider replacing our beloved Emma who died following a 'ladies illness' five years ago. We are considering getting a parsons jack russel and boxer, both bitches or maybe even two boxers (my choice!) for long walks over the moors and mountains of east cheshire/west derbyshire. Its a bout time!
gordon walker <gordon.walker@srg.caa.co.uk>
Manchester, England - 02/13/01 07:13:13
This is the first time I have vistited this site and LOVE it. My husband and I have just purchased an 11 week old white Boxer, Cheyenne. She is the cutest and the best puppy I have ever had. I hope to have a picture of her on line soon.
MANCHESTER, NH USA - 02/11/01 14:26:45
Well, it has been a long time since I've looked at the list. Last June, our beloved white boxer, Elmer (you'll see him in the white boxer gallery) walked away. After a week or so, and carpeting the neighborhood with flyers, an ad in the paper, etc... we finally had to give up. The grieving has been completed with our newest family member, IGGY! We went up to a town by St. Cloud to Watkins to look at a white boxer that was in a litter up there. We looked over the litter of really impressive and active pups, and decided on a white male. The breeder--claimed this was her first litter, and had never heard of deafness or any problem with whites--was kind and allowed us a lot of time as the concerned mother and aunt looked on with consternation as we prepared to take one of her offspring. After a lot of discussion, we realized that it felt just too risky to take the little white fella. I didn't want to go through the ordeal of deafness again, and we decided not to risk it. We chose a fawn male with a very nice white bib and a black spot on his foot--just like his mother, A WHITE BOXER. The litter was one brindle, three fawn, and three white boxers. Anyway, I always found the list to be knowledgeable and friendly, so is it OK if I post a question from time to time, just about kennel training, feeding, and other things? Take care all, Jonathan and Mayu in Saint Paul, MN
Jonathan and Mayu <kc7fys@yahoo.com>
Saint Paul, MN USA - 02/08/01 16:40:56
great web site we have just had a litter of 8 pups of which 2 were white you can visit our web page on www.smillie70.freeserve.co.uk and see our baby
john &lorraine <john.smillie70.freeserve.co.uk>
preston, lancashire uk - 02/07/01 16:57:57
I have just been glued to your site. It has been wonderful. I purchased a white male boxer in September and he is now 6 months old. We love him! He is a sweetheart. My husband did not want a white boxer because of the health issues relayed to us but I was relentless in pursuing "Gunner" and won. HAHA. My husband LOVES this dog! They play all the time. He is spoiled and sleeps with us. He thinks he is a lapdog. He sees and hears fine at this point and I cannot say enough about their personality! This is my first boxer and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you much for having this site available. It is a wonderful thing to see so many folks loving these animals and going to such lengths to save them. I would have more if space would allow! I share my home with a shar-pei, two cats, fish, a tarantula, and now of course....Gunner. Will look forward to checking in to read stories and look at all the wonderful photos here. Thank you...Tammy
Tammy Donaldson <tammy872@hotmail.com>
Mason, Oh USA - 01/29/01 11:19:10
i love white boxers they are so cute!!!
jennifer <jenny_blue_6@hotmail.com>
Sudbury, ontario canada - 01/27/01 08:47:10
After losing my precious companion Deva, a female brindle boxer of 10 yrs to cancer this last summer, I adopted an orphaned white boxer female. Her name is Lily. Other than a few freckles here and there, she is completely white. She also has floppy ears and a complete tail (something I have never seen on a Boxer!!!). She is an absolute JOY!!! To think that some pathetic fool let her go breaks my heart!! But I am the great receiver of her constant love and affection! She is very well-mannered, though she has no understanding of how to play with a ball or any other toys. I am so thankful that I found Lily. The amusing thing I have found is that she understands spanish!! (the few words I can remember) I am so thankful I found her due to the committed professionals out there with such lovely hearts for animals like her. I cannot express enough the gratitude I feel!!! Boxers are such an exceptional breed!! I look forward to many wonderful and comfortable years with my Lily!!!
Christi <mylilygirl@hotmail.com>
Portland, Or USA - 01/23/01 01:14:41
I, honestly will always love my white boxer, Karma. She is THE best dog I have and ever will have. She is my sweet heart. Here ears are natural. And I love the sweet, honest look that gives her. She has one fawn ear and that is all the color on her. I don't know what I ever would do without my sweet little Karma. I suggest everyone give the White boxer a chance. They make wonderful pets & best friends.
Melissa Syester <dragonfly9878@aol.com>
Terre Haute, , IN USA - 01/17/01 18:05:44
thank you so much for letting so many other people enjoy the beauty of the white boxer. my first boxer was a white boxer with a brindle face mask named bandit. boy was he beautiful. safe to say he brought me lots of good times. i know hes in boxer heaven now, i want to thank him for being the best friend a guy could have! thank you again for helping us to see such awesome friends
john youngblood <jyb2344@rcn.com>
secane, pa USA - 01/16/01 18:43:58
Kathy and Lori, I was thrilled to see such a wonderful website dedicated only to the white boxer! We have a white guy named Bruno. We also have a Westie. They are both wonderful dogs...although we really don't see them as dogs but 'people'. Again, thanks for all your efforts to let the world know what incredible dogs they are...and how much they are loved! Jana Witt
Jana Witt <jlwitt11@hotmail.com>
Houston, TX USA - 01/16/01 16:15:43
Sorry I duffed it up again this one is definately the correct addrress kimgrant69@freeserve.com
Kim Grant <kimgrant69@freeserve.com>
Dornoch, Sutherland UK - 01/14/01 17:23:13
Sorry but my previous E-mail address was wrong this one is correct.
Kim Grant <kimgrant69'freeserve.com>
Dornoch, Sutherland UK - 01/14/01 17:20:50
I think your site is great I have a 3 year old white boxer female and we cant wait to add her to your beautiful gallery. When my family and I looked through it the room was full of "Oos and Aahs!" Kim Grant -x-
Kim Grant <kimgrant69@reeserve.com>
Dornoch, Sutherland UK - 01/14/01 17:18:24
I made an entry here on 1/1/01 about my white boxer Sybil. I wanted to update you and give what I feel is good information. Sybil had to have surgery on her knee, she had a torn ACL. Before the surgery a friend had given me some dog food he had (poor guy had to have his dog put down). We used this food until last week. When we switched back to the food we normally used we all noticed that Sybil was moving slower and starting to limb a little. We knew she had not injured herself. Then we remembered the food change. I went and looked at the bag from the food my friend had given me. It was: Premium Edge for senior dogs (we use the lamb & rice - Sybil has a beef allergy), it says "Joint & Cartilage" in a small circle on the front. It states that it is fortified with glucosamine and chondroitin for joint maintenance. We purchased it at a "Complete Petmart" pet store. I just can't say how impressed we were in the difference. I would recommend it for all older dogs. Got to go - Sybil's bath is today! :) Larry
Larry Zickefoose <zick@fuse.net>
Taylor Mill, KY USA - 01/12/01 19:58:37
sorry, but the previous e-mail address was wrong, this is right dannat@adriacom.it by
Antonella e Daniele <dannat@adriacom.it>
ttrieste, italy - 01/12/01 16:06:12
We are italian, and we have a beautifull 1,5 hears hold white boxer, her name is Chira. She is really lovely and healthy. If you want to see her you can visit her site web.tiscalinet.it/chiaranat, it's in italian bub you can see many photo. if you want you can write us an e-mail in engglish and send a photo of your white boxer. Ciao
Antonella e Daniele <dannat#adriacom.it>
Trieste, ITALY - 01/12/01 16:03:06
We recently adopted a white boxer.I was not a fan of the breed, but Bandit was being ill treated.which i can`t stand so we bought him of his previous owners.He is two years old full of energy.Just one question......are they all MAD as HATTERS !!! or is it just Bandit.Great web site keep going .
Chris Mills <Tazz7568@cmills92.fsnet.co.uk>
London, UK - 01/11/01 13:24:17
Before getting our White Boxer we did alot of research about the breed. We were hesitant to adopt a White Boxer after reading the statistics about deafness and blindness. But websites such as this one eased our worries. Muggs is now a year old and can see and hear perfectly, though I think she chooses to ignore us at times. She is the love of our lives and will be no matter what. It's White Boxers for us from now on. Thanks for a great website!
Brooke Paulson <bpaulson@mileskimball.com>
Neenah, WI USA - 01/05/01 13:57:41
We love boxers of any type. great site. (We have a brindle male in the family.)
Doug, Patty, & Jennifer* miller <doug1606@hotmail.com>
denham springs, la USA - 01/05/01 12:27:31
I have 3 full blooded dalmation puppies there great!But someone tell me can you make a dalmation into a bird dog? E-mail me and let me know!My address is the following contact me any time of the day!jerry_10616@yahoo.com
Jerry Diron <jerry_10616@yahoo.com>
DeRidder, La USA - 01/04/01 22:28:23
Our fawn female boxer had 5 puppies on Jan .3 2001 One is a pure white male. Cant wait to see his personality
Robert Lankey <Bob0828@aol.com>
Grafton, Oh USA - 01/04/01 12:26:07
we would just like to say that we think this site is excellent , informative !! we have a white boxer male called Tyson who is now 7 month old and he is our pride and joy it's like having a birthday everyday !! keep up the good work for the white boxers .
Helen & Geoff Maude <edge@maudeg.fsnet.co.uk>
Bradford, yo uk - 01/02/01 18:27:28
i am the very proud owner of a white boxer that we have named (princess seirea rashea) . everybody told me that she would probably go deaf and now she is 1 year old and can hear as good as i can . she is the pride of the neighborhood. everybody just loves her. i can honestly say that if anyone is afraid to purchaser a white boxer then take my advice. you cannot go wrong by buying one. i talked to the dogs vet and he said that there was a chance of her losing her hearing but now that she is 1 year pold she probably would not. the dog is a very sweet dog that loves attention. and believe me she gets plently of it. so in ending dont be afraid to buy a white dog they are just as loveable as any other dog and well worth the money.
lanny forbis <lanpat@kyol.net>
campbellsville, ky USA - 01/02/01 17:50:07
Love your web site. About 7 years ago my son brought home a white female boxer pup. He named her Sybil. When my son went into the service we kept Sybil. She is now of course one of the family. I have never seen a dog like her (I'm 50 years old). The boxer is an unbelievable smart breed. Sybil has always been great and loving with children. One thing we noticed was that Sybil never barks in the house, if you hear her barking you need to go see what is going on. My son and I use to wrestle with each other and Sybil would then bark. We realized that she doesn't like any kind of violence in the family, even playfully. I watch Sybil once with my 2 year old grandson. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it. My grandson got to close to the stairs but before I could get to him Sybil got between him and the stairs and bumped into him knocking him on his butt. She would not let him near the stairs. When he landed on his but he started crying and Sybil started licking the tears off his face. Once my daughter fell in the family room hurting her ankle and started crying, again Sybil was there licking the tears. I've been around dogs all my life and never seen a dog that truly has a personality like Sybil. She's loving funny and playful. If my wife sets down on the couch with me Sybil will jump up and squeeze between us. If my wife pats my hand Sybil will start licking my hand. She is playfully jealous of me. I have never seen her aggressive with anyone. Of course my family has discussed what we will do when Sybil is gone. Even thought is painful, but we know some day we will have to face it. I told my family "I will always have a female white boxer. To honor of Sybil." If you have never had a white boxer then you don't know what a loving, trusting dog is like. Their love is unconditional. All they want is to be with you.
Larry C. Zickefoose <zick@fuse.net>
Taylor Mill, KY USA - 01/01/01 21:47:49
I love this site. Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted a white boxer. Finally a year ago I got my wish. While reading the paper there was an add for a white boxer, it took a lot of coaxing and convincing for my husband but I got it. His name is Thor and he is perfect. I don't know that I will ever own another breed of dog.
Mandi Jenkins <mandi167@hotmail.com>
millington, tn USA - 12/31/00 21:38:13
Your website is really amazing. I have a 2 1/2 Red Boxer his name is Gus and he is my best friend and a loyal companion, he has a great personality and gives me hours of laughs. You do hear that White Boxers have a lot of things wrong with them and I am glad that you are supporting them as they are just as healthy as Brindle and Red Boxers.
Liz Kretschmer <tc.mj.kretschmer@talk21.co.uk>
Wales, Britain - 12/30/00 17:41:34
sandi chladni <sandidandi@excite.com>
wescosville, pa USA - 12/30/00 15:03:47
Last month we lost our beloved boxer Cody. We had adopted him at the age of 1 1/2 years. The last nine years with him were ones filled with his love and companionship. Needless to say, my husband, five sons and I felt a tremedous loss. Our other 10 year old boxer, Tasha was grieving in her own way. We were doing our best to comfort each other but realized that there was no way that we could go on without another boxer in the family. Since my female doesn't get along with other strange adult dogs, I knew that I would have to find a puppy. I sought to find a "good" boxer and so went to the AKC for a local referral. As luck would have it, no puppies avaiable...but then something came up in Massachusettes. We took the long 4 hour ride and met with the breeder. Much to our delight we recieved a phone call a few days later telling us that we were high on the list to get one. Unfortunately at the last moment, she decided against placing a pup with us because of our older female. We were quite saddened until I heard of a white male boxer puppy. I was intrigued but had heard all the rumors concerning white boxers. While I was searching the net, I came across your site. After spending a day looking and reading and viewing your slide show I decided to take a look at the pup.I took along a few of the boys with me so that we could do some puppy tests. He seemed to be a very bright and a well tempered dog. Well...... We now have a new memeber. Rocky is 13 weeks old and already weighs 17 pounds. We are shooting loads of pictures and he is enjoying meeting everyone including the cats!! I'll be sending some pictues along as soon as I can! Thank you for opening our eyes to the White Boxer! We feel especially blessed knowing that he will be a great asset to our family and to know that there are so many more like him out there. We feel lucky to be a part of a White Boxer Family!!! Irene Messina adding a new member to our family.
Irene Messina <hwknest@Yahoo.com>
Laurel Hollow, NY USA - 12/30/00 12:44:19
This website is the best. Can't believe the number of wonderful people that own white boxers. My fawn boxer Madison gave birth to 7 puppies 2 years ago. One was white and of course we kept her. Her name is Laycee. Our boxers bring so much joy to our life, they are kids with fur! Laycee was accidently hit by a car on Nov 1/2000 and suffered 2 broken legs. It was so horrible but now nearly 2 months later she is doing great! She has so much energy. Both Laycee and Madison are very loving and hate to think of ever loosing them. Boxers are the BEST, thats for sure!!
Debora Hughes <laycee@sympatico.ca>
Barrie, Canada - 12/29/00 23:27:07
I just bought a 7 week old female fawn boxer and along with our other 8 year old brindle they make a perfect couple. Boxers are the best dogs ever!
Ryan Smyth <fricknfrack91@hotmail.com>
Nobelton, ont Canada - 12/29/00 10:43:28
We had a White male boxer named Oliver, that was rescued when the breeder was going to destroy him. He was deaf, but we took him to training with a great teacher, who taught us both hand signs. He was the most loving, intelligent sweet gentle friend that we have ever had. I have had many dogs of different breeds and mixes, but Oliver was the best by far. He only lived 6 years and fell to liver cancer, but I would have another Oliver in a heartbeat, even though the heartache of loosing them is so deep. They are worth the love, because they give so much back!
Jackie Wichman <jackiejean@hotmail.com>
Lombard, Il USA - 12/28/00 17:08:42
We just adopted a white 1 year old Boxer female, named her Sadie.(well, as you know, she had to adopt us to make it work!) She is the most loving ,intelligent,sensitive and sweet pet we have owned in a lifetime. Sadie has become friends with our Pug "Jasmine", the cat "Peaches", protects our home and family, adjusted to her new name,and she has only been in the family 4 days! There is something truly special,even magical about these dogs. Thank you for providing a site where we can share stories and info on these angels. Leon.
Leon & Rabecca Taylor
Elmira, Or USA - 12/28/00 12:06:41
I love looking at all the pictures of the cute white boxers! I myself own a 1 1/2 year old white boxer, Bailey. She is spoiled rotten and loves it!
Kelly Kania <Kel683@hotmail.com>
Saginaw, MI USA - 12/20/00 10:42:32
I loved viewing all the beautiful boxers in your gallery. I also own awhite boxer, his name is Bugsy and he is eight years old. He has a house brother named Oskar who is two years old Thank You, Greg.
Greg Oberdorf <ogrego2001@yahoo.com>
Milwaukee, WI. USA - 12/16/00 06:30:07
My boyfriends family owns a white boxer named Molly Brown. We call her the Unsinkable Molly Brown because she was very sick as a young pup and has excaped death a few times. She is now 1 year old, 78 pounds, and healthy! We just love Molly. Her best friend is a beagle named Ziggy.
Karah <jazzgirl77@yahoo.com>
Grand Rapids, MI USA - 12/15/00 10:30:28
We are the proud owner of a white male boxer, Pete'who is six year old. Pete is a husky 95 pounds, but all muscle and lots of energy.Pete' was bred from our now deceased fawn male boxer , Max. We never expected a white boxer, but once we saw the three white pups in this litter of eight, we knew we had to have one, and Pete' made his appearance known right away.He has been a Godsend to us, and we know there will never be another quite like him. Although he is eight, he still thinks he is a puppy, and probably always will. We have owned boxers for many years, and are convinced they are THE GREATEST. We wish we could find someone to mate Pete' with so we can have a house full of little White ones to love. We love your site and congratualate you on the great job you do!!
Nikki & Robbie Robertson <robbienikki@aol.com>
Matoaca, VA USA - 12/13/00 01:47:10
We are the proud owner of a white male boxer, Pete'who is six year old. Pete is a husky 95 pounds, but all muscle and lots of energy.Pete' was bred from our now deceased fawn male boxer , Max. We never expected a white boxer, but once we saw the three white pups in this litter of eight, we knew we had to have one, and Pete' made his appearance known right away.He has been a Godsend to us, and we know there will never be another quite like him. Although he is eight, he still thinks he is a puppy, and probably always will. We have owned boxers for many years, and are convinced they are THE GREATEST. We wish we could find someone to mate Pete' with so we can have a house full of little White ones to love.
Nikki & Robbie Robertson <robbienikki@aol.com>
Matoaca, VA USA - 12/13/00 01:37:34
I am a proud owner of a male brindle boxer, and a female fawn boxer, who will soon be having her own litter. I am very excited to see the new pups. My boxers make our family complete as if they were our own children.
erika fairchild <erika_j@bellsouth.net>
jacksonville, fl USA - 12/12/00 20:11:56
I have a 1 year old male white boxer that I rescued from a neighbor down the street. When I found him he had a wire wrapped around his back leg cutting off all circulation. I thought he would have to have his foot removed. Luckily after about 4 months of treatment and relaxation he is back to normal. The vet said I found him in the nick of time. He is my little angel. He does not leave my sight. He is always digging out of the back yard, and he will sit on our front porche until I get home from work. I love the little guy!!
Samantha Reyes <SammyRay79@aol.com>
Houston, Tx USA - 12/08/00 15:16:19
I love my 3 boxers at home. I am currently away at school and when I go home I look forward to their sweet wet kisses and waggely butts meeting me at the door. You never know true showing of love from an animal unless you are lucky enough to have a boxer. I miss my Babies, Beki, Maggie and Frankie. Wonderful Loyal family members!!
Laura <Swiminfree@aol.com>
Tulsa, Ok USA - 12/07/00 20:58:27
I have a 7 month odd white boxer that I love to death I think your web page is wounderful and I will be back many times
Jason Zimmerman <Jmattz@aol.com>
Ranson, wv USA - 12/06/00 14:23:12
We have a 2 fawn Boxer named Clia. We are about to adopt a 11 month old deaf white female named Daisey. She already knows some signs and is learning others. We can't wait to get her.
John Beard <jabeard31@earthlink.net>
Gambrills, MD USA - 11/30/00 19:21:41
After reading through the Articals, If anyone around Visalia is looking for another white boxer please e-mail me.......
Bill Ayers <MartinBum@Yahoo.com>
Visalia, CA USA - 11/29/00 22:07:51
Our Fawn Boxer just gave birth to a litter of nine pups. We were amazed to see four white pups in the group. I had never heard of a white boxer before. The people I talked to about it told me to get rid of it or to dispose of it before it grew. I was horrified, these cute little creatures. I knew then I was definatly going to keep at least one of them even though I have a Brindle and Fawn. After reading the articals and seeing the pictures in your wen page, I know I am making the right choice....Thankyou
Bill Ayers <MartinBum@Yahoo.com>
Visalia, CA USA - 11/29/00 21:54:05
I have had the pleasure of living with Boxers for most of my 47 years. There is nothing to compare them to. My current friend found me through a rescue service
Skip Greene <Skipgre@aol.com>
Coventry , Ct USA - 11/27/00 18:38:10
I have a white boxer. It is a femail about five month's old. I got this dog and she is the light of our life. My question is are all white boxer's hard of hereing? Are they a breed of there own? Should I pick a fawn for breeding? I would like one more or a pup out of the one I have. I think white boxer's rull, but if I breed I cant keep a hole litter. I would like to have just one more boxer. Try coler or fawn If you can help e-mail me.I would like to thank you for this site.
Michael Sortore <m_sortore@hotmail.com>
Belfast, NY USA - 11/27/00 05:29:36
just purchased a white boxer 5 mo old did not know much about a white boxer husband thought i was crazy when i brought him home he he had never seen a white boxer. thanks for the info
rose wimbrow <september00@cs.com>
saucier, ms USA - 11/26/00 09:48:30
I just want to commend you on this wonderful web site. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing these beautiful white boxers. You have done such a wonderful job. Thank you for bringing us these wonderful pictures.
John Pender <jpender1@msn.com>
Mesa, Az USA - 11/25/00 11:37:59
our website is wonderful! Ilove our boxers.We have 3(2 whites and a Fawn) and I love them as much as I love them so much. their names are Dakota he is our 2year old male fawn, we have Diamond that will be a year old December 18 she is white and we have Kady which we just got last week that is 7 months old and is also White. They are such Great dogs no matter what color they are. I read that they weere addicting by one of your veaiwers and they certainly are. I don't think I will ever have another breed of dog We were recently looking for an inside dog to stay in the house, but I could not find a small dog that I really liked or that I really just could not live without.And I really feel that I could not live without our Boxers. Dakota is the most joyful dog, I have ever had. I love them so much they are so good with our baby. My husband brought home Diamond when she was just 5 weeks old. Diamond and our baby, Macey is only 3 days apart. They are so good with the Macey, They love her so much and she loves them, too! She is little, but she cries at the door when the dogs are on the porch and she is indoors.So we finally got an inside dog, Kady for our little girl's birthday and it doesn't matter what Macey does to Kady she just sits there and takes it. I am sorry to say however that we are looking for a home for Diamond She is a half sister to Dakota and we were wanting to have some puppies so if any of your viewers are interested they can contact me I really want Diamond to go to o good home and when I saw your site and read all the sweet stuff I knew that Some one would want to give our beautiful puppy a good loving home. We are going to keep her forever if we cant find a good home for her. thanks again for such a wonderful site Dedicated to the white Boxers. I think that they are just a wonderful breed.
mandy sweeton <sweetonm@k12tn.net>
morrison, tn USA - 11/21/00 15:18:21
I have a year old white boxer, Buster. He is the best pet that I could have hoped for. Your web site has great info for us and we are also looking at the boxer rescues to get another dog for Buster
Kendra Munoz <kendramunoz@email.com>
Oroville, CA USA - 11/21/00 11:01:29
I have a year old white boxer, Buster. He is the best pet that I could have hoped for. Your web site has great info for us and we are also looking at the boxer rescues to get another dog for Buster
Kendra Munoz <kendramunoz@email.com>
Oroville, CA USA - 11/21/00 11:01:18
gwen laird <glaird@kc.rr.com>
grandview, mo USA - 11/18/00 22:12:47
Thank you, your site gets better. I have a link for you to add for boxer rescue it is. www.boxer-rescue.co.uk this is where i got my boxer pedro from, and they do a brilliant job. Keep up the good work as boxers are brilliant people dogs.
Karin Willis <kazimet@hotmail.com>
London, UK - 11/18/00 12:42:13
Your webpage has provided several hours of excellent surfing. I have always had a passion for boxers and albino boxers were a myth to me. I have only seen one in my life and I was young at the time. I have never seen so many beautiful pictures of albino boxers in my life. I would appreciate it if you can send me information on how to find an albino boxer puppy. Thank you. Orlando Ochoa p.s. your webpage rocks!!!!!!!!!
Orlando Ochoa <onan215@hotmail.com>
Chicago, il USA - 11/16/00 11:32:25
Enjoyed the site very much. We are a Boxer-only family but have just had to say goodby to our beautiful white Abbie. She was 13 and we had had her since she was 10mths old. Any in UK - join the Boxer Rescue Society, my local one is Boxer Rescue Society (Southern), based in Worthing/Brighton. They do a fantastic job.
Brenda Hayden <Haydenb@uk.ibm.com>
Southampton, UK - 11/15/00 08:42:44
I love your website!!!! My husband and I have two White Boxers. Our Male, Max is 4 1/2 yrs old, and our female, Katrina, is 2 yrs old. We recently had a litter---and all 8 puppies are white!!!!! Needless to say, we have been very picky with who we let adopt our beautiful babies----I want to make sure every one of them will be just as spoiled rotten as they would have been if we were able to keep every last one of them. It is great to find a site where all the true boxer lovers can voice thier opinions. I get so many calls on the puppies where people try to say that Boxers are mean dogs that have way too many health problems, and then they try to tell me how much they "know" about the breed.......I'll be sending pictures of the whole litter and the two parents for your website!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!
Roxanne <nimaway13@juno.com>
Floresville, tx USA - 11/14/00 23:11:20
What a great site, so many white boxers to see. I have a 3 year old bitch by the name of Jazmin and who is adourable and mostly white, just a couple of red spots on the face and one on her back. I don't see too many white boxers in England maybe we still haven't learnt yet how beautiful these animals are which a a crying shame. I hope to send some picture to you all one day of my baby and i hope to see them posted on your great site JW
John Whelan <JAWChef@aol.com>
Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England - 11/13/00 10:51:16
We had the pleasure of sharing our life with a white boxer for many years. It has since been several years without a canine family friend. We now have an airedale and have decided to adopt a boxer too. We are looking for another white boxer to share our home with. Was thrilled when I found your site. Have shed a few tears remembering.
Jacqueline Bryson <jacbryson@earthlink.net>
Sharpsburg, MD USA - 11/09/00 20:08:34
I am looking into getting a Boxer this next fall and I thought I would start looking early so that is how i came upon your website. I enjoyed it very much, adn if you have any helpful little hits for adopting a Boxer, please let me know. Thank you
Hailey de Castro <HaileyD7@aol.com>
Radford, VA USA - 11/08/00 18:34:34
ive got a nine month old bitch called cassie she is mental always on the go we have to permantly keep an eye on her or she would wreck our house but having siad that we love her and would never get rid her long live boxer people
LEE DYER <C/O paulcable@lineone.net>
portsmouth, uk - 11/02/00 07:38:44
I just love your web site and thankyou. I have a white boxer, named Casper who is 4 and a half. When I first got him, he was already named and had also been mistreated. I got him at 10 weeks old, but he doesn't seem to have suffered from his early experiences. He now rules the house and has brought so much joy. Everyone said in the beginning - look he's cute but you'll have problems, he'll always be ill because of his colour. The other popular thing that was said was 'i thought they put them down for being deaf & blind'. Even the vet though Casper was deaf in the beginning, but you know boxers, selective deafness on their part! Great website, keep up the good work and the joy you bring to so many people....and a few you educate along the way!
jen <mutlely@aol.com>
nr Bristol, UK - 11/01/00 09:24:56
It's about time someone recognized the white Boxer for more than just a mistake. When my husband and I got ours a little over a year ago, we heard so many rumors about how she was albino, how she'd be sick all the time, etc. Her name is Powder. She is one year, three months old. She is white with mostly grey spots (a few fawn colored ones). She is my pride and joy and once our friends got to know her, they loved her, too. Now they'll come over just to see the dog!!!
Jess Taylor <jess2300@yahoo.com>
Livermore, IA USA - 10/27/00 16:30:55
I really love this site. I'm 13 and really fond of Boxers they are a lovely. Well done on the web page its great and i will come here again. I love all the pictures. keep up the good work luv Tasha xxx
London, England - 10/27/00 08:51:45
We are interested in getting a boxer pup, white or fawn, without papers, simply for a family pet. My husband and I have a four year old son and a two year old daughter. We have no other pets. Do you have any suggestions where to begin the search? We live in northwestern Iowa. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Keilah Burris <keilahb@hotmail.com>
Terril, IA USA - 10/25/00 11:56:55
i tried to go to your link, AKC gazette editorial about white boxers, and it showed up as error. do you have this editorial on file? i would love to know their stand on this subject. so if you could maybe just email me with the jist of it i would greatly appreciate it. i myself am in shock about the whole issue. i just read today about some breeders killing white puppies that ended up in there litters. i hate this. its just plain sick.
wendy h <littlegracie@hotmail.com>
springfield, mo USA - 10/24/00 00:12:59
very nice site, i have 2 boxers floyd is a white male aged 5 and a half years, tia is 17 weeks old brindle tiger striped with flashy white bits, they are beautiful dogs and we love them both lots they are very good in the house no chewing or mess floyd likes mud and tia likes to lie by the fire and curl u in a ball boxers are the best breed lynda
lynda blackburn <dblackburn40@hotmail.com>
sunderland, uk - 10/22/00 14:18:34
I bought a little female white Boxer pup a year ago. She has a brown patch on her left eye. Other than that she is pure white. Her name is Daisy, but we call her "Doodoo", I'll let you wonder why. She is absolutly wonderful, and does'nt seem to suffer from some of the problems that white Boxers suffer from. She is not deaf, but like my kids, suffers from "selective hearing". She is very smart and playful, and very very good with kids.
Nick Poe <NickDPoe@aol.ocm>
Springfield, MO USA - 10/22/00 12:51:05
We have just had our 14 week old male, called Bullseye diagnosed with HOD or Hypertrophic osteodystrophy. I orginially thought that this was due to him being white, but have now found out that it is a condition that effects large breed puppies, basically it is growth plate problems. I visited this website yesterday and wanted to re-assure other white boxer owners that just becuase they are white, they are not always prone to illness and ailments. We have been advised that he will grow out of this condition by the time he is 10 months old, which is when the growth plates stop being active. Bulleyes is now resting with a support bandage on his front paw and still looks adorable as ever. Our local vets have become quite attached to him over the last few days. We have been assured that he will be a wonderful, fit and happy dog when he matures into adulthood.
Denise Jordan <denisejjordan@hotmail.co.uk>
London, UK - 10/19/00 18:14:15
We have just had out 14 week old male, called Bullseye diagnosed with HOD or Hypertrophic osteodystrophy. I orginially thought that this was due to him being white, but have now found out that it is a condition that effects large breed puppies, basically it is growth plate problems. I visited this website yesterday and wanted to re-assure other white boxer owners that just becuase they are white, they are not always prone to illness and ailments. We have been advised that he will grow out of this condition by the time he is 10 months old, which is when the growth plates stop being active. Bulleyes is now resting with a support bandage on his front paw and still looks adorable as ever. Our local vets have become quite attached to him over the last few days. We have been assured that he will be a wonderful, fit and happy dog when he matures into adulthood.
Denise Jordan <denisejjordan@hotmail.co.uk>
London, UK - 10/19/00 18:12:28
ABBENDORF, GERMANY - 10/18/00 16:08:24
We have Bullseye, who is 14 weeks old. He has one red spot on his back with a few black markings on his face. We are sure that he is deaf but have not really confirmed it yet. WE also have a pure white cat who keeps Bullseye on his toes!. When we take him for his walks we are always stopped to say how beautiful he is. Unfortunately we do not have any pictures of him yet, but sure to in the very near future. He is a pleasure to have around. We love him to bits.
Denise Jordan <denisejjordan@hotmail.com>
London, England - 10/17/00 20:28:30
Hi i have a 11 month old white deaf female named Angel that i got from the rescue in my area and just want to say that its great have a white boxer. I would like to share some pics with you if you would like to see them thks tammie
Tammie Reeves <girltcker@hotmail.com>
chandler, az USA - 10/13/00 11:26:01
i have and 8 month old white boxer named gordy . he is the greatest. now we plan on getting him another boxer. Do you guys know if there are any boxers that need to be rescue in our area ?
Bo Goodwin <bgoodwin0376@aol.com>
boise, id USA - 10/12/00 17:06:08
I have a three month old white boxer male, named Harley. He is just precious. Seems to be catching on quickly to house training etc. When I bought him I had no idea what problems he might be facing in life. But I wouldn't trade him for ANYTHING. I believe he is going to be one of the best pets we have ever had. He is sweet, smart and a joy to have in our family. I felt a bit taken in by the lady that sold him to me at first, she was not up front about anything regarding white boxers. I learned of their obstacles in life from the Internet after purchasing him. But as I said before I wouldn't trade him for anything. Love my little blue eyed baby boy.
Cathy <corkite@aol.com>
Crosby, Tx USA - 10/10/00 18:25:27
We have a wonderful, loving and loyal red and white boxer called Rocky but her suffers terribly from an itchy skin complaint. We have changed his diet to a non-allergic one on the advise of the vet but it doesn't seem to have made any difference. He is really suffering and I have been backwards and forwards to the vet so many times and spent so much money on antibiotics and ear drops etc. We are getting desperate to help him now. We wondered whether anyone in the States could help us with any remedies? We also bath him with an anti-fungal shampoo as he seems to have an excess of yeast in his skin. Can you help?
Helen Kiddle <Helen_Kiddle@hotmail.com>
St Albans, UK UK - 10/08/00 11:42:56
Great Site!!!! I have a 1 yr. old male white boxer that the family loves soooo much...We names him "TYSON"!! keep up the awesome work!!!!!!!! Eddie Navas
Eddie Navas <bitesize4life@aol.com>
Lake View Terrace, Ca. USA - 10/07/00 17:57:05
What a wonderful site! You are doing a great job! Thank you for all of your efforts! I have a 2yo white boxer boy!
Christy Sanders <csanders@mcnt.com>
Burleson, TX USA - 10/06/00 16:39:50
how would i get my boxer on your site and take a look at him and his sister at www.cooje.freeserve.co.uk
Mick Mason <m.mason261@cableinet.co.uk>
england - 10/04/00 17:52:26
we have a beautiful white boxer named Rosie she is 5 years old.great web site wish there was more information from england.
phil &geraldine hill <phil.gel.hill@ntlworld.com>
hertford, UK england - 10/01/00 17:42:04
PORTSMOUTH, ENGLAND - 09/28/00 18:42:46
I have been trying to E-mail one of the entries in your Guestbook and keep getting it returned. Maybe you could help me get the right address. It was submitted by someone in Deltona, Fla. and that is really close to my area. The E-mail address that I'm trying to reach is listed as: mymimimail. Any help you could give me on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Karen <klau@cfl.rr.com>
Orange City, Fla USA - 09/25/00 14:50:11
I really love this site. I have a beautiful fawn Boxer named Brecca. She is the love of our lives. My husband never liked big dogs and we always had small pets after we were married, but my mom got me this boxer for Xmas 3 1/2 yrs ago, while my husband was up in N.J. visiting relatives and what a surprise when he came home. Now you would think that she belonged to him! My husband had a heart attack last year and is not able to work anymore, so she really keeps him company and watches out for him. I would never have anything but a boxer. We are looking for a brindle or flash fawn male to breed her with in a few months. She has such a great disposition and my kids (who are all grown) really want a puppy from her. Everyone who meets her just loves her.
Karen Lau <klau@cfl.rr.com>
Orange City, Fla USA - 09/24/00 23:02:08
I really love this site. I have a beautiful fawn Boxer named Brecca. She is the love of our lives. My husband never liked big dogs and we always had small pets after we were married, but my mom got me this boxer for Xmas 3 1/2 yrs ago, while my husband was up in N.J. visiting relatives and what a surprise when he came home. Now you would think that she belonged to him! My husband had a heart attack last year and is not able to work anymore, so she really keeps him company and watches out for him. I would never have anything but a boxer. We are looking for a brindle for flash fawn male to breed her with in a few months. She has such a great disposition and my kids (who are all grown) really want a puppy from her. Everyone who meets her just loves her.
Karen Lau <klau@cfl.rr.com>
Orange City, Fla USA - 09/24/00 22:58:55
this is my second white boxer. i had one all the years i was growing up. her name was jolly and she wore her name well. i always wanted another but was unable to find one until 4yrs. ago. he really is something
connie blake <sun373@cs.com>
sauquoit, ny USA - 09/19/00 10:43:28
I have a white boxer. I never realized that there was so many of them out there. Great photos! Great looking dogs!
dawn hefler <dhefler@hotmail.com>
streator, il USA - 09/14/00 21:15:42
Hi to all white Boxer lovers. I'm not all that when it comes to computers, but I'm trying hard to build a Dutch white Boxer homepage. I've just added some photos of my Boxer Kai. If you'd like to visit my homepage, you're more than welcome! The address is: http:/Monique.homepage.com Remind: I've just started building it, and I'm just a beginner!!! Please sign my guestbook, and add photographs or information about your white Boxer! Thanks a lot.
Monique Dubbelman <monique.dubbelman@icu.nl>
Lage Zwaluwe, NB Holland - 09/13/00 16:39:36
I am a HUGE boxer Fan and I am looking for a boxer right now. I had been very stand-offish about white boxers, but after a friend got one I have fallen in love with them. I look for all the info i can on any and all boxers. Kathy and Lori thanks for a good site, all the info is great!
Peter Lingesso <kcpj49@hotmail.com>
Mt. Laurel, nj USA - 09/12/00 09:29:42
I don't own a white boxer but I do own an English boxer shes Brindeled and very loving. I am interested though in all types of boxer and was just on to take a glance at waht we call white and Oreo boxers just to see what I might have in store puppy wise for a friend for my dog. For all those who also own Boxers may they always remain in good health. Because after all they let us live in their houses and pay the rent! -Erin Beasley
Erin Beasley <the_only_beez@htomail.com>
Jacksons Point, ON Canada - 09/09/00 11:48:43
i have got a white boxer pup and she is 14 weeks old she is great. i bring her everywhere with me. she is very playful and clever however she has a habbit of messing the house up a bit. your web site was very informative as i had never seen a white boxer before. of the litter she came out of there were 3 whites and one red and white all female and the mother was red and white. im not so sure about the father. her name is cloie and i will send you photos later. love the website.
edward o connor <eoconnor1@usa.net>
ireland - 09/07/00 19:15:46
Just bought our first white pup 2 days ago & I am in love...8 weeks old & is SO sweet & smart. Only 1 accident in the house. (We crate train) I am so pleased..she is adorable!!!
Lisa <curtisroberts1@msn.com>
TN USA - 09/06/00 16:07:56
We have in our house a wild white animal named Waylon. he is a little over a year and has been nothin but fun.he runs around the house with a mastiff named petunia, and gives her every bit a run for her money we loved your site
Marcus and Patti <mkochnj@earthlink.net>
ewing, nj USA - 09/06/00 09:56:36
I adopted Pandora, a 2 year old white boxer, in early July. She is the delight of my life, she makes me laugh and feel warm in my heart. People stop every time we go out walking to comment on her beauty. She is my regal queen! Thanks for having this great site, before I adopted Dora, it was a great asset to get an understanding of what she might be like. Best wishes!
Kelli Fritsche <kellian71@go.com>
Portland, OR USA - 09/05/00 18:12:01
My partner and I rescued a white Boxer Dog a few years ago and it is the best thing we ever did. He is a great companion and friend
nadine <nadine@itpeople.ie>
Dublin, Ireland - 09/05/00 08:17:46
My son fell in love with a tiny female boxer puppy 6 years ago. We named her Sydney. She is fabulous and one of the two best dogs I have ever known. Your site is absolutely wonderful and a GREAT service. When my life permits a puppy, it will be a white boxer. They are lovely.
Joyce Grayson <joycegrayson@hotmail.com>
Tempe, AZ USA - 09/04/00 18:13:13
I have been a cat person all of my life and have never owned a dog so I never really had any appreciation for them. When I could no longer hold my husband off from the idea of getting a dog, I finally agreed to a boxer. I drew up a two page contract and made my husband sign it before he brought her home, just to be sure that the point was clear that this was his responsibility. I sat back, along with my three cats and wanted nothing to do with this small white puppy named Roxy. I'm not quite sure when it happened but I fell in love quite hard. We couldn't have asked for a sweeter dog and I can see myself owning a white boxer for the rest of my life. My only regret is that I didn't enjoy her puppyhood as much as I should have because I was too busy pretending that I didn't like her. I wouldn't say that I am a dog lover now by any means, but I am definately a Roxy lover. She is the best!
Sandra Leba <catladyx3@yahoo.com>
Bristol, CT USA - 08/30/00 22:41:23
Having been in love w/ a neighbor's white Boxer for some time now, my boyfriend & I decided it was time to find one of our own...and find one we did! Molly (or Miss Priss, as we sometimes call her) is almost 4 months and an angel in every way (except when it comes to chewing underwear and toys that aren't hers)! Contrary to so much of what we've read & heard, Molly is NOT deaf in either ear and believe us, her vision is fine. She is the most intelligent dog either of us has ever had. Molly has changed our lives more than we ever thought possible & we look forward to getting a playmate for her whenever the time is right. But for now, she gets plenty of attention from everyone she encounters & is wonderful w/ children. We look forward to more memorable moments and hilarious antics from our little girl. I highly suggest to anyone & everyone that white Boxers are not only smart, beautiful animals, but also great, loving members of a family. Make sure they're suitable for your lifestyle though, as they do require alot of attention and love. :)
Jessie & John <jcbgirlie@aol.com>
PA USA - 08/29/00 21:58:39
Bought my first fawn in 1957 with the money I earned from my first job. Dori was my companion through those difficult teen years. This is when she wasn't pushing me down to the foot of my bed so she could have the pillow. Have had 3 others over the years and last year we became the proud parents to our first white/check, Sugar. She brought enough joy to my husband while he was going through chemotherapy and radiation for colon cancer. He became very anorexic and I swear Sugar's cuddles and kisses are what kept him alive. This past spring she became big sister to Cookie another "check" who is the sweetest and the naughtiest dog in the county. We love them both so much, I can't imagine our lives without them. In fact since we have lots of room and the human kids are gone, we're considering rescue as our life's mission.
Carol Goshorn <carolgq@earthlink.net>
Portland, OR USA - 08/25/00 00:44:21
I'm really crazy about your site; I'm visiting it almost every day now! Everytime I watch a few photographs. Here in Holland, there aren't so many white boxers. It's hard for me to exchange experiences with other white Boxer owners. I would really like to get in contact with other owners from all over the world. So please, e-mail me. My (white, male) Boxer is named Kai, he's one year and two months old now, and he's been the light of my life ever since he came to our family. He's completely white, whith a brown spot on his ear. Please contact me if you would like to know him! Monique & Kai.
Monique Dubbelman <monique.dubbelman@icu.nl>
Lage Zwaluwe, NB Holland - 08/24/00 16:47:44
In December 1999, we lost a white puppy to parvo before he was able to join our family. We adopted Oscar, our white boxer puppy in February from a wonderful family, Debbie and Ed of Tokalon Boxers in Georgia. He is a healthy, active, spoiled rotten addition to our family. At 8 months, he is 75lbs of muscle. Will eat anything not tied down! He keeps active chasing our cat, Baby and our Golden Retreiver, Ben.
The Busch Family <mact@bellatlantic.net>
Ocean Gate, NJ USA - 08/23/00 11:33:03
I love your boxer rescue pages. I'm looking for a boxer to adopt. Hope to adopt one real soon.
Angi Burk <backup_66@yahoo.com>
Port Orchard, Wa USA - 08/21/00 19:04:44
Bubba, six years old, is our first boxer but the best dog we've ever owned. We are saddened that we are about to lose him to cancer.
Martha and John Gibson <jpgibson@preferred.com>
Bristol, VA USA - 08/21/00 18:17:20
So happy to find a website dedicated to our wonderful white boxers...mine is the love of my life!
t. bolle <tbolle@altavista.com>
naples, fl USA - 08/19/00 21:48:17
Still a brilliant site, my two boys are doing well and it is the best site on the net keep up the good work all the best Karin Pod & Pedro
Karin Willis <kazimet@hotmail.com>
London, United Kingdom - 08/15/00 14:32:55
Six and a half years ago while at work, I over-heard a conversation about an 8-week-old deaf white boxer puppy destined to be destroyed. I thought I was doing a wonderful thing to offer him a home but it was the puppy (Zac) who did a wonderful thing by coming into my life. He is a remarkably intelligent, loving companion and the joy of my life. Visiting your web-ste, it was wonderful to see and read about all the other special people enjoying white boxers around the world.
Joanne Egitto <egittoj@pncs.com.au>
Perth , WA Australia - 08/15/00 00:43:44
We have a red (fawn) boxer named Angus who is four years old. My parents have had two other Boxers while i was growing up but as soon as I moved away from home i had to have my own. He was brought for me by my boyfriend, now fiancee, for my 21st Birthday. He is like a baby to us. Althogh he is four years old he is very much a puppy and enjoys a cuddle as often as possible. I have seen a few white boxers, unfortunately they are not very comon in Australia. I have made some enquiries in the city i live in and hope to be informed when the next white i born. I would love to have one as a comapanion for Angus. Anyway, I loved the pictures on this site, Bye for now, Kellie and Brett
Kellie Block <brettnkellie@austarnet.com.au>
Darwin, NT Australia - 08/12/00 23:45:39
My brother talked me into a Boxer. We got Cosmo, a "check" boxer two weeks before my brother died. He was never more right about anything when he said I would never want any other dog. One month after my brother's death, his Boxer, Dana joined him. Cosmo has been the best source of comfort not only to myself but to my entire family as we watch him grow and remember my brother.
Tracy Floyd <Tfloyd007@aol.com>
Converse, TX USA - 08/08/00 17:27:42
i have a 12 month old brindle male boxer. i got him about 6 months ago after the breeders thought that he wasn't going to be the show dog that they wanted. Kane has been the best dog that i have ever had, other than the fact that he digs. i also have a great dane and they get along really well. i didn't really like boxers to start with but now i can't get enough of them. i found this site by accident but i have to say it's the coolest site i have found yet. WELL DONE to all that were involved.
trudi filsell <holdenschic@yahoo.com>
adelaide, sa australia - 08/08/00 11:34:58
I am so glad to have found a website dedicated to the all white boxer. I didn't think there were that many out there in the world. We have an all white boxer with a few brindle spots on her ears. When we got her ears cropped I was afraid the vet would cut those spots out of her ears. He didn't. We do get a lot of comments about her. In our area of the country, white boxers aren't that popular. Her name is Sally. We love her to death. She brings such joy into our lives. We were recently in a dog class with two other white boxers. I couldn't belive it. This is my husband's second boxer. I don't think that he would ever have any other kind of dog. It is so enjoying to see her and him together. At first, I didn't think that I would like her, but I have grown to love her.
Tim & Becky <tbtormoh@fullnet.com>
Huntingburg, IN USA - 08/05/00 01:06:33
I have a Boxer dog called Suzie shes a red boxer, shes eleven years old, she love too eat but she doesn't eat some things.
Hobart, Tasmania Australia - 08/04/00 06:37:32
I found your site by accident and feel as though I've Located buried treasure.We have two boxers Maggie, a 7 year old fawn and Tucker, a 5 year old white male. With our boxers around we will never be without love and friendship!
Suzan <suxmas@hotmail.com>
crofton, md USA - 08/03/00 23:27:09
Our family welcomed a rescued white boxer into our family 1.5 years ago. He is a great addition and he is doing great he is my buddy. his name is buster and he is 4 years old and was abused as a puppy!! He was skittish at first but learned really fast that there was a ot of love and now is not scared anymore! If anyone has a chance to get a boxer they are the best dogs to have and i have had lots of other breeds.
David Dorn <mywayisok@yahoo.com>
Green Bay , wi USA - 08/01/00 23:22:16
I got my first boxer about 7 months a go. He was given to me by a friend at 1 1/2 years of age. He is a great companion, except for the fact that he is too rouph with kids. How can I calm him down?
Keith W. McCall <k.w-mccall @netaddress.com>
Corsicana, Tx USA - 08/01/00 22:17:25
We have a brindle boxer, and she is just magical, however I have always had a soft spot for the white boxers, but have never been too sure about getting one, because of their deafness. Your website has been really informative and I loved looking at all the cute little pictures. Now I just have to persuade my boyfriend to get another one!
Jessica Horvat <punkin69jessica@netscape.net>
Melbourne, V AUSTRALIA - 07/29/00 22:44:02
We are now the proud parents of a white boxer named blue. He has one blue eye. We love him we have a fawn female and now have added blue to our family he is only eight weeks old.We think he is deaf. any suggestions on training would be very helpful.
Angie <angie@strato.net>
Avon Park, FL USA - 07/29/00 16:32:50
We rescued a deaf white female boxer 5 years ago. Only 8 weeks old, somebody tried to destroy her because of her deafness.She is a complete joy to have and has a wonderful character. As a nurse I am able to bring her to work where she gives much joy and creates a lot of laughter! Even now shes watching what I am doing and has tried to lick the screen whilst I was looking in the picture gallery. We LOVE her to pieces. Its nice to read about others who share my passion for white boxers.
Mandy Weldon <LynandWelly@Rainbow71.fsnet.uk.com>
Poole, England - 07/29/00 14:33:55
We rescued a deaf white female boxer 5 years ago. Only 8 weeks old, somebody tried to destroy her because of her deafness.She is a complete joy to have and has a wonderful character. As a nurse I an able to bring her to work where she gives much joy and creates a lot of laughter! Even now shes watching what I am doing and has tried to lick the screen whilst I was looking in the picture gallery. We LOVE her to pieces. Its nice to read about others who share my passion for white boxers.
Mandy Weldon <LynandWelly@Rainbow71.fsnet.uk.com>
Poole, England - 07/29/00 14:33:23
I liked you site and I like boxers but I don't have a boxer of my own. AMANDA
amanda <lassie@mountnet.com>
Nickelsville, VA USA - 07/28/00 11:08:54
Hi! I have a Boxer named Mauhammad Ali. He isn't white but I am intrested in the white ones. I enjoyed your site. you have some really cute pix.
ashley <lassie@mounet.com>
castlewood, va USA - 07/28/00 10:57:50
I absolutely love your website! Looking at all of the pictures of these adoreable white boxers brings a smile to my face every time. My boyfriend got me a white boxer for Christmas and she is the joy of my life. Her name is Pinky (because of her little pink ears and tummy) and because she looks like Pinky from the Pinky and the Brain cartoon. She has one blue eye and one brown eye and she is deaf, but it just adds to the sweetness of her character. From the info on this page, I learned that good breeders are not supposed to sell white boxers, and my boyfriend DID pay for Pinky. I plan on reporting the breeder who sold her to us and hope that he changes his business practices. Nevertheless, I wouldn't trade Pinky for any dog in the world!!!
Pia <pdasilva@wam.umd.edu>
Upper Marlboro, MD USA - 07/24/00 14:44:07
From someone who had a solid white boxer with no problems, I can honestly say that it was one of the best experiences of my life. As soon as I am able to have the time and space that a boxer deserves I will be looking for another. They are the smartest dogs that I have ever come across. And if I am lucky enough I will be able to get a sister/brother combination. I found that they get rather lonely when by themselves and somewhat curious. So it would be better for the animals to have a playmate. As long as my bed is big enough. But I wanted to say thank you for all of the pictures and information that you had on your website. Thank you!!!!
Hollow Rock , Tn USA - 07/21/00 14:24:19
: Enjoyed visiting your site. Please come by and visit us. We have posted pictures of our Westie, Buffy, our home and family. Sign our guestbook. We are happy to exchange links with appropriate sites.
Bill Newell <bill@longdist.cjb.net>
NY, NY USA - 07/21/00 08:51:53
I just wanted to say that as a fellow epileptic, it is nice to know that there are sites like this out here.
Julia Swann
USA - 07/19/00 22:58:33
Your site is awesome. Very informational. Being a rescuer myself and with a rescue that seems to take in more white boxers and yes deaf ones too more then fawn and brindle I have become very fond of the white boxer. To me they are no different then the others. They give you same amount of love and boxer kisses as any other boxer would. Continue the great work and you will be listed in my favorits to view and for referance.
Nicole <norcalboxergal@hotmail.com>
Newman, Ca USA - 07/19/00 00:52:14
After having 3 boxers over 30 plus years my husband and I decided that when we retired we would not have another dog. Well the house seemed so lonley and quiet. So of course we changed our minds and started looking for a boxer. But not a puppy we know the energy of a boxer pup and felt this was not for us. So we searched the web until we saw Libby. She was not only cute but down right comical in the face. She also is white. We have had her for one year now and although she was rescued in very poor condition she is now a joy and a bundle of love. I feel every day she says thank you for having me. She has a great life. She has two cats to tease, a lake to swim in and goes out fishing with Pop almost every day. She likes to stand in the bow of the boat and try to catch the wind. I am thankful to the Mississippi boxer rescue for having this sweet pup to love. Remember a dog is a 12 to 15+ year investment of your time, money and energy, not a summer love affair.
Diana Curry <Dicurry>
Wedowee, AL USA - 07/16/00 10:32:09
hello, I'm a 16 yearold girl and I've allways wanted to have a white boxer of my own, after seing these pages- I just want one even more! Thanks for setting up such a wonderful homepage, beautyful pics- keep up the good work! Now, I do have some questions for you: 1. Do you think white boxers will be hard to get in about ten years? 2. Can you go to shows with white boxers, or is the color concidered as a failure? 3. What's the difference between males and females (except for the visible)..? Thanks! lots of love, Siri
Siri Ottinsen <ms_lightning_8mm@hotmail.com>
Oslo, Norway - 07/14/00 12:38:56
Thanks for a great white page.never read anythink like it before its given me hours of enjoyment.Oh by the way yes I have a 3 yeard old boxer Max white of course, and yes he he is deaf does it matter No Way hes addorable,oh must mention,his pal Minnie 1 year old Brindle, They are like twins joined at the hip. Would never be without either of them. Thanks a lot white page.
Gerry Taylor <Gerry.Taylor@Logical.com>
west midlands, united kingdon - 07/14/00 11:47:38
I joined the White Boxer e-mail group just a few months ago and enjoy it very much. Animal people, boxer people and it seems white boxer people are definitely very, very good hearted people. This Web site is fantastic! Thanks for having it.
Carole Lehr <rwcmlehr@juno.com>
St. Louis, MO USA - 07/14/00 09:49:25
Great Dane Looking for a good hone for Him.He is VEARY LOVABLE.But dose not mix well with my Horses.VERY GOOD with Children.Has Not been fixed.2 yr.old.Free to Good Home. Do not want to see the wrong person get him.Can I please get some help from a DANE rescue.Sold my house will be moving, in about 30 days.todays date is July 10,2000Thank you...:)
Darice Walker <darice@ipa.net>
Bolivar, MO USA - 07/11/00 00:58:32
We just purchased a white boxer "puffy" Puffy snow king of the Hill. He is not deaf or blind. He is one the smartest dogs that we have ever had. He listens more than our two children. He knows that his little teeth hurt so he controls himself around the children. He is the perfect Boxer. He is what the original boxers where based on and he deserves that respect. Thank you......
nena <a15@willmar.com>
grove city, mn USA - 07/10/00 14:25:01
Thank you for letting me sign your book
Angela Cunningham <Anela210@webtv.net(Angela Cunningham)>
Jackson, Tn Maison - 07/09/00 01:42:32
Great site, love your information about how important the white boxer was in the early days of the breed. I have a stunning white boxer called Muttley, who is just 1 year old. He's the star attraction wherever we go - usually because people whistle at him, supposing he is deaf - which he certainly isn't!! He's a stunning dog and has been a great millennium addition to my family. He came from Boxer Rescue here in the UK. Thanks Boxer Rescue!
Mark <markoldridge@netscapeonline.co.uk>
Swaffham, UK - 07/02/00 16:45:45
we have a white male boxer called floyd he is about 85 pound and nearly 5 year old here in the uk there are not many boxer rescue centres and as much as we want another boxer its very hard to get one from rescue over here i wish we could come to the usa and bring all the unwanted and unloved boxers home i think that they are the best breed in the world, and could never be without my dog, even tho he is very lazy he loves to sleep, and he follows the sun around to get the warmest spot to lie and sunbathe, we even put sun factor 30 on his ear tips and his speckley face so he doesent burn to all the rescue centres in the uk keep up the good work lynda
lynda <davey@blacknwhite.greatxscape.net>
sunderland, uk england - 07/02/00 15:40:48
I have a 3yo male. He is sweet and very playful. He has a fawn left eye and spots. He was solid white at birth. He's not deaf, is neutered, has had 1 cyst, allergic to long exposures in grass. Benadyrl is his only med. if it is even needed. It was terrible how I aquired him. His breeders sold him at 3wks old. The new owner kept him for a wk complained he whined and vomited all the time. He gave him to a friend, she kept him for a wk also with the same complaints. She gave him to a friend of mine who breeds Basenjis. I've always wanted a boxer. I never knew about White ones. You could hold this little guy in your palms. At 5wks he looked terrible. Slept all the time. Barely eat, but with alot of love and care, he's a whopping 80lbs of love. I'm glad I saved his life and he has given me alot of love and joy to my life.
Marcia <yotagirl@excite.com>
Richmond, Va USA - 07/01/00 17:09:45
HAUPPAUGE, NY USA - 06/29/00 11:18:08
To Lori, I read your survey and had a comment. My neaphew's fawn boxer was bread with a fawn male and just had 10 puppies. 5 of the 10 were white, 1 is all white. The vet told him this was common when breeding 2 fawns. I'm getting one of the white females. When I was a girl we had a white male, he was wonderful, the only problem was that he was deaf, which thankfully didn't seem to bother him and didn't make him skittish when you came up to him.
Chico, Ca. USA - 06/12/00 19:29:54
I have a white boxer and would like to add him to this albino boxer gathering because my boxer is very smart and like all the other boxers and has talents that i havent seen other boxers on this page yet. so please email me back. by the way i love this webpage. priscilla P>S> PLEASE EMAIL ME
Priscilla <Kittygirl45@yahoo.com>
South Boston, MA USA - 06/12/00 16:10:13
you have an EXCELLENT site! i have bookmarked it. i love boxers to bits and think they are the best dogs in the world. i especially love white boxers. i don't have my own boxer at the mo, but i hope to get own around xmas time!
melanie blane <rtbkk@ukonline.co.uk>
uk, uk bonnie scotland! - 06/11/00 09:43:41
I got my first boxer in 1986 and he was a wonderful friend. He was very protective but also very friendly and a wonderful buddy. He died of cancer at age seven on 9/4/93. He was a pretty fawn boxer. I got another fawn boxer, a female, in 1990. She was sweet but not nearly as smart as the male. Well, since having a boxer, I really didn't want any other breed of dog, but I was so broken hearted at losing Bunker, the male, at age seven, that I haven't had a dog for a few years. My family and I moved to the country and really wanted a dog. So I couldn't help myself; I got a boxer. And I'm so glad. This one is a white male and my son named him Snowman Puppy, Snowman for short. We already love him a bunch, and if he gets cancer as boxers are supposedly prone to, I think I will just find us another one! Does anyone know what the statistics are for boxers and cancer? After reading on this site, I understand heart problems are also common. If anyone has info on these health problems, I would appreciate knowing more. Also, Snowman is not deaf. He's only seven weeks old, but I'm pretty sure his hearing is fine. He has a very small black spot on the top of his head and a small mark on the edge of each ear.
jackie <squeezes4@netscape.net>
bolivar, mo USA - 06/10/00 23:32:27
we have a white boxer and after he has had a swim in the sea he comes out looking like a dalmation as he has hundreds of dark skin spots under his haithey seem to appear more when the weathers warm he doesent like puddles or dirty water, but let him in th esea and the river and he swims along and puts his head in the water hopefully soon we will be getting a female boxer
lynda <davey@blacknwhite.greatxscape.net>
sunderland, uk - 06/10/00 15:41:51
I was very happy to find a web page on white boxers and I was wondering if all white boxers get those dark spots on their bodies.
Kerri <egibbons@hrld.com>
Long Branch, N.J USA - 06/07/00 15:33:09
we just brought home(6/4) our new white boxer -male, named "Jax" and since I viewed this site a few months ago I thought I would link his page to it... Thanks for all the great info and pictures.. I hope to have lots of great pics on our site for all to visit and watch our baby grow..
Merry Graham <MagicGraham@webtv.net>
Kent, Wa USA - 06/05/00 19:22:36
we just brought home(6/4) our new white boxer -male, named "Jax" and since I viewed this site a few months ago I thought I would link his page to it... Thanks for all the great info and pictures.. I hope to have lots of great pics on our site for all to visit and watch our baby grow..
Merry Graham <MagicGraham@webtv.net>
Kent, Wa USA - 06/05/00 19:13:52
I recently got a boxer pup and I have never been so satisfied. I don't have an email address but my address is on here PLEASE!!!!!!send me something on breeding I am interested in finding a young stud for my princess. 412 771-0182 thanks!
Shannon Pezzelle
Pittsburgh, Pa USA - 05/31/00 08:39:52
carlos neto <cbrissac@yahoo.com.br>
sao luis, ma BRAZIL - 05/29/00 20:43:03
You're all freaks, and so are we! Our white boy is 4, we call him Denny because he smells like a Grand Slam Breakfast" from the Denny's restaurant. He's precious, we love him to death, he's sitting on the couch next to us right now, and we're taking turns kissing him. Does any of this sound familiar? I'm glad there are so many of us. Thanks for this site!
Helen Garner
ABQ, NM USA - 05/28/00 21:28:37
we have a 4 year old white boxer and can't imagine life with out her. She is a perfect dog...
gerry <gerry@bitstorm.net>
Deltona , Fl USA - 05/28/00 18:59:24
My wife and I have 2 boxers sharing our house at the moment. Henry a nutty male (Aged 6) and Cassie a cute deaf whitie (6 months younger). How do I add their pics to your gallery - they are amazingly cute? How can I get their pics in your gallery? Oopps neraly forgot - excellent site!!
Mike <Mike12971@aol.com>
Blackburn, UK - 05/28/00 17:50:43
My wife and I have 2 boxers sharing our house at the moment. Henry a nutty male (Aged 6) and Cassie a cute deaf whitie (6 months younger) - she is also deaf but you forget most of the time. How can I get their pics in your gallery? Oopps neraly forgot - excellent site!!
Mike <Mike12971@aol.com>
Blackburn, UK - 05/28/00 17:43:20
I love your page. I am mummie to a 20month old male white boxer called Polo, as in Polo mint. He is the light of my life. He is my first do and I always said only a boxer would do. I cannot imagine living with out him. How boring and quiet life would be. I forgive him for everything he does. When he was a puppie he was a real handfull and enjoyed a good chew at something, it didn't mater what it was, new shoes were the best. But now he is almost a grown-up i can have a laugh about it. All he has to do is look and me with those eyes and all if forgiven. I am sure you all know what I mean. I will always own a white boxer and if I had enough room I would have another right now. Everyone in my neighbourhood loves hime and the kids think he is the best. Thay come and ask to take him for a walk but I know who would be taking who for a walk. Polo certainly takes me walking, I know I m kidding myselk when I ask him if he wants ME to take HIM a walk!! Its o good to read entries from people from all over the world who loves white boxers as much as I do. Keep up the good workgirls and I hope to have a picture in the gallery soon. Polo sends his love to all the girls.xx
Sharon Ireland <d.whitecross@cableinet.co.uk>
Edinburgh, Scotland - 05/25/00 13:57:42
Love your site!I own a 3 yearold white male boxer.hes not deaf or blind.Breeders tell me that if he was fawn or brindle hed be a CH.People ask me what kind of dog he is, american bulldog,pitbull,one lady thought he was a dalmation!!!Even a few boxer owners that I run into dont know hes a boxer. I think its time the white boxer gets some respect in the dog world. maybe we should put it in a class of its own.I think its sick that some breeders still put whites to sleep,just because they dont want anyone to know that there CH. bitch is throwing white pups.I plan to breed my boy to a brindle bich in a few months.some people may not like that idea but thats there opinion. my vet looked my white over and told me that hes one of the best boxers hes ever seen.I want to see more whites in good homes were people can enjoy there unique look and personality.remember a boxer is a boxer nomatter what color,and they should be loved just the same. Thanx Erik Schweitzer
Erik Schweitzer <corrupt@prodigy.net>
buffalo, ny USA - 05/22/00 10:43:57
I love your site! We have a 9 month old white boxer named Misa. She has been a blessing to my husband and I. We have vowed to always have white boxers in our home. Thank you for your information and pictures!
Bonnie Linhares <sblinhares@cs.com>
Clermont, FL USA - 05/21/00 01:48:04
I have a 4 year old white boxer called popeye. He sleeps under my quilt with me. He is just like a baby and I love him.
Paul Cable <claire@northend24.freeserve.co.uk>
Portsmouth, England - 05/20/00 09:55:09
I have 5 white boxers,Emma 12,Arnie 8,Oscar 2,Penny 1 and Chloe 3,Chloe is rearly a brindle but she thinks she is white. Good site,well done rf@rfit.freeserve.co.uk.
Roger <rf@rfit.freeserve.co.uk>
Ramsgate, Kent U.K. - 05/19/00 14:37:04
This is a beautiful site and i too have a white boxer named "TITO" and will soon join your wonderful phot gallery, until then keep up the beautiful work...
Raul and Angelica Santillan
Dallas, TX USA - 05/18/00 22:13:46
I LOVE MY BOXERS!!!!!! I have three beautiful, affectionate funloving boxers in my family. Nikki,9yrs Harley 3yrs and our newest addition, Keimoo,2yrs. Harley is a white male and is the smartest and most loving dog I have ever encountered!Thanks guys for putting out to the world a page totaly dedicated to these white wonders of the dog community!! They realy are special! I loved my first boxer Nikki who is fawn and white so much I had to have as many as I could fit in my small home in Hawaii, And in all colors! Our newest addition is Kiemoo who is brindle! When myself,my huband and three children move to a bigger place I plan on getting more! MAHALO again for the great page! Keep up the good work!
Michelle Mays <maysg001@hawaii.rr.com>
honolulu, Hi USA - 05/16/00 04:45:56
I enjoy looking at the pictures and reading the stories of other people who have white boxers. We lost our white boxer, Abbe, several months ago to cancer. We buried her ashes in her yard where she loved to chase the squirrels and rabbits (including a stone monument). She was 11-1/2 and we miss her so much. She was the most wonderful, loving dog. We will be looking very soon for another boxer (will be our 4th -- there is no other breed!!!!). Although there will never be another Abbe, I would like to have another white female.
Doris Buchert
Lancaster, P USA - 05/12/00 08:50:51
Our family has 2 boxers: Boudreaux, fawn w/black mask - 3 yr old male, and JOLIE - white boxer w/ one blue,one brown eye - 8 month old female! We love both our boxers - but we are especially glad to have Jolie as a part of our family! (as opposed to her being put down simply for the color of her coat!) She sees and hears perfectly, and is her mama's girl! We'd all be lost without that silly, lovable girl! We would encourage anyone that believes a Boxer would be compatable with their lifestyle to adopt a white Boxer - they all deserve loving homes!
Tara Papenhausen <dogtreat@inetport.com>
Leander, TX USA - 05/11/00 14:30:54
we owned a white boxer, Dutchess for 10 wonderful years, until we had to put her down, she had epilespy. we have simply been lost without her, and are looking to adopt another white boxer, but cannot find any. anyone who knows of anyone looking to find a home for one please contact us. we miss her, she was the best. thanks karen
karen gallenberg <gl28@netwurx.net>
kewaskum, wi USA - 05/11/00 01:39:19
we have a 12 week old puppy Louise, She is perfect white with a brown right eye! Still beats the hell out of our 10 month old Brindle Sasha!!! Our first Boxers No way the last fantastic dogs!
kate <kit26uk@yahoo.com>
London, uk - 05/08/00 15:26:44
I have had 4 boxers in the past but my baby "Biff"has got to be the most loving and what a sweethart! He is a 2yr old white boxer with a brown eye,they were going to put him away? I love my "biffer" and would not let any one hurt him! Thank God I was in the right place at the right time. I can't think of life without him! Carl in MD cjlub@magnus.net
Carl Lubking <cjlub@magnus.net>
Charlestown, MD USA - 05/07/00 23:00:55
wow what can i say i found this site bt chance to nite and its brilliant my family and i are the owners of a big white male boxer called floyd he has a black nose and a wiggly nubby tail we call him aa squashy face cos hes got such a lovely boxer face he will be turning 5 year in july and we picked him when he was 3 week old he was the first pup born of a litter of 10 pups , of which there were only two white pups as he was a big baby his mam had to have a c section after delivering him we could never be without him floyd hates rain puddles, but take him by the river and hes walking along in the water with his head under the water blowing bubbles he has millions of dark skin spots and when hes had a swim in the sea he comes out looking like a dalmation the only health problem he has is he suffers from excema and itches and scratches a lot but a steroid tablet helps him to control the itch i think that one day we shall have another white boxer bye for now from floyd and myself
lynda blackburn <davey@blacknwhite.greatxscape.net>
sunderland, uk england - 05/07/00 17:57:27
I have a white female boxer name "Boo" she loves to jog with me and very protect of her mommy. She has raised money for the SPCA in our 10K run (she brought in 300.00)and has donated $60.00 to the chow that was dragged behind a car by his owner. Boo is a strong healthy white boxer and i want more. They have a poop poop face. I also had a fawn german boxer. Love this web site/ Kimberly
Kimberly Weick <crazy4x4cowgirl@hotmail.com>
San Mateo, CA USA - 04/28/00 16:29:46
I had the great joy to own a white boxer for several years. She is gone now but she was my best friend. I have owned many different breeds of dogs including other Boxers but "Cashew" was the most loving fun dog of my entire life. She brought great joy to me for many years. She was never deaf and didn't seem to have any more medical problems then any other aging dog. I adopted her when she was already 6 years old and she and I had 6 more wonderful years together. I would highly recommend a white boxer to anyone.
Penny <pjj1@hotmail.com>
Dallas, TX USA - 04/27/00 01:55:58
I own a white female boxer named "Lucky". She was one of three white puppy's and four brindle puppy's born in one litter, but the only one to survive. That's why we named her Lucky. I also own a brindle male named Bo. Lucky is 5 months old and Bo is 7 weeks old. I would never have another breed of dog after owning a boxer!
Stephanie Arndt <sarndt078@yahoo.com>
Cassville, MO USA - 04/22/00 23:50:20
Hi .... I am the proud owner of a beautiful white boxer female named Sammie . I am also a member of whiteboxer e-list . Love Hugs and Boxer Slurps , Krystal
Krystal <daddyslilgirl@hotmail.com>
Durant , ok USA - 04/22/00 23:07:58
Great site. We love boxers and have two of our own.
Lori H. <hydey@kuntrynet.com>
In USA - 04/21/00 00:08:22
My husband and I recently adopted a white boxer puppy with a fawn ear, we call her Josie. She is our little baby. We have always wanted a white boxer and finally got one. She is already so spoiled. We love her.
Robina and Tel Ranu <ranurobina@hotmail.com>
Surrey, BC CANADA - 04/17/00 12:57:16
Love the white boxers I had a fawn boxer for 10 and a half years he was a wonderful pet. He was spoiled rotten we loved him very much we really miss him what a companion also had a fawn one when I was 6 years old they are great dogs. Will have another one some day
sharon <doorider@chibardun.net>
spooner, wi USA - 04/15/00 02:37:04
I want a white boxer, but my parents won't let me have him because the think that they get sick a lot. I love them so much!!! Anyway, Thanks for having a great site just for white boxers!
Angela <angela_crazy@homail.com>
Wollongong, New South Wales Australia - 04/14/00 19:56:12
USA - 04/14/00 12:16:06
I never dreamed there would be a web site dedicated to dogs like mine. Rosie is great with my kids, and she always brings me a different present (that she finds) every day when I come home. I've never known a sweeter natured dog, but people are afraid of her because of that "bulldog" look. I just laugh and tell them she will lick them to death!
Janet Wallin <jwallin4u@juno.com>
Mars Hill, NC USA - 04/13/00 20:19:11
This site is wonderful. I have a 4yr. old white female boxer with a black patch on her right eye. She is my best friend. Thank you for creating this spectacular page.
Lidia Williams <lidiawilliams@jacobs.com>
Falmouth, MA USA - 04/13/00 19:43:49
white boxer dogs are the best dogs in the world
joan fisher <jfisher6@hotmail.com>
leicster, uk - 04/11/00 10:44:32
Hi I am so glad i found your page it was great seeing all those other white boxers just like mine. Jake is 10 Weeks old and is totally adorable i can't imagine the house without him!!
UK - 04/11/00 08:24:35
Hi! I was looking for something on the net, while I came across Your Web page. I loved it. All these pictures are just so cute. I'm also an owner of white boxer, I'm creasy about her. I'm glad that I discovered this page, now I will visit it more often.
Joanna Stankiewicz <joannas@core.com>
Chicago, IL USA - 04/10/00 23:18:52
I am the proud owner of 4 boxers, 3 white and a fawn. I appreciate the dedication you have to these beautiful dogs. Keep up the good work!!
Geri Bartleson <SirBrewtis@aol.com>
Springfield, oh USA - 04/09/00 12:02:36
Great Site. Keep up the good work!
Giles Duke, Shonan Boxer Club <duke@gol.com>
Tokyo, Japan - 04/09/00 09:44:52
I love the site and pictures. I've been in love with boxers all my life. My parents had a pair when they were missions over seas, Ducthes/Duke. We had to move to another country and island shortly after I learned to walk. The dogs had to stay, but they were always with us. Smiles and laughter are always present whenever they are mentioned or stories are told about them. So it did not surprize anyone when I brought one home last night. She's white and loving. There's more to her, but it would take forever to put it down. But if you're reading this, you'll already know how great of a friend they can be. The only thing is that I haven't named her yet, but that should be a problem. Sorry be long,but I just thrilled to share that I finially got my boxer. Take care and maybe you'll be able to see her soon on this site.
Jonathan H. Smith <rhynoheart@yahoo.com>
Easley, SC USA - 04/03/00 16:09:56
Hello, I love your site. I also have a similar site located at: http://www.crosswinds.net/~skyefearie/breeds_boxer.html Come see and sign the guestbook!
Tami Brandt <playboy_model@yahoo.com>
La Grange, MO USA - 04/02/00 19:30:50
love the web site i visit regulary own a brindle male called Pod who is 10 and i have just taken on a white male rescue dog called pedro who is about 15-18 months old just a few bad habits to break and he will be a brilliant dog just got to stop him from opening the fridge and dustbin and helping him self. mind you pod is a grass when he does something wrong pod comes to find me to say mum you want to see what he's done now not me though mum honest. keep up the good work i enjoy the site it is brill just like boxers the best karin and tom willis
karin Willis <tom@sd1mania.demon.co.uk>
Enfield, UK - 04/01/00 15:38:51
it's great to see others who care about white boxers. our two, METZ + BEAN , are the light of our lives. Both are rescue dogs, Metz having been badly mistreated before we got her and Bean coming from a fish and chip shop so a little on the fat side. They are both absolutely adorable and our lives wouldn't be the same without them. keep up the good work.
craig turner <pumpers@ic24.net>
manchester, u.k. - 04/01/00 05:15:22
Hi I am Paul great pictures, I have a beatiful white boxer myself, its from bridle father and red mother, amazing dog,six years old 44kg, very powerful and protective.I bread Rottweiller,Tosa Inu and Romanian Shepard, too.I must say,the boxer its a unic bread. Good look with your dogs! PAUL AGOPIAN - ROMANIA
Paul Agopian <agopian_p@yahoo.com>
Curtea de Arges, ROMANIA - 03/25/00 04:51:45
i am a Boxer fan...and am looking to adopt another.my boxers name is jake .he is 1yr old and the light of our life
shannon miller <sdmiller@grnco.net>
paragould, ar USA - 03/24/00 14:43:20
After reading some of the entries in this guest book it is obvious that white boxers are just "special". We have a two year old white male named Oscar, he's an amazing creature! Recently he and my female Lab took off after some deer while out with my dad and were lost in the mountains for 2 days! I would have felt no worse if someone had just taken my heart out and stomped on it. We were so fortunate, both were found and were healthy. I always tell him he is white because he is an angel disguised as a dog!!!
Claudette & James Eastridge <ceastridge@citynet.net>
Beckley, WV USA - 03/24/00 13:11:14
great pages!ihave4boxers.two brindles and of course two whites.we love them very much and our lives revolve around them.i love talking about them and showing them to people.my husband and i visit your site often.we will get their pictures in the photo gallery soon.hi to all boxer lovers.
lisa <hos7t@hotmail.com>
hillsboro, oh USA - 03/22/00 02:44:52
great pages!ihave4boxers.two brindles and of course two whites.we love them very much and our lives revolve around them.i love talking about them and showing them to people.my husband and i visit your site often.we will get their pictures in the photo gallery soon.hi to all boxer lovers.
lisa <hos7t@hotmail.com>
hillsboro, oh USA - 03/22/00 02:31:49
PHOENIX, AZ USA - 03/18/00 20:45:03
Excellent site! whilst i'm not a boxer owner or breeder, I'm very glad that there are people out there who are interested in white boxers. One only has to refer to historical photos & writings to ascertain that white, piebald & scewbald boxers were very much of the founding stock which generated your breed! My only concern with your site, lays in what I perceive as a fatal flaw in your theory in the genetics of coat colour! I believe ( with very good reason ) that the coat colour of either the sire or the dam matters very little, in that the colour of the resulting litter is totally dependant upon the coat colour ( therefore, the genetic structure ) of the dogs appearing in the ancestory of the animals that we choose to breed together! Therefore, one could quite reasonably expect to receive an entire litter of ( plain ) brindle pups, where the sire was ( plain ) black brindle & the dam was ( plain ) red. But ( & it's a VERY big but) ONLY if both parents had a predominance of ancestors who were likewise ( plain ) brindle. Should a dog & bitch of similar colour be mated together who each had, say a pure white grandfather, a TOTALLY different ratio of coat colours in the resultant pups could be expected. This would be confused further if only one such parent had a white grandfather & the other a (plain) brindle grandfather. In truth, the qualities of each outcrossed litter that we breed will be totally dependant upon many, many variables!!! To confuse the issue even further, the parents of such a litter may produce a totally different combination of coat colours ( & almost every other characteristic ) in their offspring if they are bred again at a later time. DO NOT be fooled by the show dog set. Their dogs are most definately NOT genetically superior to those owned by pet owners! A good dog will always be a good dog, regardless of pedigree. There is absolutely NO reason not to breed Black Boxers, other than that the whim or fancy of some show dog person a long time ago said that you shouldn't! similarly, the only reason not to breed White boxers, is that if either parent is carrying a defective gene, such as deafness! NEVER EVER breed from ANY animal which is genetically flawed. Well, enough of the lesson in breeding dogs, I hope that I've aroused some Once again, thanks for the great site, all the best, Kevin.
USA - 03/18/00 09:29:35
I loved your site. I had a white boxer named Maxi and I had her bred whith a brindle boxer and I kept one of her puppies and named it Tag, and had to have him put to sleep at 5 yrs old and it has been about 2yrs and I still think of him every day. He was very protective but very gentle and never bit anybody. I had to give Maxi away to a place in the country because she got a little to protective. She also a very smart dog.
Larry Schlarbaum <lschlarbaum@lisco.com>
Ottumwa , Ia USA - 03/16/00 15:35:22
After 12 and half years, we had to have our beloved boxer put to sleep on Saturday. He was red fawn and white, with the state of Idaho on his neck and a red dot where Boise would be. We had decided long ago that our next boxer would be a white boxer -- big, beautiful and very different from the love we just lost. I typed in boxers and your site was one of the first ones to appear. Funny, in a way it is comforting...
Krista Clouse <klclouse@juno.com or kclouse@nwcs.org>
Spokane, WA USA - 03/13/00 11:36:11
Woof, Great page, lots of info 2. Please visit my website if ya get a chance... http://www.members.tripod.com/fido800/
Scooter <fido800@dog.com>
USA - 03/12/00 11:01:34
You ladies have done such a wonderful job!! My boyfriend and I are picking up our first boxer in two weeks (when he turns 7 weeks old), and yes, he is white. We're so excited! I'm really glad that I have you guys to turn to if I have any questions. Many people have told me that white boxers are really rare, but now that I've seen this site, I feel as if we're one big family! Keep up the good work!
Davanelle Rabaino <batarac@hawaii.rr.com>
Honolulu, HI USA - 03/11/00 04:17:53
INDIANA, PA USA - 03/10/00 17:26:30
Cool dogs and neat web site i realy liked Morgan and blue watching tv.Any way cheery oh from hendy in Belfast N,ireland -
Dundonald Belfast, Co down Northern Ireland - 03/10/00 16:35:12
we are looking for a young white boxer male/female to adopt. we currently have a fawn 2 year old who we love to pieces. please help!
caryl brantley <cmarend@aol.com>
warrenton, va USA - 03/03/00 16:49:55
The photo gallery is really beautiful. I have added a link to your gallery at my homepage, so everybody I know can look at those crazy white ones. I own a 3 year old female boxer (white of course). Her name is Tyra.
Line Marki Norheim <linemarki@hotmail.com>
Oslo, Norway - 02/26/00 18:39:58
Hello from NZ Just about to purchase our first boxer
Malcolm & Laura Nickson <Malcolm@netsource.co.nz>
Waitara, New Zealand - 02/25/00 04:45:54
You ladies have done an excellent job in representing white boxers and boxers in general. My boyfriend and I own a white boxer puppy who is 9 months old, and he is just the joy of my life! Havoc is the smartest, most well behaved puppy I have ever owned, and that's not just a mother's bias, although I AM biased! From day one, he never has to be told anything twice, and walked on the leash without pulling, and without being taught how. Although, he IS an underwear theif, we don't mind, and pretty much let him do whatever he wants,within reason. We hope to be able to bring him to a Boxer Bash sometime and let him meet some of his compadres! I can't wait to get his picture out there to show what a beautiful baby we have. And we are always looking to rescue any white boxers that are in danger of heartless people putting them to sleep, too, so any e-mails can be sent to jaime_g_99@yahoo.com. Thanks!
Jaime Grant <jaime_g_99@yahoo.com>
Tacoma, WA USA - 02/22/00 19:13:46
You girls did a GREAT job on this web page. I used to have a white boxer named Victor and when I got married and moved to TX I found a loving home to take care of my baby, which I miss dearly, but I know it was the best, since we didnt have a place to keep him yet. The little girl's whos family adopted, was scared of him at first, but now he sleeps in her bed. And the renamed him Walter. I still would like to own another one or two or three...:)
Stephanie <harrisburgirl_1967@yahoo.com>
Gladewater, TX USA - 02/22/00 00:40:29
i have a sister named lori
L <Bitty@shol.com>
somerset, pa USA - 02/19/00 17:26:44
Thankyou for the most interesting site, we run a boxer rescue kennel{NORTH TEXAS BOXER RESCUE} and also have boxers as pets. We have had one litter of our own,Flashy fawn stud to flashy fawn female and produced 7 healthy pups 2 of which were white. We love the white boxer! period I remember saying to my husband during her labor, I hope she has at least 1 white pup. We were lucky and had 2. Now I come to a question the breeding of white boxers any more info from your vast resourses would be much help. Thankyou again, any help I can be of to both of you just ask.
Juliet Wyrick <coney@flash.net>
joshua , TX USA - 02/15/00 20:13:21
I've just found your website and I'm thrilled to find so many Boxer lovers out there. We have Three Boxers, Oscar, Clancy and Molly, a tan, brindle, and white, the white is Molly. She is thee most affectionate dog I've ever had, she is very smart, way ahead of the other two, and litterally talks to us, it's at a point now where we have to spell the words( going out otherwise we would have a stampede on our hands. All three are like a family within a family, they have they own rules, and very different personalties. We alway's get a wonderful welcome when we come home, even if you just left the house for five minutes, and best of all, if you have had a bad day at work, you soon forget it when you walk in that door. Molly is so precious to us, she has the other two wrapped around her finger, as well as us. Oscar is going to be 11 this year, Clancy will be 8, and Molly 6. All three bring us so much joy, especially our Molly. I can't believe we have found so many people out there with the same interests as us, BOXER'S. We would love to make new friends, and exchange boxer stories. Thank you for your wonderful website.
Stella Scanlan <garstell@tir.com>
Charlevoix, MI USA - 02/15/00 11:32:45
I have two boxers Ike and Mayme that I love dearly. I will forever have boxers in my home. I agree that they are a wonderful breed. And for this breed the AKC has developed a standard. I don't have to tell you what the AKC standard says about white boxers. While white boxers possess the wonderful personality of the breed, they do not possess the qualities (color) that have been set forth by the AKC. White boxers also suffer from and pass on to any unfortunate offspring a significantly higher incidence of health problems that responsible breeders strive at great length to avoid. The saddest defect associated with white boxers as you know is deafness,,,how sad it must be that your beloved boxer is unable to hear the laughter of the children that they love ,,,,,think about it,,,please
regina beggs <beggs@hcis.net>
metropolis, Illinois USA - 02/14/00 21:37:54
Thankyou for such informative "White Boxer" pages. I found your website last year, when I started investigating breeds of dogs, and esp. boxers. Four months ago, we adopted our first dog, through Boxer Rescue, in Western Canada. We now have "Spotty" the most wonderful boxer we could ever have imagined. He has added so much to our lives, and we love him to bits already, and could not imagine our lives without him, now! We will scan some photos of him, and have them sent to the ring where I saw so many other great doggie pics. He is a real gentleman indoors, and a fantastic "lap-dog"-generous with visitors and extremely gentle and forgiving with visiting children. We couldn't have asked for a more wonderful "first" dog! Now I guess that I am a confirmed "boxer lover" and can't wait to get a place where we can have more than one! Thankyou for your efforts to make people and dogs fit together. Boxers are the best! Susan.
Susan <deglows@home.com>
Surrey, BC Canada - 02/13/00 20:45:24
Hello, I submitted photos and biographical information for Elmer a few weeks ago, and wondered if it was rec'd. Thanks! Jonathan
Jonathan and Mayu <kc7fys@pro-ns.net; kc7fys@yahoo.com>
Saint Paul, MN USA - 02/12/00 13:12:40
I just gave a boxer puppy to my girlfriend, who already has a boxer. This is my seventh boxer in my life, I will have no other breed. But this one is 75% white. The vet told us that white's are unpopular. But he is such a good little guy. I appreciate this site, as I have just gotten some great information.
Glen Spence <glenspence@yahoo.com>
Cooper City, Fl USA - 02/09/00 06:58:56
I must say I was pleasantly surprised to come across this site. I have a 4 year old white boxer, Ivory is her name. The city where I live does not have alot of white boxers (about 4 that i've seen). So there was not alot of information people could give me re: her unique breed. Ivory is very special, her temperment is excellent as is her personality. Of all the dog's I have owned in my lifetime, she is the most special. A great headturner on the beaches too with men. She's a real looker, helps with my single life. This is great that I can go into this site, and ask questions re: her health ect. Thanks so much for starting this site, keep up the great work! Tammy & Ivory
Tammy Raybould <traybould@home.com>
Peterborough, On Canada - 02/07/00 11:50:16
We have a wonderful white boxer named Keesha. She is 3 years old. We would love to hear from anyone who would likt to breed their male. We have tried unsuccessfully a few times(cant find a good male). She has an amazing temperment, as most white boxers do, and would love another like her. Please contact us at mlucier@execulink.com.
Clint and Marie Lucier <mlucier@execulink.com>
Brantford, canada - 02/06/00 13:05:42
We have a two years old boxer called Casper. He is wery friendly and allmost never barks. Here in Norway the white boxer is very seldom, cause the boxerclub here not allowe the white.......silly i think. Sorry about my english, it is not very good. I vould love to get some e-mail from others who like white boxers.
Bente Talg <tageo.@online.no>
Sarpsborg, Norway - 02/05/00 17:51:35
I visited your page about a dog named Blue. Just wanted you to know that it brought a tear to my eyes. Not because of the story, but you see......I was the other half of Blue's family. Zeus is my dog, and he and Blue used to play just like Donna said. I miss my boy Blue. To see him on here was one of the best things that has ever happened to me on the internet. Everything Donna said is true, he has an unbelieveable amount of energy. Thank you so much for bringing him back into my life.
Wayne R Gonzales <waygon111@aol.com>
Millville, NJ USA - 02/05/00 00:40:26
Our intro to the boxer world was through a beautiful white boxer girl named Tia. She was too bright a light for this world apparently, because she was only here a short time, but she is forever missed. May we see her again some day.
Lara Schallig & Mike Massey
Auburn, WA USA - 02/04/00 11:28:00
LYNNE ROE <lyneroe@webtv.net>
HILLSBORO, OH USA - 02/04/00 02:29:00
We have a white boxer named "Oscar" - he's one year old, and such a sweet dog. Thank you for dedicating this website to white boxers! They are so special...
Lori Handy <handyl@calbt.com>
South Pasadena, CA USA - 02/03/00 17:47:02
Marc and I got Nalaa from a pet hospital that got her and her brother(a colored boxer) from an overwhelmed family who just had their 6th child. They were locked in a basement and neglected, and then brought in to be euthanized. The hospital decided that they couldn't put them down, so they adopted them out. Originally I called about the male but he was adopted out and a couple days later they called about Nalaa. I believe it was fate because we almost adopted another dog the day before their call. We have a 6 month old son who is smitten with her and she with him. We also have a miniature dachshund named Guinness who just wants to play. we've had her less than 24 hrs and already she's a huge part of our family!!! But she snores! And has the tendency to drink too much water and if not confined will pee on the floor or carpet. The vet says it's psycological, does anyone have a similar story? Please e-mail us with any info.
Amy & Marc Pinard <pinm@eudoramail.com>
Windsor, On Canada - 02/03/00 09:16:23
I love boxers can't bet them I lost my white boxer Rocky Jan 1999 he would have been 17 years old in the may, i also have a brindle boxer called POD who is ten years old. once you have had one boxer your hooked for life their like no other dog more human in fact pod thinks he is, brilliant site keep up the good work i vist the site quite often and just admire the work that has been put in to it. hello all boxer fans. thank you for everything kaz
karin Willis <tom@sd1mania.demon.co.uk>
London, UK - 02/01/00 13:37:04
I think it is great that there is a page dedicated to white boxers. I have found your page very informative because both my Mum, Maureen and myself thought our white boxer, Frank, was just a little strange as he thinks he is a lap dog, and likes to go to bed with us amongst many other strange habits. Great Work!!!
Jo Toon <loonytoon2000@go.com>
West Midlands, U.K - 02/01/00 09:11:01
I think it is great that there is a page dedicated to white boxers. I have found your page very informative because both my Mum, Maureen and myself thought our white boxer, Frank, was just a little strange as he thinks he is a lap dog, and likes to go to bed with us amongst many other strange habits. Great Work!!!
Jo Toon <loonytoon2000>
West Midlands, U.K - 02/01/00 09:09:58
I enjoyed seeing all your pictures and reading about how well your white boxers have blended with your family. :-) Continue the good work!
HI USA - 01/30/00 22:47:58
I never knew there was a website 4 wht/boxers,my daughter had a school project on an animal/since we own a white boxer she chose it as her subject.Thank you for all the info. and pictures,I'm sure she'll get an A+.
Lee Gifford <Gilda143@aol.com>
wareham, MA USA - 01/30/00 13:42:39
BUFFALO, NY USA - 01/29/00 19:18:48
Hi i am the very proud owner of a white boxer by the name of Chasney she is such a joy and i love her dearly,i don't think i will ever own anything but a white boxer they really are wonderful!
Rebecca <sweetp2001@webtv.net>
raymond, nh USA - 01/27/00 09:33:02
Hi, I am the PROUD owner of 2 white boxers...I will always have a white boxer--Scout & Disney are the very best. Thanks for dedicating a site to the Great White Boxer. I'll visit it often. :o)
Karen <kmd13@msn.com>
Rohnert Park, Ca USA - 01/25/00 22:51:20
I am 11 years old and am very interested in boxer dogs. I have a dog now, she is a cocker spaniel/pug mix, but she is getting old and I have decided that when the time comes for another dog, I want a boxer. I am trying to use the internet to learn about this breed of dogs. Thank you for sharing your dogs with me!
Alec <mister_alec@hotmail.com>
Memphis, TN USA - 01/25/00 21:47:02
I am happy to see someone who took the time to show how special white boxer's are. I have grown up my whole life around dogs, but none have compared to Moxie, our white boxer. He is always faithful and loving. We saved him from the family he was with, and I feel that he holds a specail place in his heart for us because of what we did for him
Justin Blanchette <Justin5811@aol.com>
Camp pendleton, ca USA - 01/24/00 21:20:42
I am happy to see someone who took the time to show how special white boxer's are. I have grown up my whole life around dogs, but none have compared to Moxie, our white boxer. He is always faithful and loving. We saved him from the family he was with, and I feel that he holds a specail place in his haert for us because of what we did for him
Justin Blanchette <Justin5811@aol.com>
Camp pendleton, ca USA - 01/24/00 21:20:21
I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know how many people there are out there who have a special place for white boxers. My first experience of being a dog mom was with a white boxer. He changed my life forever. I am currently looking for a new puppy. of course I only want a white boxer. nothing else will do. This will be the fourth one for me. Thank you for sharing all your stories and getting then word out. I love white boxers!
Monica <madspot@worldnet.att.net>
San Pedro, ca USA - 01/23/00 13:56:14
We currently own a 15month old white boxer called Mumble. She got this name as we reckoned that if she could talk, due to her big chops, she would probably Mumble. She is the love of our lives and we are looking to get another white later on in the year. It's great to see pictures of so many other whites and all looking so beautiful. We will soon be adding Mumble to the picture gallery so watch out for her and tell us what you think.
Tracy Burns <tracyr55@yahoo.com>
Glenrothes, Scotland - 01/22/00 05:59:14
This is a really great site. I got your address from the boxerlist and you have done a really good job!
Veronica <veronicaharris@netspace.net.au>
Vic Australia - 01/22/00 03:45:38
Daezee is my first boxer let alone my first white boxer. She has made me fall in love with the breed and I don't think I will ever be owned by anything but a boxer.
Valerie Evans <shmills@gtn.net>
London, Ont Canada - 01/20/00 19:51:31
As the proud owner of a gorgeous 14 month old white boxer called Billy, I loved the pages. The pictures were great, and the comments were Billy to a T!!!!!!
Jackie <jackie@atkins45.fsnet.co.uk>
Northwich, Cheshire UK - 01/20/00 08:51:24
Hi! I read your posting on the pet listings on Excite.com and just wanted to say I think it's great that you speak out. I have many pets myself and adore each of them. I've never owned a boxer, but was somewhat familiar with the situation regarding white boxers. Keep up the good work!
S. Jill O'Roark <jill_oroark@mindspring.com>
Spotsylvania, VA USA - 01/18/00 11:57:34
we had a litter of 7 marvelous pups from our female brindle boxer in november 1998 im the litter of 4 boys and 3 girls was apure white male pup that stood out from the crowd ,and not just because he had a different coat he was very gentle towards the other pups very contented,he was moms little helper. we kept that little pup and he is now a big strong boy loved by everyone and well worthy of the name we gave him.MOBY and his family wishes all boxer friends a happy new millenium
tony and franka van lin <tonyfranka.vanlin@sympatico.ca>
london, canada - 01/15/00 23:04:02
I have a 10 year old white Boxer named Mr. Griffin. I adopted him 5 years ago when his mom went overseas. He is a wonderful companion, and continues to surprise me every day! I have not been able to obtain information on white Boxers until I came across this website - thanks so much!!!
Terry Clark <terryc@ziplink.net>
Manchester, NH USA - 01/15/00 13:07:43
I have a 6 year old white Boxer. Her name is miss darlynn darby doo. I love her dearly. It is great to see that other people love them also.
Tammi Kemp <MissD001@webtv.net>
Eugene, or USA - 01/15/00 01:32:14
Found this web site some time ago and viewed all 114 pictures. They are all wonderful. We lost our white puppy to parvo before he ever had a chance to come home. Looking for another white male puppy to love. We didn't realize there were so many white's out there, as they are so hard to find. A special thanks to Kathy for her kind thoughts on our loss. Barbara, Mike, Jaime & Shannon
The Busch Family <mact@bellatlantic.ne>
Ocean Gate, NJ USA - 01/14/00 15:54:33
I had the opportunity to rescue a 8 week old white boxer from being but down. Toby is now 5 months old and my shadow. He is my best friend, and I love him. Thank you for the great site
Christina <sunflwrs24@aol.com>
ny USA - 01/13/00 23:35:29
What a wonderful site you have. We own a white boxer puppy - Zoe, she is eight weeks old, deaf and utterly adorable. She has arrived with her sister - Shelley, a red and white who is equally adorable.
Dave and Michelle May <daisymay@ouvip.com>
Plymouth, England - 01/13/00 19:16:12
I am 32 years old and am on my 2nd white boxer. I am convinced that there is no better dog in the whole world. He gets so much attention in the neighborhood that I think everyone would love to have him.
Vince Isgro <visgro@etc.atinc.com>
Mystic, CT USA - 01/13/00 10:21:38
We own two white boxer's bought in India in 1994. Gypsy and Bruno. They are my babies! We are from Denver, CO so Bruno and Gypsy are very well traveled dog's. We had never owned Boxer's before and this has been a wonderful experience. Thanks for this page:)
Liz McGarry <liz_mgarry@hotmail.com>
Turramurra North, NSW Australia - 01/12/00 16:49:19
I have had our white boxer for 9 years. His name is Hoss. He has been a major part of our life and such a pleasure. I recently adopted a fawn boxer (2 years old) from the pound in our area. She seems more aggressive than Hoss but I hope they begin to get use to one another. Thanks for the website, its more than enjoyable!!!
Angela Babin <amb1kmb@gateway.net>
Duplessis, LA USA - 01/10/00 19:45:27
My boyfriend owns a brindle boxer which he prides because its parents were "show" dogs. I don't think that matters in a dog -- its the temperament and the match berween dg and owner that makes a dog a pet. My own 3 dogs (a pug, a pug mix and a white husky) are all adopted through a rescue service and have the sweetest personalities!
Roseann <Rosewoodb@yahoo.co,>
Greensboro, NC USA - 01/09/00 20:46:13
I don't condone the intentional breeding of White Boxers to try to make flashy or other white Boxers (due to the possibility of increasing the potential health risks), but as it always seems to be, when you like something (like white Boxers) somebody makes rules to ensure they are never able to enter the show ring. To me, a Boxer with more than 30% white is better looking than some of the other colors. Right now I own a plain female fawn with show ring potential, but my next Boxer WILL be atleast 50% white.
Pearl City, HI USA - 01/06/00 16:00:43
I can't believe there are so many white boxers just like mine. I've only seen two other white boxers. Reading these stories, was like reading my own baby's biography. It does my heart good to see so many people enjoying the same wonderful gift I have recieved in my Maddux. Boxers are truly special gifts from GOD! Thank you for a spectacular page!
Melissa <tramonte2000@yahoo.com>
Lafayette, LA USA - 01/04/00 05:59:27
i love the boxer
timcollins <trdc@bellsouth.net>
pathfork, ky USA - 01/02/00 21:04:12
Itoo have a white boxer.I may want to find a female to breed him with,when he is mature.
Kelly Vansteenburg <DEVILDAWGOO1@webtv.net>
PENDLTON, S.C USA - 01/02/00 12:06:13
We just got a baby all-white Boxer and named him Pharoh. We are very pleased to find a site like this honoring such a wonderful dog. Keep up the good work.....
Ray & Tahonie Freeman <rayfreem@aol.com>
Ft. Worth, TX USA - 12/30/99 13:26:57
I have always wanted a White Boxer. As a child I was around one, and loved it, but it wasn't mine. Now at age 51, and after many dogs, I was blessed with the most precious white boxer. She was given to me in March, she was abused. And we all know how loving a boxer truely is. She and I instantly bonded. And PEARL is a very special girl. I can't wait to get home from work everyday to spend time with her. I truely enjoyed your web page and will continue to read and join your email list. I was really surprised when I typed white boxer dogs and fould this great site. THANK YOU!!
Sharon Oglesbee <shar4u@main-net.com>
Urbana, Oh USA - 12/21/99 21:05:03
I have always wanted a White Boxer. As a child I was around one, and loved it, but it wasn't mine. Now at age 51, and after many dog, I was bless with the most precious white boxer. She was given to me in March, she was abused. And we all know how loving a boxer truely is. She and and instantly bonded. And PEARL a very special girl. I can't wait to get home from work everyday to spend time with her. I truely enjoyed your web page and will continue to read and join you email list. I was really surprised when I typed white boxer dogs and would this great site. THANK YOU!!
Sharon Oglesbee <shar4u@main-net.com>
Urbana, Oh USA - 12/21/99 21:00:23
GREAT SITE!! These white angels are truly amazing!! We have been blessed with a beautiful fawn boxer named Morgan, AKA Stinky. She has been the best thing that has ever happened to our family! We've had her for 3 (rescued from Mexico at 5 weeks old). Now we've decided to get another boxer. We just recently found out about white boxers, and are VERY interested in getting one. Can anyone give us information on how to go about this? We would really prefer a puppy, as we have kids, and all kids love puppies. However, I'm not sure if there are any white boxer puppies that need rescuing - as everyone loves puppies. Any information would be helpful. We live in Southern California. Thanks!!
Georgia <georgia.holden@trompeter.com>
Westlake Village, CA USA - 12/09/99 14:45:43
WOW!! Was I surprised to see all the White Boxers. I didn't realize there were so many out there. I myself have a White Boxer. Her name is Britany and she is 5 yrs. old. We also have a male (fawn) he is 3. They are such wonderful,loving dogs.
Linda <pzerf@phc.igs.net>
Port Hope, Canada - 12/08/99 01:06:01
Congratulations on this page!! i had my first boxer (Sony) when i was 6 years old. I'm now 19 and have three boxers, one of them is white and deaf (he's called Albinoni). Still, he's the best dog i've ever had. he looks after me and has a lot of personality. I will send you his picture as soon as possible! congratulations on this wonderful page!
Sara Gebhart <sgebhart@hotmail.com>
USA - 12/06/99 02:09:08
JOHNSTON, RI USA - 12/05/99 17:09:31
So happy to find this site. We are on our fourth boxer and know it is the best breed ever! Our first was a fawn boxer we named Pumpkin Pie Delight. She lived to be 10 years old. She died of a cancerous tumor to her left front leg. Our second boxer was a beautiful brindle we named Chicago "Bull" Jordan. He was unbelieveably sensitive to his environment and could sense when "Daddys" car was on the way home. He passed away this past April at the age of six with a brain disorder. We are very luck to have his daughter, Lil Bit of Bull with us now. She is 5 years old. She was the runt of the litter hence the name "lil Bit". She also is a beautiful brindle. She is tiny but can run like the wind. Her faithful companion is Bubba T. Bass. He is our white boxer of three years. Bubba is quite a lover. He has a fawn circle around each eye. You cannot resist his beautiful face. Bubba has been plagued with health problems every since he was a puppy. He had surgery on a back leg. It had to do with a growth bone. He is now facing medication every day for thyroid, has an arithmia of his heart and one epileptic seizure that we have witnessed. He is the love of our life and has a stub of a tale that NEVER quits wagging. Thanks for the opportunity to brag about our boxers. Lynne
Lynne <BubbasMom1@Compuserve.com>
IL USA - 12/05/99 15:41:05
What a cool site. I Have a boxer, she is called Daisy. She is not white, But we love her anyway.
Lorne Bell <LorneB3@excite.com>
Masset , BC Canada - 12/05/99 14:03:43
This is an amazing website. I have two fawn boxers. Sadie, female, who is 4 and Tucker, male, who is 3. They had a litter a year ago and had one white puppy. He was so cute. He now lives with my brother-in-laws parents who spoil him rotten. These are the first 2 boxers I have ever owned and I do not know what I would do without them. They are wonderful dogs with extraordinary personalities. They are so smart and so lovable. I read your lost and stolen articles. It is so sad. I feel for those owners. I almost had my Sadie stolen out of my front yard. The man was headed for her as I stepped out to bring her in. Luckily, my husband is a police officer and was on duty that night. I called him and gave the man's description and vehicle type. He found the man, although no charges were given, I believe that the man was thoroughly surprised by this. I really enjoyed this website and will probably continue to come back to it.
Shanna <nettle@pointecom.net>
Brenham, TX USA - 12/03/99 22:14:09
I myself own a Flashy Fawn by the name of Tiana. She will be four years old this upcoming February. I have been trying to breed her the last two times she came into season. I just surfed in because I originally wanted a white or reverse brindle boxer.Breeders told me they were rare and were charging upwards of $700.I have had an affection for Boxers since I was a kid and I don't think that will ever leave me.
Randall Jones <rbj@treasure.sannet.gov>
San Diego, ca USA - 12/02/99 16:37:51
I own a fawn , but my friend has his sister and she is a beautiful "petey" dog. Their momma was a white and daddy a brindle. They had a litter of 6 and 4 were white. I think the whites are sweet! I thought I'd just surf on in.
Erika <emc@pwrtc.com>
Winamac, IN USA - 12/01/99 22:08:12
What a great site. We have never been without a boxer and never plan to be. We have a solid white female named CZ (cubic zirconia), 7 y/o and very solid. She can break out of any dog crate ever invented, but is the gentlest and most trustworthy dog I have ever known.
Sue Mary <guinn@qzip.net>
TX USA - 12/01/99 16:59:09
My sister and brother-in-law have a new addition in their household as of 2 months ago. Her name is Daisy, and she is the sweetest white boxer. She has a small brindle spot on her forehead that looks like a potatoe and the cutest little mouth with white whiskers. I have some pictures I'd like to e-mail you to put in the photo gallery. Could you provide your e-mail address?
Patty Hoover <patricia.hoover@mail.va.gov>
Columbia, MD USA - 11/30/99 13:34:45
I own three male Boxers. One fawn and two whites. My white Babies are the most adorable and sweetest things I have ever had. I always had Boxers growing up and will never be without one. Now I will never be without at least one white one. I am hoping that some day they will be recognized by the American Kennel Club and possibly be allowed in the show ring. After all the 1st boxers in history were white. Lets not shut them out. They are GORGEOUS! Keep up the great work and Thanks!
Simone Jennings <boxer@nac.net>
Vernon, NJ USA - 11/28/99 21:06:10
What a cool page! We have Lincoln a 2 year old white boxer who is looking for a girlfriend to adopt. Lincoln loves his cats, is a great neighbor and buddy to our whole family.
kate <kgiangio>
Baldwinsville, ny USA - 11/26/99 12:28:21
I do not have a white boxer. Our Zoe is fawn, but I plan on adopting another before too long and am considering a white male. I think this page is great and I am glad that white boxers are finally getting the respect they deserve.
stacey <justingatchb@aol.com>
asheville, nc USA - 11/25/99 01:14:06
Thank you very much for your insightful page. I was a bit disguntled when I read that the white boxer was undesirable and subject to disease....but I love my little Joker and could not bear to take him back. The breeder did not bother to tell me the story behind the whites.....Keep up the great work. Kevin aka Harley
Kevin <Harleyflhr@yahoo.com>
Carlsbsd, NM USA - 11/21/99 20:27:26
We just adopted out first white boxer. We adopted her thorough the Rochester/Maine Boxer Rescue. Heidi is nothing short of perfect After our 10 year old Dobie passed away a few months ago we weren't sure on what rescue group we would go for. Boxers have always intrigued me, well we made the perfect choice. The main criteria was that she HAD to get along with cats I also do rescue work and have 12 of my own. Heidi doesn't know what else to do to please us, that tail is always "wiggle,wiggle". She now has 5 acres to run on, and a family who will give her all the love and respect she deserves. Thank you. Grace,Steve, Heidi and the 12 meows
grace pullen <pullen@warwick.net>
warwick, ny USA - 11/17/99 18:00:01
I am so impressed by all of this White Boxer fuss! I just decided to get my first puppy ever and thought that a Boxer was a perfect choice. When I found out that their was a white one in the litter- I couldn't resist.Never before had I heard of the possible health problems, but now it doesn't matter - my little BABY and I are inseperable!
Laura K. Ruble <laal@email.unc.edu>
Chapel Hill, NC USA - 11/14/99 01:09:34
My parents's dog, Dolly, just today (11-11-99) had her first litter of puppies and one happened to be a white boxer. My mom had promised us one of the dogs, and we think that the white boxer is pretty neat, so we told her that we would take it and give it a nice home. We live on a farm so our puppy will get to have many adventures (that is when it is not inside with us!). We have been told that white boxers are undesirable as far as the AKC is concerned, but we don't care-a white boxer is something special to us! We really enjoyed this website, it was pretty cool.
Eric & Jacque Burris <jdejburris@carrollsweb.com>
Emporia, KS USA - 11/11/99 22:14:53
I am going on my third boxer. I had a beautiful male, fawn, Codi. He was 9 1/2 yrs old when he suffered from a stroke. His quality of life began to deteriate and I was left to make a very hard decision. I also have a 10 1/2 yr old female, fawn, named Sasha. After putting Codi into boxer heaven, our home was terribly empty and lonely. I soon set out to find us a new puppy and since one boxer is never enough, I knew we had to find another. I had no idea how cute baby whites could be.... We don't have alot of them around. I found an incredibly nice boxer breeder in Kamloops, B.C. She said she had a white male, with only a black nose. I did see a couple of photos, but he would be so different and I thought I'd give Sasha a neat, new friend. Well, my new baby arrived by plane to Winnipeg, at 8 wks old. He weighed 10 lbs. Boy was he cute. Sasha wasn't quite sure what her mommy had done, but soon discovered how to play with him. I named him "HARLEY". I see there is another boxer here with the same name. Harley is now 7 mths old, lots of spots under his fur, still has his blk nose, but is growing like crazy. He weighs in at about 55 lbs. and is very tall. His attitude and personality remind so much of my old boy "Codi". I still amazes me to watch him since everybody knows - boxers are one of a kind. I will send photos when I figure out how? I have sent some before but more info was required. Will try and update my file so you can all see another addition to the White BOxer Family. The "wiggle-but" thing just cracks me up! It's like they have a battery pack in their bums (ha!ha!). There are so many wonderful things boxers can do for us. So keep rescuing those gorgeous puppies, and even the older boxers are a fantastic member of your home...(and you don't have to go through the mental, funny, but somewhat destructive stages of puppyhood). Thank you boxer people for discovering one of the best dog breeds ever!!!!!
Tracy McKay <nailtrix@hotmail.com>
Winnipeg, MB Canada - 11/04/99 11:54:32
"Rosie" is now a member of our two boxer family. She joins fawn sister Jazz. They have only been together 10 days, but are now inseparable. Jazz thinks Rosie is her baby. Rosie is only 9 months old and suffers from a little mange but is so loving and sweet. Jazz taught her the "potty" routine and now I'm happy to say that she has not had one accident in the house!. Bless all you have adopted the "All Flash" version of boxerdom!
Dee Menzies <dmenzies@uidaho.edu>
Moscow, ID USA - 11/01/99 18:22:34
"Rosie" is now a member of our two boxer family. She joins fawn sister Jazz. They have only been together 10 days, but are now inseparable. Jazz thinks Rosie is her baby. Rosie is only 9 months old and suffers from a little mange but is so loving and sweet. Jazz taught her the "potty" routine and now I'm happy to say that she has not had one accident in the house!. Bless all you have adopted the "All Flash" version of boxerdom!
Dee Menzies <dmenzies@uidaho.edu>
Moscow, ID USA - 11/01/99 18:22:03
I just love your White Pages. You do a great job with the pictures. I don't own a white boxer but work with Florida Boxer Rescue and have fostered these cute babies. It doesn't matter what color they are, they are all Boxers. Thanks for your great site.
Anita Hundley <ahundley@bellsouth.net>
Titusville, FL USA - 10/31/99 19:55:37
This is wonderful! A place where I can go to express all the love I have for my beautiful "Nola" and find others who also share the same about their "babies". Nola is a wonderful 2 almost 3 year old white boxer. My son who was 18 got her as a puppy from a friend. Well, he more or less, left him in mom and dads care while he conquered his world. Being a cat person, I was not thrilled at first, but she has overtaken our lives. To make a long story short, she is now our "baby girl". I didn't realize there were so many people out there who feel the same about "white boxers" as we do. I thought perhaps that we were a little squirrely because our son had grown up and we were childless. I guess I was wrong! They certainly have a personality all of their own and one that cannot be surpassed. Such loveable animals, who are so smart. Enough for now....I have so much to share but will come later. Thank you.
Linda Britch <lbritch@together.net>
Sheldon, VT USA - 10/29/99 19:17:58
My husband and I adopted our white boxer from the local animal shelter in 1996. She had been very sick with salmon poisoning. Her previous owners never came to get her from the vet, so the vet's office brought her to the shelter when she was well. I happened to be working at the shelter when the vet brought her in and the rest is history. She's the love of my life (don't tell my husband!). When we adopted Dottie, she'd recently had a litter of puppies. First item on the check list was to get her spayed. I'm a firm believer in spaying and neutering! Next on the list was a new name, but we never had the heart to change her name since she'd been through so much change already. So she's still Dottie, but is affectionately known as Dot-Dot, Spottie Dog, Pooky, Smoosh Face and Poo. Two years later, we adopted our second boxer, a fawn male who we named Gage because we picked him up from the shelter the day after we got engaged. He's ten years old, but still acts like a puppy except when he wants a boost onto the bed or when arthur gets the best of him. We're truly blessed to have these dogs in our lives. They're personalities and emotions are as diverse as our own. Dottie and Gage would love to meet other boxers in our area. Play date anyone?
Lynn <lbailey2@cancer.org>
Salem, OOR USA - 10/27/99 19:23:06
We have two white boxers, Cosheen, a neutered male we got from the local animal shelter and Duffy, a female puppy we got from a local breeder. Neither is deaf and they are completely "normal" (ha!ha!) boxers. We used to have a brindle female who died of lymph gland cancer.
Mark,Carol & Kyle Runyon <marunyon@msn.com>
Englewood, fl USA - 10/26/99 23:12:55
Didn't know this web site existed. Wonderful. We are on our 3rd white boxer, with a brindle & fawn in between. Princess is 8 yrs. old going on 2. Fun all the time - we are really boxer people - would have nothing but.
Lorraine Rice <drtracfn@lincoln.midcoast.com>
Bristol, ME USA - 10/22/99 18:52:17
Your site is one of the better that I have seen. It is funny that people that own boxers all have the same veiws/feeling towards their dogs.We have had 2 boxers. One passed on a few years ago. He was our first. We got him from a person who could no longer look after him. He was such a character. When he passed on we got another. We got levi from a puppy and he is the best. I do not get to see him much at the moment but when I go home he is all over me.. That is such a good feeling..... With Boxers you certainly have a friend for life.....regardless
Glenn Moors <GSM118@HOTMAIL.COM>
AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - 10/14/99 02:08:06
previous Rocko/Leon entry has error in e-mail address.SORRY! I am obviously new to this... If interested in contacting, this is the correct e-mail.
mimi <mymimimail>
deltona, fl USA - 10/12/99 00:09:42
Wow! I can hardly see past my tears. My heart is with all of you who have lost your special ones. Our two boys,Rocko a beefy brindle 2yrs and Leon almost 2yrs a lean fawn (same dad)have brought so much to our family.They must be experianced to be believed. Leon has an incredible 4ft verticle leap (no kidding!!)and can sing like you've never heard. They are like night and day. Rocko loves to swim in our pool and Leon feels swimming is very over rated. Although if you turn on the hose Leon is the only one in line,Rocko wants no part of it. A crazy daisy is a blast for your puppies. They can play around it for hours. We would love to breed the boys locally with the right girls of coarse. I could only imagine what life would be like with three boxers. But how could we breed our babies without getting a little girl Rocko or Leon out of the deal. We never imagined these guys would bring soooooooooo much love into our home. If I ever learn how to send pictures I certainly will. Thanks so much for this space. And again to all of you who have loved and lost, you are in our hearts and on our minds.
mimi <mymimimaim@aol.com>
deltona, fl USA - 10/11/99 23:25:55
I aquired my first boxer Chance, when he was 2 months old. He is all white with one brindle thumb print. He is now 3yrs old. We adopted Jenny, a brindle two months ago. I just love boxers, what a personality they have. Having one was always fun, but now I've doubled my pleasure.
Leslie Young <dearman@uswest.net>
Shelton, WA USA - 10/11/99 00:02:34
I adopted two white boxers (brother and sister) from a rescue organization in Cincinnati in April of 1997. I named them Maude and Otis...they are the coolest dogs ever and the center of my world. I am interested in possibly adopting another, talking to other boxer obsessed people as well as finding any white boxer merchandise.
Betsy Mezas <bmezas@columbus.rr.com>
Columbus, OH USA - 10/10/99 13:26:29
We recently adopted a white boxer on 10/5/99. Her name is Daisy.
Mary Beth Shatrowsky <dwsmbs@starpower.net>
Laurel, MD USA - 10/10/99 12:16:09
We recently adopted a white boxer on 10/5/99. Her name
Mary Beth Shatrowsky <dwsmbs@starpower.net>
Laurel, MD USA - 10/10/99 12:15:04
We are owned by a beautiful brindle female! She is spoiled rotten, but is very well behaved. It is sad to see so many boxers, especially white ones, in need of loving homes. I noticed that most of the dogs needing homes are in the States. In Canada, it is almost impossible to find boxers because they are in such high demand. We are very fond of the breed and would love to give our baby a little brother! Please email us and let us know if anyone in our area has a boxer needing a home. Thank you!
Troy & Jaime <troyjaime@email.com>
Brandon, MB Canada - 10/09/99 14:45:02
We own a white deaf boxer named Molly. She is the most wonderful dog in the whole world. I can't imagine my home without her. She may be deaf but she is NO different from any other dog. It is just a little harder to get her attention at times. But we love her...and wouldn't trade her for anything!
Debbie Markiewicz <dlewis40@aol.com>
Houston, TX USA - 10/08/99 17:15:25
Boxers are not animals, there more like humans. Anyone who has ever owned a boxer knows. They are the best!
Susan Turner <sjt42360>
Coral Springs, Fl USA - 10/04/99 18:51:01
I have a beautiful white boxer.His name is Chance and we were very lucky to find him. We would love to find him a buddy. If you know of any available please let me know.
Corinna <coriph@webtv.net>
tx USA - 10/04/99 18:17:23
Love your site, heard of it from Zuki's owner. I am too in the rescue field, but it is for the Great Dane. Please visit my site http://www.angelfire.com/ak3/GreatDane/ Keep up the good work and good luck! Gabi
Gabi aka La_dane <guyngabi@jesup.net>
Ga USA - 10/04/99 16:16:12
Thank you for the information.I wondered what happened to some white boxers.I am happy to hear that a lot are saved.
LORI-ANN OPPEN <loron@telusplanet.net>
BROOKS, AB CANADA - 10/02/99 12:44:23
I have a wonderful white boxer named Gracie. She is a beautiful dog and I can't image why some would consider her undesirable because of her color. I am glad this website exists so everyone is informed about white boxers. Thank You!!!
Michelle Nucci
Rochester, MI USA - 09/30/99 10:45:31
We are about to adopt a white boxer this weekend. We will visit on Sunday with our other boxer, and if all works, out we'll be taking her home. This site was great fun to see pictures and get some information. Thanks.
cindy <lavoiec@aol.com>
Bethlehem, CT USA - 09/26/99 21:17:48
I have seen your sight before, but recently got my own computer, so i'm back. My sister's boxer is on here (ringo). he's a doll. I also have a boxer, fawn, looking forward to seeing her on here eventually.
carla <BGbassgirl@aol.com>
new albany, IN USA - 09/26/99 17:44:21
Hello! We had a brindle boxer and lost him about three years ago. We just purchased a male white boxer and named him Thor. I don't know alot about white boxers so I am hoping that this site can help me and my family. He is only five weeks old, so we haven't brought him home yet, but can't wait to!!!!
Denise Carpenter <Sdesc@aol.com>
New Lebanon, OH USA - 09/25/99 18:11:40
I found your site a few months back but somehow missed the guestbook! I have submitted my white boxer's pictures and profile to you for addition to your page. I hope you add him to your site. I had never owned a boxer until I got my Otis. Now, I can't imagine life without him!!! I had a Maltese for 15 years until I had to have him put down due to congestive heart failure. I didn't think that I would ever have a dog that could be the companion that Ruckus was. But then, I found Otis! What a joy he is! He is truely one of a kind!
Kim Stillabower <juggas_girl@yahoo.com>
Rock Hill, SC USA - 09/25/99 15:11:23
ten years ago i had a white boxer in the uk and missed her heaps we have just had a litter in aus and now we have a little boy (white) called kimba. I saw so many whites that reminded me of misty on your web page i got a tear in my eye.when i came to aus i did not feel sad about leaving my folks But i did about leaving my dog!
Mark &Jodie <munsters@gil.com.au>
brisbane, Australia - 09/22/99 03:33:10
hello, i just wanted to let you know that i think that white boxers are really great infact all boxers are great. you have to own a boxer to really know what i mean. my wife grew up with boxers and this is my first and they neat.i got to your web page from a 4h dog group, they have a great web page. we are at canis-major@iname.com. if some one is looking for a home for a young white boxer we are looking for another one. the one we have now is just about 4 years old and his name is Max. we live in washington state and will drive a ways to see one. thanks again marty,sue& max
marty houser <Marty@rainiersupply.com>
tumwater, wa USA - 09/20/99 16:02:44
I owned a beatiful white named LADY.. But it has been 3 years since I had to put her to sleep....She came home to us in Oct. 1996, and slipped away from me quickly..I am looking to adopt another , if anyone has info or a puppy to adopt in FL. please e-mail me....
chris fralix <cfralix@aol.com>
kissimmee, fl USA - 09/16/99 10:35:02
We laughed and cried looking at all the Boxer pictures. We miss our beloved 11 year old Fawn Daisy who passed away 3 weeks ago. Seeing the picture brought back many memories. Thank you!
Laura,Mark,Isaiah & Abe <laura.reinhart@worldnet.att.net>
Pittsford, NY USA - 09/15/99 13:19:15
I have a 1 1/2 year old wite female that I just adore. I am very interested in learning more about the breed.
Shannon Warzecha <zeke208@netzero.net>
Redford, MI USA - 09/11/99 09:29:30
I absolutely love this site! I did the white boxer survey several months ago. Joel and I love our boxers. We have a fawn boxer/mastiff cross, a brindle female, and a white male. Macy, Lilly, and Buzz. All are fixed (very important to us!) and wonderful companions. I do not have a favorite, however one of my horses, Sunny, and Buzz (the white male, who is also deaf) have pal'd up since day one of meeting each other. We rescued Buzz, and Sunny around the same time, maybe they knew! Anyway the two take turnes chasing each other around Sunny;s paddock, they even sleep in the round bale of hay together. Sometimes we have trouble coaxing Buzz in to the house in the evenings, Joel says it's because he like to play keep away, I think it's because he doesn't want to leave his equine companion. I love my boxers, and I'm glad that there are organizations like yours dedicated to helping them. Cheryl, Joel, Buzz, Macy, and Lilly. ( and the three horses)
Cheryl Zak <www.my6arunsal.com>
Temple, TX USA - 09/06/99 10:28:59
I love your site. Harley is a five month old brindle boxer.He is papered , and i hope to someday use him for breeding. See ya!
Briana and Harley <hannahdoodledog@hotmail.com>
grangevillle, id USA - 08/30/99 19:43:12
I love your pictures of these wonderful white boxers!! I shared my life with my beautiful girl named Nala. I started out to be her foster Mom for our local rescue group but couldn't let her go after I helped her back to health. I've had her for 2 years now, we've even survived a bad car accident together, and I can't imagine her not being a part of my life. I sometime call her my ''wanna-be dalmation" because of all the black pigmentation spots on her skin that you can see through her hair. she has a black circle and brindle patch around her left eye and a brindle patch on her right hip. her personality can light up a room!:)!
Kathy Myers <katebt19@aol.com>
USA - 08/29/99 21:15:40
We loved finding this website!! We had never even seen a white boxer until the family pet had sired pups. My husbands parents reserved our boy for us until we returned from Germany 2 yrs ago. Drove from TX to GA to get him!! "Divot" is 2 1/2 yrs old, all white w/a fawn spot on his head. Husband loves golf, hence the name!!! our family wouldn't be complete w/out him!! Would like to know how to get his pic in the photo gallery. Don't have a color scanner? Maybe a mailing address?? Thanks and keep up the good work!!! Bless all the White Angels!!!!
Marty & Dona Stone <threestones5@hotmail.com>
El Paso, TX USA - 08/27/99 19:48:00
Great Page. I am currently working on Shiloh's background and pictures. Will have them to you soon.
Brent Roynon <broynon2@aol.com>
Findlay, OH USA - 08/24/99 00:41:05
My husband and I adored our white boxer Brandy. We miss her soooo.. We hope that with the boxer resque we can find another like Brandy. Many friends said that she was more well behaved than their children. We adore the boxer white pages it gives us a new hope. THANK-U-
Wanda Fahser <tenacityk@hotmail.com>
PT. ST. Lucie, FL USA - 08/17/99 21:30:43
This is a wonderful website!! I knew nothing about white boxers until we adopted Red. He is so mild mannered and happy just to with us. I can't imagine anyone ever killing these beautiful animals just because their color is unacceptable. I'm happy to know that there are so many people around that feel the same way I do.
Carol Clark <asccsc@cs.com>
Ft. Myers, FL USA - 08/15/99 09:58:07
We are so happy to find a page dedicated to White Boxers! Our Boxer, Bailey, is a new addition to our family. With the help of a wonderful vet in Rockwall, TX, we rescued her and we love her very much! She's everything, and more, than we ever hoped for! Keep up the good work!
Kelli & Russ Angell <russangell@aol.com>
Edmond, OK USA - 08/09/99 23:12:37
Help! Does anyone know of a breeder who has white boxer puppies for sale? I've looked all over the web and haven't had much luck. This beautiful website is all I needed to fall in love. Thanks for your guidance.
Diana Rivera <drivera@pattonboggs.com>
dallas, tx USA - 08/09/99 20:05:39
Excellent page, I really enjoyed the images of all those beautiful boxers. I have a question directed to Miami residents, Does anyone know of an area where I can take my boxer for a swim, particularly a beach that is safe,clean and allows pets?
A. Steiselboin <ASteiselboin@Bdo.Com>
Miami, fl USA - 08/09/99 15:35:00
Are there any books that describe the white boxers. I have 3 of them.
Elenor Stenzel <ebstenzel@aol.com>
San Diego, CA USA - 08/02/99 13:31:47
Great to see all the interest in white boxers. Frankie is still going strong, nearly 5 years old and built like a tank. He has his own web site at: - http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~noble Please visit, you will be amused.
John Noble <noble@globalnet.co.uk>
Isle of Skye, UK - 08/01/99 03:57:24
I have a white female that we were lucky enough to rescue from a breeder in Germany.. Yuba is the smartest boxer I have ever owned and I have had Boxers all of my life. She is not the family pet... She is one of the children until my husband leaves the house, then she becomes the security patrol.... Great Love and interaction on her part have caused us to be partial... The breed is one of the most protective yet gental anyone could ever come across. Becky
The Texas Teninty's (Ken & Becky) <chcherbs@ix.netcom.com>
San Antonio, TX USA - 07/26/99 12:30:01
We just received a Boxer that is almost 3 years old. He is all white except for a brown patch around his eye. I really appreciated everything your site had to offer. You are one of a kind. Thanks for supplying me the info I needed.
Jaime <jaime@quietcharm.com>
St. Thomas, ON Canada - 07/21/99 13:11:57
KEN & LESLIE KOZMENIUK <wngmevans@aisl.bc.ca>
POWELL RIVER, B.C. CANADA - 07/19/99 15:18:50
We have a 4 yr old white boxer named Hoover who is the king of the house. We have had 2 boxers previous to him, a female and male fawn but had always wanted a white boxer. With our female, Sugar Ray, two litters were produced and each litter had 2 white boxers and we never had a problem finding a loving family for these beautiful pups. After our male boxer, Sam Diego, decided he wanted to find greener pastures all my husband could think about was a white boxer. So after 6mos of searching and even going so far as considering a 300mile roundtrip to look at white puppies we found Hoover right around the corner. He received his name after continually vacuuming everything he could find on the floor with those loose boxer lips. He has the best personality of all the dogs we have ever owned and in fact a neighbor remarked Hoover has more dog friends visiting than most humans. It was a great suprise to find this website and will soon try to submit some photos to the gallery.
Peggy Black <pblack@oag.com>
Glen Ellyn, IL USA - 07/16/99 18:33:58
I am so glad I found this web site. Our female gave birth 4 weeks ago to 5 puppies: 2 pure white (boy & girl), 1 fawn w/ white markings (girl), and 2 white w/ fawn eye patches (boy and girl). Both parents are fawn w/ white markings. This was her second litter. The first litter was all fawn w/ white (3 girls & 1 boy.) If anyone is interested please contact me.
Sandi & Adrian Garcia <state1@IX.netcom.com>
Edgewater, NJ USA - 07/16/99 16:04:27
WONDERFUL SITE!!!! I have a two year old white boxer my family and I love him to death! He is very good with my two children and very protective. I think every family should own a boxer.
Kesha <krich_98@yahoo.com>
IN USA - 07/12/99 12:16:18
I am thrilled. I had no idea white boxers existed until 2 years ago. I had grown up with a boxer. Ginger died at 13 years of heart attack. I loved that dog so much and always wanted another boxer. Unfortuantely, we weren't in a position to buy a boxer. My husband asked me one day if I wanted a boxer, I, of course, said YES, but we can't afford one right now. He said, "it's free." I immediately asked what is wrong with it. Tom said, "she is a white female, and she is deaf." First off, never heard of a white boxer. To make a long story short, we went to see the pup. She was 3 months old and the minute I saw her, I knew I was going home with her deaf or not, this was my dog. I really don't believe "Babe" is deaf. I think she has selective hearing. She won't hear me call her to come in the house, but she will hear me if I ask her if she wants a treat, even at a whisper. Babe is now 2 1/2. She does have bad allergies, however. Is this a common thing with whites? We almost lost her once due to an allergy to beef flavoring, or rather the treatment. I immediately took her to the vet, they gave her prednisone and epinphrine for the hives. About ten minutes later, Babe laid down on the floor at the Vet's and her heart stopped. I didn't think I would be going home with my dog that day, however, thanks to the vet, oxygen, and a heart-starting medication, my Babe lives. I still get teary thinking of that day. We recently had to have our cat put down, whom Babe loved to pieces. It's only been a week, but Babe is very depressed, walks around looking for her. She breaks my heart. LONG LIVE WHITE BOXERS!
Bobbie Madigan <Madigan38@hotmail.com>
Billings, MT USA - 07/07/99 19:36:15
I am thrilled. I had no idea white boxers existed until 2 years ago. I had grown up with a boxer. Ginger died at 13 years of heart attack. I loved that dog so much and always wanted another boxer. Unfortuantely, we weren't in a position to buy a boxer. My husband asked me one day if I wanted a boxyer, I, of course, said YES, but we can't afford one right now. He said, "it's free." I immediately asked what is wrong with it. Tom said, "she is a white female, and she is deaf." First off, never heard of a white boxyer. To make a long story short, we went to see the pup. She was 3 months old and the minute I saw her, I knew I was going home with her deaf or not, this was my dog. I really don't believe "Babe" is deaf. I think she has selective hearing. She won't hear me call her to come in the house, but she will hear me if I ask her if she wants a treat, even at a whisper. Babe is now 2 1/2. She does have bad allergies, however. Is this a common thing with whites? We almost lost her once due to an allergy to beef flavoring, or rather the treatment. I immediately took her to the vet, they gave her prednisone and epinphrine for the hives. About ten minutes later, Babe laid down on the floor at the Vet's and her heart stopped. I didn't think I would be going home with my dog that day, however, thanks to the vet, oxygen, and a heart-starting medication, my Babe lives. I still get teary thinking of that day. We recently had to have our cat put down, whom Babe loved to pieces. It's only been a week, but Babe is very depressed, walks around looking for her. She breaks my heart. LONG LIVE WHITE BOXERS!
Bobbie Madigan <Madigan38@hotmail.com>
Billings, MT USA - 07/07/99 19:29:42
What a great web site!!! We have owned a white boxer for about 4 years now. His name is Tatanka wich is american indian for buffalo, he is our "Great White Buffalo". Keep up this outstanding page. God bless you.
Kevin Morriss <HeckKoch@aol.com>
Douglasville, GA USA - 07/02/99 00:26:51
I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS WEBSITE? I just got a white boxer puppy. His name is Duelie and he is 10 weeks old and the cooleest dog I have ever had. He has alot of brown & black spots on his skin & one BIG black spot on his nose. His health is perfect. He had a Vet check, no blindness or deafness. Unfortunately I Know people who are telling me how stupid I am!!! I think they have that backwords. I own a Grooming shop and Duelie is my partner & my biggest draw. He's a man magnet too!!! Thanks again for this page and I hope to speak to someone soon Cathy Tidwell
Cathy Tidwell <Jtidwell@inficad.com>
Phoenix, Az USA - 06/28/99 09:08:39
I too love the white boxer. At this time I have three, two females and one male. I have had 5 previous white boxers. Love them to death. One of my females is deaf but responds to hand signals. She is 10 years old and has never been healthier. I have had boxers all my life, fawns and brindles some which I have shown and finished. My first boxer 48 years ago was a white so I always have a least a couple whites. This breed is the best. I truly love to look at the gallery and see all those beautiful babies. Keep up the great work and all of you white boxer lovers give them all a big hug and a kiss. Unfortunately they aren't with us long enough.
Zeda <zedac@msn.com>
Porter, TX USA - 06/27/99 23:44:13
I had absolutely no interest in boxers at all until my husband begged for a white male. I don't believe there is a more intelligent, more absolutely loving breed in the world! People don't understand how much a part of our family this dog is!
Claudette Eastridge <claudette.eastridge@masseycoal.com>
Beckley, WV USA - 06/26/99 10:04:54
We have 2 boxers. A 7 month old white male and a 3-1/2 year old brindle female. They are the love of our lives. I never thought I would let a dog lick my face, sleep in my bed, eat from my hand, chew on my toes or slobber on my furniture. But who could resist those beautiful boxer eyes? Your web page is fabulous! The pictures are adorable, and whenever I get frustrated with my boxers, I read the poetry and memorials dedicated to our best friends that are no longer here and I realize how lucky I am to have my "Best Friends" here with me. I have recommended your site to many boxer owners, and to people who are interested in the breed. As we all know, the more you know about our bouncing wiggly buddies, the better! Thanks again, and remember, a house is not a home without a Boxer.....or two!
Karla & Dan <Cleoboxer@aol.com>
Englewood, OH USA - 06/25/99 23:12:31
Liked your site very much! The dedication pages did bring a few tears though. I will return for more visites thanks for the effort put in to this site and sharing it with us. We've dedicated a site to our lost friend Rocky at HTTP://angelfire.com/la/boxer he was a very special soul to us. Fellow Boxer Lovers George & Susan
George <doc@buffalocity.net>
Jamestown, ND USA - 06/25/99 23:01:01
Liked your site very much! The dedication pages did bring a few tears though. I will return for more visites thanks for the effort put in to this site and sharing it with us.
George <doc@buffalocity.net>
Jamestown, ND USA - 06/25/99 22:58:32
Enjoyed reading all of the emails and seeing your site. I grew up with boxers, but had not had one as an adult. My son is a dog rescuer. He brought home our first boxer, a beautiful brindle named Chief. Chief was 3 years old when we got him. He was going to be put down because he family could not keep him. We have had him 5 years. He underwent cancer surgery in February and so far all is well. Two and 2/1 years ago my son brought home an 8 month old deaf white boxer. She is all white over the first year she developed dark spots are her skin like Chief has in his white patches. She has very dark eyes. Since she acted like a princess, it has become her name. She is sweet and loving but plays a little rough (not her fault learned behavior from the human males). She barks and whines and just recently has started to growl. She gets quite upset when things change visually. She has learned a number of hand signals. We had quite a problem with her escaping (the last time she returned in the back of the police car). An electric fence and the removal of an australian sheppard seem to have solved the problem. I love my boxer wiggle butts and hope to have them a long time.
Jean Cole <jwysiwyg@pacbell.net>
Rocklin, CA USA - 06/25/99 19:11:30
This is a wonderful website. I am going to have my friend scan some pics that I have of Neige, which is my white boxer. Neige stands for "snow" in French. She is a beautiful happy boxer. Thanks......ty
Ty Moorhead <tym@us.ibm.com>
Bedford, TX USA - 06/24/99 11:41:54
I have a 4 month old white boxer. Her name is Cricket. She is a handfull!! She has one light blue eye and one dark blue eye almost black. She is healthy and can hear and see fine. She does have a very bad!! vaccine reaction to all vaccine. Is this comman? I would love to here if you know about any whtie boxer rescue groups in Texas? I work at an animal hospital and we could use some info. I would also love to help. Any advice on potty training? Im having a real hard time with Cricket. Thank for the website I will be logging on daily. Thanks Mary
Mary Peters <mnmpeters.earthlink.net>
Leander, Tx USA - 06/21/99 19:21:51
I don't have a white boxer but we do have a fawn colored boxer. She is the most adorable dog we could've ever asked for. Boxers are truly the greatest dogs for everyone.But, I want to try to convince my Mom to get us another boxer puppy..and looking at the white boxers makes me want to get one of the white puppies!
Heather <JiggieLadY@aol.com>
New York, NY USA - 06/19/99 21:19:27
Hi. My name is Bente and I live in Stavanger, on the west coast of Norway. I am a member of the Norwegian snowboxer clob, and we would like to come in contact with other clubs around the world that includes white boxers. I have searched the web for adresses and other information on how to come in contact with other clubs, but it's not as easy at it sounds. There are never any adresses mentioned. So when I found this page I thougth this could be my "rescue". I would like to thank you for these pages!! They are very good!!! And they give out good information to all the snowboxer owners around the world. And maybe this page can help me get in contact with other snowboxers and their owners. Our club was founded last year, and even if Norway is a "small" country, wefound that there was a great need for a club for these white dogs in Norway. Our members share information and help eachoter with problems and illnesses regaring thir loved dogs. We would be very greatful for any information anyone can give us, and if you would like to share your views ans opinions with us. And / or if anyone could tell us how to get in contact with other clubs around the world. Please don't hessitate to contact us. Thank you again for a great page. Keep up the good work for our four-legged friends. Best Regards Bente Lura
Bente Lura <bl@astrup.no>
Stavanger, NORWAY - 06/17/99 08:39:43
I was thrilled to find your website - Thank You! We have 2 boxers -- my husband grew up with the breed, but these are my first dogs ever. I'm spoiled for life now - nothing but boxers will ever do. My beautiful, healthy white female boxer is named Holly - she'll be 6 in August. No health problems & hears everything just fine. She and her 3 year old half-brother Bacchus are total wiggle-butts and of course, are the joy of our home. Keep up the GREAT WORK!
Wendy Dunlop <wably@hotmail.com>
Ardmore, PA USA - 06/15/99 00:05:00
we breed boxers and always have at least one or two white ones. we kept a male white boy out of the first litter, his name is mickey. boxers are the best
joyce mager <Be mager>
chicora, pa USA - 06/14/99 15:19:21
Was great to find this site. Our white boxer is now 7 months old. Her name is Sydney. She has a few white spots and also some small brown ones but is mainly white. She also has beautiful pale blue eyes that look almost human. I found her dirty and malnourished in a horrible little pet shop in China Town, Kuala Lumpur. They were trying to sell her as a rare Himalayan Boxer and were asking a fortune. I went away but couldn't stop thinking about her so went back the next day and paid probably three times too much for her. I later found out that this pet shop would dispose of unsold puppies once they got too big to be cute, to the RESTUARANT next door!!!!!!! However, she proved to be worth every cent, two weeks ago, she was outside, playing with my children, when I heard her start to bark and growl. It was obvious something was wrong as she usually never makes a sound unless there is a unwelcome visitor or cat around. I rushed outside and found her barking furiously at a 4 foot snake that had entered the garden. The children had gone over to have a closer look and Sydney, sensing danger was determined to stop them, she had placed herself between them and the snake and every time the children tried to move towards the snake, she would bark and snarl at them. She was watching the snake over her shoulder and if it moved she would bark at it!! I got her and the children inside, gave the kids a firm snake lecture and Sydney a huge piece of topside steak. I firmly believe that while buying and loving her may have saved her life, she had definitlley saved at least one of my childrens lives. I don't know if the snake was poisonous, but neither did she and it didn't stop her from protecting the family she loved. No amount of money can buy that kind of loyalty!!!
Jill Worrell <worrells@pd.jaring.my>
Ampang, Selangor Malaysia - 06/14/99 11:53:33
My boyfriend and I got our white boxer Max from a breeder when he was four months old. He is a year now and we love him so much more everyday! Unfortunatly he has been sick since we got him last October and at one point we thought he wasn't going to make it. He is getting better now and he is now just starting his puppy stage. He loves fetching his stuffed animals and he loves to lick us. When he gets frustrated or he wants something he can't have he talks to himself. He is directionally deaf and we think that he doesn't now how to bark (because he never has). He is so funny and he does something to amuse us everyday. I wanted to let you know that I am so glad you have this web site so we can ask questions and contact other boxer owners.
Jennifer Borawski
USA - 06/11/99 14:25:05
I was told about this page by a co-worker and absolutely love it. We are the owners of a White Mail Boxer, Rowdy, 7 yrs old. He is the love of our life. We got him from a breeder in Woodbridge VA at the age 12weeks. He came from a little of 13 puppies, 4 of them being white. The breeders told us that his littter name was Rowdy, because he was always getting into or causing trouble. Well, let me tell you, he has lived up to his name, but I wouldn't trade him for nothing. He has taken over our guest bedroom, he now thinks that is where he sleeps, stretched out on the pillows. When he was about 2 years old, he ate a soccer ball that one of the neighbors kids had left in the yard and have to have emergency surgery. The pieces of the ball had blocked his stomach and intestines, I have never been so frightened and scared. When I got to the vets, they had him sudated and an i-v in his little arm, he tried to raise his head to see me, and all I could do was hold his paw and cry. My husband takes him for truck rides every chance he can and Rowdy looks so magnificant sitting in the truck, I think he would drive if we would let him. I think you guys have done a great job on this web site and I visit it quite often. Keep up the good work
Debbie Fowler <fowlercd@mindspring.com>
Chesapeake, VA USA - 06/11/99 10:49:21
I can relate to the story below about the "wiggle butt" of boxers. I've always said that boxers can turn their bodies into a "U" shape when they're joyed to see their people. We have two boxers and they're wonderful! Mikki, our male, is 3 years old. Rosebud, our bitch, is eight months old and currently in her first heat cycle. We can't wait to breed them when she's old enough!
MaryM <mmyers@redrose.net>
Ephrata, PA USA - 06/10/99 22:38:23
i waited 17 yrs. for my white Boxer,Miss Reba, shes a joy to my heart.
Bev Hardman <bhardman@peganet.com>
Punta gorda, Fl USA - 06/10/99 22:33:07
I will never be able to understand that colour thing. A good dog can never have the wrong colour!!!! Greetings from Germany Sandra, proud owner of White German Shepherd
Sandra Welzenbach <spessart@t-online.de>
Wiesthal, Bavaria Germany - 06/10/99 14:49:33
It is so great to know that there are others whom love their white babies as much as I do. My white baby is going to be 2 in August and her flashy son is just barely 12 weeks old. These babies are my littlest chilren they are the best family dogs I have ever known. Sheeba is all white with some spots and a brindle patch behind her right ear. She is an epileptic boxer. We are hoping for a cure to this before she gets worse she has almost died on me twice now. I have the most beautiful story as to how she and i met. It was fate. I found an add in the paper that advirtised a white boxer for 200 dollars I called on her and the breeders mother said she was already spoken for I was in tears. I then recieved a call that the other person was just going to buy her and have her destroyed. I was on my way out the door when the breeder called me and said that he couldn't get ahold of the second person inline at any of the numbers that person had given. He asked if I was going to give her a loving home and wondered why I hadn't come to see her at all. I said that I didn't want to be hurt if she went to someone else. I went to pick her up and it was love at first sight she ran up to me with her little wiggle butt and was kissing me immediatly. It was 3 days before my birthday and she was to be a birthday present from my husband if the others fell through. I have never been so happy for a deal gone bad ever in my life as I was this day. Shebba has always since I broght her home loved to play and run and CHEW on everything. She is the best guard dog and very well trained. She and I have our own little way of talking to each other I never have to say a word all I do is jesture and she knows, it is almost sign language. She is a snuggle bug with only mommy thoughand she tells me at night if there is something going outside even if it is just someone walking by she will run back and forth at the door till I let her make sure everything is o.k. Thank You so much for letting me share my little miracles story with you.
Kimberley <kdr1222@aol.com>
armona , ca USA - 06/09/99 05:16:10
BAYBORO, NC USA - 06/07/99 13:25:04
We got our little King about 4 wks ago when he was only 4 weeks old. One of my students brought a picture of her mothers litter of boxer puppies. I fell in love with the white ones. My mother has a fawn and I loved her, but it does not even compare to what I feel for my little P.J. he is the center of everything we do. One of my 7 year old twins, was laying down covered by a Barney blanket and he just pulled it right off her and took it to his own bed. he pushed and pulled until he finally got it in there and jumped in and fell asleep. Needless to say, that is his Barney blanket now. Anyway, it is never dull around our house, thanks to our neww King!!
Tracy Floyd <spfloyd@mindspring.com>
Dallas, Ga USA - 06/05/99 20:58:46
Great website. We have a 2 yr. old white male named Miles. It is wonderful to see so many other people who love these little guys.
Claude Erlewein and Michelle Mayer <C.Erlewein@worldnwt.att.net>
Norridge, IL USA - 06/04/99 18:41:34
This is a wonderful web site! We have two boxers Lilly and Rudy, Lilly is our white boxer we have had her since she was 12 hours old, we bottle fed her and carried her with me where ever I went, she is now 2 1/2 years old and the "princess" of the house, she has a very sweet half brother Rudy who is 3 1/2 years old. We have had two other boxers but Rudy and Lilly are the sweetest.
Denise Egan <orleansduo@aol.com>
St. Louis, MO USA - 05/31/99 22:19:43
I think this page is so nifty. I'm 13, I love dogs. I have 2 boxers, ones white, he loves this page too!. =)
Amanda <Duffia51@aol.com>
Williamsport, PA USA - 05/31/99 13:57:04
I love what you did to this. Just Boxers. Good job,
lance Weaver <lancesw2@juno.com>
lancaster, PA USA - 05/27/99 11:43:39
I appreciate the time you have spent on your web-site. I own a white boxer name Spot. My kids love him very much. So keep up the good work!!!!!
jimmie <jjhvmx@aol.com>
mem, tn USA - 05/22/99 16:44:42
I have enjoyed this web site more than any other. We have a white boxer and love him like one of our kids. It's great to read about others and their boxers!!
jennifer <r1369ob@aol.com>
hernando, ms USA - 05/21/99 19:39:00
opps forgot our e-mail address! thanks again!
Sharon & Ed <boxertoo@msn.com>
stafford, VA USA - 05/19/99 14:11:13
What a wonderful website! We recently have started looking for a white boxer to add to our family. We have a 4 year old fawn male we adopted at 18 mos. and our lives could not be happier. He is truly our joy, and most of what we do revolves around this wonderful "child". We are so happy to see that so many people love their boxers. We are true supporters of the boxer breed! thanks again for the site!
Sharon & Ed
Stafford, VA USA - 05/19/99 14:08:51
Love your web site.My girly girl's name is Jenna.She is an 11th old white "princess".ALWAYS happy, friendly and looking to "help" Scott and I out with things around the house!My life just wouldnt be the same without my Jennagirl.
Maddie <Maddie@ozline.net>
Palm Harbor, FL USA - 05/08/99 18:22:21
Love your web site.My girly girl's name is Jenna.She is an 11th old white "princess".ALWAYS happy, friendly and looking to "help" Scott and I out with things around the house!My life just wouldnt be the same without my Jennagirl.
Maddie <Maddie@ozline.net>
Palm Harbor, FL USA - 05/08/99 18:21:12
I never knew there were so many people out there that felt the same way my husband and I do about our boxers (Bosco & Reno-father and son). We treat these guys like they are are kids, they love to play from morning until bedtime, then we have to throw their toys out so we can go to bed. I can't imagine our lives without them, they are so precious and add so much to our lives. I agree, we all know what its like to sleep with a boxer, my baby is 65 pounds and sleeps between my husband and I, but I love them so much, I can't put a stop to it, they even love to take a nap with me. Boxers are the Best!!!
Donna Walters <legaledge@legalnetwork.net>
Louisville, KY USA - 05/07/99 09:52:10
I love your website!!!!!! I am 16 I had a white boxer for 10 years she resently had to be put down because she was unable to walk un-assisted.Her name was Roxanne and she was 13 when she was put down.she was my first dog and I'll always remember her. I hope to add her to the memorial pages
Christina Willers
Chilliwack, BC Canada - 05/06/99 16:25:41
I love your website. I raised two boxers, Maxie's Backfield in Motion (Maxie), and Buster's My Babie. They both died of Cancer, and it just broke my children and my heart. Keep up the good work, and God Bless Elaine:)
Elaine L. Kennedy <ELKennedy@compuserve.com>
Knoxville, TN USA - 05/05/99 23:06:16
What a great site! I love all boxers but there is something that is really special about white ones. Keep up the good work!!!
Emma <walkemma@bishopb-college.ac.uk>
Scarborough, Yorkshire U.K. - 05/05/99 09:36:34
What a great site! I love all boxrs but there is something that is really special abput white ones. Keep up the good work!!!
Emma <walkemma@bishopb-college.ac.uk>
Scarborough, Yorkshire U.K. - 05/05/99 09:35:57
Sorry about last time.new at E:mail thing.We have Doll of a pup.Her Name is Kiana(fawn)4 years old.and Big lap dog.never new there was White babys out there would love to find a friend for her.if any one nows of one close to Wisconsin please let me know.at who@itis.com.vary loveing family.
Peter oren <who@itis.com>
Madison, WI USA - 05/01/99 00:53:17
Hi This is a Cool site,its nice to know there are poeple out there that have Boxers.this is the first time for me to talk to
Peter Oren <who@itis.com>
Madison, WI USA - 05/01/99 00:46:55
My fiancee Karen and I aquired a white boxer, Daisy Mae from the Volusia Humane Society the day she was to be put down in July of 95. Daisy was 8 months old. She is white except for a finger nail size brown mark on her ear. She is and was OUR first baby together. She draws a lot of attention wherever we go. Due to family circumstances Karen had to relocate back to Baltimore to take care of a ill family member. Me living in Florida, and becoming VERY lonely contacted Boxer rescue in several counties. After many weeks I recieved a call from a Linda Shepard at her rescue in Keystone, Fl.. She had two white sisters. A lady wanted the deaf one for teaching hand signals and I took the other one, Molly Mae. Molly is very low key and docile and her sister is the opposite. Daisy is a large female (75-80) and Molly is small (almost 50 when she is wet. Molly likes the water and Daisy does not. Daisy likes to eat and Molly does not . They love being together and we try as often as we can. Even though Molly is smaller she thinks she is larger. They are both really sweet and have and are helping us cope with the difficult task. I dont think we could have done it without them. All three, (Karen) are the loves of my life. One other note. I have a part time job being retired. I told my boss that I had a white boxer and could either bring her to work or quit. I was no big deal to me. Now I have a working breed white boxer (part time of course)That works 24 hours per week... Thanks to all who built this web site and are involved with WHITE BOXERS. It sure beats the rest of the web....
Marshall Roberts <MRobber@aol.com>
Edgewater, Fl. USA - 04/27/99 17:56:41
Just took a 6 month old, white female boxer off the hands of my wife's best friend. Never knew there were such creatures. This one is hearing thank goodness. Have experienced other whites w/ deafness. This jip is sweet and I am looking forward to having a companion dog in my retirement from firefighting and adventure into full time blacksmithing. Rick
Rick Hanshew <RHanshew@aol.com>
Geneva, FL USA - 04/27/99 06:12:29
Wow! I'm so glad to see so many white boxers out there. I have a 7 1/2 yr. old boy, Afta, short for afterbirth. My husband delivered the litter and convinced the breeder to give us the two white out of 7 born. We found a home for our Afta's sister and have now enjoyed almost 8 yrs with him. He is an absoulute love! Thanks for the great photo gallery! Daryl
Daryl <epi16@aol.com>
USA - 04/25/99 08:39:34
The best friend I've ever known, T&T Knight Ranger (aka Bubba) went to the Bridge last fall. We had been together for over 9 years. Then, 2 month later my boyfriend surprised me with a wonderful rescue boy. His name is Tucker (he plays til he's completely tuckered out, then drops). We are learning so much from each other - he's so eager to please, it amazes me. We are in the process of buying a great farm with a beautiful barn, 1/2 of which was a heated/ac shop. I'm already making plans for kennels and runs. My animals have always been very special to me (horses/dogs/cats), and I have talked to my vet about doing fostering or helping to ease some of his load (as he is the county contact for strays/adoptions). Tucker and I have talked about a brother/sister once we get moved, and he would like a white Boxer to accompany him - everywhere!! We will definately be visiting again. thanx for the wonderful information.
Judy Miller <blinkie@ll.net>
Faribault, MN USA - 04/15/99 21:33:42
I just found your site last night and was so impressed on how well you have done!!! I spent over an hour oooing and ahhhing at all those beatiful faces! I have wanted a white boxer for 3 years and have actually put a posting to adopt one in hopes that my ad will be answered, but sadly I don't notice any Canadian ads other than the people who already have one. I presently have a fancy face female boxer and am searching for a white male...all natural if possible (tale and ears uncut)...I hope you can help me... This is a WONDERFUL cause!!!! Thankyou for creating this site for all of us to enjoy!
Susan <susanack@istar.ca>
Ottawa, ON Canada - 04/14/99 18:18:12
I rescude a white boxer about 4 months ago and I love her to death. I am glad to see a web page dedicated to white boxers
Jody Justin <mn_viking1@yahoo.com>
Ames, Ia USA - 04/14/99 09:54:49
I have a white boxer and I absolutly love him to death!!!!!!
Alex <patches2@uswest.net>
Tucson, AZ USA - 04/13/99 19:05:15
Great web site it helped me alot I'm interested in getting a white boxer pup. If you can help please e-mail me thanks Peter.
Peter Jantzen <Jantzen58@aol.com>
Gainesville, FL USA - 04/12/99 20:19:43
Checked out your Web site and think its great. We are currently trying to adopt a boxer. Which it wouldn't matter what color she would be. So if you have any connections in the Central Pa. area please let us know. Thanks
Jeannie & Sue <jeanniesuealexa@webtv.com>
Mifflinburg, Pa USA - 04/11/99 19:57:55
I was so happy to find a site dedicated to white boxers. We were asked by a kind veterinarian to rescue Tessie 6 years ago. She has such a great personality. I know she's greatful for the recognition.
Justine McLaughlin <bjpet@frontiernet.net>
Goshen, NY USA - 04/10/99 19:25:43
Great site. I own two flashy brindles but was very interested in same info about white boxers because I rarely see anything abut them in the boxer books I have read. Maybe someone needs to get these writers some info. Keep up the good work. Slurps and kidney bean dancers to you all
Candy DeWitt <boxerboys@webtv.net>
Springlake , NC USA - 04/03/99 21:02:32
Thanks for the wonderful information! We just brought home an 8 week old white boxer this afternoon, and we love her! It's a shame that people can't accept the natural variations in this breed of dog.
Barbara K. Villarreal <villarreal@erols.com>
Hampton, VA USA - 04/03/99 19:26:33
We have a white female, and I really don't know how we managed without her before. Whe is all white except for a few small black spots on her belly, and her black nose. We acquired her from a breeder here in our city, and you can't believe the attention this dog gets. It doesn't matter where we are with her, people are CONSTANTLY asking us what kind of dog is she and where can they get one!!!! We even had someone try to steal her, so now we are very carefull. Here where I live there is a demand for them. It is a shamethat breeders still put them down. We got lucky with a friend who was a breeder, and got ours. She is purebred and registerd with the Canadian Kennel Club as "Winter's White Snoopy". We call her Snoopy, because she is so inqisitve. We are happy to see that other people appreciate and love the white's as much as we do. Thanx for the chance to share about our Snoopy.
Karen <marshallmaggie@hotmail.com>
Lethbridge, Ab Canada - 04/02/99 18:05:15
My husband and I are the proud owners of 3 boxers. Our 2 males are white and our female is a brindle. Molly and T-Bone are littermates and about 4yrs old. Buzz "right ear" is a full brother, 2 litters later. T-Bone has an gg haped brown on top of his head just like Chance on Homeward Bound, Incredable Journey.We have half of our acre fenced so they can exercise to their hearts content. Whereever we take our dogs, which is everywhere except work, people stop and gush over our dogs and tell us how they had a boxer when they were little. I make sure that people who are unsure of our dogs realize that they are NOT pitbulls. I enjoy my 3 dogs. I've done obedience and agility with Molly and she excelled at everything. Then we discovered she has bone spurs on her spine, so no more agility. We were heartbroke. Te 2 white boys have no interest in agility at all. Well thats all for now. Love them boxers, LZ
Lois Zillmer <glzillmer@webtv.net>
Kent, wa 98042 USA - 04/02/99 11:16:35
MY family and I are proud owners of Nikki. She is a white boxer with the only markings being her spotted skin(only visible while wet). We have had her since she was 5 weeks old.She is now 2 years and a month old. We really enjoy her she is the smartest dog I have ever been around. We have just purchased her a mate. Bo is our 6 week old fawn i can only tell you this about him because we have only had for 3 days 2 nights... ahhhhhhhh nothin beats a boxer puppy.
Kieth Dehner <kdehner@iquest.net>
Columbus, IN USA - 03/31/99 22:39:11
Jared Winters <croack1@hotmail.com>
Gainesville, TX USA - 03/31/99 21:01:14
We have a white boxer & would love to submit her photo. We have no puppy pics as we got her from the dog pound.
Barry Newman <bnewman@tampabay.rr.com >
Clearwater , fl fl USA - 03/31/99 20:25:43
I'm sooo happy to find this site!!! I'm glad there are others like me who are proud owners of white boxers. My Otis is one year old and I got him from a wonderful breeder who did not believe in destroying her white puppies. (she got alot of flack from other breeders for not putting them down) Hopefully, this horrible practice will stop!!! This web site is a great step in that direction. Keep up the good work.
lee <leep@bc.sympatico.ca>
Vancouver, Canada - 03/28/99 00:01:39
GLENN MATTISON <mmatt31665@aol.com>
SALEM , NY USA - 03/21/99 09:18:46
I am thrilled to see so many beautiful white boxers. There are not that many in our area and many people look down there noses and tell me horror stories when they see my white boxer. My Boxers name is Sir Radiant Wilbur Vallery. He is very intelligent. He is a wonderful part of our family we could not live without. I am so sad that more people don't understand that these beautiful dogs are just as valuable as any other boxer. I understand that AKC doesn't want them bread do to there color but is there any real concerns to breeding these dogs? I would appreciate any info on White Boxers I can get. We Love Wilbur and our lives wouldn't be the same without him. Wilbur's Dad was white and his mother was Fawn and White. We also have a fawn and white her name is of course Charlotte. I would welcome any emails from other White boxer owners and lovers and those who also can't live without there white babies.
Tammie <mt195759@aol.com>
orange, TX USA - 03/20/99 13:33:17
My heart go's out to anyone that has lost a Boxer. MY son has one and we would be lost without him.
Connie Ware <TBone@axom.com>
Mt.Vernon, Oh USA - 03/19/99 18:17:11
I own a white boxer named Thibodeaux and a brindle named Mandy. Your website is great. I have looked a several pictures that I would swear were "Tibby's" brothers or sisters. It's great ti see so many loving boxer owners out there.
Grant Farr <gfarr@icubed.com>
Industry, PA USA - 03/13/99 20:44:05
I can't believe I found you guys!! This is wonderful to find a website just for white boxers and their parents. Tazz is our play mate everytime we come home. He loves playing with our two girls and then he becomes their pillows if they need it. Tazz is going on 5 yrs old this July and he doesn't even act like an old man. He has a lady friend named Princeton that he plays with and protects from other dogs (she is also a boxer I truly enjoy my boxer and he is very gentle with my kids and others that come to my house. Keep up the great work!!
Gigi Vaughn <dvaughn1@flashnet.com>
Irving, Tx USA - 03/06/99 22:42:52
I really enjoy reading all the stories about white boxers. My white boxer is 3years old and 6months. He is my baby I He is part of our family and I dont know what I would do with out him. Before I got him I had never seen a white boxer. I got him from a friend after having my fawn boxer put to sleep because she had cancer at the age of 1and a half. It was a very hard choice to make. My big boy weighs 104lbs he has been on a diet he did weigh 135lbs. I read about your Idea to start a white boxer book and think it would be wonderful. I look forward to hearing from you and would like to send you some pictures of my guy if you tell me how.
nicole <kane1@pop.indy.net>
indpls, in USA - 03/06/99 20:58:24
My little puppy boy and I love your site ! I am far from a wimpy guy but the pics. and stories have brought tears to my eyes . My 8 month old puppy Seamus (pronounced Shay-miss) loved to look at all the pictures of the pretty girls as he fancies himself as quite a ladies man and had never seen another white boxer ! Seriously , I would love to here from you folks and will be glade to send pictures , hopefully I will here from you soon . I can't tell you how happy I am to find a site exclusive to white boxers , as up untill now I had thought they were much more rare . Seamus had been the first one I had ever seen or even heard of . Thanks again!
Matt G <bigdaddyshamrock@yahoo.com>
Escondido, CA USA - 03/06/99 13:14:28
I didn't even know white boxers existed until my fiance brought me one when we first started dating. His mother is a breeder and I had just lost my Rottweiler. He knew I was upset about my other dog so he brought Regi to me one day as a surprise. I fell in love with him so fast! Just looking at that scrunched up little face made me want to cry. Regi is a little bit of a slow learner, but we're working on all of his training one day at a time. I never really had anything great to look forward to b efore I got my boxer but now my life is full of happiness. Every person that meets Regi loves him. That may be because he likes to kiss! I think it is great that there is a webpage like this, you can never find anything about white boxers anywhere.
Stephanie Ragan <s_ragan20@hotmail.com>
USA - 03/05/99 11:43:10
I would like to say how thrilled I am to find a web site dedicated so well to white boxers. I must admit that I was totally unaware of white boxers until my mother in law gave me hers. He was 3 months old at the time. I think white boxers are the most unique dog. I am really interested in adopting another white boxer. So, if anyone reads this, let me know where I can get one. Thanks. My white boxers name is Boomer. He is the best dog. I love him. He is wonderfun with my daughter, too. Kerri Hess
kerri hess <kerrihess@hotmail.com>
richmond, va USA - 03/03/99 21:49:33
My brother and I have both white boxers, Grumpy and Lucky. We always take them with us, also at vacation's This year we went to spain, a 24 hour car trip, but they didn't seen to care. They are font of cars. (Grupy like's bikes a little more.) Great site, keep up the good work.
Daniel <hevyvan@yahoo.com>
Amsterdam, The netherlands - 12/17/98 00:40:47
First i want to compliment you on the great pages. We own a white male boxer named Timon (after Timon from Disney's "lion king"). He is the most beautiful and sweet boxer i've ever met. He was born in March of 1998. Around his right eye he has a perfec t brown and black spot that makes him look just like a pirate. Every morning when we wake up, he likes to cuddle with us in bed. That makes it very hard to get up as you can understand. We think that he will become a very large boxer since he weighs about 30 kilo's and is 60 centimeters high already, and he is only 9 months old. Still he is not fat, who could get fat with al that energy. I would like to end this note with whishing everyone (dogs and owners) the best christmas ever and best whishes for the coming year. Karina, Daan and Timon.
Karina Lamers-Treur <karina@dl-klt.demon.nl>
Aalsmeer, Holland - 12/16/98 16:16:55
We just recently bred our 2 best boxers and got 2 whites out of a litter of 3. I realize their popularity but have many questions about whites. Why did my dogs have whites, what health probs, should I breed these two again, can the whites be register ed. THe list goes on. I would appreciate any information you can share. THank you , Marsha, STARRZAPPER Kennels
Marsha Longwell <coin1970@aol.com>
cumming, ga USA - 12/15/98 02:47:32
We would love to submit a picture of our white boxer, Tyson. Please let us know how. We have really enjoyed the photo gallery! Jim and LaShonda McGregor
Jim and LaShonda McGregor <LMJMmj7173@aol.com>
USA - 12/15/98 02:03:07
Happy Holidays:
DominO <white_angels@geocities.com>
Ca USA - 12/14/98 23:29:57
we would like to submit pictures of our white boxer, Muggy. she's the second white and the seventh boxer we've owned. please let us know how. thanks, jim & amy
jim & amy avitable <j1 avit@ix.netcom.com>
st.james, ny USA - 12/11/98 19:23:32
we would like to submit pictures of our white boxer, Muggy. she's the second white and the seventh boxer we've owned. please let us know how.
jim & amy avitable <j1 avit@ix.netcom.com>
st.james, ny USA - 12/11/98 19:23:10
They are precious, aren't they?
Kristy LaLonde <ptlcat@yahoo.com>
Edenton, NC USA - 12/08/98 00:35:17
i had no idea that their are so many people lilke us out there! a little over 9 years ago i was trying to talk eddie into us getting a dog. i love animals of all types but i am partial to large dogs instead of small lap dogs. i have had a great dane in the past but eddie was afraid they were too large for our home. he had been used to small dogs that he had grown up with. then he came home one day and said that he had seen the dog for us. a customer of his had a boxer and he really liked it. rig ht away i started looking for one. we didnt have a lot of money at that time so when i saw an ad in the paper for boxers-$75-$400 i called. i was told that the $75 ones were white. we drove to alabama georgia to see the pups and i picked every one of th em up. as soon as i picked up this white one with one brown eye she licked me all over the face and tried crawling on my neck. we both knew that was the one for us. it was love at first sight! all the way home she laid between my neck and the seat. w e named her brandy and she was the best little girl in the world!! she was so friendly to everyone, especially children. and very protective. she always thought our vistors were coming to see her instead of us. and its not just us who knew she was s pecial, all of our friends and family knew there was something different about her. she was almost human. two years ago at christmas. one set of neighbors(who had only been here a few months) came over and brought our christmas presents, brandy was all excited until she saw that they didnt get her anything. she went about 3 feet in front of them and sat down with her back to them, and pouted. they would call her name and try to talk to her but she wouldnt even look at them, she stayed this was until i sneaked into the bedroom and got a bag of treats that hadnt been opened, wrapped it and sneaked it to them. they said "look brandy we have your present" and she ran to them and all was forgiven. we had another couple who did the same thing that year and she did the same to them. our friends were amazed at how much like a child (and how spoiled)she acted. but last year, tragity struck. brandy was diagnosed with lymphoma. it settled in her intestines and she went from weighing aboout 73 lbs to 35 lbs within about six months. we took her to an internal medicine specialist and he tried everything to beat this but in the end the cancer won. we spared no expense and left no stone unturned trying to get the disease under control, but she just got wea ker and weaker. she was a troupper though, she was just as friendly and sweet as she had always been. on her last day, a place in her intestinal wall, where they had done a bioptsy just wouldnt heal and opened, leaking into her body. the doctor told us that she was in a lot of pain and it would do no good to operate again because her intestines were so weak that it would not heal. we had to make the hardest decision of our lives so far. we had to put her down. i held her in my arms and told her that we would aways love her and never forget her. i will never forget the look in her eyes. it was as though she knew and was trying to let me know that it would be ok. i still cry over her and it has been over a year. we had her cremated and have her in our living room so she is with us. the plaque on her container reads "brandy, the best little girl in the world" and she was. for my birthday last year, a couple of months before brandy's death, my husband and i went to buy another boxer. we went to the only people who advertised white boxers. as soon as i picked one up she licked my face, just like brandy did. of course this is the one i chose. we also got a fawn one that day. the girls are a year and half old now and both have individual personal ities. gabby, the white one is so full of energy and into everything, but i think i love her more for her mischiviousness. belle, the fawn one is loving and gental. they both are wonderful and a constant source of enjoyment. they will never replace b randy but they have their own special place in our hearts. i thank god that the breeders that we have gotten our girls from did not believe in putting white boxers down just because of their color. we are happier people because of the love and companionship they have given us
carla and eddie chiles <eciron@aol.com>
acworth, georgia USA - 12/06/98 18:13:40
boxers breeders for twelve years and produce mainly fawn and reverse brindle but own and adore a white boxer. We have probly had three white puppies over the years and would never have considered condemning because they were'nt the "right" color. We do spay or neuter to keep the boxer colors pure.
david and kathie <kds folds>
olympia, wa USA - 12/03/98 10:09:30
VANCOUVER , WA USA - 11/30/98 14:19:12
I loved this page. My husband and I acquired two boxer about 2 years ago. Ice, a 13 year old white male, and Cola,a 8 year old brindle female, I had never seen a white boxer until Ice. He is deaf and has one brown eye and one blue eye. People are so i ntimidated by him but he is the biggest teddy bear. He knows a few hand signals but he has a mind of his own when he doesnt want to hear you. They are the most precious and beautiful dogs. We are glad to hear that so many people love their white boxers as much as we do.
Kim Edmundson <DylanCole@aol.com>
Augusta, KS USA - 11/29/98 21:21:27
My white boxer is named Emma. She was rescued from the pound. I would dearly love to hear her story as she was obviously very well loved before she ended up at the pound. Not only was she spayed but she had been obedience trained and someone did a v ery nice job of it. Her ears are natural and are one of my favorite things about her. They are so silky and soft and such a comfort sometimes that I am glad that they weren't done so that I didn't have to miss out on them. Emma was found tied to a fence, dirty and very thin. She had been shot sometime in the past as she still has pellets imbedded in her body. She must not have received any treatment after being shot or some of those pellets would surely have been removed t hey are so close to the surface of the skin. She was rescued by the owner of the barn where I stabled my horses. The first time I saw her she was bounding down the barn aisle in that happy way that boxers have. It was love at first sight and as soon as I was able, I took her home with me. I have owned many excellent dogs in my life but I have never owned one as good as Emma. I am not alone in my opinion as she is a very popular dog with all of my friends. I take her everywhere with me. She meets many new dogs and people and she has neve r made an enemy and will always end up friends with the other dogs even if the beginning is a bit rocky. She is a real clown and will do anything to make you laugh. She loves to go when I ride the horses and will sit or heel on command while I am riding . I did not have to teach her this, she just did it as an extension of her original training. As any dog owner can, I could go on and on about her. But mostly I would like to say that when I think of her wonderful nature, her ability to go anywhere and be liked, the way she keeps me safe, not by having to be mean but just because she always keeps herself between me and any danger, and her physical beauty, I wonder how anyone could ever consider having her put down as a puppy just because she was white. She has all the qualities that anyone could want in a dog. What prejudice is this that would f orgo those qualities for the sake of color? This is the type of dog that should be creating the next generation for the breed. Yet I am sure she was spayed because she was white. So here is a toast to all boxers, but especially to those white ones who have, by some good fortune, managed to survive to let us know what wonderful dogs they are. And here is a wish that the folks that are in the position to change things regarding wh ite boxers do so asap so that many more of these wonderful dogs can belong to some lucky owner.
Carol Morgan <msadlup@k-inc.com>
kingman, IN USA - 11/28/98 20:34:12
I just wanted to say how great your web site is. We have 6 boxers at this time.We love everyone of them. They all have there own little personality. We currently don't have a white one. We did until this past summer. Our little Princess died of old age .That was our daughters pet.We baught her another one but, she is a brindle. Her name is Ginger.She is already spoiled and she is only 3 months old. We also have another brindle and his name is Chance.He is our sons. Then we have 3 fawns with black masks. One is a female she has champion blood and she is a perfect pet her name is Tilley Girl.Then, the other two are males they are Rocky and Bruiser. Rocky is our lovable watch dog.He guards our 5 acres. Bruiser is another champion blood, we actually rescued him.Our vet. called and asked if we wanted him and we really didn't need another dog but its hard to turn a boxer away they are all so beautiful,so we took him. He is now one of the family.We have one more her name is Majestic. She was actually one of ou r puppies that we sold a neighbor and after a year she decided she didn't want her anymore so we took her back.We lost 3 boxers this year 2 died of old age they were our first boxers that we ever had.They were our childrens pets.They were Princess & Sarge ant. Then we lost my baby Sugar Ray. We don't know what took him but we all miss him so very much.Well thanks for listening to my story and you are doing a great job with this web.
Tonya Branton <tbranton@ndbt.com>
Dallas, Tx USA - 11/23/98 15:56:51
I just about broke doen in tears when I cme across this wonderful site. I've grown up with boxers, my sister raises them, and when I was old enough to have my own was given a whit boxer a female and named her Ziggy "Zigzag" Stardust. She was my best friend. We went through everything together, we lived from day to day with each other, she had a rough life as I did to. she was accused of killing a cow from my next door neighbor, and he said the next time he saw her he would shoot her, well the next day he pulled up in my drive way, when he saw us outside and shot her in the hind leg, I was devistated, she lived and the guy went to jail for a day. About 2 yrs later she was run over by a car, I think couldn't find her for several hours, finnaly found her she had crawled next door and buried herself in pine straw to keep warm, both her front legs wer3e broken got her to a university vet school, THEY SAVED HER LIFE, she lived for along time till she just couldn't walk anymore she died on 3/3/94 she was 13 yrs old. Imiss her alot. But now have a Male white named Zawg Dawg, perfect health and 9 yrs old. Would like to send pics for Gallery. Thanks Ryan
Ryan <zigzag@chosensound.com>
FL USA - 11/22/98 22:15:37
I just about broke doen in tears when I cme across this wonderful site. I've grown up with boxers, my sister raises them, and when I was old enough to have my own was given a whit boxer a female and named her Ziggy "Zigzag" Stardust. She was my best friend. We went through everything together, we lived from day to day with each other, she had a rough life as I did to. she was accused of killing a cow from my next door neighbor, and he said the next time he saw her he would shoot her, well the next day he pulled up in my drive way, when he saw us outside and shot her in the hind leg, I was devistated, she lived and the guy went to jail for a day. About 2 yrs later she was run over by a car, I think couldn't find her for several hours, finnaly found her she had crawled next door and buried herself in pine straw to keep warm, both her front legs wer3e broken got her to a university vet school, THEY SAVED HER LIFE, she lived for along time till she just couldn't walk anymore she died on 3/3/94 she was 13 yrs old. Imiss her alot. But now have a Male white named Zawg Dawg, perfect health and 9 yrs old. Would like to send pics for Gallery. Thanks Ryan
Ryan <zigzag>
FL USA - 11/22/98 22:14:56
I would just like to say how excited I was to find a site dedicated to white boxers! My husband and I got our first dog in July - he is the most adorable white boxer! We were surprised to hear the horrors that these dogs have been through so we conta cted a breeder in Fayetteville, GA who 2 white ones in her April litter. She said she doesn't believe in putting them down because of their coloring, instead she gives them to a loving home. We went to meet her and the pups - she interviewed us to see w hat kind of parents we would be and told us a lot about the breed - that night we came home with our little "Baloux"!!! Ever since we have had him, people have fallen in love with him and so far we have easily recruited 2 more people waiting for our bree der's next white ones! This site is great, keep up the good work!
Mandi Czykyski <mczykyski@hotmail.com>
Atlanta, GA USA - 11/22/98 16:45:07
CAMBRIDGE, MA USA - 11/20/98 04:04:44
This is wonderful - lots of people with white boxer dogs from all over the world. We are from Basingstoke in the United Kingdom and have a 'big' male white boxer dog called Bruno who is light of our life and a joy to own. Can someone please email us as we would like to know how we can get his picture on the Gallery. Tracy_Perkins@msn.com
Tracy & John <Tracy_Perkins@msn.com>
Basingstoke, United Kingdom - 11/18/98 16:06:18
We have had our white boxer, Buttons, for four years. He is solid white with no dark markings anywhere, except his nose, of course, is black. Like so many of the other comments you have from other white boxer owners, Buttons pretty much rules the roo st. We are cotton farmers in the south plains of Texas and Buttons enjoys the wide open spaces, but is always ready to head home to the security of his sofa, his bed and his domain. He is the greeter and protector of all that is his and his family. He has been a great joy to our family even when his is being a pest. We also have enjoyed the information you have in this website.
Jay, Pam & Justin Talley <jaytal@llanonet>
Slaton, TX USA - 11/18/98 14:52:25
Hi there. I think you are both doing wonderful work for the White Boxer. I own Mufasa the hooligan from Africa. I don't think it is possible for another dog to be like him. There is nothing he can't do. For the person who has a digestive problem wi th their White Boxer, Mufasa has swallowed a belt with a buckle on and it came out in you know what. He has swallowed a fork and the same thing happened. My vet thinks he has no insides. He has a stomach like iron. Thank goodness half the time we don' t know what he has swallowed until we have discovered it in you know what. Has anybody else experienced this with their White Boxers. When I get a puppy he lactates milk. He is the best foster mother one can find. What I am telling you is the absolute truth.
Jane <piranha@webware.co.za>
Pretoria, South Africa - 11/14/98 08:54:14
Donna <Donna144@webtv.net>
Burlington, NC USA - 11/13/98 13:16:28
We have our second boxer, called "Deja Vu", after being heartbroken at having to put our first "Bianca" (not white), down at age 10 with neurological problems that paralyzed her. Bless the boxer for their sense of humour, intelligence, curiosity and most of all their unquestioning love.
Ed & Barb Corliss <Corliss@Execulink.com>
Simcoe, ON, Canada - 11/10/98 23:22:35
MT.VERNON, IN USA - 11/10/98 19:03:13
I have had three white boxers. Her name is Casper and she is very protective over my three children specially my daughter. I have two puppies that I am trying to sell them but have not found suitable buyers for them if you know of anyone who is inter ested please let me know. 11/10/98
Lori Perez <lori@marinotech.com>
Miami, Fl USA - 11/10/98 16:46:42
It's so good to know there are people like you helping these beautiful dogs find homes.
Danielle Yurkanin
Pa USA - 11/06/98 16:23:20
It's so good to know there are people like you helping these beautiful dogs find homes.
Danielle Yurkanin
Pa USA - 11/06/98 16:23:14
My husband and myself own a white boxer named Leia (as in Princess Leia from Star Wars) She is the joy of my life. We initially were looking for a brindle, but when I saw her I had to have her. She is now 1 1/2 years old and is full of the
Sara Clairday <cutls67@aol.com>
Elkhart, IN USA - 11/05/98 19:23:23
My husband and myself own a white boxer named Leia (as in Princess Leia from Star Wars)
Sara Clairday <cutls67@aol.com>
Elkhart, In USA - 11/05/98 19:17:17
I'm a vet student and a Boxer breeder, I got two Boxers, and I just love this dogs. I realy enjoyed this site, and I want to be on line with all the boxer lovers, and in especial with those who wants to give me some oportunity to come to your contry an d work with boxers, I got some members of my family living in Grand Praire, TX, so if you breed Boxers and live near this place and wants to give me a chance, I can show how this dogs are especial
Fabio Hernandez Luvizari <tuff@zipmail.com.br>
S.J.do Rio Preto, SP Brasil - 10/31/98 12:54:29
Cassie is a white female boxer, one and half years old. We had seen a white boxer about 20 years ago that was just the type of dog we wanted. But we were told white boxers were rare. We finally found Cassie through an ad for white boxers for sale. A family in Clinton, Iowa raises white boxers. Cassie has a small dot on the tip of her ear that you would think was put there with a permanent marker. She is the sweetest dog we have ever had. Worth waiting for.
Shirley <QERZ52A@Prodigy.com>
Marshalltown, IA USA - 10/29/98 13:48:20
I Have a white female boxer named Baby She is about 5 years old. She has a little fawn on the tips of her ears. The skin has dark spots that is really noticeable when she is wet.
Robert Thacker <robbiet@pipeline.com>
va beach, va USA - 10/26/98 15:01:17
I have two boxers one fawn female and one white female daughter of the fawn. They are the most wonderful dogs.
Michelle Halbert <halwill@erols.com>
MD USA - 10/22/98 19:41:09
I have two boxers one fawn female and one white female daughter of the fawn. They are the most wonderful dogs.
Michelle Halbert <halwill@erols.com>
MD USA - 10/22/98 19:41:01
I have 2 boxers one white and one brindle, I love them both beyond measure but I do wish Kai my white one wouldn't molt quite so much. Until I got him my favourite colour was dark blue - no longer,now I am much more of a pastel person. I would love e- mails with any one willing to talk dogs,shedding,extreme bouncy behaviour etc!!
Julie Ashton <julie.ashton@virgin.net>
England - 10/22/98 16:26:24
I raise boxers and always have at least two whites in the litter. I would be glad to talk to anyone who wanted one, I know I love mine.
Robert <redbalz@hotmail.com>
Ark city, KS USA - 10/22/98 13:54:55
I raise boxers and always have at least two in the litter. I would be glad to talk to anyone who wanted one, I know I love mine.
Robert <redbalz@hotmail.com>
Ark city, KS USA - 10/22/98 13:53:55
We have a "flashy" Boxer pup named Beau who's 8 months old now. We'd like to get a female companion for him and after reading your website a white pup may be just what the Dr. ordered. Thanks for all the info!
Spence <cas059@aol.com>
Hopewell Jct, NY USA - 10/21/98 15:52:43
this page is awsome.is there anyway i can add my boxer to the boxer memorial page??if so email please.thanx
Mikah <Rain198@hotmail.com>
Fort Smith, AR USA - 10/18/98 11:43:52
ALthough I have never owned a white boxer, I do own a fawn. I was browsing your site because my uncle has just adopted a white boxer from a Colorado Boxer Rescue. Now I am looking foward to adopted a boxer (hopefully white) to be a brother or sister to my 2 year old-Oakley!!!! Loved your site's beautiful pictures!!
Angela Smith <Ajsjjk@AOL.com>
Chicago, IL USA - 10/12/98 18:00:38
My white angel is one year old. Her name is Blizzard. i am so happy to see our White Boxers get the recognition they deserve. I love your site. Keep up the great work. Also, your info on the white's is very informative, hopefully, anyone deciding on a white will be more truthfully informed about our white babies.
Donna <WhiteBlizzard@prodigy.net>
CT USA - 10/11/98 21:00:26
Hi, I am from Lithuania (it's in the Eastern Europe) and I also have a boxer, named Baksas, though he is brown. I liked your page very much. Keep it going the same way. Good luck from Lithuania.
Gintare <Ginte_B@yahoo.com>
Kaunas, Lithuania - 10/09/98 06:35:03
I appreciate what your site is doing for the White Boxer as a former Boxer owner I rescued my male Boxer DUKE from a world of pit fighters when he was 9 months of age and I sure miss my (old-friend).I would welcome all responses.
Don Floyd <brindlepitt@webtv.net>
Baltimore, MD USA - 09/30/98 12:27:59
Check Out Andy's Live Cam!
USA - 09/29/98 23:46:41
I love your site. I had a white Boxer, he was the first of my many Boxers and was a lively little guy. Gator was the one dog that got me HOOKED!! I'm glad that your site is dedicated to the ones almost forgotten or labeled as outcasts Keep up the goo d work
Tina Starr <kimpha@aol.com>
Eat Hartford , ct USA - 09/29/98 21:42:40
I have a fawn male Boxer with all the true marking. He is a great friend, great with my two sons. Somtimes he a little rough but thats ok .We call him Spike
Paul Blanchard <PAUBLA@Statoil.com>
Houma, La USA - 09/28/98 21:36:21
I have a fawn male Boxer with all tye true marking. He is a great friend, great with my two sons. Somtimes he a little rough but that ok .We call him Spike
Paul Blanchard <PAUBLA@Statoil.com>
Houma, La USA - 09/28/98 21:34:10
We do NOT currently have a white boxer but are looking. We are the proud owners of Daisy, a 3 yr old fawn that we got through a rescue program. We got Daisy 6 months after having to put our Siberian Husky, Jordan, to sleep due to kidney problems. We di d not think we would ever own another dog but once we met Daisy, it was love at first sight. We will never own another breed of dog, boxers are one of a kind. Keep up the great work of educating about white boxers.
Tracy and Mike Cabe <Pac10nw@aol.com>
Des Moines, WA USA - 09/27/98 19:09:10
I have a beutiful white boxer named Tango. He has a brendle patch over one eye and an eyebrow on the other everyone says he has on black lipstick . He is the ultimate goof and loves his mommy more than anything . It's nice to know there are so many pe ople interested in our white boxers They are indeed special!!
CLYDE, NC USA - 09/24/98 16:16:58
GRIMSHAW, AB CANADA - 09/23/98 04:03:54
we are so glad we found your web site. we have a female boxer who is white with a brown circle around her right eye. we have had numerous people argue that she is not a full boxer. she is very protective of our kids and she plays like she is one of t hem. she is our pride and joy.
tony and wendy bonner <awbonner@internettport.net>
oxford, al USA - 09/20/98 14:50:05
I' ve got a 16wk old white boxer female , with a brown spot on her head, I love boxers
lakewood, oh USA - 09/19/98 18:09:37
I thoroughly enjoyed your site! Thank you for NOT treating White Boxers as outcasts.
Laurel <blubyu@texoma.net>
Fairview, TX USA - 09/19/98 01:21:54
All the information you list on your site is the greatest thing, I constanly look forward to every wk.
Diana Francione <DIANE1ONE>
Astoria, NY USA - 09/16/98 15:18:58
Hi Kathy and Lori, It is great to know there are a lot of white boxers out there. For a while I thought my family was the only one who owned one. My male boxer is 7 months old, and there is nothing I wouldn't do for him. I treat him as if he was one of my kids, my husban d thinks I am weird. My boxer is worth it. We are so fortunate that he is not deaf. The Photo Gallery is great!!
Monica Pina <Pina@inreach.com>
Newman, CA USA - 09/11/98 00:27:43
I do NOT have a white boxer, but I do have one Brindal and a Fawn and we LOVE them unconditionally. My husband and I treat them like our kids, they are so spoiled. I would NEVER own another breed of a dog. My next boxer will be a white boxer ALL COLORS OF BOXERS ARE BEAUITFUL!!
IL USA - 09/10/98 09:14:25
I do NOT have a whit boxer, but I do have one Brindal and a Fawn and I LOVE them to pieces. My husband and I treat them like our kids, they are so spoiled. I would NEVER own another breed of a dog. My next boxer will be a white boxer, there beauitful . ALL COLORS OF BOXERS ARE BEAUITFUL!!
IL USA - 09/10/98 09:13:20
I do NOT have a whit boxer, but I do have one Brindal and a Fawn and I LOVE them to pieces. My husband and I treat them like our kids, they are so spoiled. I would NEVER own another breed of a dog. My next boxer will be a white boxer, there beauitful . ALL COLORS OF BOXERS ARE BEAUITFUL!!
Huntley, IL USA - 09/10/98 09:12:37
I forgot to add in my hello message that I have my own boxer rescue in the UK. I bought my first white bitch in 1972, and she was the best five pounds we have ever spent. She died at 15 yrs. Since Mora we have had about ten white boxers of our own. I'd like to say that I am very impressed with the web pages.
Cathy McGrath <catherine.mcgrath@virgin.net>
UK - 09/07/98 20:15:38
Got four permanent white rescues of my own, lying sprawled in front of me right now! Am in touch with my friend Sheila Dawson who runs White Boxer Rescue in the UK. Unfortunately Sheila is not internetted yet, but I try to pass on what I can to her each time we meet to exchange dogs. Cathy
Cathy McGrath <catherine.mcgrath@virgin.net>
UK - 09/07/98 18:56:23
After visiting several times, thought I just let you know how much I am enjoying the White Pages. Am currently owned by Bubba's Brown Sugar Baby a 14 month old brindle> She is our 3rd boxer and is our first brindle. We love her very much. She & I start obedience school again in two weeks, we have completed both puppy classes and beginners classes. I ejoy the classes as much as Sugar does. I will be visting again soon.
GRETA <uncgeno@msn.com>
MI USA - 09/03/98 20:54:29
Kathy and Lori, yer page is just GREAT, it brought BIG smiles to this California girl, !!!!! hahaha, LOVED IT! God Blessssss !
Lori <gallory@gte.net>
LA, CA USA - 09/01/98 12:30:58
What a great site. I'm proud owner of a white male boxer named GISMO. We are just working for SchH II and we like it both. - It is a fine thing to hear about many other white boxers. I like boxers in every colour. A lot of greetings to all boxer-friends all over the world Mirjam
Mirjam Lotspeich <Gismo_3@hotmail.com>
Ulm, GERMANY - 09/01/98 09:07:33
i am a breeder in southeastern pa i cant believe some breeders kill the white boxers i breed my male for the love of the breed and always donates my stud fees to the university of pennsylvania so that outher pets have a chance to come up with new treatments for ill pets
richard c hertzler jr <madman88@webtv.net>
conshohocken, pa USA - 08/31/98 18:34:36
I think that white boxers are one of the most beautiful dogs. Your page is perfect, and it shows how much you care. Keep up the good work! It was a pleasure viewing your page!
Kelly Durnell <k.durnell@mailcity.com>
Indep, MO USA - 08/28/98 12:04:39
I think that this site is FANTASTIC! It is very obvious that a lot of love went into constructing it! I will come back again and again to visit. I don't personally have a Boxer but I do take care of (I'm a pet sitter) 3 of the greatest Boxers here i n Old City Philadelphia (Their names are Domonic, Pandora and Puccini). Thanks for such a nice web site...
Donna Mercer <pawpals@mindspring.com>
Philadelphia, PA USA - 08/27/98 23:31:30
I don't have a white boxer but I have a Cooper,too. He's 9 and has been my canine baby since he snuffled my ear when we went to pick out a puppy.
Joyce Jackson <Jkj@aol.com>
Anderson, IN USA - 08/26/98 11:48:03
Hi! Lori and Kathy Sorry I thought that I have already signed your guestbook. I love Boxers and when we got DominO our White Boxer life has not been the same since,:+}. I am sure you know what I am talking about.
DominO <white_angels@geocities.com>
Ca USA - 08/24/98 15:28:43
Let me tell you about Oliver Twist (Ollie for short). After recently graduating from college and getting my own place, I had my heart set on purchasing a standard poodle. Well, one day someone abandoned a five day old white boxer pup at the vet clini c where I was working. After hand raising and bottle feeding Ollie, he is now the light of my life at 7 weeks of age. Ollie is completely deaf, so we have been learning from each other in his training. He has a brindle patch above his tail and has new freckles appearing all over his body every day! I had never thought about owning a boxer before I found Ollie. I have been thrilled to find so much information and enthusiasm about white boxers!!! Thank You!!
Saint Peter, MN USA - 08/23/98 19:40:51
My sweetest girl is a white boxer, named Bones. She is an absolute gem. She was a rescue more than six years ago. My brindle sweety, Sookie, passed away July 1. We are deeply saddened by her passing. I just adopted another white boxer yesterday, Brews ter. Too soon, I think. So I find myself here just trying to find information on some of his strange, conditioned behaviors...I appreciate the inciteful thoughts...lovely site. Thanks
Holly Davis <holdat@hotmail.com>
Bellevue , Wa USA - 08/22/98 23:16:23
Have 5month old white boxer my self name is happy...
cindie sweeney <cinjess.animals@sympatico.ca>
rawdon, queqqqc canada - 08/21/98 00:02:55
Great web site. I had to put my 9 yr old Boxer to sleep about 2 months ago. I am longing for another, as she was the best dog I ever had.
Marie Beaver <mbeaver@jsapc.com>
Fulshear, Tx USA - 08/20/98 21:50:21
What a nice page. I just lost my Baron, a white boxer, July 3,1998...and I guess I'm just searching. But I sure enjoyed your area....Wish my Baron could have been here with me.......
Pam Selman <BoxersRMe5@aol.com>
Clinton, OH USA - 08/19/98 21:52:11
What a great idea! We are the proud owners of a white boxer, aptly named "Snow." She came to live with us after being abandoned on a country road. We believe she was dropped due to some minor health problems, which are now control through medication. We call her our "special needs" dog. After some anxiety adjustments at first, she has become a much loved, and entertaining, member of our family. She is the favourite playmate and protector of our 18-mth old son, as well as the constant tomentor of o ur boxer-cross Ranger. We would have laughed a lot less if she had never come into our lives!
Valerie Ackerman <acke@indirect.com>
Oshawa, ON. Canada - 08/17/98 22:16:51
Its great to see so many people out there that share the same feelings I have towards these great dogs.
Shane McCready <Shane.McCready@capmark.FUNB.com>
Charlotte, NC USA - 08/14/98 17:26:33
I really loved my visit to your page! It's GREAT!! It brings back so many memories for me. I had a white boxer/pit that was given to me. I had him since he was a pup. He lived 13 yrs and unfortunatly died of heartworms. :( The vet wouldn't give him tre atment because his condition was so bad and he was so old. The memory of "THUNDER" will always stay in my heart. Thank you for sharing your pictures and stories. Keep loving boxers!!!
Beth Helms <gonnabeme@aol.com>
Edgemoor, SC USA - 08/12/98 12:38:59
Wow - great photos!
Weird Web World
USA - 08/11/98 22:01:57
Great site
Debbi Reed <contests1@juno.com>
Tucson , AZ USA - 05/09/98 02:57:11
Hi! I have two fawn boxers-Brutus and Bridget,and I love them!! Brutus Is 3 yrs old and Bridget is one year old. My life would be so empty without my pups!!!
Kim <kasnurse1@aol.com>
reading, pa USA - 05/07/98 18:28:45
I was surprised to find such interest in the white boxers. I have raised boxers for several years and I remember reading how white was not a desirable trait in boxers. Yet, every time I had a litter of pups, people were fighting over who gets the white ones!! I guess white is "in" in spite of AKC standards etc. I enjoyed your pages!! I have bookmarked you and intend to visit often!
Elaine Brainard <brainard@psbnewton.com>
Dundas, IL USA - 05/06/98 21:54:34
I have fallen in love with a 2 year old, natural eared male named Russell. He came to me as a rescue and he may just get adopted!
Susan Kildahl <susan.kildahl@den.galileo.com>
Denver, CO USA - 05/04/98 13:54:49
I am just a curios newborn surfer who's sneaking around your site.....
ika stroem <journey@algonet.se>
stockholm, sweden - 04/29/98 08:33:42
Was very interested in seeing a white Boxer for the first time and enjoyed reading the history page. Thought you had lots of great information and thoroughly enjoyed our visit.
Pam & Jackie <pamjam@geocities.com>
Brisbane, Q Australia - 04/28/98 23:08:05
I am really impressed with the volume of information here. Well done! And thank you too for your support of the federal petition. It's much appreciated.
jana <jana@actioncat.com>
USA - 04/28/98 01:13:02
Beth Henley <tnhen@tnweb.com>
Lewisburg, tn USA - 04/24/98 20:52:29
i have an albino boxer named GHOST and his peculiar behavior has been noted in the following==/>he has one arm shorter than the other (not by much)but when he sences that you know about it he will limp even more than usual..if you would like to know mo re e-mail me at AOL@POOHZLUV.COM
Rick Woodard <aol@poohzluv.com>
seattle, wa. USA - 04/23/98 16:10:47
We just lost our Barney at 6 yrs over Easter - intestinal lymophoma. We loved him dearly as he was more than a dog to us. He was proudly white! Our question is: he always seemed to have a week stomach, vomitting once a month or so in the form of a yell ow bile - the vet said it's common in some dogs - however our Freddy, a flashy fawn, could eat the most disgusting things and and offer up nothing more than minor burp, (and a rather distracting sound from his tail end!). Could Barney's seemingly weak sto mach have been a sign of problems to come? Have any other people, who were owned by a white boxer, experienced similar events? Hope to hear from someone as answers from the vet are frustratingly lacking! LOVE THIS SITE!!!
Eva & Frank Timmermans <eftimmermans@msn.com>
Bolton, Ont CDN - 04/15/98 21:19:43
Hi Kathy & Lori, We are the Butler & Maid, (boxer owners will know what I mean) to Boston's pal Bosun. Bosun is a red with black mask and white chest. To say that these two dogs love each other is an understatement but when they meet, it seems like wor ld war three has broken out but there is never a mark on either of them. Many thanks for your excellent site, it's one of the best I've seen - and full of boxers too!. Best wishes, Brian, Robin & Bosun.
Brian & Robin Davies <bddavies@globalnet.co.uk>
Calcot, Berkshire England - 04/14/98 14:50:52
Hi, we're confirmed boxer lovers & white boxers are running a strong first with us. We've owned 5 Boxers in the last 19 yrs. The 1st, Bumper a flashy fawn female, died at 8 yrs of bowel cancer. 2nd, Dempsey (after Jack D), a dark honey brown with excep tional brindle markings, & matching amber eyes, died at 9 1/2 of a heart attack in her sleep. Her constant buddy was a cousin, Ajax, white with a big brindled black patch over his right eye, which was blueish white & the other eye brown, he died befoe De mpsey at 8 yrs of a heart attack while defending the home front. Then came Sugar Ray (after Robinson), white with a 1"x3" fawn patch inside his left hock & about a bizzillion teeny fawn spots sprinkled all over his back & rump. He's our biggest yet, ene rgy city. To replace Dempsey 4 mo's ago we got Jacke, a dark brindle from the humane society. They're both 1 1/2 yrs. We were looking for another white, but couldn't leave Jake when we saw him. All our dogs have natural ears, endless energy, & draw every ones admiration because all Boxers are so unusualy special, both in personalities & physically. Sugar has serious food allergies, so if anyone wants to compare notes??? pls contact us. It's so nice to see a support club for white boxers, I will definatel y send pictures for your gallery of our 2. Keep up the good work . . . Barb & Bob Hollywood (Canada)
Barb & Bob Hollywood <bhollywood@sprint.ca>
Nepean, Ontario Canada - 04/09/98 12:04:02
My family and I are proudly owned by Garf. He is a wonderful white boxer. We have had him since he was 10 weeks old. We were very lucky to get him from a very dedicated breeder. He is neutered with floppy ears. We look forward to the next 10 years or so with him and just know that he will raise my 3 and 4 year old children right.
Dessie Yates <rowdy@mediaone.net>
fl USA - 04/08/98 21:17:28
Annie Mae Mikels is a rescued fawn female boxer. She was relieved of her duties in a mill over 6 weeks ago. She has had much good help from an environment which probably would have led to dismay and disease. Today she is spayed, and will never have to pass as a breeding animal only. She has a dry shelter in our family house and a place at the foot of my bed. She has passed many hurdles in the three years of her life and will continue to meet the coming hurdles. She was found covered with dirt and malnourished, and had been said to have eaten her own feces to survive. Today she is on a healthy normal meal schedule. She is intelligent and picking up tricks and commands. Rescue a boxer was a great alternative for me and my family. M. Mikels mikels@usaor.net
William A. Mikels (Mike) <mikels@usaor.net>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - 04/08/98 06:58:04
Just visited your memorial page. What a nice thing to do ! We just lost our beloved fawn male boxer "Rebel" to a brain tumor, and miss him desparately. I will send you a picture for the memorial page, if you would be kind enough to add it.
Karen Baker <Rebel2698@AOL.COM>
Kingston, PA. USA - 04/05/98 09:56:41
Just visited your gallery and love those pictures!
Angelo <pah1@cornell.edu>
Ithaca, NY USA - 04/04/98 20:11:26
Eight years and two months ago a veterinarian friend of mine called me and asked if I would mind hand-raising 3 newborn white boxer puppies . They were going to be euthanized because the breeder didn't want anyone to know she had white in her bloodline . She agreed to let me have them as long as her identity was not revealed to me . Even though I had a house full of bulldogs at the time I just couldn't let them be exterminated for no good reason . I fed them day and night, raised them until they were r eady to go to good homes , made sure they were neutered and kept one for myself. The one I kept I named Rudy .For the next 8yrs and 2 mos Rudy was my constant ,loving and loyal companion. Because I was so involved with the bulldogs I never took time to re ally learn anything about Boxers. Quite by accident, afew months ago I met a woman who was active in Boxers. I told her about Rudy and started to ask her many questions about the breed. She told me that they have short lifespans [only 8-10 years] and she told me that they are prone to cancer and heart problems I was shocked to hear that but remarked that there was nothing wrong with Rudy and that he was as healthy as could be. Well, 2 weeks later my sweet Rudy was diagnosed with Lymphoma and a few weeks a fter that, cardiomyopathy. I was fit to be tied!!! We started aggressively treating him with chemotherapy and later heart medication and all was going well, or so I thought. Rudy died yesterday during a simple chest X-ray. My heart has broken into a milli on pieces and the pain of losing him is unbearable. But today, I am actively seeking another white boxer puppy because the pain of losing him doesn't even come close to the amount of love and joy he brought into my life. He will never be forgotten and any one who has ever had a boxer[white or otherwise] knows what I am talking about. Rudy will continue to live in my heart forever. Congratulations to all of you lucky people who have chosen a Boxer as a companion. For those of you who are considering this br eed please let me urge you to seek out a white one .The colored ones have no problems finding homes but if you take a white one you will be saving his life and adding riches like you never expected to your own. You will never be sorry. You will be rewarde d over and over again by his devotion.
Ina Merritt <inamm@juno.com>
Northridge , Ca USA - 04/03/98 17:51:10
Just a note to let you know what a cool site this is! I cannot understand the killing of white boxers. I have a 2 year old white boxer named Chavez, like the fighter. He is the best dog I've ever had, he and my pit bull, Sid Vicious. Both are about 90 pounds and full of muscles. Ever since I got Chavez, people always stop by to say they have a white or that they want one!
Susie B
Reno, NV USA - 04/01/98 19:26:01
My husband, our two dear sons and I, are the proud owners of Heide our red and white female Boxer 4 months, and last but not least our Gentle Giant- Rocky our 42kilo WHITE male darling. Although Rocky is white and deaf, there is nothing that could make him a better boy! We love our Boxers dearly. He is a perfect shape he has everything but colour and hearing. What he doesn't have he doesn't miss! We love and appreciate this site. How wonderful to know that you all love and have experienced the whites. They need us to help them to fight for the right to survive!!!!
Phil & Jan Wyatt <pjwyatt@cyberalink.com.au>
Maryborough, Qld Australia - 04/01/98 07:36:43
My husband, our two dear sons and I, are the proud owners of Heide our red and white female Boxer 4 months, and last but not least our Gentle Giant- Rocky our 42kilo WHITE male darling. Although Rocky is white and deaf, there is nothing that could make him a better boy! We love our Boxers dearly. He is a perfect shape he has everything but colour and hearing. What he doesn't have he doesn't miss! We love and appreciate this site. How wonderful to know that you all love and have experienced the whites. They need us to help them to fight for the right to survive!!!!
Phil & Jan Wyatt <pjwyatt@cyberalink.com.au>
Maryborough, Qld Australia - 04/01/98 07:35:11
Wow!!! Your site inspires respect and enthusiasm for the cause of the much maligned white Boxer. Although we have a fawn and a brindle at this time, we used to have white German Shepherds, and know what discrimination and misinformation exists about t he "banned" colors of a breed. BTW our GSDs were terrific. Also, your scientific approach is very important!! Keep it up, please. I am a member of the BML and proud owner of 2 rescues.
Marilyn Benoit
USA - 03/30/98 12:36:08
Lady, my white boxer, will be a year old this May. I got her shortly after my husbands death in Sept. She is a teriffic companion and hates to be left alone. I am having some problems with skin allergies and would like to hear from others about simi liar problems. She is very smart, but we have had a little trouble in the housebreaking area, she "forgets" sometimes. My vet says she has separation anxiety. She is the love of my life and I am considering a puppy, also white, sometime in the near fut ure. Great site, I'll be a regular!!
Joy <realjoy@hotmail.com>
Galion, Oh USA - 03/27/98 00:22:15
We love this site! We recently purchased a fawn boxer puppy and are considering a white one in the near future.
Linda Farwell, Steve Bernard <linda@ap.net>
Healdsburg, ca USA - 03/21/98 00:29:27
Thanks so much for the effort you have put into the pictures. I thought my deaf white boxer Murphy was the only one. You gave me wonderful information and what started as a foster dog seems to be a permenant fixture in our home. Pictures to come!
Sherry Fulk <sdfulk@mobilsteel.com>
Houston, tx USA - 03/19/98 09:15:56
Interesting site. The info on genetics is a big plus. Loyd
Loyd Romick <kaos@provide.net>
Livonia, MI USA - 03/18/98 20:35:17
I love your site! Beautifully done. I don't own a white boxer but I am still interested in all Boxers. Great dogs! I have 2 male, red fawn BoxerBabes. One is 5 and one is 14 weeks. I'm considering getting a white one someday as I'm sure my boys wo n't mind. They're such loveable creatures. Don't know how I lived without a Boxer until the last 5 years. Always was a Shepherd fan...gees. Didn't know what I was missing. Keep up the good work. Especially loved the photos and artwork on Bubbles pag e.
Cara Forcucci <Caray602@aol.com>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - 03/18/98 16:14:54
I like boxers very much!!
Camilla Inghammar <c_inghammar@hotmail.com>
Kunglv, Sweden - 03/18/98 07:57:00
We have Garf. He is a wonderful white boxer. He turned one in January. We got him from a wonderful breeder who had us sign a neuter, no ear crop contract. We were more than happy to do this. Garf takes care of my two toddlers. Always right in the mi ddle of what they are doing. H e is not always the most gentle of fellows, but I think that will come with age. He is a picture of health, with good eyes and good hearing. We look forward to raising him with our children.
Dessie Yates <rowdy@mediaone.net>
jacksonville , Florida USA - 03/15/98 22:34:23
I have two White Boxers they are beautiful, one white boxer is Sassy she is dieing of Cancer. She's nine years old but we love her to death. We have another white boxer puppy she's Spunky that's her name and we love her to death she is good with chil deren and she's very fun. Thanks
Angela <piller@northsidecomp.com>
Spencer, WI USA - 03/13/98 15:26:01
I'm looking for a WHITE boxer, and your page is a GREAT help.. Thank you
Brian Bone <bkbone@writeme.com>
Elgin, IL USA - 03/11/98 12:13:28
A great pleasure to see Cooper, whom I have read about at the BML!
Eva Storsveen <khbakke@online.no>
Oslo, Norway - 03/03/98 08:39:50
We don't have a boxer, but have a black lab (almost one year old). Nice visiting your page.
Don & Pat Noble <arctictern@kenai.net>
Kenai, AK USA - 02/26/98 23:48:15
Hi Lori. I've been to this page many times. Thanks for the address anyway. And thanks for writing me. Love this page and the photos. I also filled out your survey some time ago. Go white boxer babies!
Co <cricketman@hotmail.com>
Ia. USA - 02/26/98 17:15:50
canada - 02/26/98 09:51:27
My name is Missy and I am a deaf white Boxer. I really enjoyed your website(especially the photo gallery). If I send a picture, maybe you'll put it in the photo gallery so everyone can see how cute and adorable I am. My Mom and Dad found the site very informative and they enjoyed it too. Keep up the good work!!!!!
Pam Meady <faust@inlink.com>
St Louis, MO USA - 02/25/98 13:13:27
We have a one-year old white boxer named Casper. Casper has one small patch of fawn on his forehead over his right eye. I have to tell you that everywhere we take Casper people stop us to admire him, inquire about getting a white boxer, etc. He has bee n a lot of fun and is very attached to my 11 year old daughter and our 9 year old and 5 year old cats. Thanks for putting the information out there, it is fun to read about other white boxers and their families.
Cindy Dumin <Cynthia_Dumin@brown.edu>
Pawtucket, RI USA - 02/25/98 12:22:37
I'm glad to find other fans of the white boxer out there. Keep up the good work!
Jeff Hill <jhill@california.com>
Livermore, CA USA - 02/25/98 11:41:32
Enjoyed your page! Thanks for the possibilites. We have a fawn boxer, his name is Mack, he is 4. He likes to play with kids, and is very gentle around our grandmother. He is also a very fast runner. He lives in our house and is a great companion. Tiffany + Duane <van_box@navix.net>
Yutan, NE USA - 02/22/98 17:54:27
Very interesting homepage - especially the scrapbook.
leanne yorke <lyorke@julian>
London, on Canada - 02/17/98 15:53:29
I came to this web site to learn more about the white boxer, and now I am certain that I want one!
Michele Gifford <gmgiff@sprynet.com>
Columbus, OH USA - 02/11/98 19:59:34
I also have a white boxer! His name Buster and he is 6 months old! No matter what anyone says about them being undesireable, I love my pup to death--and he's in perfect health to people's surprise!!!
Marisela Labrado <Marisela88@hotmail.com>
Bell Gardens, Ca USA - 02/09/98 17:40:17
I have too a white boxer named Polka, please, if its possible I would like to recieve more information from all your society around white boxers. Your web is wonderfull, congratulations!
Angels Talaveron <dcom38@blues.uab.es>
Barcelona, Spain - 02/07/98 10:12:40
Kathy & Lori- You've done a fine job on your White Pages. They are stylish. Or should those words be directed to Fredric? Regardless, I've enjoyed my visit. -Ann
Ann Stone <AnnStone@DittosRush.com>
Mesa, AZ USA - 02/07/98 00:54:05
I am very impressed with your white pages, and I would like to say that I have a 12 year old white boxer with a brown patch on his ear and I had him since he was 8 weeks old. He's very intelligent due to my better half. I 'm glad that I chose the only white dog in a litter of seven because this dog is precious. His name is Keokeo which means white in hawaiian. I'd be glad to submit a picture.
Dave A. Perez <hawnrippa@aol.com>
Kapolei, HI USA - 02/05/98 03:40:08
My family has a white boxer as well. He is 3 years old and his name is Kramer. He's a big boy weighing 80 pounds or more. He has a blue eye and a black eye with a little patch around his blue eye. He is just one loveable huggable couch potato/lap dog o f a dog you can find and we love him to pieces. We wouldn't trade him for anything. He's an absolute gem! Thanks for sharing your page with us.
Tabatha <tb@yahoo.com>
Ont Canada - 01/30/98 13:26:01
Lori, thanks for getting back to me. I have a male white boxer (1 year old) named Maximum Dog (Max)for short. He's the light of my life and I'm very interested in joining the White Boxer Club. In the year that I've had Max, many people have asked me about finding them a white boxer also. I'm sure I can help place a few in the Asheville area. Mary
Mary A. Chipman <My-New-Hair@worldnet.att.net>
Fletcher, NC USA - 01/29/98 21:54:11
We are the proud owners of Duchess. She is just as beautiful as the boxers of "color". We have owned both fawn and white and we love them equally. Can't understand what is wrong with her being white.
John and Sandy Kenzik
Lorain, OH USA - 01/28/98 10:02:35
I enjoyed looking at Libbi's pictures. I would like to meet Libbi and play with her but my parents won't let me. They say that I am not very well behaved! All I want to do is lick my paws, eat, sleep, and bark. What about you Libbi?
Gay Slover <Lksmjs@aol.com>
Cary, NC USA - 01/27/98 21:48:56
i have been looking on the internet at white dobermans..... seems they have the same problems with ignorant people about the "WHITES" as we do about the boxers. i would not take for my two best friends. "ghost & spook"........... 806-592-7967
t.l. smith
denvercity, tx USA - 01/27/98 00:41:16
really enjoyed looking at all the white boxers. most looked just like my two males... ghost [ 6 years old ] and spook [ about 2 years old ] they are very smart and great companions.
t.l. smith
denvercity, tx USA - 01/27/98 00:36:34
My wife Julie and I have an 18 month old white Boxer named Jake. He's the best! We got him at 7 weeks old and he's got full run of the house. We discovered when he was about 2 months that he was deaf. No worries though, he's still the coolest dog I 've ever met. He's completely in love with people, especially men that are willing to roughhouse with him. He's very gentle around children, and only wants to please those around him. He fits every stereotype out there about boxers except one; He's a total chicken! He's afraid of his own shadow. But that's fine. We wanted a friendly dog and that's what we got. He tips the scales at about 75 pounds, and we expect him to be about 80 to 85 when he finally fills out.
Sean <stropes@hqpacaf.af.mil>
Honolulu, HI USA - 01/23/98 21:15:07
Hello, I Loved your pictures!!! I too am the (very) proud owner of a white female, her name is Isabella, she is 6 years old, I also have a fawn female named Scarlett, she is 7 weeks old!!! I love the breed, and hopefully I will be able to find another white to add to boxer family !!!!!
Dawn Breedlove <dawnb@iquest.net>
Mooresville, IN USA - 01/23/98 18:42:03
Hi I'm Conor from the USA I have a white boxer named Mike his name is from the Boxer mike Tyson. We don't Know his real age exactly because we got him from the boxer rescue He's affraid of a lot of things because he was mistreated as a puppy He's afraid of news papers magasines paper bags any thing inflatable toothbrushss almost any thing it's all most funny Well he is a great dog and he is good with every one even my little brother who enjoys chasing him around the house with a inflateable Bud Ice pengwin I got at the budwiser beer facory tour. Hes a great dog and he is very afectionet. When I walk him on public trails little kids stop their moms and say "look mom its the dog from the movie" I hope people stop killing white boxers. Mike has a [brown] patch unlike most white boxers who have a blackpatch. I will visit this site again. THANKS
Conor mcdonald <www.sdfsdfsd@sdfsdfsdfsdf.net>
lafayette, CA USA - 01/23/98 00:45:14
I'm an elderly lady from Finland who owns three adorable boxers: one male and two bitches.I have a twentyseven-year-old daughter and boxer is our hobby. Best wishes from Marianne
Marianne Joukio
USA - 01/22/98 09:33:35
We had a new additon into our lives about 2 months ago, his name is Jake. Jake is an amazing dog. He is very loving and great with all of our family members. We love the little munchkin very much.
Stacey Verespe <None>
Lorain, OH USA - 01/10/98 18:11:49
A most impressive site, thank you for championing the cause of Whites. I have owned this magnificent breed for 30 years but not had a white as I breed and used to show. However I have always found loving homes for the (few) whites which have cropped up and will not support destroying them because of their colour. I do not support them being bred though. In a litter they are the ones which are eyecatching..big specimen with strong bone..just gorgeous. I have always shared my house with 5-7 boxers but am now down to three but I have my name down for a rescue and hope it is a White. Keep up with your crusade!!
Diane Catley <dpcatley@mackay.net.au>
Mackay, Qld Australia - 01/09/98 22:58:21
Thank for the nice pages please send me a email lots of love coby
Coby Schepman <parus.major@pi.net>
Sassenheim, ZH Holland - 01/02/98 16:32:26
Kathy and Lori! Your White Pages are truly WONDERFUL! Anton, Charles-Clyde, Mavis, & Leslie
White Boxer Chronicles <antonj@gte.net>
Los Angeles, CA USA - 01/01/98 20:51:09
Ive just bought a white boxer (Clara), and its great to read about all these beautiful dogs. Ill visit again!
Anna-Karin Nilsson <None>
Forshaga, Sweden - 12/18/97 07:35:53
What a great site! I have come to know many of these dogs through the Boxer Mailing List, so now I can see their faces. All the dogs are beautiful--afterall, they are Boxers! I'll keep checking back for updates and new pictures.
Helen Robertson <HRobert102@aol.com>
Dallas, TX USA - 12/13/97 15:56:57
We have a brand new addition to our household, a pure white boxer boy named Rocky. Very interesting and enjoyable to read about others and see pictures of how he might look as he grows. Thanks, Diane
Diane Linthicum <dlinth@aol.com>
Renton, WA USA - 12/01/97 12:35:29
I really enjoyed your page, I knew a white boxer called Jim he was beautiful and had such a sweet temperament. I will be putting a link to The White Pages on my web page.
Ann <ann@blazer.force9.co.uk>
UK - 11/30/97 04:16:56
Kathy and Lori! You have a wonderful page dedicated to white boxers. I have enjoyed looking at all the beautiful pictures and reading about everyone's story. I am a proud owner of a 1 1/2 year male white boxer and would like to know how to become a part of your white b oxer family. Please e-mail me and let me know what to do.
T. Chung <tchung6@uci.edu>
Irvine, CA USA - 11/26/97 00:53:22
Kathy and Lori!
T. Chung <tchung6@uci.edu>
Irvine, CA USA - 11/26/97 00:48:41
Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that we own a nine month old white boxer named Tiberious. He has been a great addition to our family as well as a conversation piece amongst the neigbourhood. You've got a great web page. Keep up the good work. PS Wouldn't it be great to have awhite boxer meet to show all those stuffy people that refuse to recognise them as part of the breed how great and distinguishing whites really are. Thanks again, R. Young
Robert Young <2bzty@msn.com>
Cambridge, On. Canada - 11/25/97 17:41:51
What a lovely way to spend very wet Sunday afternoon in the U.K. I am a novice at the internet and computing I can only imagine the time and effort it has taken to create the wonderful 'White boxer pages' and all the info therein.I am fortunate in havi ng first hand knowledge that 'whites' are the most faithful,loyal and brave dogs. My white boxer is called Maisie she is the boss of a brindle called Gus and a sweet cocker called Wispa.They all get on extremely well. Thank you both for creating a site th at I will visit again and again. Maybe one day Maisie will be there.
Loraine <LoriScriv@aol.com>
Portsmouth, u.k. - 11/09/97 12:21:03
I want one. I had seen the dog before and didn't really know what it was. Took a chance on the internet and found you guys. what a great web site. Keep up the great work. If you know of any white pups up for adoption please e-mail me. Thanks Deb< /b>
Debbie Dennison <jeepster@caribe.net>
Ceiba, PR USA - 11/09/97 10:39:31
WOW!!! After all my searching I've discovered that I'm right!! I'm NOT the only one who knows about whites and is disturbed that nobody wants to find out the truth about the genetics, health etc of them. It's amazing how many people find it disturbing that the whites are being put down. If everyone who felt this way would speak up, perhaps we could change things, there is strength in numbers afterall.
Amy Willder <vezben@hotmail.com>
Thunder Bay, ON Canada - 11/07/97 17:30:59
I'm so glad to of found so many wonderful stories about WHITE Boxers, I am the very proud owner of two of them. Samson my 11 month old male and Buster my three year old male. As many other people, I was told that they were to be put down just because their color and I could not let that happen. Buster the oldest is the best dog, breed, animal I have ever owned and that is everything from Rottweilers to poodles over the years. Still I was not sure on whether to bring a nother male into the house but they have turned out to be very loving towards each other, what a breed__color !?
Arthur Hilden <hshilden@nbnet.nb.ca>
Saint John, N.B. CANADA - 10/20/97 16:00:58
I thoroughly enjoyed this site. Thank you so much -- I have a 3-month-old white male named "Cruiser," whom I love dearly. He's sweet, calm and playful. I grew up with boxers but hadn't had one in many years, so Cruiser is a wonderful addition to my family. I had no idea that white boxers existed until the breeder informed me she had 2 whites out of a litter of 12. I fell in love with Cruiser immediately, and when she told me that some breeders put them down, I was horrified. He's the best boxer I could have asked for. I'm sure I'll be adding others as the years go by . . .
Jan C. Bozman <lawyerpr@concentric.net>
Houston, TX USA - 09/14/97 20:05:13
I love this site and it is now listed in my favorites. My white boxer could be a twin to Casper. Thank you for taking the time to create such a wonderful site and display of these wonderful dogs.
Sonja Sides <chris@webzone.net>
Tulsa, OK USA - 09/13/97 14:36:20
I love this site and it is now listed in my favorites. My white boxer could be a twin to Casper. Thank you for taking the time to create such a wonderful site and display of these wonderful dogs.
Sonja Sides <chris@webzone.net>
Tulsa, OK USA - 09/13/97 14:36:04
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the "White Pages". I pick my new white pup in about two weeks and can't wait. The pictures were great! Looking forward to more articles and pictures.
Deb Ferguson <msferg@sunlink.net>
Watsontown, PA USA - 09/12/97 21:26:07
This is a great website! I would like to know how I could get my white boxer's picture on this web page. He is our pride and joy. We love him very much. His name is Shiner. He is 2 1/2 years old with a lot of energy. We are trying to find another boxe r to join our family. We are looking for a fawn female. Do you know where we could find one? Please e-mail me back. Thanks!!
Jamie and Wendi Determann <jdeterma@rocketmail.com>
Bellevue, NE USA - 09/07/97 10:58:24
Lori and Kathy, Just got the chance to peruse your white pages and they are delightful! Lori, loved the pictures of Libbi! Aren't all boxers hams?? Erin
Erin DeGroff <erindegroff@hotmail.com>
Perry, NY USA - 08/29/97 11:43:35
Great Web Site!!! I was really excited to find it after being told about the White Pages from a breeder that recently had a litter of only two white puppies. I have a beautiful white female, Piper, who receintly lost her white male companion, Sir Peitero de Angelo, to a very agreeive form of cancer...an untimely death at the age of 2 1/2 years. We are saddened by his death. Your site has been a great therapy t o me to see all the wonderful white boxers from all over. Thank you for your time and efforts in putting this site together. Sara, Kristi & Piper
Sara Hammond <WBPconsult@aol.com>
Santa Barbara, CA USA - 08/27/97 16:26:18
I'm relatively new to the internet. Not sure what I am doing. My new addition to my family is a brindle boxer female named Jodi. She has entered my family after my mainstay brindle 10 yr old male boxer died.
Pat Cullen <pcullen@csc.sctboces.org>
Horseheads, NY USA - 08/26/97 13:30:54
Hi Kathy and Lori.......Your 'White Pages' are wonderful!! I have asked my daughter to get me some pictures of her Woody, a moose sized, brindle pie-eyed white Boxer, which she rescued from a young lady who had seperated from her husband and could no longer keep. I tried to help this girl, also a Peggy, to find Woody a new home, but because of his special diet, which is very expensive, had no luck. My daughter overheard what I thought would be my last conversation with Peggy, recommending that she p ut him down in lieu of turning him over to the pound. My daughter immediately called Peggy back to say that she would adopt Woody. I would like to suggest that you add Ann Sarkel's article on whites to your 'Article' page.
Peggy Otto <potto@awod.com>
Summerville, SC USA - 07/27/97 15:15:55
Hi Kathy, I thought I'd come calling and check out your white Boxer. He is very pretty. I dont think I have ever seen many if any white boxers. Good Luck,and will keep intouch Your friend from PALs. Helen
Helen Rummery <HelenRummery@worldnet.att.net>
Chgo, IL USA - 07/22/97 17:10:21
New owners of boxer pup ,really enjoy her (daisy)6 mos. old
Mays Landing, nj USA - 07/19/97 13:11:33
It is so great to have a web site dedicated to our beautiful white boxers. I am honored to have Brutus included in the White Boxer Pages. Thank you Kathy and Lori!!!!!!
Patti Peterburs <ppeterbu@dss.ca.gov>
Sacramento, CA USA - 07/17/97 19:33:19
This is great! I have a white puppy and he is just as much boxer as my fawn!
, Oh USA - 07/10/97 01:05:05
I'm so glad to see a proponent of white boxers! I was introduced to boxer-dom by a white who was a dream. I'm waiting to rescue a boxer, and will happily take a white. I like your pics, too!
Mark Carr <markcarr@bridgingthegap.org>
Kansas City, MO USA - 06/30/97 19:08:15
I love the white pages because i have a white boxer myself and i love looking and reading about others.
Stephanie Nay <TAZZYART49@aol.com>
Ft.Laud, FL USA - 06/30/97 11:54:08
I finally got a chance to visit this site! It's GREAT! You all did a wonderful job representing White Boxers -- and Boxers in general. Thank you! Maryann & Jager
Maryann Watkins <maryann@indirect.com>
Phoenix, AZ USA - 06/29/97 23:22:44
Great Site!!! I think that I want a white Boxer now that I have read more about them
Larry Bosworth <larryboz@sound.net>
KC, MO USA - 06/29/97 20:44:50
Hey you guys - the site looks great. I con't wait to get pictures of Manny to you.
Janet Fountain <jfount@ibl.bm>
St. Davids, Bermuda - 06/28/97 07:37:42
your boxers are beautiful.. i have always heard bad of white boxers... now i know better.. they are wonderful., i have a brindle male/ max... 2 yrs old.. i love him dearly..i would like a white boxer now... they are like snow!!!
kim <wahtina@aol.com>
burlington , wa USA - 06/23/97 22:14:59
As a Boxer breeder and lover, I am happy to see a page dedicated to loving homes for beautiful white babies.
Cathy Markos <schutzboxr@aol.com>
USA - 06/19/97 11:19:10
As a Boxer breeder and lover, I am happy to see a page dedicated to loving homes for beautiful white babies.
Cathy Markos <schutzboxr@aol.com>
USA - 06/19/97 11:19:02
As a Boxer breeder and lover, I am happy to see a page dedicated to loving homes for beautiful white babies.
Cathy Markos <schutzboxr@aol.com>
USA - 06/19/97 11:02:35
What a wonderful site! I especially loved the Gallery! I definitely want to send my Lou B's photos in. Thank you for providing a place that all boxer lovers are sure to enjoy!
Liz Tsonton <yumbie@aol.com>
Charlotte, NNC USA - 06/17/97 00:53:29
Hi! Didn't have time to do more than read your intro, yesterday. Was delighted to be able to explore your site today. You've done a perfectly fantastic job! Lovely graphics, great narrative & quick download time. And perfect pictures! What more could one ask? Sandy
Sandy Brock <brock@blueridge.net>
Rutherfordton, NC USA - 06/14/97 10:01:43
Kathy and Lori, What a beautiful site !!!! Gertie is honored to be a part of you effort! Thanks for such a great idea!!!
Vicki Crowley <vcrowley@cellil4.ameritech.com>
Schaumburg, IL USA - 06/13/97 11:10:58
Kathy, you and Lori have done a tremendous job of presenting the white boxer as a lovely addition to anyone wanting a loving, affectionate and playful animal. Unconditional love is great, isn't it? Well done ladies, keep up the good work.
Kate Long <katel@nwga.com>
Calhoun, Ga USA - 06/12/97 19:08:52
Hello Kathy, Lori, and Frederic!! What a beautiful, loving, and responsible thing you've done. The pictures of the beautiful dogs is great, but the information on the first page is wonderfully informative for all those who haven't had the benefit of th e BML and want a white boxer. Keep up the great stuff! Well done site too!
Robin Hunt-Smith <robin@connect.net>
Dallas, TX USA - 06/10/97 23:53:40
Absolutely wonderful! Now I know for sure I want a white puppy. What a labor of love you all have shown!
Robin Monroe <LMonroe822@aol.com>
Raleigh, NC USA - 06/10/97 17:41:52
Very well done, and a pleasure to look at.
Jeanne Hale <somewhere@the.frozen.north>
AK USA - 06/10/97 13:00:42
Very well done, and a pleasure to look at.
Jeanne Hale <Frozen north>
AK USA - 06/10/97 13:00:04
Beautifully done, very tasteful, tribute to all your porcelains, ladies!
Rozanne Lovell <boxer@ipa.net>
Rogers, AR USA - 06/08/97 19:24:40
What a beautiful labor of love. Congratulations to all of you on a job well done. You have mirrored the positive, loving attitudes of all our Boxers. Thanks for a great way to spend reflective time on a Sunday afternoon.
Kayleen Searcy <kitty@skyenet.net>
Elkhart, IN USA - 06/08/97 14:38:41
My first visit and boy am I impressed!!!! It would be fantastic for 'Frankie' to appear, he's currently snoring away building his energy for a day full of sniffing. Great to see all those other boxer cousins.........Frankie's on his way very soon I hop e................grrrrufff grrrrrufff.
John Noble <noble@globalnet.com.uk>
Isle of Skye, UK - 06/08/97 04:24:44
What a great job! It is great to see all the beautiful white Boxers. Debbie with Chloe ( a gorgeous white ) and Emmitt ( a handsome brindle )
Debbie Koran <deb_koran@hot_mail.com>
Hudson, NH USA - 06/06/97 15:46:21
Beautifully Done. I'll keep checking in. Thank you all for taking on this task!
Lisa Grubbs <ldg@concentric.net>
Columbia, SC USA - 06/06/97 08:42:44
What a wonderful page!! You have done a really good job and Im sure all the" whites" thank you for it! A Boxer is a Boxer- it doesnt matter what colour they are!
Elinor Lindmark & Tyson <Elinor.Lindmark@mail.baldakinen.umea.se>
Umea, Sweden - 06/06/97 04:47:03
Wonderful site! All the boxers are sooooo beautiful. Wish I could hug them all!!!
AnnaP <anna.persson@imm.ki.se>
Stockholm, Sweden - 06/05/97 07:38:08
Way to go Kathy, Lori, and Frederic !!! You guys have done a wonderful job showcasing our precious whites. I can't wait to see Hannah's picture up here too :) Thank you for pursuing this wonderful idea. I look forward to the updates.
Marta <martan@dowco.com>
Langley, BC Canada - 06/04/97 19:09:31
A wonderful site! Our small family are white boxer enthusiasts in every respect. Thanks for the resources and the photo gallery. Thanks for standing up for whites on the BML. Tim and Penny Hays Cameron Crossing Robert (Bobby) Graf von Katzenjaeger, AKC. July 18, 1988 White with a brown and black patch over the left eye. Neutered male -- natural ears 25", 70 lbs. A friend of my middle years! and Missy, of blessed memory, waiting patiently at the Rainbow Bridge (at least she has Dad to play with) {Forgive my tears!} A good girl!! White with a brown and black patch over her right eye 1963-1976 Female, Cropped ears Friend of my youth!
Tim Hays <thays@erols.com>
Alexandria, Va USA - 06/04/97 16:50:29
Good Job Kathy & Lori!!! I was hoping to be the first person to sign your guest book, but apparantly word gets around fast. You're doing a great service to the Boxer Community. Nice looking page too!! Best, Steve
Steve Ellison <Sothrn2@aol.com>
NY, NY USA - 06/04/97 16:30:30
I am glad ya'll came up with this idea. It is great to see pictures of other white boxers. Keep up the good work!
Kathleen Mitchell <kmitchel@aerotek.com>
McKinney, TX USA - 06/04/97 15:28:34
Great job! Keep up the good work!
Sherry Wenrick <sherw@restekcorp.com>
Bellefonte,, PA USA - 06/04/97 15:26:09
I wanted a white boxer for 15 years and finally got one 3 years ago. I love her to distraction! She is ALL boxer - a bundle of love and joy and makes me laugh every day. I can't imagine life without her.
Nadyne Nelson <nadyne@li.net>
Laurel Hollow, NY USA - 06/04/97 15:02:09
Fred Isler <fredric@clark.net>
USA - 06/02/97 20:34:13

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