This lovely little darling is Blanca. She is owned by Betsy and Rich Lonetti of Flagstaff, Arizona. What a bright young lady she is!

Betsy tells us that Blanca is 2 to 3 years old. She was abandoned by her first owners and rescued by Betsy.

Betsy says that Blanca is a sweetheart, and can get a little too excited when she meets new people. She loves to do the "flying boxer slurp" and if the person isn't expecting it and moves the wrong way, they are bound to get bonked! :o). so, her nickname is "Bonkers".


Awww.....looks like everyone is ready to go swimming! Pictured here are Blanca, Nicki the fawn in back, Jade the brindle boxer with her two nephews Todd and Copper, and a non-boxer, Petie. Betsy says that Blanca loves the pool.....she wades in, gets herself a big drink, and then starts rolling around! Great way to beat the heat....:o).

Blanca quickly became the Alpha of the group because she outweighs everyone by at least 15 pounds. She is solid muscle at 75 pounds.

Wow, what a family! Here's Betsy with Petie, the pug/dacshund mix on the back of the couch, Blanca, Jade the dark brindle boxer Nicki the fawn boxer and Max the flashy brindle in Betsy's lap. What a crew!

Betsy says that Blanca loves to play fetch, and also loves to destroy stuffed animals. If you are laying on the couch, she will lay right on top of you. But, if you barely touch her with a foot, she takes off! Betsy says she definitely has a thing about feet. She's also really funny when she perfumes the house as only a boxer can do......when she passes a little gas (which can always be heard), she jumps up and runs away. Lol, we've seen a few do that too!

Betsy and Rich, you have such a lovely family....thank you so much for sharing Blanca and her sisters and brothers with us, we've really enjoyed them all. We're so proud to add Blanca as the newest member of The White Pages!

Check out Betsy and Rich's homepage at

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