Rest well sweet boy. We miss you.

April 27, 1995 - May 9, 2002

This handsome young man is Bruzer and he is owned by Len and Amy Roman of Dutchess County, New York. He was born April 27, 1995.

Bruzer shares his home with his little sister, Molly, a fawn boxer. Isn't he just adorable.....? We can see that Bruzer loves to pose for pictures. Sometimes I think that's a boxer trait....after all, they know exactly how beautiful they how could anyone possibly resist such a cute pose!




Amy tells us that they had always wanted a white boxer, but never really knew how to find one. Then one day, Len came home and said he had a surprise for Amy, and their lives changed forever!

Len took Amy to a breeder and there, nestled among the other pups was this "Tidy Whitey" (the breeder's nickname for Bruzer). He was only four weeks old and no bigger than Amy's foot. :o) She fell in love with him and swore he was an angel sent from above....he was even born with a little cross on his nose. Amy says that she went and visited him almost everyday until Bruzer was old enough to go home with them. When they first got Bruzer, they lived in an apartment, but soon after bought a house with 5 acres of fenced land for he and his sister Molly to run and play on.



Oh look.....what a cutie! This is Bruzer when he was just a little fellow......:o) He now weighs 80 pounds, wow! :o) They do grow up quickly don't they?

Both Bruzer and Molly love to run, chase and wrestle with each other. On summer days, they take them fishing and both dogs love to swim and scare all the fish away. :o) Bruzer enjoys playing tug-of-war with almost anything, even Len's socks! Bruzer loves all people and animals from cats to their neighbor's horses.



Awww......what a sweet face! Bruzer really does pose well for the camera doesn't he? :o) Amy says that their living room walls and dining room walls are filled with pictures of Bruzer and Molly, and they also have a large portrait of Bruzer there as well. We can see why.......he is quite the handsome young man indeed!




Bruzer loves going for rides with daddy and as we can see, not just in cars! While riding in the car, Bruzer will sit in the front passenger seat with such human posture that you can actually put the seat belt on him. He will even copy daddy's arm out the window by hanging his paw out! :o)

Bruzer doesn't realize how big he is and loves to sit on mommy and daddy's lap constantly. Bruzer and Molly enjoy sitting in their front bay window. When they see Amy and Len coming home, they meet them at the back door. No sooner are they in the house and they are covered with wet sloppy kisses from both "wiggle butts".'s Bruzer pictured with his little sister Molly to the right. Isn't she just a little cutie!

Amy says that both babies sleep in the same bed with them. Well, do we know what that's like! Kind of hard to find a place to put your feet :o).

Amy says that Bruzer is also very protective of his mommy and when he hears a noise, he will come and sit on Amy and growl.......:o) She says that her family and friends think she is a little crazy because she treats and talks to Bruzer and Molly as if they were really human children. We hear that too! Don't we all? :o)

And here's Bruzer all grown up, and snoozing with his little brother Jesse. Isn't this the most precious picture? ;o)

Well Amy and Len, we think Bruzer and his sister Molly are just adorable, and we're so proud to welcome them to the White Pages. Thank you so much for sharing your precious babies with all of us!




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