Well now, would you look at this beautiful young man. This is Bruno, and he is owned by Michele and Jim Keifer of Peru, Massachusetts. Bruno also has an aunt, a very beautiful brindle boxer, and a brother Bailey, who is a yellow lab.

Michele says that Bruno weighs in at 100 pounds! Wow! Now that's a big boxer!

And here they are! All three beauties in a row, Bailey, Camille, and Bruno! What a cute picture! ;o)

Bruno was born on January 10, 1999. The Keifers already had the other two dogs, and Michele says that Jim is friendly with the people that they bought Camille from, so he often visits. She says he came home week after week with these little white hairs all over his shirt, and eventually she asked what they were from. Michele knew they had a litter, but didn't know about the white, and was anxious to see him, so needless to say, she went with Jim to see the litter, but told him they were NOT getting another dog!

Jim and Michele went to see the little guy and what a cutie he is! She said he was the last one left and sooooo cute. She had to have him, so that is how Bruno came to live with the Keifers. She says that he is a momma's boy. ;o)

Well, looks like one good thing he could do with dad is sleep! :o) Michele says that Bruno does what she asks and never listens to his poppa, and she loves it! The other dogs are Jim's, and Bruno is all hers!

Wow, it's time to go fishing! Looks like Bruno is having an absolute blast! We love this picture, he's so adorable splashing through the water.

Michele says that Bruno follows her where she goes, he loves to come in when she takes a shower to catch the soap bubbles off the sponge, but they need to keep the curtain closed when they're not there because he loves to eat the soap bar. Hmmm, sounds like a few other boxers I know. What is it with soap? Must be a boxer thing! ;o)

He loves to swim, but doesn't do it very well. He tries to imitate Bailey who is a nice peaceful swimmer, but all Bruno does is splash around and make all kinds of noise, lol!

Ah, a little tug of war! What fun! ;o)

Michele says that he has a very funny growl and howls at them when they tell him no or that he's being bad, and especially when they point at him! They sometimes call him the bucking bronco because when someone he likes comes into the house he jumps around like a wild bronco!

Well, looks like Bruno is all tuckered out from all that bucking like a bronco! <giggle>

Michele says that he loves to play outside when it's snowing, but doesn't like when Jim drops him into the snow drifts. He gets mad and charges at him. He loves to chew bones, and his favorite toy would be one that Bailey is chewing on at the time. Now that's a boxer! ;o) They all love squeaky toys though. Bruno also likes stuffed toys, but pulls them apart too quickly.

Bruno absolutely loves the empty paper towel rolls, he goes crazy if you talk to him, throw it, and he loves it if you wack him on the butt with it. He loves to eat anything, especially cheese and peanut butter.

Bruno loves Camille, he cuddles right up to her, must be touching her or laying on her when they are sleeping. He loves Bailey too, but Bailey isn't always so tolerant of him. Bruno annoys Bailey frequently.

He loves anyone that comes to the house for a visit. They have a friend Jimbo, who Bruno actually flips over. He jumps in mid air all around h8im. Michele says they have never seen him do that before. He loves to be in Michele's lap, whatever she's doing, and if one of the other dogs is up there, he just simply pushes them out of the way. Oh gosh, this sounds so familiar. :o)

Oh boy, loves those bubbles! ;o)

Jim likes to carry Bruno around, and this really annoys Bruno, but handles it well until Jim puts him down. Then Bruno will charge at him. One of the most memorable moments which Michele did not see.....Jim was outside with some friends, and the dogs were in their kennel, and Bruno got up onto the roof to the dog house and was walking across the top of the kennel on a thin board that held up a tarp for shade. Jim said it was like a high wire act and their friends were very impressed!

Bruno also has a favorite blanket. Michele says that it used to be her very expensive chenille throw....it's a pretty pink, and Bruno dragged it into his kennel one day, and that was the last of her throw. Every morning he drags that thing all over the house. He lays across it and if Camille tries to take it, she has a major fight on her hands.

Bruno loves to climb all over Jim when he is down on the ground. the three of them tag team their poppa and nibble on him. Camille takes the elbows, Bruno takes the neck, and Bailey just barks! They love to run free in the back yard. Jim will throw a rock (no, they don't like balls), and Camille and Bruno will take off after it. Bruno doesn't want the rock, he just wants to run after and tackle Camille. He's very frisky!

When they are inside laying on the couch he loves to rest his chin on Michele's chest or up around her neck. He'll stand for half an hour just looking into her eyes. He is very faithful.

Michele says his hearing is the best. He will be sound asleep and hear a car on the road outside and wake up and take off barking before the other two even have their eyes open. He doesn't miss a trick. He does like to steal the other two's dinner if he can. They do have to monitor Bruno at mealtime because he is sneaky. He loves to sleep on Bailey's bed when Bailey isn't on it. I think Bailey is his idol even though the feeling isn't mutual.

Michele tells us that Bruno loves to sleep across the heating grate, especially when it's blowing hot air. Wherever he's sleeping......when the heat comes on,he'll move over to the grate. He likes to sleep in front of this wooden chest because there is a grate under the chest too. LOL! My first boxer liked to do that Michele, but he liked to do it in the summer when the grate was blowing cold air.

Michele says that all in all, Bruno is a wonderful dog, very inquisitive, but very funny and cute. He is the best addition to their family, and they are so glad they found him!

Well Michele and Jim, we sure are glad you found him too. He sounds like a handful, and a joy to wake up to each day! We are so happy to welcome him to the White Pages as it's newest member. Welcome Bruno! 4/17/2001




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