Mr. Bones

 This handsome fellow is Bones, and he is owned by Ken 
and Joanne Smith of Cleveland, Ohio. Bones is a rescue that 
Joanne found through the Boxer Mailing List and Rachel Osborne. 
When Joanne, her sister Kathy and son Ian drove down to get 
Bones, she says "He was having some coming-out party!" 
Rachel, her
son Sidney, Delma Robinson, and friends Tiny and Carol, 
were all there with Bones to greet them! When Joanne first 
saw Bones, she couldn't believe it. He
only weighed in between 35 and 40 lbs. He was full of
kennel sores and thick with fleas.

Joanne says that after everything he has been through, 
his indomitable spirit shows through. Ken named him Mr. Bones. 
Bones because of the way he looked, and Mister
because he is such a gentelman.

Mr. Bones has come a long way. "He is the most mellow, 
obedient, gentle and sweet dog I have ever had" says Joanne. 
Everyone who meets him falls in love with him, and he's 
everybody's friend. Joanne told Rachel in a post that

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