This lovely little vision is Blanca, and she is owned by Tom and Angie Cline and their son TC, of Phoenix, Arizona.











Isn't she just something? What a beautiful little girl! Okay, we're jealous....we have to come get a hug from this little jewel!! :o)

Blanca shares her home with Max, a sheltie, and Ginger, a Chuicugua. Okay guys, you'll have to explain Chuicugua. That's a new one on me! :o)

Blanca was born on December 19, 1998 (oh, that's my anniversary, what a great day for a birthday!) and she is now just a little over a year old.










Tom tells us that Angie's best friend Denise gave them Blanca as a gift for helping her deliver the litter. He says that Blanca's mom weighs 75 pounds, and is a flashy fawn. Blanca was born in a litter of 9 pups! Five pups were fawns, one was born with a full black mask, three were born white, and one of the little white pups died 3 days later. How sad.


Tom says that Blanca gets this really cute look on her face when she wants something really bad. She lifts her right tooth on her lip and it makes her look like Elvis, lol! :o)

Blanca likes to chase what the Cline's call the bum. Its a bright red dot that they flash on the carpet and walls and she loves chasing it around the house. She has her baby that she plays with, but loves any stuffed toys, balls, and squeaky toys. Basically, if she likes it, it becomes hers. :o)


She loves to play tug of war with Tom and TC. but her most favorite thing is to take a shower with Tom every Saturday morning, and that's not easy now that she is full grown. If Tom doesn't let her take a shower, she'll stand outside the bathroom door and whine until she gets her way! That'a'girl Blanca, you show'em whose boss :o)


Tom says that they really enjoy Blanca in their home and just lover her to death. She really keeps them on their toes. Sometimes they see the wheels start turning in her head and wonder what she'll do next to get into trouble. But they wouldn't trade her for anything! Hmmm.....sounds kinda' familiar! :o)

Tom, Angie and TC, we think Blanca is just precious! Thank you so much for sharing her with all of us. We're so happy to welcome her as the newest member of the White Pages. 1/24/2000.




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