What a bright young lady we have here! This is Brittney, and she is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Chris Tyler of Elm Grove, West Virginia. Isn't she elegant?

Chris says that her original birth date is unknown, but their veterinarian told them she is about 2 to 2 1/2 years old, and is in top physical condition. Chris and his adopted her from the Marshall County Dog Pound in Moundsville, West Virginia.

Someone had dropped her off at night in a receiving kennel with no note, so they're not exactly why they got rid of her. The first time they brought Brittney out for Chris to see her, he fell in love with her instantly!


Although Chris was renting an apartment at the time that didn't allow pets, he took his chances anyway to have her in his life. She was so adorable and playful that they bonded instantly. Chris soon thereafter got married and they bought a large house that Brittney enjoys running around in and being mischievous. She has brought a lot of love and happiness into their lives and they thank God for Brittney everyday. She is truly special.

Brittney loves to play chase with Chris in the house. He will hide, and she will go nuts trying to find him. If she finds him, it is his turn to chase her and she will run around the house until he catches her. She also loves her favorite chew toy, and her own stuffed white bear that they play fetch with. But her most favorite thing to do is cuddle with her daddy.


Brittney always has to be close to Chris or laying right beside him. They take a lot of naps together and she will lay her head on his chest and go to sleep.

After nap time is over, it is time for her favorite "treats," cheese slices and bacon chews. Wow Brittney, what a lucky dog you are!

They they will go for a walk around the neighborhood where she struts her stuff like a lady.

Chris says, "Did I mention that Brittney loves to eat?" LOL, no Chris, but then we're not surprised. I think every boxer on the face of the earth loves to eat, and of course each one has their favorite treat. Would you believe our Cooper's favorite treat is a piece of bread. Or loaf if he can wrangle one off the counter, ;o)

Brittney is definitely a boxer through and through. They all love to eat, play and sleep with their favorite humans! ;o)


Awwww, isn't this a cute picture. Brittney looks like she's dancing, but we bet she's begging for a treat. ;o)

Chris says that her only real dislike is water. She refuses to come inside a room where there is a bathtub because she knows that means it's time to scrub clean. she will run and hide, and you have to carry her into the tub.

After she is in the tub, she behaves fin. She doesn't try to run off, and she will even stand still and let you dry her off like she is a queen or something.

Then it is time for her favorite brushing. Way to go Brittney! ;o)

Her other dislike is being alone. If Chris and his wife are not around, she whimpers and whines until we come home. It's all because she is part of the family Chris thinks.

Boxers are just people dogs Chris. We have three, and when we come home it's getting to the point where I have to wear a chest protector like the umpires do. Geezzzz.....they get so excited that they'll bowl you over like a bowling pin!


Her favorite toy is her stuffed animal, a white bear that she chews on and throws around and plays fetch with.

Her favorite mischief is sleeping in the bed. Many nights the Tyler's have to sacrifice sleeping are just to make her comfortable. That'a girl Brittney!

Chris says that they both usually lay on the very edge of the bed, with Brittney laying in the middle, all stretched out enjoying her sleep. Trying to move her is impossible since she weighs around 60 pounds.. Oh boy, does that sound familiar.

Her interaction with friends is great. She is very friendly and enjoys all the attention she can get. She would not harm anyone and loves to meet all new people.

When she is around other pets, she is kind of shy, and acts a little timid, although you wouldn't think of that, looking at her size.

the most memorable moment to date is when Chris prepared two giant roast beef sandwiches with all the trimmings. Chris laid the plate down on the end table and went into the kitchen to get drinks. When he came back into the room, the plate was empty, not even crumb. Chris says that he had to stop and think if he even brought the food in that room to begin with, then he noticed Brittney lying on the floor with a big gob of mayonnaise dripping off her chin, lol! Needless to say, it was a takeout night!

Well Chris, Brittney certainly passes "boxerdoms's muster" and is definitely a very special little girl. We thank you for sharing her with all of us, and we are very, very proud to welcome Brittney as the newest member of the White Pages! 9/27/2000.







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