Boxer Beginnings

This page will give you a glimpse at the origins of our 
beloved breed, showing how white boxers helped form the
very foundation of the gene pool which all of our loved 
ones share.

The following photographs are from The Boxer, by   
John P. Wagner; Orange Judd Publishing Co., 1946.

From page 36:

This is Ch. Blanka von Angertor No. 4,
taken about 1895. She was the offspring of Alt's Schecken No. 50, 
a brindle and white check bitch, and of an English Bulldog, Dr. 
Toeniessen's Tom.

From Page 50:

This photo is Alt's Schecken No. 50. She
is brindle and white check, resulting from the mating of
Lechner's Box No. 48 (sire) and Alt's Flora No. 49 (dam -- a dark
brindle bitch, and Lechner's own mother).

From Page 50:

This photo is of Bosko Immergrun No. 24,
considered to be one of the foundation studs of the current
boxer, and his son Don Juan No. 74, a check puppy.

From Page 48:

This is Meta von der Passage No. 30. She
is considered the Mother of the breed and most all
boxer lines can be traced back to her breedings. She was white
with brindle patches, and was whelped on November 2, 1898, the
result of breeding Blanka von Angertor No. 4 and Piccolo von
Angertor No. 17 (both check).

From Page 49:

This is Piccolo von Angertor, a white
male, father of Meta von der Passage, the Mother of
the breed.

The following photographs are from the
book 'The Boxer Handbook', by Joan Dunkels; 
Nicholson and Watson, London, 1951.

From Plate III:

Bob, a well known 19th century Dutch Boxer

From plate IV:

The early Boxer Flock San Salvador

From plate X:

The check boxer Billy Von Maranerhof, 
bred by Frau Holder of Arosa.

From plate VI:

This is Int. Ch. Dorian Von Marienhof
with his first American litter to Ch. Gretel Von Lindegrund.

An early German Show

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