This extraordinary young man is Blue, and he is owned by Donna Taylor of Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey. What a striking beauty Blue is! :o) Here he is watching television. Donna says that he's not posing, but that he really sits like this to watch TV.

Donna rescued Blue in January of 1995. His previous owner abandoned him at 4 months of age by tying him to a pole at a state park in the mountains with 7 feet of snow on the ground. He weighed a mere 11 pounds when Donna found him. He was left for dead. It took a good year or so to nurture him back to good health and now he is a very healthy 70 pounds of solid muscle.

God bless you Donna, for rescuing that precious little baby!! Our hats are off to you! His original owners should be ashamed of themselves, and they will never, never know or understand how precious life is. Nor what joy these blessed babies bring into our lives!



Opps, looks like Blue played too hard with a toy! :o) Donna says that he loves stuffed animal toys and squeak toys. The trouble is that they never last but about 3 minutes. He has all the stuffing out of them in no time!

If Donna isn't paying attention to Blue when he wants to play, he'll stand in front of her and bark until he gets what he wants. :o) He usually wins says Donna, "I just can't resist!" We can see why too......:o)

Blue is a very excitable and happy dog. When people come to visit he jumps 3 to 4 feet straight up in the air and wiggles his entire body in circles in a prime time kidney bean! :o)



Blue's favorite thing to do is run in the sand. If they are on walk, and he hits a patch of sand, it's like his battery gets totally charged and he runs so hard that he nearly touches the ground with his body! He runs until he can't stand up anymore but that only lasts for about 5 seconds though. :o) He immediately finds more energy and continues to run around. If Donna and Blue are on the beach, Blue runs so hard in and out of the water and back onto the sand that he is a joy to watch! Donna says it's so funny. LOL......judging by Blue's picture here, it looks like he has more than enough fun running in all the sand and water that he comes across. Wish we could be there to watch him! He loves to walk and play and go for rides in Donna's Jeep. He has an amazing bond with her and it's no wonder, since she rescued him from a horrible fate. Bless his heart. He idolizes the ground she walks on, and follows her all over the place.....and must always be next to her when he's resting. :o)



Blue has one blue eye and one brown eye, hence the name Blue! Donna tells us that he has an extraordinary amount of energy. She wishes she could bottle it.....she'd be rich! :o)

Above, we see Blue picture near his swimming pool. He loves to play in the water during the summer months. He splashes the water out of the pool creating lots of mud, and of course that's lots of fun too! He loves to run and slide in mud while throwing his face in it. As Donna says, "What a mess, but it's so funny!"

Blue is also pictured above with his boxer buddy Zeus. Donna says that they play until neither one of them can stand up from exhaustion!

It is such a blessing to have Blue in the family says Donna. She always looks forward to what silly thing he will do next! :o)

Donna, once again, God bless you for rescuing that baby! Thanks so much for sharing Blue with all of us.....he's an inspiration! We're so very pleased to welcome him to the White Pages. :o)



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