Chloe Passed Over To The Bridge Nov. 19, 2001

Would you just look at this adorable picture. This is Blanka and her housemate Chloe. Aren't they darling? They are owned by Edgie Von Einem of Chicago, Illinois.

Blanka will be 8 years old June 1, 1999. Edgie says that they bought her from a pet store, with papers and all, but they had no idea that white boxers were not recognized as show quality. Blanka was born in Arkansas (Edgie believes in a puppy mill) and came with EVERY type of worm imaginable, but skinny little thing that she was, they fell in love with her.

Blanka was 2 years old when they got their Shar-pei Chloe. There were somewhat worried because Chloe was so tiny and Blanka was your typical rough "boxer." Edgie says their fears were completely unfounded.....Blanka was a gentle sweetheart with Chloe. She would literally get down on her haunches and play so carefully with Chloe so she wouldn't hurt her. Blanka would run to her " toy area" to pick just the right toy for Chloe to play with....keeping her constantly entertained. Edgie says that Blanka would have made a perfect mother....she plays so gently with the smallest of dogs and loves them al.

Awwww, isn't this the cutest picture? Edgie says that everytime Blanka would see a cat she desperately tried to get close only to be rewarded with an annoyed hiss from the cat. She'd whimper and look soooooo sad that Edgie promised her that someday Blanka would have her own kitten. As you can see, Edgie kept that promise to Blanka.....and here they are, Blanka and her little kitten Caitlin, their sweet little pixie-bob all cuddled up. :o) Blanka was so happy......once again she could be a mother. :o) Caitlin no longer allows cuddling, but Edgie says that Blanka and Caitlin interact quite well with each other.


Awww, whispering secrets I bet.....:o) Isn't this cute? Edgie says that Blanka and Chloe are more than pets to her, they are her furry daughters. And we know lots of folks that feel the same way Edgie! :o) Edgie cherishes them, and never wants to be away from them. :o) Edgie says that they have found a place in Tomahawk, Wisconsin that allows dogs in a vacation cabin so they are going there at the end of July....and she can't wait! Edgie says that she will never leave her babies when she goes on vacation. And ditto for many of us too!!


Edgie says that regular, non-talking "dog" toys are boring for Blanka....she has to have the singing, giggling, or talking toys meant for kids. She has several and is so smart....she has figured out just where to bite to activate the sound, vibration, etc. Her giggling toys drive her bonkers, especially when they wiggle makes her very hyper. LOL! Our babies have the same type of toys.....seems like boxers are just to dignified for the more mundane dog toys....:o)



This is just a gorgeous picture of Blanka. Edgie says she just loves to lay in the sun.

Edgie says that Blanka is the most human-like dog she has ever known......she pouts, she holds grudges, and she lets Edgie know when she is being too loving and overbearing. Aren't boxers just great? They are almost human-like in so many ways!



Well now, isn't this just the lap of luxury......just like at our house, :o)

Edgie says that if Blanka drops her rawhide chew while laying on the couch, she will whine for Edgie to pick it up rather than jump up to get it her self. boxer for sure Edgie! Funny how they can manipulate us so well.......:o)


Dinner time! Wow, what wonderful raised dinner bowls. :o)

Each night before bedtime, Blanka and Chloe have to go outside to go pee-pee one last time and if Blanka doesn't have to go, she will run into the yard, go behind something (all the while watching Edgie to see if she's watching her) and PRETEND she went to the bathroom. Edgie has learned to trust Blanka though, as she only does this when she truly does not have to go.


Edgie says that Blanka, Chloe and Tiffany, her sister's little Cockapoo don't just get walks......they go on outings through the woods, at the lake, rain or shine......thus, the cute little rain coats they are wearing above. :o) Aren't they cute? The cutest thing......Tiffany loves to lick Blanca's gums while she chewing on a rawhide bone. She is indeed a gentle giant! Edgie also says that Blanka is a very hot dog and must have the large fan going at all times once the temperature goes over 70 degrees. She will plop down in front of any fan with a look in her eye that says, "Turn this baby on, I'm cooking!"

Well Edgie, we think that Blanka, Chloe and Tiffany are just beautiful, and we're so very pleased to welcome Blanka to the White Pages as it's newest member. Thank you so much for sharing your family with us.......:o) 5/17/99.



JULY 8, 2001

Aren't they cuties? Edgie, thanks so much for sending us these adorable photos! As you know, we can never get enough of our white babies!



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