This bright little girl is Bubbles. She is owned by Susan 
Lithgow of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. What an adorable face! Susan 
tells us that they got Bubbles from a private breeder in Pa. 
Bubbles special place to go is their local park, Frick Park. She 
becomes very excited and begins to shake when they get near the 
entrance. She
loves to greet all her canine friends, and to hike along in
the stream to cool her paws.

Susan says that Bubbles enjoys playing with her chew 
collection: chew-man, chew-dog, chew-duck, and assorted sizes 
of chew balls. She also plays with any squeaky toys, the 
squeakier the better! Her absolute favorite toy is a
tennis ball. One other thing that Bubbles enjoys doing 
is chasing her cat Mandy around the house. Mandy is 15, but 
seems much younger, probably due to being chased by a boxer!

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