This handsome fellow is Bo, owned by Thuy Tien and Anthony of Los, Angeles, California. Thuy Tien says that Bo means "most treasured", and certainly Bo is a great treasure!! Bo is a year and a half old. Thuy Tien and Anthony adopted him from the local animal shelter. Once they saw his beautiful face, he had found a home in their hearts and their home.


When they brought him home, Thuy Tien and Anthony couldn't believe how active he was. Bo just loves to play all day long and certainly likes to keep Thuy Tien and Anthony very, very busy. Some of his favorite things include playing tug-of-war with his toy rope, running freely in open fields, wrestling and napping on their bed.

Awww, what a sleepy boy! Bo's mom says that one of the funny things he does to get their attention whenever he wants something, other than getting himself into mischief that is, is biting on his upper lip. And how could one resist a face like that? Consequently, Bo usually gets his way <g>. It's amazing says Thuy Tien, how much personality he has. He always manages to make everyone around him smile. Well Bo, you've certainly made us smile too! Thanks so much Thuy Tien and Anthony, for sharing your baby with us!

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