See a newly acquired puppy picture of Bubba at the bottom of the page!

This beautiful boy is Bubba and he is owned by Kenneth and Cathy Frye of West Virginia. Isn't he just gorgeous? He's so regal up on his window perch. :o). He is one year old. He is the brother to Diane Spessard's Bogie.

Cathy tells us that Bubba came to them from a rescue when he was 8 weeks old. "I'll never forget the ride", she says. "It was a long drive and Bubba wasn't happy laying on my lap with his blanket, no way, he had to sit on my shoulders with his head on my head"!

Cathy says that when they brought him home to meet his new brothers and sisters, all adopted from rescue, they were very accepting of the new kid on the block. It sure didn't take long for him to take over the house! Look at the picture on the right....this was taken after Bubba got ahold of a red ink pen. He was a sight, as you can see, as was the carpet. 'Ya gotta love 'em! :o)

Bubba thinks everything is his, toys, beds, couch! He *owns* the Frye family, Kenneth, Cathy, Kenny, and Jody. Cats were something new to him. He thought they were something to play with. He did learn quickly which cats would tolerate him and which one would put him in his place! One thing he did learn from the cats is that the old trunk in front of the living room window is a great place to catch some rays and keep an eye on all that is happening outside.

Here Bubba is with one of his kitty pals Shaggy Lee. Nothing like relaxin' with a friend! Cathy says that Bubba hasn't decided if he's a dog, a cat, or really a human in disguise. His favorite toy is his Kong toy. He loves it in his crate and knows that it's special treat time then....:o).

Cathy says the only real problem with Bubba is trying to convince him that they would really prefer to do the yard work themselves. He thinks he should prune all the bushes and shrubs. His gardening skills leave alot to be desired. :o). Hmmm, sound familiar anyone?


Oh look! Bubba has a brand new sweater. Brrrr......from the weather we've been having here in the east, I'm sure Bubba appreciates the warmth his new sweater provides!




Awwww, isn't he cute? This is a newly acquired picture of Bubba when he was just a little thing.

What a darling little face! We must thank Diane Spessard for sending us this precious photo of the Frye's beloved Bubba!


Thank you so much for sharing Bubba with us Cathy, Kenneth, Kenny and Jody. He's just a gorgeous darling, and we're so happy to add him to the White Pages as our newest member!



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